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Beautiful Day!
Posted April 8, 2019 by Kelsee

Today it was beautiful outside. Mom spent the entire day outside bringing things up to the porch so it is ready for Spring and Summer . All she has left to bring up is her BBQ grill and that is too heavy for mom to bring up by herself. She has most everything else up...she has lots of little things to set up, but all her big things are up.

We stayed in the house. Since the new owner took over, the yard is OFF LIMITS to all tenants now. They have to use their porch. Good thing we have a nice big porch. Mom can;t let us go out cause she knows er will not be good and stay on the porch and we will venture down to the yard, and that is dangerous cause of the open gates with workers in and out.

We made it to 72* and the sun was out, but it was windy. Mom hates wind, but she was out working in it anyway. It blows everything everywhere and slams doors shut, etc. It is still 66* and it is 8:00.​
Have a nice evening!!
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Sunny but chiily
Posted March 19, 2019 by George

We have a sunny day, but it is chilly out. It is 45*, but the wind is northerly. Spring is in the air, so soon enough dad Charlie will open windows so I can in one and watch outside and get fresh air.

I wanted to go across the hall to meet "Loki" and "Figaro", but Linda is afraid I will fight with them cause I fight with Benny. I wanna see the new dudes. I know they are young ones.

I saw Loki in the hallway, but dad would not ;et me go out there to say hi to him. he looks like a nice cat. I wanna meet them and maybe play with them.

Have a pawsome afternoon!