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Squirrel party!
Posted June 7, 2018 by Kali
We had a fun afternoon after mom got home from work. we were out in the yard hanging out while mom was reading her novel.

We were all minding our own business when 4 squirrels came in the yard looking for snacks. Charlie feeds them apples and mom gives them whatever she has on hand.
Today she happened to have Parmesan bread bites from when she ordered a pizza, so she threw them down to the squirrels. they went nutseek anyway, they were all chasing each other around trying to see if they all had the same thing, they did, but 2 got into a little fisticuffs over it, so mom threw another piece at them, then they ran up the steps to the porch and jumped over to the roof next store...2 stayed in the yard. Mom gave them a big bowl of dirt to bury things in if they want.

It was funny watching 4 squirrels in our yard. We have never had that many all at once. So it was funny. One even walked up to Benny {thinking he was his old buddy, Winston} and sniffed his paw. Benny just laid there and slept.

Mom said we are very good cats for not chasing or bothering the squirrels. I think we have 4 new friends. 1 for each of us.
Super Sunny day
Posted June 6, 2018 by Benjamin

Today we got up to 73*, but the sun was out and it was a great day, less wind, too. We got to hang outside all day. Mom leaves her back door open so we can go in and out as we please. That is until the squirrel comes around and gets on the porch, then mom has to keep the door shut. She got in here once already and got scared cause she couldn't find her way out. It was funny, she was jumping here and there and making a funny noise {Mom said she was in panic mode} finally mom kinda showed her the way out after she ran across mom's bed and woke her up. Can you imagine the look on mom's face when she woke up to see a squirrel looking at her?

she was back today, but she did not enter the kitchen. She sat on the porch and sat up when mom came out. She was looking for snacks. Mom gave her some chex cereal and the squirrel took it and leaped away.

Well, I hope you have a pawsome evening!
Let's "CHILL" out!
Posted June 5, 2018 by George
Good evening!

It has been a cooler week so far. Just been in the low 70's. Today we got to go outside for a little bit. The wind died down anyway, so Linda went out and pulled weeds, and finished up spray painting her outdoor fence and chair, etc. then she tried to read, but it was kinda chilly for her to sit outside today, so she went back in the house. She is reading a big book called "Sleeping Beauties" by Stephen & Owen King​.

It is dropping tonight to 49*. How's that for Spring weather. Mom and Charlie have all their windows closed. Odd for June to have shut windows, no open windows, no fans, no open doors. Once i go in, Charlie is closing his back door, too.

Benny came over to see me today. He walked right in the back door and sat in the kitchen, so I followed him outside, but now he is in and I am still out.

Have a pawsome evening and stay cozy!
Windy and cooler
Posted June 4, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi all.

this week will be a lot cooler for us. Today was windy and 72* outside. Cloudy and some sun. Mom took the bus to the bank and cashed her check and got some flowers and cat food. It is much too windy to ride her bike today.

I was helping mom hang solar lights in the backyard around her fence. they are multi-color raindrop lights. when it gets dark we are going outside to see how pretty they are.

George was outside with us and so was his brother, Woody. Woody is still kinda shy and he hung out on the porch by himself. he isn't very used to us yet, but as soon as he spends more time outside he will get to know us and feel more comfy.

We got treats today. No catnip this time, but treats. Treats are always good. I get catnip and go crazy. Mom says I act like a kitten when I get into it.

Have a pawsome evening!
very hot
Posted May 31, 2018 by Benjamin
We sure had a hot 4 days here. It was 87-90* for 4 days and the humidity was awful, too. Mom couldn't even stand to be outside in it. We stayed in the house during the hottest part of the day and went out at night when the sun was out.

George & Woody came out today and yesterday to play with us. George was not happy with me though. I went in his house to get him to come out and he saw me and growled at me and chased me out, but he came out too, so I did get him to come out, right???

We were supposed to have rain the past 2 days, but notta!!1 Now they are calling for it rain tonight into tomorrow, but not all day and it will only be 73* tomorrow and partly sunny, so it will be a pawsome day to go outside.

I am afraid of mom's swing. Mom put me on it once and I jumped off and ran.It goes back and forth and I don't care for that at all.

Goodnight. have a pawsome evening
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