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Posted January 13, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.

Today is a nice day. We got freezing rain after an all day rain on Saturday. As it got dark and late, the temps dropped and that meant freezing rain. It dropped to the 20's overnight and on Sunday morning everything outside was a solid sheet of ice. mom had to get a ride to work.

Today it is 42* and mostly cloudy, but the sun is trying to come out. Not doing so good cause MR CLOUD COVER is winning.

Mom is doing laundry today and I can't wait for it to come of the dryer. I love to climb on top of freshly warm dryer clothes...so comfy. then of course I have to help mom fold them and then she puts them away.

Tomorrow mom is gonna venture out to Walmart. She has a few gift cards she got for Christmas and wants to see what she can get for herself. Supposed to be near 50* and sunny.

Have a nice evening!
Rainy but warm
Posted January 10, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

Today we have a warm day of 50*, but it was rainy. Right now jut sprinkles, but later we are supposed to get hard rain and flood warnings, but so far they are just 'watches'.

Today is just the purrfect day to snuggle up and stay asleep. Right now everyone is sleeping. Mom just filled our kibble bowls and nobody got up.

Me and Figs enjoy the game of chase. We chase each other all over the place and jump on this and that...keeps mom on her toes. The older kitties just watch us play. they play but with toys and don't play chase...sometimes I get Benny to play chase cause I chase him, but he jumps up on the kitty tree.

Have a fun day!
Flood warnings out
Posted January 9, 2020 by Kali

We have flood warnings out. Today was 45* and we have a lot of rain headed our way and they said it could cause MAJOR flooding in some areas. Hope it is not OUR area.

Mom had to work today and came home said it was busy. usually after the Holiday's places are slow cause people are broke. But not where mom works. they are busy everyday~

I was a good girl all day. Mom came home and found me laying by the heat. I guess I was cold. I was out of the bedroom and me and kelsee were laying on the same blanket. Mom has a blanket on the floor by the heat source.

I usually live in moms room cause when I come out to hang with the other cats, Loki chases me back in the bedroom. he is always picking on me and Benny and chasing us around.

Have a pawesome evening!
Posted January 8, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

It is very cold outside today, just 24* and we have a dusting of snow. The man on TV aid we would have a warmer then normal Winter with little to no accumulation of snow. Mo said she is alright with that as she hates cold and snow.

We got a new toy today in the mail. It is interactive and has a spinning feather on it and a ball inside...kinda fun. Mom got pictures of Kelsee and Figaro playing with it.

I helped mom pick out a new rug for the dining room. It is a southwest design of different shades of Turquoise from on it and very hard to keep clean..she vacuums it and shampoos it. She shampoos it 3 times a year and it just doesn't stay white, not with 5 cats. It is coming on Monday! Mom told me, "Benny, you have good taste in rugs". I pointed it out to her by sniffing the picture on her laptop,.

Stay warm and have a pawsome day!
We gots new litter
Posted January 7, 2020 by FIGARO

The UPS man bought us a 30# bucket of litter today. it is called "So Phresh". Mom lugged it up the steps and put it away til she cleans the boxes again.

After it came, mom went to PSP and got us 16 cans of food. She got us 2 can of Fancy Feast Savory centers and 2 can's of FF Creamy delights, then a 12 pack box of chicken and turkey with veggies.

Mom says we are spoiled, do you believe that??? just cause we like the better quality food?? Mom has tried some stuff like 9-Lives and Friskies...they are OK, but we like the other stuff better. Dry food doesn't matter, it seems we are not so fussy about that.

Today it is 45* and sunny, and it is supposed to stay in the 40's. The guy on the TV said we are gonna have a warmer then normal Winter with little to no snow accumulation. Mom is OK with that~

I had me some turkey for lunch. mom made her a sandwich with Sliced deli turkey and she gave me and Loki a slice. Yummy!~

Have a nice day~
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