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Sunny & Bright
Posted January 20, 2018 by Kali
Wow..today we made it to 44* and it was sunny and the skies were blue...such a nice day for a change...tomorrow and Monday are both gonna be in the 40's but it is supposed to rain both days.

I just tried to stay away from Sheba as she hates me and Benny..she is always growling at us or smacking one of us and not allowing us to lay or sit with mom....but mom tells her to be nice and she lets me and Benny sit with her and tells Sheba no....so she just sits there staring at mom and pouting!​

You know me and Benny never bother anyone, we never meow at anyone, we just go about our day and do what cats do...but when mom comes hone we want love too, so mom has to deal with Sheba...you would think she would be used to us by now as she has been here since June of 2013.

Oh boy, time for dinner...I gotta run now...a girl has to eat!!!

Lil Sheba
all cuddly!
Posted January 18, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Good afternoon! ----I got to sleep with mom all night last night. So did Kelsee....but mom got up early today to go to work and woke me up...how rude. Kelsee stayed under the covers, but I had to get up cause I was on the side of the bed where mom gets up.

I slept most of the day until mom came home, then I woke up when I heard her coming up the stairs and met her at the door...then we all came to say hi to her, and now we are waiting to have our dinner.

We are still pretty cold for the next few days, then Saturday and Sunday it is supposed to warm up to the 40's and we will have rain instead of snow on Sun & Mon....mom says at least she doesn't have to shovel rain....X

hope you have a pawsome evening.

Stay warm!

Purrz & Pawhuggz!!!
Big Boom
Posted January 17, 2018 by Benjamin
Last night a lot of people heard big booms in the sky and some even saw it, but we neither seen or heard anything, but it is all over FB, Google and news reports online and on TV...it was a meteor they saw/heard...pretty cool, huh???

Mom is taking it easy today, she has TV on and is sitting here watching it. She isn't doing too much watching as she has a bad headache right now and she is trying to get rid of it, so she doesn't want to concentrate on TV...even typing our blogs today isn't helping.​

All us kitties are cuddled up in our warm beds sleeping...Kali is on the couch behind mom on the back of the couch...maybe she thinks leaning against mom will keep her warm....but the cold will be gone for awhile again as we get back to the mid 40's next week.
Stay warm, it is cold outside!
Porch Critter
Posted January 16, 2018 by George
​Last night around 9 pm I was sitting in the kitchen window and saw a raccoon....Charlie knocked on Linda's door and told her to look outside to see it. I know one of her cats saw it, too cause I heard them meowing from the kitchen window...he was standing there on his hind legs begging Charlie for something to eat....he was cute as can be.

Today we have more snow and cold weather. It is only 19*, but the snow isn't worth talking about...just flurries is all we got....they said less than an inch is all we would get! It is supposed to warm back up to the mid 30's to low 40's for the weekend and into next week.

I am excited as can be. I got my very own litter-box and no longer have to share with Woody, my roomie. I prefer my own box...mom Linda went to PSP yesterday to buy her cats a new one and washed up the old one and gave it to me...YAY..now I don't have to share with the other cat or wait til he is done before I 'go'.

Stay warm!!!
More snow is here
Posted January 15, 2018 by Kelsee
​Oh my..it is coming down out there., only the snowflakes outside are not as big and fluffy right now....they said it could be 1 to 1 1/2" of the white cold stuff.

Mom went out to PSP today and bought us a new litter-box, we only had 2 and we are a family of 4, so now we have 3...if mom had room for more, we would probably have more.

OH OH....Benny and Sheba are fighting....Benny got her, she is always picking on him and he chased her and gave her a good swat across the face, she jumped on mom's shoulders for protection.

I never pick on Benny cause he is a huge cat. I weigh 7 pounds {Sheba weighs less} and I know better then to pick a fight with him...he weighs 16 pounds...we must look like kittens compared to him.

I snuggled in bed with mom all night long...she has a warm heated mattress pad and I like it...i climb under her quilt and snuggle close to mom as possible, even mom likes it cause I help keep her warm, too.

Have a pawsome evening!
Purrz n pawhuggz!!!
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