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Miss Mittens, my beautiful angel

Today is the anniversary of a very important and happy event in my life and my sister Kaci Sunshine's life. It's our Gotcha Day anniversary!

Here’s the story of what happened 8 years ago today. (This is slightly adapted from what Kaci Sunshine wrote in her Catster diary).

January 29, 2006 was a cold, grey, rainy and gloomy Sunday. It would turn out to be a very big day for my sister Kaci Sunshine and me. At that time, we were living in a nice house in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We were snug and warm in our home that day, as usual. We had no suspicion that our lives would be totally disrupted before the day was over.

Our mommy Alice had left the house one day and we never saw her again. We didn’t know where she was or why she had never come back home. She had not been home for 2 months.

We didn’t know mommy Alice was very sick and dying from cancer. She was living with her daughter but we didn’t know that either. A neighbor was caring for us and feeding us every day. Mommy Alice’s daughter also checked in on us frequently. We missed our mommy and were not happy kitties. We didn’t know that our mommy Alice had been looking for a new home for us and had finally found us a new mommy but would soon find out.

Early Sunday afternoon on January 29, 2006, mommy Alice’s daughter and the neighbor who had been caring for us walked in the front door of our house accompanied by two women we’d never seen before. One of the unknown women was holding a big, old-fashioned cat carrier. It had taken the unknown women over an hour to get to our house from the neighboring state of New Jersey. One of them was our new mommy.

The next 15-20 minutes were frantic and upsetting. No one had prepared us for a move and we hadn’t been confined to a room. That meant we were loose in the house and no one knew where we were. Everyone began looking for Kaci Sunshine and me. When they found us, they tried to pick us up and put us in the cat carrier. We weren’t having any of it! We escaped, ran and hid. The humans began hunting for us all over the house and chasing us around the house. They’d find us and try to pick us up. We kept escaping. My new mommy caught Kaci Sunshine once but she was very squirmy and frantic to get away and escaped from her arms, leaving a deep and nasty scratch on her hand.

Kaci and I acted in tandem and managed to get away from the humans every time. That is, until that last, fatal move when we both run into the kitchen and hid next to each other under a small table in the back corner of the kitchen. We were trapped! Mommy said to mommy Alice’s daughter: “Quick! You get Kaci and I’ll get Mittens.” They swooped down in unison, picked us up and put us in the cat carrier and closed the gate. And that was that! Mommy Alice’s daughter called mommy Alice on the phone and put the phone up to the carrier gate and mommy Alice said good-bye to us.

We left our old home and went for a long car ride to our new home. I was very sad and turned around in the carrier and laid down with my head on my paws, eyes closed, facing the back. I never moved. Kaci sat up and cried and drooled all the way to her new home.

When we arrived in our new home, mommy put us in her bedroom, closed the door and let us out of the carrier. She gave us two litter boxes, food and water. Kaci ran and hid under the bed. I ran to a corner of the room and wedged myself under a table with my back to the room and my face to the wall and wouldn’t look at anyone. I stayed there all night. Kaci eventually came out from under the bed to investigate and greet our new mommy and let her pet her and feed her.

Mommy Alice called that night to see how we were doing. Mommy Alice talked to our new mommy for a short time. Our new mommy told mommy Alice that Kaci was very sweet and friendly and was letting mommy pet her but I was hiding. Mommy Alice said that wouldn’t last long because "'Mittens is the boss' and is not going to like Kaci getting all of the attention." Our new mommy found that hard to believe at the time because I was so shy and withdrawn (and depressed) but soon learned how true it was!

It took Kaci a few days to settle in but she was soon out of the bedroom and roaming all over the house. I was extremely depressed and hid for days in the bedroom closet before I let mommy come near me or touch me or pet me.

Mommy Alice was hospitalized the next morning and put on life support. The family waited for her son to arrive from California on Tuesday and took her off life support that night. She passed away a few hours later. We had found a new home just in time!

Even though there was much sadness involved, for us, it worked out for the best. We arrived with wounded, broken spirits. But we began adjusting and were soon very happy in our new home with our new mommy. She helped heal our wounded spirits.

Kaci and were very, very happy and content with our new mommy. Few humans want to adopt older cats, let alone two older cats together.

Kaci Sunshine and I are very grateful to mommy for adopting both of us when we were 9-1/2 years old, keeping us together and giving us a wonderful home. We loved our mommy and she loved us!

I write this from Rainbow Bridge, where I've been for a little over 3 years. My sister Kaci Sunshine joined me 3 months ago (October 22, 2013). We were never apart in life until I left her and came here to the Bridge. Now we're together again furever.

Love & hugs & butterfly kissies,
Miss Mittens