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Posted August 28, 2019 by Benjamin
It has been quite cool here lately. Mid 70's is all and it is supposed to stay that way through the end of the month. It has been nice as we are able to go outside more.

Today mom took a bus and went to Mickey D's for lunch and went to Dollar general
for a few things. She came home with a box of Fancy Feast for us.

Then she came home and we had dinner and now I am on top of the cat tree watching down on all the others. I like the top perch, best seat in the house.

Have a pawsome evening!
Wet morning
Posted August 27, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening every kitty

I had me a good day. Mom went out this morning for about an hour with her friend. Then she was home before we even woke up.

She took me and Loki outside and put us in our tent to play. It was wet from the rain this morning. But we sat in the dry area.

We enjoy being in our tent cause we get to watch nature go by...butterflies, birds and squirrels all running and flying. Even flies and bees.

Later in the afternoon when the sun came out, Mom allowed me and Loki to come out of the tent...me 1st cause she wanted to be sure I wasn't gonna try to escape, but I did not. She let Loki out and we both walked all over the yard eating grass, and sniffing everything in site. Mom was watching us like a hawk, she was following Loki around to see if would try to escape so she could see where he got out 2 times, but with mom watching him, he never even tried.

It was fun running all over the yard again like I did when I came home from the shelter. I chased a small white butterfly and almost caught it, but it flew higher then I could jump, so it got away.

We are all in the house now and we ate our dinner and now we are all napping and mo is at her laptop.

have a pawsome evening
Sunny then wet
Posted August 26, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening all!

Today we had an alright day. Kinda coolish and only 74*, it was sunny for part of the day, then the clouds came and it got windy, then it rained. It is still raining out.

We all wanted to go outside, but you all know by now that Monday is mom's cleaning day and she also did a load of sheets today, so we had to stay in cause she wasn't sure when the rain would start.

Loki thought he was gonna play rough and tumble with me today, but I got him. he came up on me when I was sleeping and he sniffed me and pawsmacked my butt, so I hissed and growled and pawsmacked him, and he backed off and went to find Figaro.

Mom's co worker finally came home from Albania and went back to work today, so mom doesn't have to work on WED anymore, just her regular 3 days. She will miss the extra money, but not working. So we get her again all day WED unless she decides to go to the store and to the bank.

Have a pawsome evening!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
And the heat continues
Posted August 21, 2019 by Benjamin
Good evening

Another steamy couple of days we had and we had to stay inside. Mom doesn't allow us to go outside if it is over 84*.

We all find things to do in the house. The young boys play with each other while the rest of us older cats just rest or look out the window at the birds.

Mom goes to work tomorrow{her regular day} and then she's off on FRI. Mom said we can go outside on FRI cause it will be only 78 to 82*.

Well, I am off. I am gonna take me a much need nap and dream about my girl!

Mom worked like a dog
Posted August 19, 2019 by Kelsee
or should I says like a "CAT"? She cleaned everything today, even the windows, Mom usually cleans on Monday unless it is a holiday or she is sick.

it got to 83 today. It was breezy and sunny after a terrible storm passed through last night. it poured rain, lots of LOUD thunder and bright lightening strikes across the sky. We were hiding under mom's bed and Figaro was under the tub, he was in the litter box when the thunder started, so he dashed under the tub.

The was the first rain in about a month. It sprinkled a few times, but nothing to paw home about, mom was gonna water her flowers today, but after last nights rain, she did not need to.

I was outside for a while cause mom ran the floor monster, so we all went outside cause mom never takes it out there. We were all safe out there.

All of our toys are in the box though, not where we left them all scattered across the floor. Mom did not put them back where she found them, how rude of her! Now we have to take them all back out.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening.
Big Pawhuggz!!!
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