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Loud and wet
Posted August 28, 2020 by Loki1610

Today it is loud and wet outside. It has been raining since last night and also lots of thunder, which is very loud. Some lightening, too. It is only 77*, but the humidity is up past 60% cause of the rain.

Mom did laundry and after she was done with that, she made a tuna sandwich which she had to share with us. She knows better then to try to eat tuna without sharing.

It sure has been a long, hot, dry Summer, so maybe the rain today will make the grass green again. Some people water their lawns, while others just don't and it is all brown and looks like wheat.

Mom is still off work, but she is making up a resume and putting it on "INDEED" to see if she can get another job. There are some diners open for in door dining, which others are only doing carryout or delivery. Some even have outdoor dining, but where mom worked they do not do that.

Have a pawsome day!
Been a hot week
Posted August 13, 2020 by Kali

it's been yet another hot and dry week. Today was 89*. Mom was in and out. She went out, got hot and came inside, went out again. We have had a dry Summer, too. Hardly no rain and everybody's grass is turning brown, mostly people water their own.

We stayed inside the house. Kelsee and Ben were outside for a bit, then came back inside, too, then Kelsee went back outside and took a nap in the shade.

Our landlord is having carpenters come over and remodel the back porch giving us more room to roam about. They were here yesterday doing measurements and figuring out what they needed to do the job. Gonna get a little noisy around here next week.

Have a great week!
Quite nice today
Posted August 12, 2020 by Benjamin
Good evening

Today was a pawsome day. Only 85* and no humidity and a little breeze. Mom let us go outside for the 1st time in about a week. It was too hot when we were in the 90's.

I enjoy laying out on the back porch. I lay by the fence and look out at the birds and squirrels. Mom threw down some bread and stale donuts today and they all went crazy. The squirrel came and took 3 of the donuts all himself. {They were the mini type}. It was funny watching him take off with a donut in his mouth and climbing a pole, and he never even dropped the donut.

We are back in the house now as it is dark outside and there are lots of bugs out there. Mom hates getting bit by the skeeters, so she stays in at night. She does have spray with DEET in it, but she stays in anyway,

Have a pleasant evening!
Been so humid and hot
Posted August 11, 2020 by FIGARO

It has been such a hot hot summer. We haven't been outside in 3 days now cause it has been 88-93* and over 55% humidity. No rain either.

We have had to stay in the house and sit in the windows to see birds and watch the squirrels. I bet they wonder why we are inside and not outside in our tent.

Mom hasn't been feeling good again. Her tummy has been bothering her again. She goes to the Dr on Monday and she is gonna ask for tests to see what the problem is.

Mom is enjoying being off work. all except for not having money to spend on much, she likes staying home with us all day. But she needs to start looking for a job soon, so she will.

Have a good day!
Another hot week ahead.
Posted August 10, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi furiends

we are in for yet another hot week ahead. Temps will be over 85* all week with some rain tonight and tomorrow. Today was 90* so we all stayed inside and mom watched TV and I was with her all day. I wanted to just be by mom's side all day long.

i followed her around the house, jumped on the couch with her and everything. I don't really know why, but I do love my mom and just wanted to be near her.

The others all stayed on the floor in cool spots. When it is this hot there is nothing we can do but hang out and try to stay cool.

Today is our Angel Winston's 15th birthday. he is celebrating on the rainbow bridge. Mom misses him a lot.

Have a pawsome evening
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