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Angel Kali
My VET Visit
Posted January 21, 2021 by Angel Kali

Well, my Vet visit did not go well at all. I lost 6 pounds, which is 1/2 my weight. he took blood, and I have obstructive liver disease. He gave me antibiotics{which I took} and has me on steroids until 2/7. 1 a day.

The steroids make me very sleepy and all I want to do is sleep. I do wake up and eat and drink water and roam around some.

Today I have been very lazy. I am up on the chair and sleeping there. Mom had to put me up on it. I can get off of things, but have a hard time jumping up. {thank you, mom}.

She is very worried about me and hopes I make it to see my 15th birthday {9/11}. I do too. I hopes to be well very soon.

Gonna go and sleep now. PLEASE keep me in your purrayers!

Tags: Not well.
Blustery today
Posted January 20, 2021 by Benjamin

it's a cold one today. Only 23* outside and no sun to help warm things up. Snow flurries off and on. Mom went out to the bank and to Kroger. She took a bus.

She got her stimulus check and deposited it, then went to Kroger for milk and cinny buns. She will bake those tomorrow.

I was in moms room this morning looking out he window. I saw a squirrel on the porch. I did not see any birds though. I haven't seen them in awhile, but them squirrels are out.

My sister Kali is holding her own. She gets up and walks around, eats, drinks her water and then takes a nap. She looks so raggedy though and mom can't brush he cause she is so thin, but mom said she will try before she gets matted.

Have a nice afternoon.
Weird January
Posted January 18, 2021 by Kelsee

This has been a weird month weather-wise. Most of the month so far has been in the upper 30's, but we have days in the 40's. Only flurries, but no snow piling up. Only 3 days of sunshine, too. The rest have been cloudy just like today.

I am doing well, still feisty as ever for being 17. Mom is happy I am still in good health. Sis Kali, however, has liver disease and is not doing well. She is on Steroids until Feb 7th. She is 14. She is sleeping soundly right now.

The boys are rather feisty as well. Still happy. Right now is naptime so we are all sleeping in our 'spots'. Mom got us some 'self-heating' sleeping mats and we enjoy them. They are nice and soft to lay on.

Have a good day!
My friends have left me
Posted January 13, 2021 by Benjamin
Hi every kitty

What happened to you all??? I feel like I am all alone now. Come out and say 'hi' if you are still here.

We have a nice sunny day here in Hockeytown {Detroit} and it is 42*. Mom wanted to go out, but she has to wait for the FEDEX delivery guy to bring her package. So she will venture out tomorrow.

We watched our Governor Gretchen today and she said resturants and bars can reopen on FEB 1st. Limited capacity and groups no larger then 4 per table. Mom is Ok with that....she has 2 weeks left for her stay-at-home staycation.

Us kitties are also OK with that. It means we get mom for 2 more weeks. Of course she only works 3 days a week anyway, so we still have her after work and the other 4 days.

Momma ordered us a heated bed set from Chewy today. OH boy can't wait til it gets here...3-5 days. It is 2 large pads that are self heating when we lay on them.

Have a pawsome afternoon and don't forget to stop by and say hi and let me know you are still here.

It sure has been quiet.
Posted January 11, 2021 by Kelsee
Where are all of my friends? It's been very quiet here this year so far! We all stop by every day, but we never have any blogs answered. Hope you all will come out and visit.

It is very very quiet here today. The porch builders took a day off. They came on Saturday and Sunday and worked all day. They are rebuilding our back porch which has been falling down for years.

Today it is cloudy and 30*. No sun, no rain, no snow, but grey outside. Yesterday we at least had some sunshine.

Mom cleaned the apt today, so now everything looks very nice and neat until the young boys get energetic and take their toys out again. MOL!

Have a nice day!
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