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I have a new used tree climber
Posted March 5, 2019 by George
Today the Ht kitties got their new kitty climber tree and Aunt Linda gave their old one to me to share with my brother.I never had a kitty tree before, so this is awesome. Now we have something to climb on too.

Aunt Linda spoke with the shelter today and Figaro is on his last few days of medication and eye drops. he will go in for a vet recheck on FRI and be ready to come home next TUESDAY. The shelter is closed on Monday's so she has to wait til Tuesday. They told Linda he is about 95% better and looking very bright eyed.

It sure is cold here today. It dropped down to 7 last night and right now it is only 14*, dropping to about 5* tonight, too. So cold. I will be so happy to see Spring pop up. The sun is shining, but it is still very cold and windy today.

I have not got to meet Loki yet. Linda is afraid I might fight with him. I don't know if I would or not, I fight with Benny, but he doesn't like me coming in his house.
Have a nice day!

Warm pawhuggz!!
Loki & Mews about Figs!
Posted March 4, 2019 by Kelsee
we are all good. Mom ordered us a new kitty tree and it is coming tomorrow, so mom has to build it for us. Gonna be pawsome.

Did you meet LOKI yet. he is our newest family member. he has a sad story, he was left to fend for himself...poor guy...anyway, mom made him a page. he is 2, so when Figs comes home he will have a playmate to chase around. Loki is a pure bundle of energy and runs all over. It did not take him long to settle in at all. He came to live here Saturday evening and he is playing with us already. He sure likes mom to pet him.

actually it is all good. His blood work came back all normal, he has no diseases mom needs to worry about, his urinalysis came back normal, no crystallization found, no worms, no nothing. He was ready to come home, but we had that horrific wind storm and the power was out at the shelter for 2 days, and the animals got sick. The cat room got infected with an URI{Upper Respiratory Infection} and Figs eyes were running, so they put all the kitties on anti-biotics for 7 days. So he should be ready by FRI to come home. I bet he can't wait to get out of that cage and play.
Lindas Angels
Rainbow Bridge happenings
Posted March 1, 2019 by Lindas Angels
ANGEL JINX: I have been having a lot of fun. With Spring in the air, we are getting ready for our annual RB Spring party. We are also having a big St Pat's party and parade. Today me and my beautiful girl, Angel Aria went for a long walk. We hiked through the woods seeing owls, deer, raccoons, possums, lots of birds, etc. We stopped and had a picnic under the trees!

ANGEL SHADOW: I was under the weather, but I am good now. A little catnip tea bought me right back to normal. I had the sniffles is all. My handsome b/f, Angel Lucky took care of me, he made me breakfast and dinner everyday I was sick {about 3 days}. Getting ready for Spring here, so A Lucky is gonna be digging up all the weeds and planting flowers soon!

ANGEL WINSTON: I am as happy as can be. I am excelling at hockey and might win an award. The season is almost over as we play our final 6 weeks and then the playoffs begin. I Can't wait for them to see who we will be facing in round 1.

ANGEL JESSE: I am having fun cleaning up outside from all the winter trash that is on the ground. I saw my 1st Robin today, he was sitting in the tree outside my cloud and tweeting away. I gave him some bread and seeds and he ate it. I also fed Pandora{my pet squirrel} I named her cause she is always on my front step looking for me.

ANGEL SHEBA: I am single. I don't have a b/f anymore. That is alright. I am sure some handsome Angel kitty will find me and ask me out. When I was an earth kitty, I had a b/f named Jesse, but his mom{owner} passed away from cancer, so I never saw after that. I will be going to the St Pats festivities all alone. I am OK though. I am happy and live a good life here.
Over the Moon
Posted February 28, 2019 by Kali
Mom finally got some good news from the shelter today. Figaro is fine, but right now they have an epidemic on their paws. One of the cats came in with an upper respiratory infection and some of other cats have it. Figs is not sneezing, but seeing he was sick and his resistance is down they want to keep him over a few days. Mom has us older cats to worry about, so as long as it takes to get him well, she will wait. She knows he is alright now.

It was cold when mom went to work today. Only 10*, and the high was 27*. but no sunny skies today, just grey and dreary. No wind either, just damp and cold. The snow we got has started to melt but they said more is coming.

I got groomed yesterday and now I am a gorgeous girl {according to mom}. She always tells me how pretty I am when she is brushing and combing me cause I growl and whine when I get combed. I don't like it. With all the fur she gets off of me, she could make a sweater.
Have a pawsome evening!

We made it
Posted February 27, 2019 by Benjamin

wow, was it ever windy for 2 days. So windy all our windows were shaking, trash cans were rolling down the street, litter everywhere. Power was out all over. Ours never went out though.

We got 2" of new snow overnight. It's been kinda cold again. Only in the 20's. Mom did say that Spring starts in about 2-3 weeks. I sure hope that is true and it starts to warm up.

Mom made us some name badges. they are very cool! She will put them where we eat, that way we all know where we have to go for dinner...MOL!!!​ Mom keeps herself busy doing things when she is bored.
Hope you all stay warm and cozy!
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