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Rainout day
Posted May 29, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

Today we have a rainy chilly day. Mom is stuck inside with us. She likes to go outside and sit on her swing and read, but not today. We are in for some cooler days ahead...through WED, we will jut be in the upper 60's to low 70's, then back to the 80's.

Mom cleaned today. She swept the floor, then took out the floor monster and sucked up dirt from the carpets. I watched mom put our toys away 1st....which is a good thing to do or that thing would eat them and not give them back.

.How are things in your town??? Here we are still in lock-down and stay at home until June 12th, unless she extends it again, depend on the number of new cases/deaths in our County.

Have a nice day
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more rain
Posted September 13, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening everyone

Today was sunny to start and we made it to 78*. Mom went to work in the morning and came home at 2. When she came home she took us outside and we went in our tent. No sooner we get settled and start to play and watch the big world of critters outside, it clouds up.

No BIGGIE, right...just clouds. Then we heard thunder in the background and more clouds came and then the clouds started to get darker and darker, so we started meowing so mom would come and get us. She came down and just as we were starting up the steps to the porch we felt drops, then we made it in the house and the clouds fell open and it poured.

The rain made it really humid though. The temps cooled off, but the humidity is awful. Everything you touch sticks to you. Mom walks and she got a toy stuck to her foot-paw. It was funny.

Mom ordered a cod dinner for supper and she shared some of it with us. That was pretty good. As long as I have been here {Feb} mom hasn't ever has fish for dinner. Tuna sandwich yes, but not cod. I liked it.:D

Have a great night!
Rainy day
Posted July 16, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

it is a rainy day. All this rain is coming from Tropical Storm Barry. Mom had errands to run, but decided she can't go today.

It is also very humid at 71% and temp is just 80*, but raining. We have to stay in the house, too. Our tent is all wet.

Mom was playing with me with our feather toy, but then she got hot and sat down and I payed with the toy. it is too hot to run around.

We got food from Chewy. Mom ordered a box of Fancy Feast Pate for us, so we also get another box to play with, om put all my sparkle balls in it so they are all in one place. I have 15 of them that i love to chase around and carry.

I almost caught me a mouse today. But he scampered under thew kitchen sink. Drats! I will be waiting for him next time. so when he comes out I will get him, and Loki is helping me, so between both of us, hopefully we will get it. Mom is not afraid of it though.

Stay cool and have fun!

So much rain
Posted June 20, 2019 by Kali

We had rain all day here. Mom went to work, so we were all alone.

I spent the day sleeping on moms bed with Kelsee. The boys were playing and running around and climbing in the windows.

The roofers did not come back today cause of the rain. We had peace and quiet today and that was good for napping!!!

Today is the last day for rain for about 4-5 days. I can't even imagine that cause all of May and June we had rain every other day or every 2 days. Our next chance is next Wed. We will also see temps in the 80's with lots of sunshine.

I can't wait cause i love laying outside in the sun with it shining on my belly.

Have a pawsome evening!

Rains came
Posted June 5, 2019 by Benjamin
Hi every kittyclap

Wow. Our rain finally came. They have been saying it was gonna rain all day, but the sun kept trying to come out. Now the rain is here and it is coming down.

The bread mom threw out to the birds is all wet but they don't care, they are still munching down on it, silly birds, eating in the rain. You wouldn't catch me eating my dinner out in the rain.

I was sleeping on mom's bed last night with her, Kelsee and Kali. That was fun. poor mom couldn't move and when she had to get up to 'go' she had to climb over me. I would not move either.

looks like the rain is coming to an end already, it slowed down and the sun is trying to make another appearance. Mom said we can't go out now cause everything is wet!

Have a pawsome afternoon!

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