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Spring has Sprung
Posted April 23, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Spring is finally here. It has been in the 60's for the past few days and mom is getting her bike ready to ride to work on Thursday. It might rain a little bit tonight but then the rest of the week is supposed to be nice and mid 60's.

We have a small black critter on the back porch. It is so cute and it sits by the back door on it's 2 hind feet begging mom for food. She has a bag of treats she feeds it. me and Loki are sitting by the back door watching it with our tails swishing back & forth and mewing at it. Mom said it has a name and she called it "momma squirrel".

Mom doesn't let us go outside cause we won't stay on the back porch and she said there are too many escape routes cause the guys working in the yard don't cover all the openings when they are done. Mom would love to make us a catio, but she doesn't own the place and our back porch is gonna get rebuilt this summer.

I hope you all has a good evening.

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Still NOT Springy
Posted April 3, 2019 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

We see sun, we see wind, but it is still cool outside. This is supposed to be Spring. I thought that meant flowers, bugs, warmth and open windows. We only had the window open for one day so far.

I do get to sit in the window and look out at the birds and the occasional squirrel, but for the better part of the day, it's usually just birds. Sometimes the HUGE white noisy birds come and they are loud. Goodness. They are little thieves, they go and steal the bread from the little birds.

Mom ordered some paint today. She got turquoise {light] to paint the dining room. Mom has it blue right now, but we have 4 blue rooms so she wanted to change the color, and the rug she ordered is turquoise. The bathroom, her bedroom and kitchen are also blue, different shades of course, but still blue.

We are getting ready for some Spring cleaning. Mom has a carpet cleaner, rug shampoo, a new mop, floor cleaning stuff, she got windex to clean her windows. I think I will hide so I don't have to help!

Getting ready for my late afternoon nap!
!st day of Spring.
Posted March 20, 2019 by Benjamin
Good afternoon
Today is the 1st day of spring. But it is still chilly here. Only 42* and cloudy. The sun was shining earlier, but now it is cloudy and the rain is starting to fall. Light right now.

I have been napping, then I was cuddling with mom on her lap, then I woke up, and had to use the litter-box. I ate a bite of kibble, drank some water and now I am laying in my kitty bed taking another nap.

Mom cleaned the apt up a bit. She was gonna vacuum , but she did that 2 days ago. She told me "Benny, I should vacuum again, but I don't feel like it." fine by me, I don;t like it anyway.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Angel K.Malachi
Spring has sprung!
Posted March 21, 2014 by Angel K.Malachi
thumbup Hey everyone! Happy Spring!! I hope the snow starts melting for those up in the North East. We are already having temps in the low 80s here in Phoenix, AZ. I wish you all a very good weekend and a blessed day today.

Purrs & kitty kisses,