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Very nice afternoon!
Posted July 24, 2020 by Loki1610
Good evening

It was a great day today. Just 80*, no humidity and the sun was shining all day. We spent the day outdoors in our tent. That is always fun.

I have some news about our neighbor George. he is one very sick kitty. Today his dad took him to the Vet, he has diabetes, and has a Urinary tract infection. He has to be on insulin all the time now. he has to spend the night at the vetspital and can come home tomorrow. They wanted to be sure he was OK before sending him home. They have him on insulin at the vetspital as well and an IV as he was severely dehydrated as well.

If he didn't go to the Vet today chances are he would have passed away in a day or 2, he was that bad. He was not eating at all for over a week. It was very hard to find a vet that would take him on an emergency as they are all booked. Charlie was lucky to find 1.

Us HT cats are all well and healthy. Mom says we are as feisty as ever and getting into mischief {at least me and Figs}.

Have a pawsome evening!
Humid heat creeping back
Posted July 17, 2020 by Loki1610

Well, today is another one of them humid days. On;y 86*, but the humidity is 47% and we have a heat warning in effect all weekend.

We are in the house. Mom is sick with her tummy issues, we are all sleeping. Mom put a magic mesh over her back door so now the flies can't get in. I have nothing to chase now. I like chasing flies.

Me and Figaro chased each other this morning. That was fun. Then we had water and chased again, now we are sleeping....Figs was playing with his sparkle ball and lost it and mom had to rescue it for him.

Stay cool!
Cooler week.
Posted July 13, 2020 by Kelsee

This is gonna be COOLER WEEK for us. Highs only in the mid 80's til the weekend then we hot 89*. I like this new cooler weather. Makes it nice to be on the porch.

It is 74* right now and very low humidity and a little breeze. Just beautiful and cloudy so not a lot of sunshine.

Mom rode her bike to Kroger today and came home with a backpack full of stuff. Tried to eat a BLT and got sick. every month there is one week that mom's ulcers act up and this is her week.

Have a great day!
Our wet Friday!
Posted July 10, 2020 by Loki1610

Today it is hot and humid and wet. We finally got that rain we needed, it has cooled things down some, we went from 88 down to 84, but the humidity is still way up there.

Mom is trying to watch TV, but the rain keeps knocking out the signal, she says it is a good thing she has seen all the movies she is trying to watch.

Of course it has been a few days for us inside as the hot weather is keeping us in. Monday and Tuesday of next week will be 80 & 83, so mom said we can go out in our tent.

Boy, did we luck out today. Mom ordered some Fancy Feast from Chewy and some from Walmart{mom never knows if the Chewy order will arrive cause of FEDEX}. So today both of them came and we have 54 cans of Fancy Feast now, different variety packs. 1 pack was 24 cans and the other pack was 30 cans.

It is so hot that me and Figs have been sleeping and not being able to play chase. We will have a ton of pent up energy when it cools down.

Have a pawsome evening!
It is way too HOT!!!!
Posted July 9, 2020 by Benjamin

We are having a heat wave which will last all week and into next week. Bad! temps in mid 90's and the humidity doesn't help matters any. We kitties have to stay inside the house and hie in cool spots. We sleep most of the day away.

I have a goofy brother. Mom puts ice cubes in our water to keep it cold and Figaro bats them around and gets water all over the floor. Silly boy!!!

ow was your 4th??? Ours was good until nighttime when it got to be so noisy we all had to hide. The idiots were throwing ones that shook the who building, so loud they sounded like bombs exploding.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Stay Cool!!!
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