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Angel Kali
I am blowing away....
Posted April 10, 2014 by Angel Kali
It has been nice here lately. Today is the warmest day of the week at 67*, but it is very very windy outside and the house across the alley lost it's gutter, it fell off and is now laying on the back porch.

Mom put me me out on the back porch in the sun, which is real warm, but the wind is friece, so I came back inside, I hate it when I get messy fur, especially after mom groomed me. I hate wind...GRRRRR!!!

Our Red Wings have made the playoffs again for 23 straight years in a row...go Wings!!! Even though we lost to Pitt last night in a shootout, we got in...cool!!!

Mom just came back in, she had to go out and take the clothes off the lines. She did laundry today and had them hanging outside in the wind, they dried already!!!

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrs =^..^=
Jessie Gardiner
Help Ginger
Posted February 3, 2013 by Jessie Gardiner

Meet our family cat Ginger (12 years old). She is a very bright light in our lives and has wedged her extremely happy and derpy personality in our hearts. Ginger has been treated for kidney disease since the summer 2012, but unfortunately she had been showing signs of extreme stress and anxiety. We brought her to the Emergency and they discovered that she had a tumor on her kidney. This had been causing an excess of red blood cells and drastically low blood sugar. From there we only had two choices - either surgery to remove both the tumor and its host kidney or euthanasia. We just couldn’t go with the euthanasia path so we decided to proceed with the surgery. Fortunately, she has already successfully undergone the procedure, however it’s very expensive! The Gardiner Family is graciously and humbly asking for your help.

All of this money that we raise will of course go towards Ginger’s surgery and if we have any overflow we will be donating it to the Veterinary College (University of Saskatchewan) that has been taking amazing care of Ginger. The website to donate to is: http://www.gofundme.com/help-ginger. There you can also view updates of Ginger’s progress and check out some more pics of her.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story and for donating we very much appreciate it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either comment on this blog post or email me: jessiegardiner@hotmail.com!
Emma Wood
Neville (RIP)
Posted August 27, 2012 by Emma Wood
My beloved cat Neville passed away about a month or so ago. He was a beautiful bombay and he was so young. I would just like to dedicate this post to him.
victoria real
The day i broke my leg
Posted January 15, 2012 by victoria real
Hello I'm Pepper, thought I'd share the story of the day when i broke my leg.
It happened back in the summer of 2011 i was 10 months old. My owner (i say owner loosely I'm more of her owner, I'll call her she) had gone out taken her nephew out or something like that. She had locked me and my brother in the house so we couldn't cause any trouble even though we did. We ran up and down the stairs, had a play fight in the kitchen which made our biscuits go scooting around the floor. Walked over the sides an knocked a couple of ornaments off they didn't break so no harm done even though she wasn't very happy about it.
We got a bit bored in the house and longed to go outside but the windows were locked shut. In the end i decided to go up to the bathroom for a drink out of the toilet, she always called me a dog when i did that but cats like toilet water too. That's when i noticed the window was open she'd forgotten to close this window that was very unlike her.
I called for Chilli to come, I knew we'd make it out were great jumpers. Chilli was eager so he went first, onto the windowsill then jumped down to the ledge above the front door then finally to the floor. It looked so easy it couldn't go wrong, i was not afraid. So i took a step out and jumped to the ledge only I'd jumped at a funny angle and landed funny on the ledge, I tumbled to the floor. Dammit that hurt.
Chilli went off to go hunt mice and i tried to follow but i was limping my poor leg. I thought it was best to rest it so i hobbled round to the back of the house and curled up on the doorstep.
After a while she came home and her jaw dropped to the floor 'How on earth did he get out' i heard her say. She unlocked the door and let me in. Then she noticed i was limping 'oh bloody hell what have you done' were her next words. She made me walk a little more i guess to assess the damage but i didn't really wanna walk. Then she went into a frenzied panic 'Where is your brother, How did you get out rabble rabble rabble....' i tuned her out doesn't she know i can't talk back to her.
Next thing i know she's scooping me and talking about vets. No I'm not going and I put up a pretty good fight until she cheats and grabs her sister to help. Damn i hate the vets.
The vet prods about with me and let out a snarl at her. All i want to do is go and have a nap not be poked around. I hear my owner saying 'Be nice Pepper'. I decide to play good until she leaves. The vet takes me into the back room and ouch she pricks me. I start to feel drowsy and i must have fell asleep because next thing I hear is the vet on the phone saying 'You can pick him up now'
Finally after a long wait she appears and i can go home. When i get there i discover a large cage. I look at her when she turns to me and says I've got to stay in this cage for 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!! You've got to be kidding!! She tells me I've broken my leg but the vets are not going to put it in plaster as its only a small break but I've got to rest it or it'll get worse. Ahhh cage 3 WEEKS!! She goes off muttering about how much it cost her blah blah... I got bigger problems.
I decide to play up and constantly meow and trash the cage but damn shes giving me tough love. I then think smart and learn to not limp and after about 2 weeks she gives in and lets me out although she told the vet i served my time.
Now whenever i see the upstairs windows open i steer clear of them sod going back in that cage again. So let this be a lesson to you do not jump out of the upstairs windows.
What We've Been Doing
Posted June 1, 2011 by Allie
I've been laying on Daddy's lap every day! Mama's been so dang busy she hasn't been typing for any of us.

We got new food again because our old food was purchased by a big company, so our food lady advised us to switch now. We got Orijen no grain and we are all loving it. Mama hopes I'll eat a little bit less and lose a little weight.

And Murray and I got brushed because we had lots of fur coming out. While being brushed, I go "Purr, purr, purr" and then "MOW". Mama couldn't decide if that meant I liked it or not. But then she noticed I do the same thing when Daddy scratches my head, so I guess I do like being brushed.
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