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Greyson Kazanovicz
Thank you to Janeen for fixing my picture. Now everyfur can see my handsomeness!
My humans won't let me go outside past the screen enclosure.
Shimp, shrimp, wonderful shrimp! Only the extra large or jumbo shrimps will do.
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Cativity Feeds Update

Greyson Kazanovicz
 March 4, 2012 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
Greyson Kazanovicz and Missy are now friends.
 May 22, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
Greyson Kazanovicz and Diogi McNoNo are now friends.
 May 17, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
 May 2, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Happy Birthday buddy happybday
 May 1, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
We at Cahugger hope you have a pawsome birthday, Greyson!
 May 1, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
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Greyson's pics (1 new photo)
 April 20, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
Greyson Kazanovicz  - April 20, 2011 
I'm listening to Uncle Wilson J. Scooter's stories!
Ruby Daggar
Ruby Daggar  - April 22, 2011 
Hi Greyson... You're handsome
Hope  - April 29, 2011 
You ARE very handsome
Greyson Kazanovicz
Greyson Kazanovicz and Ruby Daggar are now friends.
 April 23, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
Greyson Kazanovicz Cathugger is as the name implies.... our love for our cats. Go Cathugger.com!!!!
 April 10, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Greyson Kazanovicz
Meow Quinn C! Did someone tell you a really funny joke? I love your pic! A candle fell down and the glass broke all over the floor. I just happened to be there at the time. I told meowmy that it was COOTIES that did it! Tee hee hee!
 April 9, 2011 - Comment - Like  
Quinn C
Quinn C  - April 9, 2011 
MOL! Greyson, that's my fierce, go away cooties, look. Sounds like you have a major infestation. I better fly down with my extra strength cootie spray and get your home in order!
Greyson Kazanovicz
Greyson Kazanovicz  - April 9, 2011 
Thanks, Quinn. I sure don't want to get into trouble when it's the cooties who are being bad! I'm so glad to know that I can count on you to watch my back!