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Dry day, but gloomy
Posted March 28, 2018 by Benjamin
Today it is just dreary outside after all the rain we had yesterday. Mom went out and got the rest of the Easter dinner and she got me a bag of food.

I have special food cause I have a sensitive tummy, so the Vet suggested I go on Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and skin formula. It is pricey though, mom paid $13.99 for a 3 pound bag and it is $26.98 for a 7 pound bag....mom will check out Chewy and see if it is cheaper or maybe the Vet has it for cheaper....mom stopped at PSP today as it is the closest place to buy it.

Mom has to go to work tomorrow and it is the Detroit Tigers{Baseball} opening day at Comerica Park, so she figures they will have a busy morning as people come in for breakfast before going to the game. Go Tigers!!!

i hope all of you have a Happy Easter!!!
The sleepover
Posted March 27, 2018 by George
​Good afternoon
I had a sleep-over with the HT kitties. I went over yesterday and stayed all day. I slept a lot along with them. Well, Linda forgot I was here as I was so quiet and asleep, but the the she saw me when I woke up, but Charlie wasn't home, he had gone to the store, then when he came home I was sleeping again...anyway, by the time I wanted to go home, Charlie was in bed, and mom did not want to wake him up to send me home, so she told me I had to sleep at her house.

That was Ok with me. I jumped on her bed and slept on her pillow. Kelsee slept under the blankets....when we woke up, we played chase and had a chit chat by the heat and we played some catnip games all while Linda was sleeping....I had fun sleeping over at the HT house.

Charlie came to pick me up and bring me home at breakfast this morning. He finally realized I was missing and he knew where I was cause there is nowhere else I could be. So I said goodbye and thanked the HT kitties for having me over and went home to have breakfast.

Today it is a rainy day, but it is warm{53*}. It is supposed to rain all day and finally come to an end around 9 tonight. An excellent day for napping the day away and that is what I plan to do.

Warm pawhuggs
Had a pawsome birthday!
Posted March 26, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi all

Today it is a nice sunny day and it is 45*...tomorrow the clouds are gonna break open and we will have rain, so we are enjoying the sunshine while we have it.​

Me and Sheebs a pawsome birthday...mom got me a can of Fancy Feast and Sheba got a can of Sheba...MOL! We also got a jug of KONG premium catnip and mom said we had 'glassy eyes' after we ate it, and I slept really well that night. I can't believe we are 15 already!

I saw a fly today..can you believe it? A Fly??? it was flying around our window outside. Is it time for flies already?? I saw a bunch a birds on the roof across the street and a few squirrels outside on our back porch looking for morsels to eat.

I can't wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine on my fur. We are all getting "cabin fever". When mom opens the back door to take out her trash, we all come running to go outside, we know it is almost time to set the yard up and cook out there.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Where did Spring go?
Posted March 22, 2018 by Kali
Good afternoon!

Well, Spring may have Sprung, but our weather is still rather cold and we have been only in the 30's, but the weather lady said by next week we will see some 40's and perhaps 50's.

I am so pretty now, I got my nails trimmed and my fur all combed and brushed out and I even had a nasty mat mom has to cut out, but I wasn't left with a bald spot, so no worries. Kelsee was jealous and she had to climb in mom's lap and paw at the comb and brush so mom had to brush too....Ummm, i told her it was my day and not hers, but did she care....nope!!! She is such a diva!

Mom cleaned our area rug today after work....she sprayed some of that 409 stuff on it and when she got home she brushed it out and it looks better now, there were 'barf' spots on the white area's and the rug was lookin kinda dirty....it is still a tad moist, but that is alright, it looks much better.

Have a pawsome day
Busy WED!
Posted March 21, 2018 by Benjamin
Good afternoon!

Mom was busy today. She sprayed something called Formula 409 all over the carpet and cleaned that, then she vacuumed it up, then she washed all our dishes and refilled our kibble bowl and water bowl, then she washed her hair, and ate lunch. Now mom is sitting down and watching "Law & Order" on TV.

I followed her all around today once she put the floor monster away. That big blue machine is noisy and it picks up everything on the floor. Mom has to move all our toys before she uses it or it might eat them up, then I will have to kill it.

I like to follow mom cause once she sits down I can cuddle up by her feets or sit on her lap, but when she has the laptop on her lap, I lay by her legs or feets . I like to be close to mom. I am a very lovable boy.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
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