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Posted November 11, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon!

We woke up to snow. Lots of snow. WOW! Mom said only 4", but it looks like a lot to us cats. Everything outside is covered in white.

Mom had to go to Rite-Aid to pick up her prescriptions and he came home covered in snow. She also stocked up on more cat food, milk, Pepsi, etc. She got some needed food items so she doesn't have to venture out again til Thursday when she works.

Mom brushed out Kali today and you would think she was getting killed. She was growling at mom and trying to get away. Mom has to groom her every week or she gets terribly matted. When mom is sic and doesn't do it for a week, the mats start to get in her fur.

I LOVE being groomed, but then I have short fur and it never gets tangled. I love it and keep going back for more. Benny doesn't seem to mind either. The little guys try to bite the brush and chase it..they are silly.

Mom was sick last week. She had body aches, sneezing, coughing, she was all congested and felt terrible. She did not even bother getting dressed and she laid on the couch all week watching TV...me and the other kitties took good care of her by keeping her warm. We all laid on the couch with her, poor mom couldn't get up to go to the potty!

I hope you all have a great week!
Chilly November
Posted November 5, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening

November is starting out very chilly. Our lows later in the week will be in the 20's with highs in the 30's. Burr!

Today was 44* and kinda windy with a little sun, but mostly clouds. It sure gets dark early, too.

Today my big brother Benny had to go to the Vet for his yearly exam and distemper vaccine. He lost 2 pounds over the Summer. he was 16.5, now he is 14.5, from all the running around and playing chase. I don't have to go til Feb.

Mom did a lot of laundry today. Wow, the basket was over loaded with clothes and towels. I tried to help her fold them, but she kept telling me she had it covered. Ummm! i guess our mom's don't appreciate our help!

I hope you all stay warm and have a pawsome week.
Happy November!
Posted November 4, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

Well, November is here and it has got cold. Today was kinda nice though, we did get to 50*, but later in the week we are gonna be in the 30's for highs and 20's at night...now that is cold!

Mom said next BIG event is Turkey Day!!! one of my favorite Holiday's cause I love my turkey. Also mom might get the day off and be home with us all day. She sure is hoping anyway.

Today we got a nice big box. I will post a picture of it with me and Figaro in it. We got a big 22# bag of Friskies Gravy Twirlers and a 24 can case of fancy Feast. Enough food for about 2 weeks.

Have a pawsome evening
Stay warm!
Rotten weather
Posted November 1, 2019 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

I hope you all had a furtastic Halloween. Ours was wet and windy. It rained all day yesterday, can you believe that? Mom said she doesn't get a lot of kids here anyway cause the neighborhood isn't all that great and not many kids live around here. I never see any til after school when they get off the bus and climb in cars go away.

Mom watched a few shows on ID Discovery. One about Ted Bundy and other serial killers and a show about Stephen King and how he got his writing start~ all on Reelz. mom thought them shows were purrfect for Halloween.

I snuggled on mom's lap while she was watching TV. I love laying on the couch with her and then I slept with her last night too...me, Kelsee, Kali and Figs usually do. Ben sleeps on the kitty tree way on top.

Today mom worked til 2pm, the came home. It is sunny and 40* today. Cold outside, but at least dry and sunny and not quite as windy as yesterday. The sun makes it look warmer then it really is.

Hope you all have a pawsome evening
Stay warm!
Posted October 30, 2019 by Benjamin
Good evening

Wow, it was raining this morning when we got up and it has not stopped all day. It is still coming down. But mom says it is a good thing cause tonight is traditionally called "Devil's Night" here in Detroit. They go out and set the city on fire and think it is funny. It has been better in the past few years with hardly none, but there are still a few.

I stayed with mom all day. I was following her all over the house. I like to be pet and lay on mom's lap when she is sitting down. Hard to be on her lap when she has her laptop computer though.

Mom called and made me an appt to see the V-E-T~ i need my distemper vaccine, so I go next Tuesday at 10:45am. Then mom will make an appt for Loki, too.

Mom has to work the next 4 days. Fri she gets off at 2:00 though instead of 4:00. I like waiting at the door for her to come home so I can be first to greet her.

Have a pawsome Evening.
Happy Halloween
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