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ARLO's First blog...
Posted June 14, 2017 by Arlo

Since Wyatt already wrote his blog, I figured I should write a blog too, so I'z trying dat out now. Dis is all sooo new 'n' it's all so fun. I hope I getz it right like Wyatt did. Trey tol' us it's allus nice to look back at wot yoo said as a kitten when yer his age. He's pretty old doh, I dunno...

Anyway...I'm Arlo 'n' me 'n' my brother Wyatt were born April 14, 2017. Ar Mama 'n' Da comed 'n' adopted us on ar GOTCHA DAY June 10, 2017.

We ar two of five kits dat ar beautiful dilute calico mommy cat Mew had. We also have three really pretty sisters - Piper 'n' Edie who look just like ar mom 'n' then Buffy who is buff colored. I bet yoo could have guessed dat! Da girls still live wif mommy but will be adopted soon too! Dey all have adoption forms made out.

We sure ar looking forward to getting to know everything. I aim high! MOL!
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