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Kaci Sunshine, my beloved angel Kaci Sunshine, my beloved angel

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Kaci Sunshine, my beloved angel
Meow everyone!

I've been roaming around and there's lots of fun things to do on Cathugger. Check out Explore and see what's here.

We can join groups and/or start our own groups. Each group has a forum section, a place for photos, list of members, list of events, etc. We can have parties in the group forums!

Play arcade games

Chit Cat by posting on our friends' pages, by private messaging or live chat

Post links to your own websites and blogs

There's a Marketplace for those who make and sell items

View recent photos

Add our own music and videos

Start or answer a quizz/questionnaire

You can send gifts. Whenever you write something, you earn points that you use to buy gifts.

And of course, if you like to write, you can blog your heart out!

Let's have fun!
Kaci Sunshine, my beloved angel
Hi everyone!

I'm a chatty cat and couldn't resist meowing a hello and introducing myself. Some of you already know me from Catster, where I'm still active. I just arrived on Cathugger today and am still stumbling and finding my way about the ship. Hope I find my sea legs soon 'cause it looks like it's going to be lots of fun here!

Today's my 15th birthday! balloon It's been a nice, lazy day. I love warm weather and basking in the sun on our outdoor deck and had hoped to enjoy that pleasure today. But it wasn't warm enough and there wasn't much sun anyway (so disappointing!) and I spent most of the day napping indoors. That was ok. It's still been a very nice birthday and I got lots of attention from my mommy and grandma and I love attention.

Hope to see ya' around!