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6:00 am and I am up
Posted October 13, 2020 by FIGARO
meow everyone.

This morning at 6:00 I was awake and playing chase with Loki. Mom happened to wake up to use her human water bowl, and walked right into me while I was crouched in the hallway waiting for Loki to come. He came and I jumped on him....mom said "whoever you are in the middle of the hallway, move it"...silly mom!

I slept a long time and it was my time to get up and play. I woke up Loki and we had a blast. Mom found her coffee table all askew with stuff on the floor {wasn't us}.

I eventually went back to sleep and joined mom in her bed. Loki did too. We tired ourselves out playing chase at 6am. It is still dark outside, it used to be the start of daylight, but now it is still dark.

Mom went out today to get a few things done she needed to get done {went to Krogers} came home with 2 bags full of groceries.

I hope you all had a pawsome morning as well.
A beautiful Fall day!
Posted October 12, 2020 by Kelsee

Today it is a pretty Fall day. 68* and sunny with a small breeze. We are all inside cause there are men in our yard making all kinds of noise.

The Landlord is rebuilding the back porch which has been falling apart for years. Crooked and loose floorboards, the railing is loose{good thing no kids live here}. The steps are loose is places, so we really do need a new back porch.

Mom cleaned the apt again, and our boxes, place mats, bowls and then she took out that blasted big blue floor monster and cleaned the floors. We all ran in mom's room under the bed. I am on top of the bed as I can't hear it too good anyway.

Mom groomed Benny today. Can you believe he is a short furred kitty, but he had a few mats that mom combed out, he is like me and he just lays there and lets mom comb out the mats. I do 't get mats but I love being brushed.

Have a good day~
Warm but quite windy
Posted October 7, 2020 by Benjamin
Today we are in the mid 60's with lots and lots of sunshine. Only problem is it is quite windy outside and we do not like the wind, it blows in our faces and we hate that. I think mom said that all this terrible wind is coming from the Hurricane down South. Why us???

So, us kitties are enjoying a ice and quiet day in the house with mom. She picked up some, did some dishes, washed her hair and put some turquoise color on the ends of it...looks kinda dashing. Loki almost got turquoise, too as he jumped on the sink while mom was doing her hair...wouldn't Loki look kinda cute being turquoise and grey???

Mom does have a few open windows, but the wind os blowing so hard it blows things down, so mom shut them half way down so things don't come flying off the walls and hurt us.

Have a nice day!
Lindas Angels
Autumn parade by A Shadow
Posted October 3, 2020 by Lindas Angels
Good evening all.

As many of you Angels know we are having an Autumn Parade up on the RB! Such fun seeing all the Angels in their Fall outfits.

We are making floats, and have an autumn feast afterwards. Making cornstalks, scarecrows, even will be a hayride. A bunch of us are also headed to the Cider catnip Mill....yummmy. Hot catnip cider and catnip donuts.

I have some Autumn decor on my porch and yesterday I saw some kittens and puppies rolling around on my lawn in the leaves...I was gonna rake 'em up, but when
I saw the youngsters playing in them and piling them up...I let them play.

I hope all you Angels plan to come to the parade and freast...feel free to bring any autumn dish you want.. there will be plenty for all!

Windy, but dry
Posted October 2, 2020 by Loki1610
Today it is windy outside, but it is a dry day with some sun mixed in. Not too bad to be outside. Mom went to PSP and got us cat food with a 10% off coupon and got some kleenex for herself as well as other things.

It is chilly so we are in the house. I was standing by the back door when mom took out the trash, but it is too windy for me and I backed in the kitchen.

Mom still rides her bike to work on the days she goes. She usually puts it up at the end of October/early November, then gets it back out for spring.

Me and Loki slept on mom's bed last night, she turns on her heated mattress pad and it gets nice and warm, and it is so nice. Only thing is mom gets up a trillion times a night to go potty and keeps disturbing our sleep.

Have a great week!!
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