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Windy and cooler
Posted July 17, 2018 by Benjamin
​Good evening to all my friends. I am happy to report that our heat-wave is over for a few days. It was 80* today and tomorrow will be the same. That nasty old muggy stuff went away from us for a few days.

Mom opened the back door and we all got to go outside today, for the whole day. We came into eat dinner and went back out. Mom of course BBQ'd hers and ate it outside. I was watching her BBQ.

Mom went to her Dr yesterday and was gone for about an hour. She said it was hot outside, so we had to stay inside. She did let us out in the evening for awhile. It get nice and cool at night sometimes.

We got to see George last week, but so far this week he has been inside. I guess he doesn't want to be stuck outside again in the basement. Poor guy. It was nice that mom found him and bought him back upstairs, but now he won't come out. Weird cat!!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!
My BIG adventure...NOT!!!
Posted July 14, 2018 by George
Good evening! Wow, did I ever have an adventure and worried the daylights out of Charlie and Linda. I was outside with the HT's and we all were having fun. Some guys came over to check out some repair work that needs done and they left all the doors open in the basement.

Then later that evening, Brad, our neighbor took out some trash and left the gate open. Well, I like to wander, but the HT's never go out there. {Winston used to}. BUT i did NOT escape out in the alley. I was down in the basement.

Charlie told Linda I was gone all night, so they both went out in the alley {silly humans} looking for me...NO answer cause I was not out there....;later in the evening, Linda came down the basement looking for me, but I was having fun roaming and sniffing out everything in this brand new territory.

So, i spent another night in the dark basement with no food and water. Lucky for me Linda thought to look for me again in the daytime. {It was too dark in the basement at night and her flashlight was not working}. She opened the door to the laundry room and called me and here I come...she saw my eyes glowing coming out of the dark...I was so happy to see her I rubbed all over her legs and followed her upstairs for food and water.

Then after I ate and drank Linda took me to Charlie's and he was happy to see me too and so was Woody, my roommate. He missed me for 2 nights and Charlie said he was crying and searching for me. It is so wonderful being so loved.

Have a pawsome night!
Another heat wave coming
Posted June 27, 2018 by Benjamin
The squirrels do like us and they know they will be safe, happy and fed on our porch. I think Kelsee told you all what happened to one of the little guys already! Mom was so mad and sad at the same time.

Today we have had a wet day. It started raining at 8am and has been raining off and on all day. Only 75* today, but the hot is coming after the rains. Supposed to be 86* tomorrow, 85* FRI, 96* Sat, and 90* Monday. they said the 4th will be hot and muggy and 90*.​ Summer is definitely here.

We've been going outside when it is dry and just in the low 80's, but if it is too hot, mom says we have to be in the house with her cause it is too hot. We do have our tent set up in the shade with a bowl of cold water in it.

Have a nice evening!closedeyes
My V-E-T visit +
Posted June 11, 2018 by Kelsee
​Good evening.

I had my Vet appt on FRI. The vet told mom I was very well behaved. He checked my eyes, ears, mouth, teeth. heartbeat and weighed me, I am 8 pounds. I got my 2 vaccines and my nails clipped. He told mom I am very healthy for a 15 year old kitty and will probably live another 5 or so years...wow, mom was happy to hear that.

Today it was 77* with lots of sunshine. The skies are a beautiful blue. But it was a tad windy. But we all got to go outside anyway. Sheba was trying to get George and Woody to come out and play, but Charlie did not answer his back door to her meows. Funny girl. I told her she had to knock, but she just meowed.

Mom BBQ'd her dinner tonight and had macaroni and pork chop with green beans. She cooked the mac upstairs first, then put it in foil with butter, salt, a little pepper and parsley, put it in foil and let it stay hot on the grill. Mom have me her bone when she was done with her chop. Yummy!

Have a great day!
Lindas Angels
Hi all. As many of you know. I play mouse hockey from our time on CC, but we are still playing on the forum. well, the team we use to play with {Washington caps} won the Stanley Cup, so that means the FXP{Furball Express} won our version called the SCAMPER CUP. I also have some awards from winning. They will be posted in my photo album. the player I use is Alex Ovechkin.

We played the Knights which my orange brothers used. They are OC{orange Crush} we beat them in 5 games. Pretty cool, huh!

Til next time!!!

A K Win
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