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It sure has been quiet.
Posted January 11, 2021 by Kelsee
Where are all of my friends? It's been very quiet here this year so far! We all stop by every day, but we never have any blogs answered. Hope you all will come out and visit.

It is very very quiet here today. The porch builders took a day off. They came on Saturday and Sunday and worked all day. They are rebuilding our back porch which has been falling down for years.

Today it is cloudy and 30*. No sun, no rain, no snow, but grey outside. Yesterday we at least had some sunshine.

Mom cleaned the apt today, so now everything looks very nice and neat until the young boys get energetic and take their toys out again. MOL!

Have a nice day!
Angel Kali
Seeing my Vet later
Posted January 7, 2021 by Angel Kali

Today I have an appt with the Vet. I need my yearly exam and it is time for my 2 vaccines as well. {3 yr rabies & distemper}.

It is still very cloudy outside, we have not seen the sun since early last week, but they purromised it would be tis weekend. Only 34* outside, but no snow is due anytime soon.

I did get brushed and groomed by mom. I hate being combed when I have mats. She had to cut a few out on my rear end....with long fur sometimes poo gets stuck in my fur....EWWWW!

Have a great day!
So far for me...NOT GOOD!
Posted January 1, 2021 by Loki1610
Happy New Year

Today I got yelled at 2 times already. 1st time was when I went after Kelsee{hey I only want to play chase with her} Mom says she is old and I must respect that. 2nd I jumped on top of the entertainment center and knocked down moms snowmen she has up. I hate being the "Golden Boy". I am only 4 years old and have a ton of energy to get out of my system.

On a brighter note. We did get our Delectables as a treat for New Years. Oh meow, they were fantastic. I finished mine and went from dish to dish looking for more, but everyone ate theirs all up, except for Kali who wanted no part of it, so mom have hers to me.

I got to sleep and cuddle with mm last night, she even had her arm over me while I slept and I was purring away. I love to cuddle.

Have a great day!
Angel Kali
Weight Loss
Posted December 31, 2020 by Angel Kali
happy New Years Eve

Mom told me I am losing weight. I guess that happens when you get older. I eat the same as always. Oh well, now I am lighter for mom to hold.

She made me a Vet appt for Jan. 7th at 4:00. I will see just how much I have lost. Plus I need my 2 vaccines. 1 rabies vaccine and 1 Distemper vaccine.

Last night I got ambushed. I left the bedroom to go get some water {mom keeps food in my room for me} she told me she might get me a water fountain, too, but she does want me to leave the bedroom from time to time.

Anyway, I came back in the room after getting my water and venturing around, then I was jumping back on the bed to get comfy next to mom and Loki jumped me, scared me and mom. I hissed, growled and pawsmacked him and mom put him on the floor and told him to leave me alone. He goes after all of us except Figs.

have a safe New years Eve!

We have a rainy day
Posted December 30, 2020 by Benjamin

It is raining today. Gonna be 40*. Grey and cloudy and icky out there. Glad I am inside.

How was everyones Catmas??? Ours was good, we got lots of new toys and new treats. Mom got Fancy Feast appetizers and something called Delectables we have not had yet. The FF was tasty and delicious.

Now we need to get through NYE! Around here the goofies go outside and shoot off guns at midnight and they do it all night long. One good thing...no bars are open unless they have an outdoor area. So there won't be too many drunks on the road. I guess they can have house parties but the limit is for family only...I can just see people listening to that...right!!!

Our plans are to hang with mom who will be in her pj's and her best friend who is coming over....just gonna sit and watch TV as mom or her bestie do not drink at all, not even wine.

I hope you all have a pawsome NYE and stay safe

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