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Today is Toosday
Posted November 3, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Our postal carrier came early today and he had a big box of mail for mom, we did not have deliveries for the past 3 days and there was a lot of it for mom to go through. I jumped in the box {will be going back to the mailman tomorrow} and mom caught me on the camera.

I think today is a nice day. Sunny and mild. Highs in the 50's. Starting tomorrow we will be in the mid 60's all weekend....no rain in the forecast either. Sounds good before the cold actually sets in.

Last night Loki had mom scared. She had to take some trash out and went out the back door, but she did close it, but the wind blew it open and me and Loki both went out on the back porch...we came back in when mom came upstairs....but later before she went to bed, she could not find Loki anywhere, he was hiding and he usually sleeps with mom every night...no Loki til this morning when he decided to come out from wherever he was.

Have a pawsome week!
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Very Quiet Night
Posted November 2, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi all

We had a very quiet Devil's night and Halloween this year! NO kids anywhere. Our Governor cancelled door-to-door begging for the kids. Home parties were allowed and some schools that are open had parties for the kids. they cancelled mall and other activities as well.

Mom had to work, and she wore her kitty ears to work and her Halloween sweatshirt instead of her uniform shirt, but it was alright, her boss knows on certain holidays workers will wear what they want.

It was very cold yesterday and our wind was really whipping around out there. We even had snow flurries off and on and only saw 39* for a high. Today it is 43* and still windy but the sun is out.

Us kitties were getting nervous today, mom cleans on Monday and we know just about what time she brings the "Beast" out. We start getting nervous and running to hide under her bed....she thinks we are funny after all these years to still afraid of it.

Have a pawsome week!
Mom tripped over me
Posted October 27, 2020 by FIGARO
This morning around 3am I was sleeping peacefully in the hallway, mom got up to use the human litter-box and did not see me in the dark, so she tripped over me, I meowed and pawsmacked her, she caught herself on the doorway...I went up to her while she was on the potty and rubbed my head o her leg saying I was so sorry. She petted me and said it was "OK" she did not see me in the dark.

Today it is raining again, gee whiz, all the rain is getting to be too much now. It has done nothing but rain all week {since Saturday}, everyday. No sun which makes it kinda gloomy and all we want to do is nap the day away.

Mom took out the laser light today and me and Loki had fun tripping over each other to 'catch' it. It sure is a fun game and we get plenty of exercise chasing it.

Have a great day & A Spooky Howloween!
Rainy Week
Posted October 26, 2020 by Kelsee

Wow, since about the middle of Oct we have had more rain then we did all Summer. It's also chilly and gloomy. The sky is grey, it was raining earlier and we have no sun today.

Mom got Benny a lot of new toys for his birthday yesterday. He played with some of them and the rest of us got to play too. Ben is a nice brother and he will share.

Mom almost burned the apt down today....well, not really, but she was making a hotdog for lunch and she likes to fry them after they boil, she forgot about it and it got all black and we had smoke everywhere, mom had to open windows to get the smoke out....she also had to make a new hotdog for herself....silly mom. Good thing our dinner doesn't need to be cooked.

Have a pawsome Howloween!
Warmest day is here
Posted October 23, 2020 by Loki1610
Today will be the warmest day of the rest of Oct. 75* today and sunny, but kinda windy. Starting tomorrow the temps take a paw-dive down to the upper 40's to mid 50's and some 30's at night.

I am happy to say that mom put her new mattress heating pad on her bed and is it ever warm. Her old one was turned up to 7 and barely got warm, this ew one is only on 4 and mom takes the covers off at night, but I love it. I am on the bed all night.

Sunday is Ben's birthday, so mom went to PSP today on her bike to buy him some new toys. He has this cheese wedge that he loves to play with, so mom got him some more of those and a few others, so we can all share them.

I am off to sit in the window, I just spotted me a black squirrel on the back porch...OH OH...time to go and watch him. I hope I don't scare him....Figaro is also in the window watching and the critter is just sitting and looking.....waiting on mom for snacks.

Have a pawsome day!
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