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Poor mom is sick again
Posted May 18, 2020 by Kelsee
Mom is sick

Sorry we have not been around much, but mom is sick. She has gotten sick 3 times since last night. Me and Figs were in the bathroom with her and that silly boy actually got up and looked in the potty..mom had to put him off the potty...silly boy.

Today it is raining all day. Windy too. All our windows are closed cause it is cool outside. It's 62*. By the weekend it will be in the upper 70's near 80 with lots of sunshine. Mom said she might to go Walmart to buy flowers if she is better.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe'
Posted May 11, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi every fur!

Today we woke up to cold again. Only 40* today, cloudy, but not too windy. So tired of this stuff. We have a freeze warning for tonight and have been told to cover all flowers{well, mom has not planted any yet}.

Our mom is sick again. She sure hates all the stress she is under and it is causing her ulcers to act up. Poor mom was sick today and tossed her food. She is still in her jam jams watching TV {Criminal Minds} and drinking a Vernors.

I am laying on the couch with mom so she has one of us to cuddle with. I am a good nurse maid and I love cuddling with her. Ben was on the couch with us, but when mom got up to 'go', he jumped off.

We enjoy having mom home with us, but she knows that eventually she will go back to work, diners, bars, gyms, libraries and bookstores will be among the last to open. Today all car repair garages, bike stores, and factories opened up.

Have a pawsome week.
Woke up to snow
Posted May 8, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today is a funny day. We woke up to snow...in MAY!!! it was 35*, now it is 41*. Too cold for May and mom has her heat on again.

We are all just as mom said 'chillaxin'. today. Mom is in her PJS watching TV, and us cats are all napping in our fave spots.

Our Governor just extended our stay-at-home order til May 28th. People are angry cause it interferes with Memorial Day plans. Most parks are still closed anyway.

Mom never has plans cause she works anyway on memorial day when the diner is open. She BBQ's on the back porch.

Our squirrel, Cashew came by today looking for food, but it was too cold today or mom to take it outside, but he sat and watched and waited....he eventually went bye bye.

Stay safe
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all your moms.
2 good days, now cold is back
Posted May 5, 2020 by FIGARO

We had 2 nice days over the weekend and now the cold is back. Sat was 65* and Sunday was 73*, both days were sunny, but kinda windy...mom was able to go on the porch and get some things up, but now the rest has got to wait.

Today it is just 41*...this is MAY...where is the warm stuff...it is gonna be chilly all week, too with some rain popping in.

We have fun in the house though. Mom throws toys and we chase them, then she brings out the laser light so we can chase the red dot, then she will pull our string toys around and we chase those, too. Great exercise for mom and us.

Mom said she wishes our sleep habits would rub off on her or she wishes she as a cat...she has not slept in a week now. She might get an hour here and there, but she is up all night...We are all waiting for mom to just drop from exhaustion.

Anyway, have a great week.

New Food today
Posted April 24, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

Mom got a box of cat food today from the big brown truck. I was sniffing it and sat on top of it. Lots of kitty food for us.

It is another grey and gloomy day here. Only clouds and no sun. It is 51* though. But at least it is dry and not raining and it is not windy either.

I had a great seat today for the big chase outside. There were 2 squirrels outside and they were chasin each other around the porch. It was funny. One stopped at the window and saw me watching and went on his way...they sure are comical to watch, Better then 2 birds fighting over a piece of bread.

Mom has to take sister Kelsee back to the Vet today for a check on her eye. He wants to be sure the swelling is down and doing better.

Have a great day!
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