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Lindas Angels
Good afternoon

Hope everyone is doing good. Up here on the rainbow bridge every animal is fine and healthy. NO C-19 virus can get to us. 1st we are in heaven and 2nd animals are immune to it.

Hope all of your humans are doing well and not sick. Our mom is not sick, but she is bored. Staying at home has advantages and disadvantages to mom.

Hopefully all of this will be over soon so everyone can go about their business and go back to work. Mom has been doing research on how to get money coming in...she is gonna see if she can apply for unemployment for while while she off work.

She is well stocked up on our fursibs food and litter. No worries there. None of them will go hungry. PSP told mom they plan to keep a good supply while the virus is spreading.

Our next big thing will be an Easter parade. Fun fun...we will pitch in and make floats, and have a great time. Also Egg hunts for the little ones. we are all looking forward to it.

Have a pawsome day.
Staying inside
Posted March 21, 2020 by George

With all this 'quarantine' going on. Dad Charlie barely leaves the apt unless it is necessary. But he does venture out once in awhile just to go walking...everyone needs fresh air and sunshine, so when it is nice outside he will go for a walk.

I was out on the back porch yesterday and Loki wanted to come out, but Linda told him no as it was chilly and windy. I wasn't out long, but my silly brother Woody was out for about an hour. Me..maybe 20 minutes.

I have been sitting on the table next to the window. Not a lot going on. I usually see lots of kids getting on a big yellow bus early in the morning and getting dropped off later.

No cars anywhere, just a few. Our street is usually pretty busy, but not lately. Our squirrel buddy comes out and I saw him in the middle of the street yesterday eating a piece of pizza. I guess someone threw out a slice or he found it in the trash. No worries about getting hit by a car.

Have a nice day!
Pawhuggz & meows
Weird day
Posted March 20, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

This is a weird day. When mom got up, it was 62* and now it is 46* at 2:14. Weird weather. It has gotten chilly as the winds pick up. The sun is out, but it is still chilly.

Mom opened a few windows for us, but had to shut them. The wind is cold. A weird day indeed.

Mom went to Kroger today, she wishes she would have taken her phone, the bread isle was empty but for 1 pack of burger buns, the cereal isle was just as bad, no meats, plenty of dairy products, no soups, hamburger helper, no paper products at all...lots of people though, mom had to stand in a long line.

PSP was well stocked and told mom they will continue to stay well stocked. Mom picked up a 12 pack of Pro Plan for us just to be safe. We have plenty of kibble for now and are expecting a FF shipment soon.

Mom said a lady on the bus was hollering about 'the end of the world, saying all American's are gonna die and the world will end as we know it'. Mom and other people on the bus just shook their heads...the lady said 'just you wait and see you non-believers'.

Well, I am busy playing chase with Kelsee and Figaro, what fun, Kel still runs pretty fast for an old kitty of almost 17.

Stay safe!!!
Nice 1st Day of Spring
Posted March 19, 2020 by Kali
Good afternoon

Happy 1st day of Spring to all of you. it is cloudy today, but are headed for a high of 62*, we may get rain later in the afternoon. {It rains a lot in Spring}.

Momma was grooming me today and told me how beautiful I was. Gee, I just lay there and take it all in. I have the longest fur of all of us so I get groomed weekly. Kelsee gets jealous cause she loves to be brushed and she keeps pushing moms hand away from me. Mom does her after I am done.

Mom was gonna go to Walmart, but decided not to and ordered all her stuff online from there. Mom is NOT sick, but she knows other people don't care of they are sick or not and go out in public, mom is 66 so decided against that. her order will be here between Sunday{3/22} and April 1st.

Take care!
BIG furry pawhuggz!
This is a crazy World!
Posted March 18, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon~

Oh meow. the streets are pretty much deserted here. Strange. We live on a main street and we are used to seeing traffic...not now.

Mom is off work for 2 weeks or more. She is alright for now, she talked to her landlord and told him she is unemployed at present and can't pay her April rent...he said not to worry about it. he understands as he is a Bar owner and he has to close up too.

Mom is looking forward to having the weekend off though. The diner is so busy on weekends she comes home all worn out. It's just money she is worried about. She still gets her SS checks.

Us cats are gonna enjoy having mom home with us. This is gonna be so cool! pets all day {when we are not sleeping}.

Mom finally got our chewy order. They sent mom an email saying orders were running late cause of the crisis in the world right now. It was a week late, but we did get it, so we are stocked well on cat food and kibble and we get our litter auto-shipped, so that is no big deal.

Mom has been cleaning the house real good lately. She has a line of cleaning supplies on the table with her paper towel...the trash cans are getting loaded with it.

Figaro is knocking the trash down and finding mischief to get into. he is taking the paper towel out and rolling on it...silly boy.

have a nice weekend!
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