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Too hot for comfort
Posted July 17, 2019 by Benjamin
good afternoon

Word of the day: MUGGY!

Today it is only 83* outside with partly sunny skies, but the humidity is 88%, so it is really sticky out there. Mom went to the store up the street and came back all wet.

Me?? You ask me what am I doing today??? Well, right now I have taken refuge under mom's bed where it is cool. She has her fan on low for us and all us kitties are in her room either on the bed or under it.

Mom is watching NGW on TV. It is all about Tigers. Our big cat relatives. I would like to go to Africa, India or anywhere they live and visit them as long as the purromised not to have me for lunch!

Well, I am gonna go back and get comfy under the bed. See you back here next WED.

Stay cool or try to!

Purrs & pawhugz!!!
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Rainy day
Posted July 16, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

it is a rainy day. All this rain is coming from Tropical Storm Barry. Mom had errands to run, but decided she can't go today.

It is also very humid at 71% and temp is just 80*, but raining. We have to stay in the house, too. Our tent is all wet.

Mom was playing with me with our feather toy, but then she got hot and sat down and I payed with the toy. it is too hot to run around.

We got food from Chewy. Mom ordered a box of Fancy Feast Pate for us, so we also get another box to play with, om put all my sparkle balls in it so they are all in one place. I have 15 of them that i love to chase around and carry.

I almost caught me a mouse today. But he scampered under thew kitchen sink. Drats! I will be waiting for him next time. so when he comes out I will get him, and Loki is helping me, so between both of us, hopefully we will get it. Mom is not afraid of it though.

Stay cool and have fun!

Roaster week
Posted July 15, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

We sure have a HOT week ahead. Today is 87*, tomorrow and the humidity is about 60%. It is supposed to rain off and on the next 3 days. But rain will only make it more humid.

Mom cleaned the house today and everything was good, we have clean litter boxes, clean place mats, clean food/water bowls, clean furniture, etc. Mom dusted, swept, mopped and then she took out that dreaded floor monster and all 5 of us flew under the bed, there was a bit of hissing, but we were more scared of the monster.

Now we are all relaxing/sleeping while mom is watching TV. I want to sit on her lap, but she has the computer, so I have to wait my turn. In the meantime I will lay on the back of the couch next to her.

It is too hot to even play. Running around is too hot, so we lay. Mom has all her fans running and windows open. We don't have A/C cause mom doesn't like it, she said if she wanted to be cold, she would keep her windows open in the winter. MOL.

I hope you all are taking it EZ and staying cool!

Our dry and hot spell
Posted July 13, 2019 by Kali
Good evening

Wowzers. We are having a dry spell as well as being hot. Today was 93* and the humidity is up there too. No rain in the forecast either. June was rainy most of the month, but since July arrived, it might have rained maybe 2 times.

It is so hot that mom won't let us go outside to play. She said the sun and humidity is too hot for us. Me especially since I have really thick and long fur.

Us kitties are finding cool places in the house to keep cool. my spot is under the bed in moms room. It seems cooler under there.

My nutty and goofy baby brother is running around chasing flies. he is good at catching them, too. He misses a few, but he gets most of them.

I hope you are all staying cool.
Nice day and not hot.
Posted July 12, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Today turned out to be a very nice day. It reached 81* with NO humidity. Mom let us go outside when she came home from her errands.

Of course me and Figaro had to go inside the tent, but at least we are outside. We can see birds, squirrels and other things and still stay safe. Mom says there is too much traffic on the street and she doesn't want me to get hit by a car. me either.

We have a big bowl and mom fills it with cold water for us everyday we are in the tent. She closes it when we go in cause she doesn't want raccoons, possums or squirrels getting in it. There is never any food in it anyway, so what would they be looking for?

kelsee told me that last Summer a squirrel got in and couldn't figure out how to escape and was running in circles {passing the door each time} and he jumped to the top and was in full panic mode...mom saw him and went down and showed him the door and Kelsee said he came flying out and almost landed on mom. Must have been funny.

Have a pawsome evening!

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