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I went bonkers
Posted January 24, 2018 by Benjamin
Hi friends...Wow, was I ever going crazy last night and early this morning. I was up running all over the apt from room to room...mom couldn't sleep so she was up watching me race around the place and laughing at me..she told me "Ben, you sure have a lot of energy"..I guess I do. I wasn't chasing anyone or anything in particular, just racing about....such fun.

Mom was out for a little while today, she went to get some things, then came home and spent the rest of the day with us...Kali and Kelsee kept getting on her lap for pets, now Kelsee is off sleeping and Kali is on the back of the couch next to mom's head.

George came over to visit yesterday and he got into the catnip I left on the floor, you should have seen him rolling in it and having a good time, then he found the Cosmic Chili Pepper and started playing with that for awhile, then he got tired and went home.

Today it is cold outside. Only in the 30's and snow flurries, but by the weekend we will see 40's again...just so we don't get back down in the single digits and in the deep-freeze, I can live with that.....but I can't wait for Spring so we can go back outside.
Posted January 23, 2018 by George
​Hi...we have had a few nice days now..yesterday was 55* and today is 44*, but both days it has been raining and today it is rather windy outside, you got to hold on to your hats if you go out.

I was visiting the HT kitties yesterday and Benny left some catnip on the floor, so I helped myself and I was rolling in it...mom Linda said she would buy me my own jug of nip to give to Charlie to give me and Woody...hope he will like it as much as I do.

I am also gonna get some treats next time she goes out shopping, that way me and Woody can have treats too...he never goes over to see the HT kitties with me so he has never had nip or treats, not that I am aware of anyway.
I do know that he was probably mistreated as a kitten or young cat as he is very timid and afraid...even if Charlie gets up to walk around, he runs and hides....you have to be very gentle with him..he seems to be coming around sometimes, but when Linda comes over or a repair guy comes in, he runs and hides.

Well, I sure hope you all have a pawsome afternoon!
Rain & 50*
Posted January 22, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening...today we had a nice day. It was 50*, but it was wet and rainy, so it didn't help any of us, although mom did open the back door so we got some fresh air....but we had to stay inside.

I was OK with it cause I slept a lot and then when mom sat down to watch TV, I sat with her and cuddled up and took a nap...napping is so good when it is raining cause rain makes you tired.

George came over to see us today and ate our catnip...mom gave us all some catnip and George found what one of us left behind..>I think it was Benny cause he never finishes his...George had fun, he was rolling in it.

Tomorrow mom said it is laundry day so that means nice warm clothes to lay on when she puts them in the basket, she always takes me out to fold them though, but they are nice to lay on while she leaves them in the basket.

Well, I hope you all have a great day!
Sunny & Bright
Posted January 20, 2018 by Kali
Wow..today we made it to 44* and it was sunny and the skies were blue...such a nice day for a change...tomorrow and Monday are both gonna be in the 40's but it is supposed to rain both days.

I just tried to stay away from Sheba as she hates me and Benny..she is always growling at us or smacking one of us and not allowing us to lay or sit with mom....but mom tells her to be nice and she lets me and Benny sit with her and tells Sheba no....so she just sits there staring at mom and pouting!​

You know me and Benny never bother anyone, we never meow at anyone, we just go about our day and do what cats do...but when mom comes hone we want love too, so mom has to deal with Sheba...you would think she would be used to us by now as she has been here since June of 2013.

Oh boy, time for dinner...I gotta run now...a girl has to eat!!!

Lil Sheba
all cuddly!
Posted January 18, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Good afternoon! ----I got to sleep with mom all night last night. So did Kelsee....but mom got up early today to go to work and woke me up...how rude. Kelsee stayed under the covers, but I had to get up cause I was on the side of the bed where mom gets up.

I slept most of the day until mom came home, then I woke up when I heard her coming up the stairs and met her at the door...then we all came to say hi to her, and now we are waiting to have our dinner.

We are still pretty cold for the next few days, then Saturday and Sunday it is supposed to warm up to the 40's and we will have rain instead of snow on Sun & Mon....mom says at least she doesn't have to shovel rain....X

hope you have a pawsome evening.

Stay warm!

Purrz & Pawhuggz!!!
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