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We made out like bandits
Posted December 25, 2020 by Loki1610
Meowy catmas!~
Us cats made out like bandits. Our stockings were full of toys and treats. Mom got us a treat called Fancy Feast appetizers, 5 different flavors{1 for each} and they were so good, we cleaned the little dishes they were in, even Kali who never eats wet food. We also have some Delectibles for later.

We have a white Christmas too, 2" on the groud and it is still coming down. Only 21* though, so it is bitter cold.

Mom is getting ready to go to her sisters house for dinner with 2 of her Niece's. She will probably bring home some turkey and ham cause she did last year.

Have a fun filled day with your families!
Wogi Bear
Angel Kali
Happy Holidays to all
Posted December 24, 2020 by Angel Kali

I want to wish all my friends and families a very happy Holiday Season. Hope some of you will have a White Christmas. Not here, we had rain and wind and 50* yesterday. Today it is 30*, tomorrow will be 25*, but no snow forecasted.

Poor mom tried o sleep in this morning, but the idiot ladies{if that is what you want to call them} downstairs started yelling and making all their silly noise like whooooo, and yippeee...they are quite loud and very obnoxious, they make all kinds of strange sounds and we can hear them. I think they belong in a mental ward myself.

Mom is making me an appt to see our Vet. I haven't been since 2019, and was due back in July, but mom never got a notice, she saw it when she was putting something in our cat folder where she keeps all our records. I need both my distemper and my Rabies vaccines, and a complete exam.

Mom will make me pretty later. When she was petting me she noticed I was starting to get a few mats again and she wants to get them before they get worse. I mat very easily. I have no clue why, but I do.

Have a Great day!
BIG Pawhuggz!
Mom is my savior/protector
Posted December 23, 2020 by Benjamin


My mom is my savior and protector. You see even though I am a big boy at 16 pounds, I am not a fighter and never was. I am laid back and gentle.

Loki at 12 pounds is a bully who picks on me and & Kelsee and sometimes Kali all the time. He waits behind things ready to pounce and he thinks mom doesn't know what he is doing.

Well, me and Kali like to drink water out of the bathroom sink, so mom got a bowl and she fills with with cold water and leaves it on sink ledge, and fills it up when it is empty. If Loki knows ne of us is in the sink, he will hide around the corner and wait for us.....he always gets Kali if mom doesn't see him and chases her under the bed. But I usually know when he is there {I can smell him} and wait in the sink for mom to come and save me. She picks me up and carries me back to he dining room and puts me down. Loki has this strange look on his face.

I am not a chicken, I just hate fighting, I see no sense in it seeing as we all share this wonderful home with mom and each other.

I lay with mom on the couch too and Loki tries to sneak up on me so he can pawsmack me, he sees mom and backs off, he knows she will yell at him if he tries anything.

Well, on that note, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all get what you want.

Meowy Catmas!
Being Rowdy!
Posted December 22, 2020 by FIGARO

I have been a rowdy boy lately. I have a lot of pent up energy so I run and play and have fun. I jump on the china cabinet and hide from the others sometimes. I chase Kelsee and play with Benny and play chase with Loki. We are especially rowdy after mom doles out the catnip.

Our weather is good. Partly sunny today but kinda rainy as well. It hasn't rained since last night, but it looks like it might as the sun is having a hard time staying out. The clouds are taking over.

Mom will not let me open my gifties. My stocking is full of stuff, but I keep pulling at Benny's....mom sez to me, "Figs, that is not yours, and you can have yours on Christmas". Hey I can't rad, so how do I know which one is mine?

Meowy catmas!
Catmas is getting closer!
Posted December 21, 2020 by Kelsee

Momma told us that Catmas is FRI. Wow. The end of the week. Wow, We can't wait to see what is in our stockings. Mom got the house all decked out, but we have no tree cause we have no room for one anyway, and even if we had one, no storage space for it in the closet and Loki & Figgy being younger troublesome boys would probably knock it over.

It is a nice week here, upper 30's near 42* all week, then on Christmas it get downright cold as we hit a high of only 23*. No snow is expected though, so we will not have a White Christmas.

I am going to go and snuggle up on the warm blankie on the couch and take a nap now. This old girl sleeps more now,

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