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We had a pawsome Christmas
Posted December 26, 2018 by Benjamin
Hi everyone

We had a great Christmas(*). In the morning when mom got up, she had breakfast cause she was hungry. After she ate that, she gave us our stockings full of treats, toys and Fancy Feast food.

Mom got some nice things too. Then she went over to her sister's house to have dinner and see her family. She got to meet her Niece's boyfriends. One of them is really nice and the other is a total jerk and very rude and not nice to her Niece;(. her Niece can do so much better.

Mom went up to Family Dollar today and got a few Christmas items marked down. She will put them up next year. She's leaving them in boxes right now. Good sales up to 75% off right now on all Holiday items.

She actually went up to the store for just milk, paper towel, napkins and Pepsi and came back with soup, holiday items and ....no more.

It is warm today. We hit 46*. No (sun), but no snow either. Just grey and cloudy. It was trying to clear up, but never got there. But we are warm for December.

Have a pawsome evening!!!
Next up will be New Years!
Moma is sad!
Posted December 24, 2018 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

It is cold here today and we had a small flurry of snow, but nothing stuck to the ground.

Mom had the day off work, so she did laundry, took out her trash, washed dishes and bought out that noisy floor monster and cleaned the house. It is her first Christmas Eve off in over 20 years.

Mom's brother passed away on Saturday {12/22} from Congestive Heart Failure. Her dad called her and let her know. He was in the hospital for a about a month hooked up to wires and machines, etc. he was 2 years younger then mom.

Us cats have been being really good these past 2 weeks. Mom hasn't hollered at any of us once. Sometimes one of us will knock over a trash can to see what she threw away, but so far we have been real good. Mom said if we get yelled at we won't get our Christmas prezzies.

Mom baked all her cookies and I stood watch. I watched her roll, cut, bake and decorate them. they all look very festive and mom said they even taste good. She is gonna share some with her neighbor,s George's dad, Charlie.


Holiday HUGZ!!!!
Lindas Angels
Ready for Christmas
Posted December 21, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Hi Everyone!

A JESSE: Well, I am all done with my shopping. I did mine with my girl a few weeks ago. We have our place all decorated with lights and we got our tree up. It has been snowing so everything looks amazing up here.angel

A WINSTON: I am done shopping too. I hate crowds, so i do mine early. I hope everyone likes what i got for them. I went past the school the other day and the kittens and older kits were going around singing carols to the teachers...it was amazing, so i stopped to watch and listen.

A SHEBA: I went out shopping today with a friend of mine from MHL. We had a lot of fun buying gifts, so now I have to wrap them all and put tags on them. We are having a huge big Christmas Day feast here at the auditorium, so much food.

A SHADOW: I am doing my shopping on Christmas Eve. I love the hustle and bustle of the crowds and you can get so many things at discount prices. The snow is falling and we have snowmen all over the place.

A JINX: I went shopping with my girl and we are all done, everything is wrapped and under our tree. So we are ready. She is going to be helping cook and serve dinner over at the auditorium. I have been teaching other cats how to play hockey.

wet and rainy
Posted December 20, 2018 by Kali
we had a rainy day today. Can you believe that? rain??? No snow right now, just rain. It was 42* today. They aren't predicting a white Christmas either.

Mom had to go to work today. She came home at 4:00 and said they were slow. She guesses a lot of people are getting ready to go out of town to see relatives for the Holiday's. the kids have a week off, so maybe they are leaving town.

We don't have a lot of kids around here anyway. Most have grown up and moved away. There are a few arod, but not a lot. Mom is happy about that cause she doesn't like the kids around here. They are rude and unruly.

I got my toes clipped the other day...well, my nails, not my toes. I got a fur brushing and got some mats cut out, so now I am beautiful and soft again. I don't exactly like getting groomed, but I sure do like all the attention when I am pretty and soft!

I hope you all have a Meowy Catmas with your family!
Nice Day
Posted December 19, 2018 by Benjamin
Hi friends

Mom was home all day with us today. She never left at all. Sometimes she leaves​ and goes to the store and leaves us alone. Tomorrow she has to work, and she said as far as she knows she will be home on FRI.

Today it is windy outside, but it is 35* and sunny . We have no storms in the future, so probably no snow for Christmas, but we will have to wait and see what happens by next week.

Mom gave us a toy from our stocking, it is a green and white mouse with a long tail. It is fun dragging it all over the place and tossing it in the air, rolling around with it, etc. She said we can only have 1 until Christmas.

We got a delivery from Chewy, it has 24 cans of wet food in it. Wow, that's a lot of food and it is only for me and Kelsee cause Kali doesn't eat wet food, only kibble. We won't run out of food for a long time. That is good.

I wish you all a Very Meowy Catmas. I will see you next week!


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