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The Deepest Freeze
Posted January 21, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening all.

OH MY CAT! Is it ever cold here. We got our 4" of snow, then it dipped down really low. ​We dropped to -6 last night and today was 15*. Sunny, too. Yesterday morning when mom walked to work, it was only 7*, so she bundled up real warm.

Mom tweaked her new center a little bit and moved some stuff off it and put other new stuff on it. Now she likes the way she has it. I only go up to it and sniff the stuff she puts on. I am a good girl and I never knock stuff off of it.

Our neighbor, George's dad, Charlie took mom's old Entertainment Center, and that made it easier for mom. She didn't have to drag it all the way outside, just across the hall. It's always good when you can share with others. Most everything mom has was left behind by other tenants when they moved out. Some of the stuff belongs to mom that she actually bought here with her.

For those wondering where mom keeps her TV, look at this picture. Mom was listening to "Music Choice 70's" while building her center!

Lindas Angels
Winter activities
Posted January 18, 2019 by Lindas Angels
A SHEBA: Well, I went ice skating today. It was fun. I play Hockey so I am a good skater. A lot of kitties were asking me for help and I was happy to show them. Of course I did fall on my fuzzy butt when I tried to go to fast. {I can be a bit of a show-off}.

A JESSE: I spent the day with my wife, A Tweetie. We went sleigh riding through the woods. That was fun, then we went ice fishing and I caught 6 fish and we will freeze them for dinner. After that we spent the evening sitting by the fireplace sipping wine and eating berries.

A WINSTON: I helped a bunch of kitties build snowmen in the village today. That was a lot of fun. Some of them look really nice, we tried real hard to make them look really nice. We happened to have extra hats and scarves.

A JINX: I spent the day at the Ice Cloud Arena practising my hockey. I have a game tonight. there were lots of OC kitties at the rink, so we practised a lot, even other hockey kitties on different teams were practising today.

A SHADOW: I spent the day outside having a snowball fight with other animals that were playing. Some of the BIG dogs playing were making some large snowballs and us kitties had to hide so we wouldn't get bombarded. I saw a few dogs building an Igloo, and I went over to help with that, too.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angel Huggz!!!angel
Coldest Temps yet!
Posted January 17, 2019 by Kali
​Hi all

Oh cat, is it ever gonna be a cold weekend. It will be dropping below zero for the first time this Winter. Highs for Sat and Sun will barely reach 20*. Poor mom has to hike it to work both mornings and the temps will be around 2-5*. Good thing mom has a warm coat and a hat, scarf and mittens.

Us kitties have it made. we get to stay inside and be in the house where it is toasty warm. We don't have to go out in that cold. Then they are predicting about 3" of snow, too. Not bad considering some of our friends have over 8" of it.

Oh boy, my sister and brother are tearing through the house like they are both on fire. Ben is chasing Kelsee and she is running at top speed. Make me tired just watching them. Mom is laughing cause kelsee is 15 and still has a lot of fun.

Stay warm!

Ben the Builder
Posted January 16, 2019 by Benjamin
​Good evening everyone.
Today was cold and partly sunny, but nothing like the weekend will bring. It is gonna be in single digits over the weekend and poor mom has to walk to work. Sat will be 8* when she goes and Sun will be only 1* when she goes and highs for both days near 10*.
Mom cleaned out most of her old entertainment center today. She is getting a new one cause this one is 20 years old and some of it has tape on it holding it together, so mom decided on a new one. I helped her disassemble the old one and come FRI I get to help her build her new one and set it up.

i think we will be getting a big box to play in. the EC is pretty big and even though it will come in pieces, there will be a big box right? We are looking forward to playing in the big box. We can't keep it though cause mom said there isn't enough room to keep a big box like that.

I play Mouse Hockey tonight. My team, KA which also has my Angel sister Shadow, is playing TClan which is Angel Sheba & George's team. Playing against family is kinda hard, but it is a lot of fun. All my family are playing against each other tonight. only Kelsee has the night off.
Hope you all stay warm.
A new sibling.....MAYBE!
Posted January 14, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

Mom is trying to find another kitty to adopt. She misses Sheba and wanted another cat. She is looking for another male so she will have 2 boys and 2 girls. Trying to adopt a cat is harder than trying to adopt a baby. You have to fill out the adoption form, then they have to approve you , and some even require home visits. Mom is not too keen on this as she doesn't like strangers coming into our home.​ She found a little guy on petfinder named Dylan, he is at Petco Pet store, he is 5 yo, 12 pounds, fuzzy, curious, neutered, friendly and gets along well with other cats and has all his shots, mom can go and see him but no guarantee she will get him. Geesh!!

Other then that, mom ordered herself a new entertainment center for the living room, Has a lot of room on it for her DVD's and CD's of music. Not for the TV, but for her receiver, CD changer, and cassette deck. plus all her little knick knacks she has on it and pics of us. It will be arriving Friday. I will get her to take a picture and will post it on my page.

it's been cold here, but no snow has fell. We missed Winter Storm Gia. I guess OH got hit a lot. 2 of mom's FB friends said they have 8-81/2" or more of it. One in Columbus even sent a picture of all the snow. This is the 2nd big Winter storm that totally missed us.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening and stay warm.
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