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Angel Kali
My VET Visit
Posted January 21, 2021 by Angel Kali

Well, my Vet visit did not go well at all. I lost 6 pounds, which is 1/2 my weight. he took blood, and I have obstructive liver disease. He gave me antibiotics{which I took} and has me on steroids until 2/7. 1 a day.

The steroids make me very sleepy and all I want to do is sleep. I do wake up and eat and drink water and roam around some.

Today I have been very lazy. I am up on the chair and sleeping there. Mom had to put me up on it. I can get off of things, but have a hard time jumping up. {thank you, mom}.

She is very worried about me and hopes I make it to see my 15th birthday {9/11}. I do too. I hopes to be well very soon.

Gonna go and sleep now. PLEASE keep me in your purrayers!

Tags: Not well.