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Cathugger is so much fun!!
Cativity Feeds Update

Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Sorry I haven't been around. Summer is hard for me because CaptainNeil left in the summer... August 13, 2016.
I can't believe it's been almost 2 years.
Grief is such a strange thing.
Missing my Captain. All the kitties still do, too.
I hope he's at the rainbow Bridge caring for all of your Angels and mine.
Mood: depressed
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Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Please wish our CaptainNeil a Happy Birthday at the rainbow Bridge. 2nd birthday without you, Neil. We love and miss you.
 July 8, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - July 9, 2018 
Happy Bday Captain Neil, cant believe its been 2 years already! :rainbow:
Bugsy  - July 9, 2018 
We're sending all our thoughts and purrs to you Dale.
Kibbles  - July 9, 2018 
Wishing you a Happy Birthday today, Captain Neil.
Missing you and purrs to Miss Dale.
Bugsy  - July 10, 2018 
Happy birthday Neil we miss you
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Happy day before the 4th!!
 July 3, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Kibbles  - July 3, 2018 
Safe and Happy July 4th to you too, Dale.
Tate  - July 4, 2018 
Happy 4th of July to you too Dale clap Have a wonderful day!
Dale S Eggers
 June 17, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - June 17, 2018 
Thank you Dale!!!
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers 4th of July gifties are available in the Gift Shop!!
 June 13, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - June 14, 2018 
Thank you Dale!! Happy 4th of July to youSmile
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Sorry i havent been around...
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.
In cat news here...
Please don't ever use scissors to remove a matt from a cat like I stupidly did. And it was MAMA who is 21!
I took her to the vet because it was like an open wound. He stitched her up, awake, and last night I took her back to get the stitches removed. Then we shared some chicken nuggets on the way home! Girls night out!
LB, however, is in kidney failure. I don't have his numbers because I've seen this enough to know they are high. But although he's a bit wobbly due to potassium and phosphorous imbalance, he's still getting around pretty well, jumps, and eats like a champ. He's not ready to go anywhere just yet but please purr for him. Thank you.
 June 9, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - June 10, 2018 
We're purring up a storm
Jax  - June 10, 2018 
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - June 11, 2018 
Thank you all.
Coco  - June 12, 2018 
Purrs for Mama and LB.
Kibbles  - June 13, 2018 
We purring for you all, Dale.
Hopes your summer gets betters for you all.
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Sorry. I forgot memorial day gifts in gift shop.
Not many memorial day ones but lots coming for the 4th of july!
 May 27, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - May 28, 2018 
Thank you Dale, Happy Memorial Day to you!! HOpe all is wellSmile
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers has uploaded a photo: FB_IMG_1526165110326
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Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Sorry about the down time last night. I found the problem and fixed it. Paws crossed it stays this way!!ߐѰߐ
 May 10, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - May 13, 2018 
Thanks Dale, Happy Mothers Day flowers
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers Do you know how bad I am?
I haven't even made profiles for all the kitties here. There is a reason though.
When CaptainNeil was alive, we couldn't decide who should get which cats on their profile. He took care of the ones he has when they were still outside kitties. I think he has Sola and I'm not sure who else but now I guess the rest will all go on my profile soon.
Soon you can meet the whole furmily!!
 May 5, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - May 6, 2018 
Cant wait to see your whole family clap
People with evil intent...dishonest people.
Animal abusers
i like the water...i need to live near the water or i can't stand it!
i also like cats!! But i mean LOVE cats!!
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