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BIG Cold snap
Posted February 8, 2021 by Kelsee
We are in the middle of a "cold-snap". right now it is 16* and low tonight will be 10*, later in the week we will drop to the 7* at night. Highs maybe hitting the low 20's.

Mom had to dump garbage today, so she bundled up to go to the trash bin. It is just too cold to be out there with no coat and gloves.

Mom cleaned the apt up today. It looks pretty nice and clean until the boys get their toys back out and scatter them about for mom to step on.

Mom is back to work and got her 1st paycheck yesterday. She is going to the bank tomorrow to cash it and go shopping with her sister to Kroger. Too cold to be waiting for busses.

Have a pawsome evening!
Stay warm!
Mischief maker me
Posted February 2, 2021 by FIGARO
I get into trouble a lot. I love jumping up high to top places. I really enjoy antagonizing my big sister Kelsee. She hisses and pawsmacks me. I get into trouble knocking trash baskets over. {Hey you can find some stuff in them to play with}.

It is cold today. only 24*, it is supposed to warm up gradually throughout the week. 36* for Thursday when mom goes back to work. She said that is purrfect for her to walk.

We can't wait to go outside in our pen again. I have been meowing at the back door to go out. Mom says it is too cold right now and I believe her. I get antsy staying in the house 24/7.

Have a pawsome week!
Snowy off and on
Posted February 1, 2021 by Kelsee

Today we have a chilly Monday with snow flurries on and off. Nothing really sticking to the ground though...they said we MIGHT see 1-2" of it.

Mom terrified us again today with that vicious floor monster. I hate that thing. We all run and hide from it. Mom has to be sure all our toys are picked up before she takes it out.

Good mews!!! Today all MI diners opened for Dine-in. 25% capacity. {Some diners opted not to open as it will not be worth it}. Mom goes back to work on Thursday, and she will get her 1st paycheck again on Sunday.

Time for my mid afternoon nap. I am old and need my beauty sleep.

Angel Kali
I am still learning
Posted January 28, 2021 by Angel Kali
Hi all

I am still learning to be the best Angel I can be. I am slowly getting the hang of flying, it is rather fun. I did master the cloud sitting to watch down on my family.

It was nice being reunited with my fursibs Sheba, Jesse, Jinx, Shadow & Winston. And all my friends from the various sites I have been on. They all gave me a big warm welcome when I arrived.

Have a great day
Lindas Angels
Today we welcome Angel Kali
Posted January 23, 2021 by Lindas Angels
Hi everyone

I know we don't come here a lot and we are sorry, but we will try to do better. Today we are welcoming our sister Angel Kali to the rainbow bridge. She passed away in momma's arms at 1am on 1/23. She went peacefully know she was loved.

We are going to show her how we sit on clouds and watch down on our families, and show her how to use her wings. She is still a little wobbly. She will catch on quickly.
We are also gonna show her how we star spin, and show her all around and introduce her to some of our new friends she may not know.

WELCOME ANGEL KALI! Glad you could join us, even though om is very sad, she will be alright soon! Angel kali is young and strong once again and no longer is pain!

Angel Shadowrainbow
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