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Mom is about done!
Posted May 17, 2018 by Kali
Yard is about done! Mom has been working in the yard for 3 days now and she finally has most if it done. She pulled weeds, raked out dead leaves, swept, watered the yard down, and turned her dirt for her garden, put her swing back up, bought out her BBQ grill, chairs and table...yeppers, we are all set!

Today she set up all her little outdoor critters that she has sitting around the yard and on the porch. She also put some siding in the garden to hold the dirt in so it wouldn't get on the sidewalk...not too sure if siding is right, but whatever!

My sister Kelsee has to go to the VET! She is due for everything, Rabies vaccine, checkup, weigh-in, and her distemper shot, and her eye is all puffy, so mom wants to find out why, maybe somebody {not me, I promise} swatted her in the eye and scratched it, or she has an allergy, but mom will find out.

Hope you all have a pawsome evening!
Furtastic days!
Posted May 16, 2018 by Benjamin

Our weather has been beautiful the past few days. We had rain up til yesterday, then we got sun and in the 70's. Today it got to 79*. Lots if sun and blue skies. Mom worked like a D O G in the yard getting it all set up, and poured mulch in the garden and made a list of flowers she wants to buy now. Like Impatiens, Pansies, Petunias, marigolds, etc.

Our friend George came outside too, but his dad had a hard time getting him back inside. He loves it outside, but he doesn't always come in when he is called like we do. Sometimes mom has to chase Kelsee around the yard to get her in, but eventually she flies up them steps and beats mom back in the house.

Tomorrow mom works, but after work she promised us we can go back outside and stay out longer this time. We had to come in early tonight cause mom had to take a shower and wash her air for work. She will BBQ again!!!

Have a pawsome evening
Dried out for now
Posted May 14, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening

It turned out to be a nice day. It got to 74* and the sun came out after a wet rainy night and morning. Around 2:00 the sun started coming out, so mom went out to cash her check and got us cat food and got a potted hanging plant and some food from Kroger.

We went outside with mom and she cleaned out the garden of all the dead leaves and weeds, so now she can plants pretty flowers, then she watered down the yard and got all the dirty dirt off the cement and put in her new garden border with solar lighting.

I checked out the yard by sniffing all the stuff. I know what it is already, but it has been put away in storage for a year and smells different now. I left my scent on all of it...now it is mine. Then I rolled around on the pavement with Benny and George.

Now we are back inside with mom and I am sitting on mom's lap blogging. {the REAL Kelsee is curled up in the bed sleeping}.

We were all out!
Posted May 8, 2018 by George
Good evening.

Well, what a beautiful day it was yesterday and today. yesterday all of cats were outside in the back yard. mom was cleaning and taking trash out of her garden for flowers, and putting her swing together, etc.

We all were outside playing and Sheba got mad cause I came out and she chased me around the yard...mom told her to be nice, but she doesn't listen very well, so she still growled at me. I never ran back upstairs and she did not intimidate me in he least. I swatted her one.

Today mom Linda went to Walmart, so all her kits were inside, so I stayed in, too. Dad Charlie said I can only go out if Linda and her cats are out, so I am not outside all alone with nobody to watch me. Chris used to let me out rather they were out or not, but then I never got back in.

Have a pawsome evening!{George}
Lindas Angels
Cinco de Mayo
Posted May 5, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Today we are celebrating one of our best friends Birthday's. Her name is Angel Sylvia Seville. She has a Cinco de mayo birthday...we are cooking up a Mexican Feast fit for a king or rather a Queen. She is enjoying herself a lot.

We have been canoeing, camping out, playing ball, and of course of Mouse Hockey games are still in the playoffs...most are game 5 now. I'll be glad when hockey is over as it is getting too Summer-like for Hockey.

We are going up in a hot air balloon ride tomorrow afternoon. A bunch of us Angels are going up in a dozen balloons and looking down on earth to wave hi to our families down on earth, we will be throwing Sparkly angler dust, stars and butterflies down.

Have a pawsome evening!

Angels Jesse, Jinx, Winston & Shadow
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