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Kat Brogan
I am so Scared!!
Posted April 25, 2011 by Kat Brogan
What will happen when I do not want to go to Catster or Dogster? I so hate going there and finding things changed. None of my Higher Ups in my ADMINS do not or will not help me with my 3 Groups so I am left holding the bag, I hate it. The one Friend I did have that helped jumped ship to help another ADMIN and then I was taken off as ADMIN. I helped the Owner of that Group to start it,helped make it grow and even gave ideas to create the Group so it would be differant that want was already there at Dogster/Catster. I am so discouraged. I cry so much now adays because I feel so hurt. I even gave the other person my new Addy and My new skype name so she could get ahold of me but I hear nothing from her. It is like 3 years of friendship fell into a Deep Dark Void of the Sea. I guess that is what it is like when you are no longer useful for that person. I keep saying do not judge her on Earth as when she meets her maker she will be judges but it is so hard for me. I get angry with someone but I loose my anger just a quick. I hold no anamosity towards anyone. I just like to have fun and feel useful.
Finding a way of setting up funding for Emergencys is one way I feel useful. I have so many things in my Brain but have to read alot of articles to see if it will work. I know we do not want it to fail. It will be so helpful to people when they lose their Furbaby or need help with the Vet Bill or Special Items to make the quality of life better for their Furbabies and themselves.

THANK THE CAT N DOG there is Cathuggers.
Jenny Allgeyer
Posted April 11, 2011 by Jenny Allgeyer
Ok, I'm new here. I have 3 cats--Ingen, Baby & Mr. Spot. Some of you past/present catster members may know us.

I know many people/kitties have left catster but I don't know why. Could someone please tell me? I was never active in the forums. I never quite understood how they worked (I am not real clear on this whole social networking thing).

Anyways, if you are interested in befriending us, we are open to making friends.
Furmonster Mom
Random Flotsam
Posted April 9, 2011 by Furmonster Mom
Why I am HERE and not THERE...

Late last September, Ted & Lori gave me the boot...

Let me back up a bit:

On Sept. 16, I logged in to Catster after an extended break. I noticed that my cat pages had been "re-arranged". Though I thought it odd (because they had been compliant with the OLD policy), I re-set them back the way I had them. I checked my P-mail, nothing; I checked the No to Nutro Group, there were some comments about HL & censorship and a proposal to change the name. Curious, I searched around the forums and friends diaries to see what had happened. I found nothing that shed any light on it. So I figured the comments were in regards to the GROUP.

So, I wrote a note to the admins of the GROUP regarding my feelings on the proposed name change. In that note, I SPECULATED on the reasons that Catster might be censoring things... Keep in mind, I still didn't know for sure what had actually happened. By this time, it was very late for me, and I was too tired to pursue the matter any further.

I logged in the next couple days, picked up a P-mail from one of the other GROUP admins, but had RL issues that needed attention; so again, I did not investigate any further.

Then my car broke down, and both of my computers died. Needless to say, I was pre-occupied.

When the dust had settled a bit, I had the BRILLIANT idea of checking my Catster specific e-mail.

THAT is when I FINALLY saw Lori's notice (Sept 7) that they were "cleaning up" my personal pages because they were implementing a new policy change. There were also a couple of strongly worded follow up admonishments (Sept 23) for my actions of re-setting the pages.

After canceling my CatsterPlus subscription, I replied to both Lori & Ted that I had acted BEFORE I actually SAW the policy change. They came back saying they didn't believe me because of the (private) note I had written to the GROUP admins. They then said flat out that I was unwelcome and removed my account.

I've replied that their assumptions regarding that note are incorrect, but I doubt it will make any difference to them. They seem to have their minds made up.

I was a member for 2 years. I initially joined Catster because one of my cats was going through serious liver issues, and I found a very supportive and knowledgeable community. I did my best to return that support and knowledge and I have missed that interaction.

I would like to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to Dale, Niel and the Archangel crew for putting this site together. I look forward to re-connecting with friends and acquaintances, as well as hopefully making some new friends.
Kat Brogan
Posted April 9, 2011 by Kat Brogan
I am walking around this Ship and I am going in circles.It makes me feel like I am a Kitten chasing my Tail. What am I to do? I just realized I am on water and can not swim!!!!! What happens if the ship sinks? I do not see any instructions anywhere about a safe place or what to do about the ship sinking.Do you think we can walk on the water like GOD? We will get our Feet wet!!!!I do not know if I would like this.Can we part the water instead so we do not get our feet wet?
So many things to think of when there is disaster is near. I know that disaster is near coz we have TROLLS TROLLING!!!!!!
I overheard someone say that and now I am BIG TIME WORRIED!!!!!!!! OMC OMC OMC
I need to find an empty States Room so I can curl up and sleep. I have a headache. Maybe in my Dreams I will find a solution for these TROLLS!!!!!


Ugly Kitties
Posted April 9, 2011 by Allie
This week both Phoebe's husband, Gimme and Fidey's families went out and got 2nd ugly kitties (puppies). Our poor hubbies. They have the big kind of doggies that drool, and don't listen to them very well. They can move in here if they want.

We're stealing the car keys and money so Mama doesn't get any ideas! She laughed and said "only small dogs" and "we have enough", but we don't trust her. She also spoke admiringly of the big golden retriever that retrieves our cat food for her.

You just never know when a human is going to get suckered in by a puppy.
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