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Happy Easter
Posted April 19, 2019 by Loki1610

HAPPY EASTER to all of you and your families.

Today it is rather cold for Easter weekend. Only 42* today. Mom had to work this morning, but came home at 2:00. She said it was so slow they really didn't need her at all, but seeing as she had to walk in the cold, they let her work for the 4 hours.

When mom came home, she threw toys at us and we chased them around. me & Figaro love chasing toys around. Mom discovered a plastic bag from the trash on the floor and Kelsee was sleeping in it. Mom never lets us have those unless she cts the handles 1st. Kel was sleeping on the bag...silly girl!

Have a pawsome Easter everyone!
Easter weekend
Posted April 18, 2019 by Kali

Well, I can't believe it is Easter weekend already. Wow!!! Times sure flies. Mom has to work tomorrow for 4 hours for Good Friday!!! she works from 10-2.

Today has been warm, but cloudy and windy and light rain off and on. I think we are in for a storm cause the wind is picking up out there and I think I thought I heard some boomers out there, but not very loud.

Loki and Figs are busy chasing each other here ad there and having fun. mom has 4 windows open so we can jump in them if we want....Figs jumped right into the screen, stopped and shook his head, the way he jumped, it is good we have a screen or he would be on the pavement.....he better be careful.

I got groomed again yesterday. Mom brushed me out, trimmed my nails and cut some tough mats out of my fur. I hate grooming day. I fuss with mom every time. I hiss and growl and squirm all over til she is done.


hide & seek
Posted April 17, 2019 by Benjamin

I like to play hide and seek from Baby Figgy and Loki. Them 2 cats like to aggravate us older cats. So I pawsmack and hiss and run and hide under moms bed or under the bathtub. I only come out when mom calls me.

Today is yet another chilly day. Only 50*, cloudy with some sun and north winds, so it is chilly outside, but mom went out anyway to fill her planters with dirt so when she buys flowers her planters are ready.

Mom is almost done with her spring painting. her dining room is done, and she did her computer room and bedroom was done last year, next month she is redoing her kitchen. She only painted her bathroom once since she has been here and it still looks good, so she isn't doing that.

I hope you and your families have a pawsome Easter!

Woke mom up at 6am.
Posted April 16, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening to all my friends.

I woke mom up at 6am today. i jumped on her bed and started meowing loudly in her ear and patting her face to wake up. My kibble bowl was empty and my little tummy was growling for food. I had no choice but to wake her up. RIGHT???

mom opened one eye and looked at her clock and said "Figs, it is way too early to get up, now go back to sleep ", I meowed again and again until she got up to fill my bowl. After that I let her sleep til 10:30.

Then mom got up, petted us all and brushed out Miss Kali who was having none of it, she kept growling and meowing at mom. She sure is loud when mom grooms her. Mom got all her fur combed out and then let her go after she held her and told her she a good girl. GOOD GIRL??? What?? With all that noise and growling?

Then mom got ready and she left us all alone while she went to Walmart. She didn't get us nothing. Can you believe that/? Nothing! Our stuff comes in a big box from a place called Chewy.com.

Well, I am off to bug by brother, Loki and see if he wants to play with me, or stay sleeping.

Sunny but chiily
Posted April 15, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.X

We have a bright sunny day today, but it is chilly. Only 55*. A few white fluffers in the sky above.

Mom went to the store for cat food and vernors and a few other things, but nothing for Easter. She is going to Walmart tomorrow, she said she will buy jelly beans and peeps only, mom doesn't want to gain back all the weight she lost.X

When she came home she found all of us sitting by the back door waiting to go outside, but we can't go out. The yard is messy with boards, nails, scraps of junk, boxes full of garbage, etc. mom doesn't want us escaping through the gate.X

Our little squirrel came back. She is in the "Family way" according to mom. She has a chubby tummy and wobbles when she walks. Mom gave her A HANDFUL of nuts, she took them and ran away with them, then came back for the rest she left in the bowl. I can't wait to see her little babies when they follow her over here.X

have a pawsome afternoon!X
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