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Lil Sheba
Summer is here
Posted May 25, 2018 by Lil Sheba
i think somehow Spring is taking a back seat to Summer. We had 87* today with a lot of sun and wind, not heavy winds, just breezy winds. Tomorrow will be 90* and Sun & Mon 91*. We might get a little rain tomorrow.

Mom pulled weeds today out front, then went to Kroger for her memorial day food, rode her bike back, got some packages from the guy with the big white truck that says FEDEX on it. We got our big bag of litter and mom got some personal things she ordered from her healthcare provider.​

After mom rested for about an hour, we all got to go outside for the afternoon. That was fun. Mom put out our net kitty tent like she did last Summer, we all had to check it out, and we all got in and laid down for awhile...very cool, it is set up out of the hot sun with a blanket over the side in case the morning sun gets in it.

Mom had to chase us all over the yard to bring us in after her BBQ and she watereed all her pretty flowers. That is always fun getting chased, but mom gets hot and tells us to skadaddle up them steps....MOL.

Have a pawsome evening! {Sheebs}
from Winter to Summer???
Posted May 24, 2018 by Benjamin
We have no rain and none in the forecast...maybe a sprinkle for memorial Day morning. Today we were 83*, tomorrow might be warmer and somebody said 90* on Monday.
we were outside today and yesterday for a bit. Then some people came in the yard and we ran in the house, butl that happened later after were out for awhile.

They are our neighbors, but Kelsee is very skittish around anyone but mom and her best friend, me? I am OK..I like them if they pet me, but Kelsee was running so I chased her upstairs....thought she wanted to play chase with me.

mom was spraying some blue stuff on her swing outside and then she also did a chair with the same blue stuff. The swing and chair look very nice all pretty and blue. Well, they were already blue, but white spots were showing through. Mom called it 'spray paint'...say what??? I thought paint came in a can and use a brush to put it on...Ummmm. I'll have to investigate this spray stuff a little more.

have a pawsome evening
Who needs some rain?
Posted May 22, 2018 by George
Boy oh boy. it sure is tough getting to go outside. the rain keeps showing up. I saw Kelsee outside today, then the rain came and she went in and never came back out, it was raining on and off most of the day.

Tomorrow will be sunny and 76*, but Linda won't be home til later cause she is going to Walmart to buy flowers and then coming home to plant them, so she will be outside after that.

I was sitting in the hallway and Sheba came to the door and growled at me. Hey it's not like I was going in her house, I was just sitting out there minding my own business, then dad Charlie called me in. He went to get the mail and I followed him....he knocked on Linda's door to give her what mail she had.

I was watching the squirrel today on the back porch. he was digging in mom Linda's flower pot, boy did she get upset. She went outside and told that squirrel to stop digging in her flowers, he had them all uprooted and she had to plant them again. What can one do in that case, nothing she tries deters them, so she is putting paper around the inside of the pot {something a friend told her to do} and see if that will work.
Have a great evening!
Posted May 21, 2018 by Kelsee
It has been a wet weekend. It rained Saturday, and not Sunday, but it rained today, too. Saturday it started raining when mom was coming home from work and she had to ride her bike home...she got home before it rained harder​, but she was wet.

Sunday was OK, kinda wet and humid, our May has been either cool or wet. We had a few nice days. Mom got to BBQ once so far. She could have more, but sometimes her tummy hurts and she doesn't want to eat.

I have a Vet appt to get my vaccines up-to-date. I am 2 years behind on both my Distemper and Rabies, but I never leave the confines of our back yard, so I am alright. I am not worried about Rabies cause I never go near rabid animals.

Our friend the black squirrel had a litter of babies. She came to see mom for snacks and her belly is all full of big ole nipples, she comes and gets food and runs away with it, comes back for more and does the same thing every day. Mom said she is gonna buy her some peanuts and snack assortment...apples too cause she likes apples and cookies, crackers, cereal...well just about anything mom gives to her.

Have a nice evening!
Mom is about done!
Posted May 17, 2018 by Kali
Yard is about done! Mom has been working in the yard for 3 days now and she finally has most if it done. She pulled weeds, raked out dead leaves, swept, watered the yard down, and turned her dirt for her garden, put her swing back up, bought out her BBQ grill, chairs and table...yeppers, we are all set!

Today she set up all her little outdoor critters that she has sitting around the yard and on the porch. She also put some siding in the garden to hold the dirt in so it wouldn't get on the sidewalk...not too sure if siding is right, but whatever!

My sister Kelsee has to go to the VET! She is due for everything, Rabies vaccine, checkup, weigh-in, and her distemper shot, and her eye is all puffy, so mom wants to find out why, maybe somebody {not me, I promise} swatted her in the eye and scratched it, or she has an allergy, but mom will find out.

Hope you all have a pawsome evening!
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