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The jealous brother!
Posted December 9, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Today is overcast and very windy! Mom was gonna head out today but she did not sleep well last night and she is not "all there". She said it would be her luck{mot} to be hot by a car crossing the street cause her mind is not functioning right. Poor mom! She is going out tomorrow instead,

My brother Loki is a very jealous boy. Last night I was sitting on moms lap and she was petting me and telling me how handsome I was {you are my big handsome boy}. Well, from nowhere here comes Loki and jumps up on mom and meows and gives her this look. Of course mom had to pet hi and tell him he was handsome too, then he jumped off and got on the cat tree. He hates me anyway...so I guess he is jealous of me. He does not do that when Figaro is getting 'love'.

Moms friend sent her a Chewy gift card so mom said she is gonna order us some goodies for Christmas. Can't wait to see what we are gonna get. YIPPEEEEE!!!!

Have a pawsome day!
Mom has been tweeking
Posted December 8, 2020 by FIGARO

OK, now that our place is all decorated up, mom keeps 'tweeking' it. {Her word, not mine}. She moves things here and there and rearranges what has been done. Why can't mom be satisfied?

I was helping her and she kept yelling at me to NO stop that! Why can't I help? Do I not like to help, but of course I do. I was chasing strings of lights and garland around and getting yelled at. I did find a neat new holiday toy, it is a small wood ornament and fun to play with. Mom said I could keep it. YAY!

We still have no snow here and none in the forecast for this week either. No rain either. It will be near 40 today and tomorrow and Thursday will be 47-49*. Nice weather.

Yesterday for the 1st time in quite awhile I saw a squirrel. He was sitting on the back porch railing trying to look see in, but mom has our curtains closed and the back door shut. She gave him crackers and he went along his merry way!

Have a safe evening!
We are all decked out
Posted December 7, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi all

Well, we are all decked out for the Holiday's. Mom decorated Saturday and we helped. We were jumping in and out of boxes, pulling garland around the place, etc. It's so much fun helping mom do things.

Our Governor was on TV today and she extended our 'stay-at-home' pause another 12 days. Mom may or may not be going back to work before Christmas....we will not know for another 12 days.

It is very nice having mom home with us though {when she stays on her feet}. It scares us when mom passes out and falls on the floor.

Last week mom was terribly sick and she blacked out 3 times in one day. Mom has a Dr appt next Wed, so she will get the answers she needs to get 100% better.

She did not want to go to the ER cause of all the COVID-19cases. The Hospital waiting rooms are over-loaded with patients and mom would have been there a very long time.

Well, it is my naptime, us senior cats need our sleep. I am about to snuggle up next to mom on the couch and go to sleep!

A Dreary Grey Wednesday
Posted November 25, 2020 by Benjamin
Woke up today to rain, rain and more rain. It has not stopped all day. A great day to be in the house and take long kitty naps.

Mom has been watching TV all day, she watched "Highway To Heaven", "Friends" and "MacGyver"{the original}, and now a LMN movie.

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Mom has the turkey out and it is thawing out, it was mostly thawed being in the fridge for the past 2 days, but it was sill a bit frozen. Can't wait to smell the smells of it cooking tomorrow.

Hope you have a safe & Blessed Thanksgiving.
The bored Figaro
Posted November 24, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Last night I was a bored kitty. Mom was in bed, so I jumped in with her, snuggled up, then got up and walked around meowing really loud. I was restless and bored and awake at 2am and wanted to play, but unfortunately for me, my brother Loki was sound asleep. I wanted to play so I took a sparkle ball in the bedroom and put it on the bed with mom hoping she would play with me. Um...she told me she trying to sleep and to play by myself.

I guess human's just don't understand that us cats can get bored as well. What is a cat to do when he is bored at 2am? I tried to wake up Loki, but he pawsmacked me for my efforts. I ended up getting back in bed with mom and Kelsee and going to sleep.

Today it is a rather chilly day here. Only 42*, cloudy and about an hour ago they said rain was coming, but still no sign of rain. Just a grey dreary day.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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