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Lindas Angels
Happy New year
Posted December 29, 2019 by Lindas Angels
Good evening all

We all had a great Christmas, thank you and we sure hope all of you did as well.

The rainbow Bridge is still all aglow with the lights and trees. We are planning a NYE party for those who are alone or even if you have loved ones up here as well.

We do have snow and we have been out for walks and hikes in the woods. A Shadow and her b/f got caught in a snow drift and had to have a few Angels dig them out..good thing we have Angel dogs up here as they were in pretty deep.

AJ took his girl ice skating {he keeps in shape for hockey}. they both had fun.

Angel Sheba and her b/f made smores and hot cocoa and sat by the fireplace one night....so romantic.

Anyway..off we go..some of us have Hockey tonight and must go practice so our team win.

Stay safe!
The HT Angels!~
My Christmas with Charlie
Posted December 28, 2019 by George
Good evening.
I had a nice Christmas with dad Charlie and Woody. {he's my fursib}. Dad Charlie gave us some Fancy Feast and some fuzzy mice that squeak and Linda gave us toys and catnip and treats.

I like taking naps under the tree. I jump up on the table and lay under it. It is just a table tree. Woody never even tries to jump up on the table...he is a little fat, but he jumps in the windows to look out.

Have a peaceful and Happy New year!
A Quiet Friday
Posted December 27, 2019 by Loki1610
Good afternoon:

it has been a quite day. 46* outside and partly sunny. Not as warm as it was Christmas Day when we hit 58*.

I had a nice Christmas and hope you all did too. I got 4 cans of food, toys, catnip and treats. Mom ordered us a pop n play but it still did not arrive. the stores were out of it, so mom ordered it and it is on back order. Must be a pretty popular toy.

Today mom took all her decorations down cause me and Figaro like to drag the garland off the shelves, etc. that and it has been up since the beginning of Dec and mom was tired of looking at it...MOL!~

I had fun climbing in and out of the boxes while mom was trying to fill them up with her stuff, once she got everything packed up, she took it all down the basement. Hey, me and Figs were only trying to help.

Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!~~

BIG pawuggz~
My Christmas
Posted December 26, 2019 by Kali
Good evening to all my friends. I had a great Christmas, did you? Mom got up at 10:30 and she gave us all our stockings. Mine had extra treats{I don't eat canned food}, catnip, & toys.

After we opebed our stockings, mom opened her gifts she got from friends. She did alright too. She gots a kitty blankie, a T-shirt with a kitty on it and some other stuffs.

It was 55* on Christmas, so it was very mild and today too. It was warm and sunny today. unusual for December to be so warm. But mom is happy cause we have no snow.

I will not be here again til after New Years so I want to wish all my friends a very Happy and safe New years!

Merry Christmas
Posted December 24, 2019 by FIGARO
Happy Christmas Eve

Today it is cold outside, just 34* and cloudy. Dreary day! Mom has been in and out a few times...she is doing laundry and dumping trash, etc.

This morning mom gave us our Cosmic catnip toys. She knew if she put them in our stockings they would be destroyed and she would have to buy new stockings next Christmas, so she kept the toys in a safe place til today~We love them

Our stockings are still filled with other stuff, so we will still have a nice Christmas. This is my 1st Christmas out of the shelter and Loki's 1st Christmas here with mom.

Mom's best friend is here today and mom invited her to dinner. Both of them have other plans for tomorrow. I guess us 5 kitties will be alone the majority of the day~

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