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Mom is buried!
Posted February 10, 2018 by LindasAngels
Good afternoon

Boy our poor mom got buried in the snow and they are still expecting 6" more tomorrow. That is a lot of snow.

We have some snow here, but over a foot, maybe up on Sunshine Mountain they have a lot of snow cause that is where we ski and sled, but where we all live, we have about 6" to 9" to play in....ad it is alright if it isn't too deep and we are dressed in our winter gear!

We are getting ready to have a Valentines Day party/parade...the young kits are dressing up in Cupid outfits and riding Heart floats, then we have lots of Valentine goodies and the ladies who bake are still busy...we will have a wonderful feast!

We are gonna go now....A Jesse's wife is calling him for dinner...so be careful and if your parents live anywhere that Snow Storm Mateo is..keep them safe!!!

Angel Huggz!!!
Winter Storm Watch!
Posted February 8, 2018 by Kali
​Good afternoon....we are currently under a Winter weather advisory called a warning...starting at around 3 am, we are supposed to get more snow into tomorrow...and before it ends they said 6-9"..OH MY!!! That is a lot of snow and we already have about 6" out there...good thing we are not going out in it...we would be buried!!!

Mom was gone all day and she told us all to be good cats while she gone and told Benny to look after us girls...what??? he's a baby compared to us...he's 9 and we are all over 11.....Kelsee should be in charge, she is 14....but mom said Benny is bigger and if need be he could jump on the intruder and sit on him.... We never get intruders anyway..mom is funny!!!

We have been busy putting up our Valentines pictures on all the kitty sites we are on...they look so nice.

I got my pretty fur all brushed out and got a few mats cut out...I only had a few this time cause mom caught them early enough as not get many more....I hate being groomed when I have mats!!!

Stay warm and be careful out there especially if you are part of the Winter Storm watch.

meeko & rosie
Posted February 7, 2018 by meeko & rosie
rotten day started with snow then freezing rain yuck...
mom and dad went looked at another car their lease is up so they will get the new car on Friday...this will probably their last car they will lease...
peace, luv and kitty purrs...meeko & rosie
Lil Sheba
Another COLD Snap!
Posted February 2, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Well, here we are on Groundhog day and it is very cold...only 19* outside today and gonna be cold all weekend...it may warm up next week to the 30's.

I was sleeping all night with mom, all snuggled up under her blanket right next to her....I like to sleep close to mom, and when she gets up, I get up, then I get back in bed when she does...I have to get up so she doesn't roll over on me.

It is cloudy outside, so I wonder if this critter named Phil will see his shadow today...mom says it doesn't matter cause Spring starts on march 21st either way...and we can't wait til that happens so we can hang outside on the back porch.

Have a fun day!

Mom is better
Posted January 31, 2018 by Benjamin
​Hi friends
Mom is feeling better today which is good cause she has to work tomorrow.....we took good care of her while she was sick...we all took turns cuddling with her on the couch and at night when she went to bed and we made sure she drank lots of water and orange Juice and took her cold meds...we were excellent nurse's{girls} and I was an excellent Dr.
We all got treats and catnip today for being so good...of course Sheba inhaled hers and the rest us ate slower, but what we left behind, she took after we were done with them...she is such a food hog....you would think the girl never saw a meal in her life.X
Mom said that this Caturday is "Groundhog Day"...I sure would like to see that little critter...it doesn't matter what he sees anyway....according to the calendar Spring is just 30 days away and no groundhog is gonna tell me any different.

Have a nice weekend!!!

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