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My Birtday
Posted September 18, 2018 by George
​I had a nice birthday. Linda got me some new toys as I barely have any, and she got me a few bags of treats and Charlie got me a big bag of food.
I was outside til after 10 at night laying on the back porch cause it was hot outside. It is hot today too. We got 85* and it is humid. It might rain X tomorrow and Thursday.
On Fri, Linda said she was gonna decorate for Fall cause it comes on Saturday. It gets cooler at night and maybe cooler in the days as well. It has been one hot summer this year. Lots of days in the upper 80's to 90's and we have had hardly no rain to speak of.

I saw a raccoon on the back porch. I was looking out the window and saw it with my own 2 eyes. I know that Benny must have heard it too. I heard one of the HT kitties meowing at the window, but I am not sure who it was, so whoever it was saw that raccoon too,

Linda's trash can was knocked over, but nothing in it but dead flowers and papers, but it was still a mess to clean up this morning.

Have a nice day!
Cat being followed
Posted September 17, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well today. My eyes are almost all cleared up now. I only have a few more drops to put in them.

I like to fight mom and give her a hard time. She has to hold my eyes open cause I refuse to leave them open for drops. Then when she is done, I run and shake my head and clean my eyes.

We were all outside the other day and Charlie let George & Woody out and Woody kept following me everywhere I went. I would turn around and there he was. Say what???

It is kinda humid outside today. It was 85* and humid. No breeze either so mom let us out for a little bit and then we all came back inside.

Have a pawsome evening!
Nice day
Posted September 12, 2018 by Benjamin
Good afternoon!

We had a nice day today. It was partly cloudy, but warm. It got to 74*. Not at all humid. We were inside today cause mom went with her bestie to Walmart. She was gone from 1:00 to 5:30. But mom has to take 2 buses to get there and 2 buses to get back home.

She gave us dinner when she got back and we ate and washed our faces. Then she put drops in kels eyes so her infection clears up. She is pretty good about letting mom do that.

Tomorrow mom has to work, so we will be inside again and it will go to about 80*, but we can go out when mom comes home from work and puts her bike away. Then she has to water her flowers.

We saw a black & white kitty in the yard next door yesterday. Kelsee was watching it, but it just sat there and then got up and went away. It must belong to the people down the street cause that is where it went.

Have a pawsome evening!
Outdoors day!
Posted September 11, 2018 by George
Today was the first day in long time I got to go outside. It was only 72* and not baking hot and humid. Linda had all her cats in the yard, so I got to​ go out, too. Woody also came outside and he kept following Kelsee everywhere. It was funny. If she went to the corner, he followed, if she went upstairs, so did he. Kinda sweet! He didn't jump in her stroller with her though, guess he didn't want to go to the Vet.

I was on the porch and I got catnip and treats from Linda. Yummy, they were so good. Today was Kali's 12th birthday, so she got treats, and we all did. It was one big happy birthday party. I will be 6 on my birthday on the 15th. I am the youngest cat here, Woody is 8.

Dad Charlie is outside trying to chase Woody in the house. I went in and so did the other cats. I though he was gonna follow Kelsee in her house, but he didn't. He has never been in her house, but I have.

Have a pawsome evening!
My boo boo eyes
Posted September 10, 2018 by Kelsee
Raining here today. Not a good day to go outside at all. mom was out, but she has a raincoat and and an umbrelly. We can go outside later in the week, when it is supposed to be back in the low 80's and sunny.yay!

I have a Vet appt tomorrow. My eyes are all red, puffy, watery and swollen. They hurt. Mom called my vet and i go in tomorrow at 5:15. She doesn't know what it is, but I scratched them one day and they started bleeding, so the infection or whatever it is must be bad. I hope I don't have to take medicine. Maybe just drops for my eyes.

Mom is still going to her fitness classes every Monday. She says she can feel it working, but she doesn't see any significant weigh loss yet. She did lose 2 pounds, but she can't see it yet. Go Mom, go. You can do it.

She is on different medication for her osteoporosis. The Dr gave her Max does of vitamin D3 and some drug called Alendronate Sodium {aka known as Fosomax}. We hate it that [oor mom is suffering from back pain all the time cause the osteo is in her spine and her hips.

Well, it is time for my beauty nap. Goodnight!

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