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Tate wrote at July 19, 2015
0 Votes
Kewl photo Buddy Bud!! Congrats to you my friend, great to see you yes
Mac wrote at July 18, 2015
0 Votes
MOL Buddy Budd laugh Concats on winning.
King Rex wrote at July 18, 2015
0 Votes
What a pawsome picture Buddy Budd
King Rex
Buddy Budd wrote at July 18, 2015
0 Votes
Ah won Nellie from The Cats From Hell Finish the Sentence Game.
Ya see ah yell inta Dads ear from da back of da couch when ah want a treater! MOL! I sure get his attention.
My sentence was: "My Parents are..."
And ah saidz: My Parent is such a cheap skate to get extra treats I have to scream a meow into his ear.
It works too! MOL
Buddy Budd