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Dale S Eggers(Online)
Cathugger is so much fun!!
Cativity Feeds Update

Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers All kinds of Christmas gifts now available in the Gift Shop!!
 November 29, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - November 30, 2020 
Thank YOu dale!!! Meowy CHristmas!!! santa
Dale S Eggers
Hope youre feeling better, little buddy.
 November 15, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Cosmo  - November 16, 2020 
Thank you! Slowly but surely I am recovering. I am getting lots of love and rest.
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Meowlo everyone!
Thanksgiving gifts now available in the Gift Shop!
 November 11, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - November 12, 2020 
Thank you Dale! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, enjoy your first Thanksgiving in your new home!
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Forgive my absense but i had CATaract surgery on both eyes a week apart! I was nearly blind!
Now i can see again. Im very thankful.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ߎðߎðߎðߎðߎðߎ
 October 30, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Halloween gifts now available in the Gift Shop.
 October 2, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - October 5, 2020 
Thank you Dale and thank you for fixing the points problem! Happy Halloween!!
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Well the site should be working a lot better now.
We were way out of disk space, and, although funds are nearly non existant, i had to upgrade now or Cathugger would be shut down!
If anyone can spare a few dollars, please either click on the Donate button above(paypal will take some) or send to my paypal... dale.eggers@verizon.net
Any donations are gratefully appreciated.
Thank you! :heart:
 September 20, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Spice  - September 21, 2020 
Thank you Dale
Bugsy  - September 21, 2020 
Thank you dale.
Jax  - September 22, 2020 
Thanks Dale!!
Tate  - September 23, 2020 
Thank you Dale!
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Thanks to Rebecca Hardwick for the donation!!
 September 22, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Im sorry i havent been here.
Im having to buy a house, move us, and then sell the boat.
The disk space is full.
I believe the only remedy is to upgrade my plan to get more space but i just cant do it right now.
Please try deleting some of your least favorite pix in your albums. That will free up space and maybe the site will run better.
Thanks for understanding.
 September 20, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - September 20, 2020 
I've been deleting my pics some threads in the lounge and past events in the lounge. I've asked other people who are active in the lounge to delete photos. Lets give this a chance
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Hello everyone...
Sorry i havent been around.
Ive had some personal problems and Moose isnt eating well.
Hope you all are doing well. I love you all.
 August 22, 2020 - Comment - Like  
King Rex
King Rex  - August 22, 2020 
I hope Moose is okay. We're purring up a storm.
Jax  - August 24, 2020 
Oh no, I hope Moose regains his appetite. Purring for you and Moose.
Tate  - August 25, 2020 
Hope Moose is ok and hope your ok. Did you move into your new house yet? Hope all is well!
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Sorry i havent been around... because we are moving!
Im in the process of buying a house in Monticello NY and selling my beloved Archangel. I am sad but its too much for me.
 July 21, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - July 22, 2020 
Congrats Dale!!You have lots of memories with the Archangel, but look at how many more new memories you can have with your new home!! Congrats clap and good luck to you!!
Bugsy  - July 22, 2020 
Concats dale
People with evil intent...dishonest people.
Animal abusers
i like the water...i need to live near the water or i can't stand it!
i also like cats!! But i mean LOVE cats!!
Kitty in a Bubble
The Rolling Stones - This Place Is Empty - Live OFFICIAL
Eric Andersen - Thirsty Boots ('Bout Changes 'n' Things )
The baby cats trash the bedroom...
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary