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A sorrowful week
Posted March 7, 2020 by George

Most of you might know already that my dad was in the hospital from Wed to Fri. I was very worried about him. He was weak and sore. I want to thank Loki and Benny for telling all of you.

Our neighbor and my part time caretaker looked after me and my brother. I loved seeing her come over and wanted hugs and pets while Woody just hissed and hid. he is a fraidy cat.

Linda came in the morning to see us, give us fresh water, kibble and clean the box out, then she came in the afternoon to see how we were...usually sleeping by then, than again at dinner time she came and fed us and pet me some more...she came and said goodnight to us at bedtime.

I was so happy when dad came home on FRI evening. I met him at the door and helped him bring in his bags. Then he sat down to relax and I climbed in his lap. All is good again and back to normal.

Have a pawsome evening~
Mews & purrz!
Rainy/snowy day
Posted March 6, 2020 by Loki1610
Hi everyone

Today it is a weird day. We had snow flurries then sprinkles and a combo of both and it is just 34* outside today. Mom said March is a funny month....I believe her.

It is supposed to be almost 60* next week. At least we hope no more snow comes hard and sticks to the ground, but you never know do you?

For mom's lunch she made bacon and she shared some with me. She know i love bacon. She over cooked a few pieces for herself and that is what i got. Mom like wiggly bacon.

I had a bad case of the zoomies this morning. It was fun. I was running from room-to-room, I jumped on mom's bed and off again....Figs finally joined in and we both had fun.

Now it is kitty nap time~

Have a great day!~
It's hard to be beautiful
Posted March 5, 2020 by Kali

Mom says I need to be groomed again cause she feels mats in my fur when she pets me. How can that be? I know I mat easily. + I have to be groomed at least 2-3 times a month. I suppose as long as I don;t need a bath then it is alright.

yesterday she got 3 of the cats and trimmed their nails, she said I am next. Figaro did not want his done at all and kept pulling his paws away and he wanted to bite mom's hand.

I think it is gonna be Spring next week. On Monday it is supposed to be 58* - 63*. Wow, maybe mom will open some windows for us.

Have a pawsome evening!
It's cloudy but not too cold
Posted March 4, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Today it is cloudy, but not too cold. It is 41* but we are supposed to get to 47* later....and hope the sun returns.

Us kitties are getting anxious about going outside. We are stuck inside all Winter and would like nothing more to go out and roll on the ground and sniff everything in the air.

Mom is still looking after George & Woody. She got a phone call from Charlie today and he was asking about them, he said he will be home by Thursday or perhaps FRI. he has to see a specialist today for some tests and said he would call mom back later.

George walks around looking for Charlie and Woody just hisses at mom every time she goes over to see them, not too why cause she knows who she is.

meow...it is time for my mid afternoon nap before I get up and find something to get into!

Our neighbor in hospital
Posted March 3, 2020 by FIGARO

This morning when mom got up, her neighbor called her and asked her to watch his cats cause he was going to the hospital. He woke up not feeling good, he was dizzy, sweating and disoriented and in a lot of pain.

he left keys for,mom to feed his 2 kitties. You all know George{he is on the site}. mom helps Charlie care for him. But now mom is in charge of George and Woody{George's brother}.

Charlie{Their dad} will call mom and let her know when he will be coming home. he is nervous and hopes he doesn't have that Corona Virus....mom thinks just the flu.

Anyway. I got to see George today. Woody was hiding behind the couch. he is a bit shy, but he knows mom, so I don't know why he is hiding.

Have a good day!
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