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A beautiful Day
Posted May 1, 2018 by George

We have a beautiful day today. It was 81*, sunny and windy. It is about time we have good weather for Spring. Tomorrow mom Linda is gonna go outside and clean up the back yard so we can all go outside and play. we can't wait to do that. It has been a very long cold Winter and we are looking forward to be outdoors.

Mom went to Meijer today and got some new house-plants. Next week she will go to Walmart and start buying flowers for the porch and yard..

One of the other cats knocked mom's tracfone off the table and mom did not know it and when she got up to go to the bathroom she stepped on it and broke the glass. The phone still works for making and getting calls, but she had to put a screen protector over the glass so she wouldn't cut her finger when she touches it....she said she will buy a new phone later, but not now seeing as how it still works.{Nobody is fessing up as to who knocked it to the floor}

Have a pawsome evening!
Mom is FREE from work!
Posted April 30, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi all.

Mom is finally home with us for the entire week. We are thrilled. I got to sleep in with mom 2 days in a row now. It was very nice waking up with mom next to me. One day this week I get to help her put all her winter clothes away and put out her Summer duds. I enjoy jumping, climbing and laying on the piles of clothes she lays on her bed. Such fun. Sometimes even Sheba helps.

Tomorrow mom is making a Meijer run for flowers to plant outside. We get to go out with her while she plants them and then she will put her new garden borders up to keep the dirt in....is is supposed to be nice tomorrow but we have a 'fire' alert. mom says that means the conditions are right if a fire is started it will spread as we are dry and tomorrow will be windy......never heard of a fire alert before.

Mom has windows open. Can you believe that? 1 in the front room and 1 in the computer/cat room. I got to sit in it and watch the birds and I saw the kitty across the street sitting in her window, too. She is black & white and it looked like she was chasing a bug.

Have a nice evening!

Posted April 25, 2018 by Benjamin

Well, we have kinda sorta spring-like weather. It hasn't been very cold at all. In the 50's and 60's and even 2 days in the 70's. But with mom working so hard til Saturday she hasn't had time to go down in the yard and clean it up for us to play in. {Bummer}

She did purromise us she would get on it as soon as she gets off work. Saturday is her last day of 7 hours a day for a month. She will be off from Sunday to next Saturday and then go back to her regular schedule of 3 days.

Mom just got another box. She ordered some chair cushions for her dining room chairs and the UPS man just dropped them off, so now we have 2 boxes to sleep and play in. Lucky us, right now Sheebs is in it and growling at anyone who comes near it.

have a nice evening!{Benny}
Posted April 24, 2018 by George
Good afternoon.

I came to visit with the HT kitties. That is always fun. I lay on the bed, get catnip, treats and petted. I get all of that at home, too, but I like it both places.

I got tired and decided to find a cozy place to sleep where no other kitty was. Sheba was on the bed where I usually sleep, so i jumped on the computer desk and found a nice basket to sleep in.

meanwhile, mom Linda is calling me and looking everywhere for me cause dad Charlie was getting ready to go bed and wanted me home, she looked all over, under the bed, on the bed, on all the chairs, under the chairs, in the windows, etc...NO GEORGE! Umm, wonder where he is.

Well, mom heard Sheba growling and got up to see what was up...she found me in the basket on the desk sound asleep, so she took me home to dad Charlie. It was a cozy basket and I snoozing away!X X

You just have to keep them guessing, right???

Have a pawsome evening!
Spring Sprung
Posted April 23, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening

I think Spring has Sprung. We have been in the 70's for the past 2 days and tomorrow will be 73 as well, then it drops back to the 50's with rain coming in. I hope not a lot of rain.

Mom has 5 days to go and counting down to 0 before she gets a days off, then her nice Boss is giving her a whole week off from Sunday to Saturday. Mom can't wait to be off work for a week and she will be shopping for flowers and house-plants and cat food and stuff.

The best part of mom being home all week will be spending a lot more time with us, and sleeping in and getting this apt clean. She did take out her trash and cleaned our boxes and food bowls, but she hasn't run the floor monster in 2 weeks now and she has a pile of dirty dishes in her own kitchen sink.

We have company this week. The boys have their girlfriends over for a week, so we have to try to find things for them to do. (You know the 'virtual' girls}. Actually my b/f is an Angel who hails from Cincinnati, Kali's b/f lives in SC, Sheebs b/f lives in CA, Benny & George's g/f's live in FL.

Have a good week.


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