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On the porch
Posted June 8, 2019 by George
we finally got 2 days in a row of sun with no rain. I can't believe it, We had one of the wettest May's on record. No rain is forecast til Monday afternoon. That is good, It was 79* today and tomorrow will be 82*. I was out on the back porch and Benny saw me and ran back inside, but the other 2 boys played with me and followed me all over the back yard.

Dad Charlie put a big table right next to the window so me and Woody can sit on it and watch outside. There was a blanket on the table for us to sleep on, but it needs to be washed cause someone upchucked on it...dad said as soon as it is clean he will put it back. Wasn't me, nope!

Dad ordered a pizza and it is here, so I have to go and get my pickings of pepperoni! See you next week!!!

Beautiful day today!
Posted June 7, 2019 by Loki1610
​Hi every kitty

We had a pawsome day today. it was 78* and sunny all day. We wanted to go outside all day long, but mom was busy cleaning her room, then she cleaned the kitchen and then she discovered she was out of charcoal for her cookout tonight, so she went to buy some.

She finally let us go out around 3:30. it was great. Me and Figs were bird watching and meowing at them, we chased ants, I saw a mouse, but he was quick and got away before I got to him. I did catch a fly though.
We laid down in the tent and relaxed and then got out and chased each other around the yard. Ben and the girls just watched us, probably think we are nuts for running around in the hot sun, but mom has a big bowl of cold water for us in the tent.

Getting me some much needed Z's!!!!

Lots of sunshine
Posted June 6, 2019 by Kali
Today we had lots of sunshine.X But we had to wait for mom to come home from work before we could venture outside. That was fun. I laid in the sun with my tummy exposed. I love the warmth on my belly.

The boys wondered here and there, and Figs was chasing fuzzy things around the yard. They are small tiny fuzzy things that stick to everything they land on...looks like fuzzy snowflakes falling. Mom calls it 'pollen'. She sneezes a lot outside.

I got groomed again. I have my Vet apt after June 8th for my Rabies vaccine and mom wanted me to look my best. She told me if I didn't get the tangles out of my fur, the needle would get stuck in my fur...needless to say, I sat still and let mom comb me.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening!

Purrz & Pawhuggz!
Rains came
Posted June 5, 2019 by Benjamin
Hi every kittyclap

Wow. Our rain finally came. They have been saying it was gonna rain all day, but the sun kept trying to come out. Now the rain is here and it is coming down.

The bread mom threw out to the birds is all wet but they don't care, they are still munching down on it, silly birds, eating in the rain. You wouldn't catch me eating my dinner out in the rain.

I was sleeping on mom's bed last night with her, Kelsee and Kali. That was fun. poor mom couldn't move and when she had to get up to 'go' she had to climb over me. I would not move either.

looks like the rain is coming to an end already, it slowed down and the sun is trying to make another appearance. Mom said we can't go out now cause everything is wet!

Have a pawsome afternoon!

Outdoor adventures
Posted June 4, 2019 by FIGARO

We had a nice day and it got to 81*. It was windy too. Mom went out to the store and bought some stuff and went to lunch with a friend to a place Called "Cracker Barrel", she had the country style chicken dinner.

When she got home she opened the back door and allowed us all to go outside. me and Loki went out. he was first, then i followed, Benny came out too, but the girls stayed inside. It is fun and scary being outside. So many interesting things to see and smell, I got to go in the kitty tent and play with the toys mom has in it, I dug in the dirt{no flowers planted downstairs} well, there are now, but not where I was digging.

Mom chased me around the yard when she wanted to bring us in. it's funny, cause at first I did not even want to venture outside til I saw Loki having fun, then I followed him. Now mom can't get me inside. I do go in eventually, but it is fun making mom chase me.

I am tired now from being chased so i am gonna go to sleep!

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