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1st Day of Spring
Posted March 20, 2018 by George
YAY! paws-up for Spring. Maybe I can go outside soon with the HT kitties. they get to go outside in the yard every warm day, so I can go out too. Of course it has to be warmer and our yard needs to be cleaned up 1st, but soon.

Today we have bright sunny skies, but it is windy and cold, only 38*, but at least it is dry.. I heard another big snowstorm is hitting the east Coast once again and some of mom's FB friends are expecting 8-12" of snow.

I am over visiting my buddies today, but it is naptime at the HT home, all the kitties have a napping place and I chose mom Linda's bed..it is very soft and cozy, so I am all cuddled up on her pillow.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Bright Sunshine
Posted March 19, 2018 by Kelsee
Today is a nice day, although chilly, the sky is pretty blue​ and the sun is shining brightly....no rain in the forecast for the entire week.

Mom had the window open for a little bit yesterday as the temp made it to 55* and the sun was shining, but then mom got chilly cause the wind was from the north and coming in, so she closed it back.

It was really quiet here on St pat's night, even though we have 2 bars within walking distance of our apt building, nobody was outside causing mischief or anything.

We have mom home with us for the next 3 days. She is going out tomorrow for a short time to cash her check and stop at Kroger for groceries, then she will be back home.

Have a pawsome day!
Lil Sheba
It's the weekend.
Posted March 16, 2018 by Lil Sheba

Happy Friday. Hope all of you are having a good day. It is another cold day here in Hockeytown USA. Even though Spring is coming on Tuesday, our weather guy said the cold will stick around for awhile.

I have a neat new habit, but mom doesn't like it very much. When I want to get under her covers with her at night, I paw her face until she wakes up and lifts the covers for me to get under, then I snuggle close to her...mom keeps saying "Sheba will you stop". How else will I get under the blanket if I don't let mom know I want to get under?

Me and Benny had a tiff today, but we usually have one on a daily basis. I wasn't even bothering him and he came over and paw-smacked me on the head, then ran, so i growled at him. Mom said he is getting back at me for always going after him.

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!

I get a spa day tomorrow
Posted March 15, 2018 by Kali
Today was a lazy day. Mom went to work and so we were left to our own defenses today...I slept the day away and when mom came home I greeted her at the door with a meow and then I followed her to our kibble dish which was empty...I looked up and meowed and it got filled up with kibble...mom said it was full when she left for work, but hey with 4 hungry kitties in the house it will disappear.

Mom said that tomorrow I need to be groomed again...I have a small mat under my left leg and mom said if it gets bigger it's gonna hurt when she takes it out, so she wants to get it out tomorrow and then clip my claws, too...so I get a spa treatment tomorrow. I enjoy the time I spend with mom getting groomed and pampered as long as it doesn't hurt.

Have a safe and happy St Patrick's Day!
I played chase
Posted March 14, 2018 by Benjamin
I was playing chase with Kelsee today, she is the only one I can play with besides George. Kali & Sheba growl when I try to play with them...girls!!! I chased her from the living room to the bedroom and then she chased me out of the bedroom and I ran i to Sheba who smacked me, but I had fun playing chase with Kelsee.​

Mom left us all alone today and went to Walmart and came home with a few items she needed and a few she wanted. She got an awesome St Pats T shirt to wear...I will post a pic.

She got us some catnip, can't wait to have some f that, but she said we have to wait til the old jar is empty and it almost is, she didn't want to run out cause she knows we will go crazy without our 'nip.

No toys though cause she said we have more then enough toys to play with and she even has a box of toys put aside we never play with right now, and she will rotate them when we get tired of the ones we have!
Have a pawsome evening!
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