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Lindas Angels
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Posted November 16, 2018 by Lindas Angels
A SHADOW: Good evening everyone. I took A Sheba and we went shopping for our T-day dinner. She is gonna be helping me cook up our feast. We are having a huge dinner in the auditorium and all the chefs & Cooks are gathering and doing all the cooking. It purromises to be a feast for Kings & Queens. We bought a turkey, stuffing, catnip sauce, gravy and catnip potatoes. Lot's of other Angels are preparing other things and lots of desserts as well.

A JINXIE: This week I was busy keeping my yard free of leaves. I wold pile them up and the little Angels were playing in them, making a bigger mess, and I would pile them back up and bury them under them, they were having so much fun. I love watching the little ones play.

A SHEBA: I kept busy this week fixing up my new house. I finally found one I like, it is down the street from A Sugar's place. I went and bought curtains, a new bed, and stuff I need to make my house warm and cozy. Today I went shopping with A Shadow for the T-day feast we have planned.

A JESSE: Good evening friends. I had a pawsome week of adventures. Welcoming new Angels to the rainbow bridge. Practicing hockey, my team has a game tonight. I took my wife, A Tweetie to the movies and we had dinner out. We also went on a hay ride in the woods. That was fun. We saw lots of deer, owls, raccoons and other wildlife on our ride.

A WINSTON: Me? I had a good week. I went to the ice arena and practiced my hockey. I don't have a game tonight, but I am going to cheer on my family and friends. I helped some of the ladies with their packages full of thanksgiving dinner supplies. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, them chef Angels sure can cook up a feast!!!

Have a pawsome evening!

The HT Angels
Big fluffy flakes
Posted November 15, 2018 by Kali
Today we had some snow. The flakes were big and fluffy and we got about 1/4" and then it turned to rain as the temps climbed and now we have mush! No more snow. It is 35*.

I stayed in mom's room on her bed. I enjoy sleeping on her bed, it is very soft and cozy. Kel & Ben always sleep in the beds by the heat source, but me with my long fur get too hot laying by heat. My long thick fur keeps me warm and cozy.

Mom said that tomorrow she is gonna brush me out and trim my nails. Looks like another 'spa' day for me. I don't have any tangles, so the brushing should go easy, but I don't like anyone playing with my feet. I keep pulling away, but mom manages to get most of the nails clipped.

Enjoy your evening!
Posted November 14, 2018 by Benjamin
Boy did it ever get cold here. We woke up this morning and it was 19*, then the sun came up and the clouds went away and it made it to 32*.

Mom was sick yesterday and her tummy was hurting all day. She ate and everything came up, she ran to the bathroom and almost tripped over me, so I ran and got out of her way. Good thing, too cause I don't want her to fall down.

She went to bed early and got up at 10 today. She had Pumpkin Spice pop tarts for breakfast, she ate 1 whole one and 1/2 of the 2nd one, and had some milk. So far today she is not sick, and she feels much better.

Mom said she was going out Friday and buying a turkey for dinner for Thanksgiving. Can't believe it is that time of the year already. How time flies in the Summer. I miss Summer and miss the warm sunny skies and being outside.

This used to be Jesse's bed when he lived here, but since he became an Angel mom told me I can have it. It is nice and comfy and I enjoy sleeping in it.{pic posted in album}

Have a pawsome evening!

The return of the RED dot
Posted November 12, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening

Last night mom found our red dot maker. I thought it was lost for good. But she found it. I had the best time chasing it around the room and up the walls. Benny just sat there watching me and Kali was sleeping. Mom was laughing at me cause I am 15 and I was playing like a kitten. I love the red dot.

Today mom cleaned out the fridge. She took all her food out and took all the shelves out and put them in the sink and washed them all. She even washed the bottom of jars before putting them back. When she took the bottom drawers out she saw a lot of cat hairs, she looked at me and said "How on earth do you guys get cat hair in my fridge"? I don't know, maybe while she was at work, we investigated what was in there. She said it looked like one of us slept in there all night. Burr!!! Now the fridge is nice and clean.

She threw out a bunch of old food she found in the back, one was a big black mushy thing she said used to be a tomato she forgot she had. Ewwww. I wouldn't eat that.

Now I ask? Do i look like a bunny??? mom said "kelsee, you are my sweet little cuddle bunny". here is a bunny..does this look like me???

Purrz & Pawhuggz!

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Gray & Gloomy Day
Posted November 7, 2018 by Benjamin
Hi friends

Today was one of those days that was just gray & gloomy, we had grey clouds all day and it was windy. Not a good day to venture out. It was only 43* out there.

I was napping on mom's bed all afternoon. Now that Miss Sheba is gone I can sleep anywhere I like. if I tried to get on the bed before, she would growl and hiss and chase me off.

At night mom has 3 kitties to share her bed with. Kelsee usually sleeps under the blanket right next to mom, Kali lays on top the blanket, close to her feet and I lay on the corner by her other foot.

George tried to come over and visit today, but he didn't get in. Mom said he can't come in cause he starts fights with me. I don't know why cause this is my house and not his, I should be the one to fight him, and I don't start them, he does. So he had to be banished back to his own home.

Have a pawsome evening!
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