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Gots hit with snow
Posted February 16, 2021 by FIGARO

Wow, did we ever get hit with snow. We go from 2" to almost 8" overnight. Mom posted a picture on my page. She tried to put what it was, but only the picture posted. That is the scene from our back porch.

It is bone chillin cold too. Only 13* outside. Me and Loki were sitting in the window watching the birds on the back porch. That was fun. I guess they were looking for food. Mom sees all the little birdie tracks all over the porch.

Mom has to go outside to sweep the snow off her Satellite dish so she can watch TV later. It is full of snow. The signal gets lost with all that snow on the dish. Mom would like a dish heater for the snowy days.

We are all in the house enjoying the warm comfy apt. I have my sparkle balls to entertain me, while Loki has his furry mice and Kelsee and Benny are napping, {mom said that is what S
'senior' cats do}.

Enjoy your day!
Warm pawhuggz!
Monday Morning Madness
Posted February 15, 2021 by Kelsee

Meow! Today being Monday, we were forced under the bed again by that huge blue monster. I think it would eat us up if it could. Loki actually hissed at it and gave it a good smack. What a brave brother he is.

We are supposed to get around 7" of snow tis storm. Mom says she will believe it when it actually shows up. It was supposed to snow last night and never did til 6am this morning, and they say it will be back around mid afternoon and last through tomorrow dropping around 4-7".

Did you all have a nice Valentine's Day? It was alright. Mom had to work and when she got home she was too tired to play with us. She said it was very busy for only operating at 25% capacity. Mostly families though.

I am glad to have a big brother that is 16 pounds. When it is cold outside, I cuddle up next to him and he keeps me warm. I am a skinny little girl and have to be warm. Mom turns on he throw that is on the couch and I cuddle up on that as well. It is so warm.

Have a nice week!
Angel Kali
Valentines Weekend
Posted February 11, 2021 by Angel Kali

this is our valentines weekend. My b/f is not an Angel so he has invited me to spend the weekend with him on earth. I do miss him, but I am keeping a watch on him so he knows I haven't forgotten him.

We put dangling hearts on our trees and when the wind blows they go crazy. My sister, A Shadow put heart shaped bells on her tree and they sound so pretty when the wind blows.

have a wonderful love filled valentine's Day!

Angel Kali
Cold snap continues
Posted February 10, 2021 by Benjamin
Our cold snap continues with temps just in the teens this week. Single digits at night, but no snow. We have been lucky with snow, hardly got any all winter.

We all enjoy being in the house and playing with mom. She gets out the laser light and we play chase with it. That is great fun and exercise. Loki always to beat me to the dot though and he jumps over me to get to it.

Mom brushed me this morning. She said I didn't really need it, but she likes to brush us anyway. Says it helps keep our fur nice and soft and gets all the loose hairs off. I don't mind being brushed.

Have a nice day!
Mild Winter
Posted February 9, 2021 by FIGARO

So far this Winter has been very good to us as far as snow goes. We have gotten 1-2" here and there. We have not been hit like other places have. It's been cold enough. Today it is 14*, but the sun is out and the skies are blue. No wind to blow around either.

I had my Vet appt. I did very well. My vet told me I was the most purrfect patient he had all day. I weigh 12 pounds, my eyes, ears and teeth are all normal, my heartbeat is great. I even had my nails trimmed and sat there like a good boy, then I got my distemper vaccine.

Mom went back to work, so we miss her on the days she is gone. We are used to her being home with us and now she is gone 3 days a week. But we make up missing her when she gets home, I follow her around meowing til she pets me and Loki jumps on the table and rubs his head all over her...we sure are happy when she comes home.

have a pawsome week
Happy Valentines Day!
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