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Sunny but Windy
Posted June 14, 2019 by Loki1610
Hi all

Today is nice, at least it is dry and not raining cause we are in for 8 days of nothing but rain. On and off at least and not an all day event on any day.

We went out in the yard and Figaro found some fish-flies to chase around. It hasn't even been that hot and humid so mom has no clue why they are are here right now. Not as many as there usually are. Kelsee said they cover the building when there are a lot.

That little squirrel came for treats and mom put me and Figaro in the house. Not nice. We wanted to play chase with it. Mom said it is better safe then sorry cause if we rile up the squirrel he might bite one of us.

He took some snacks from mom's hand today. he was very impatient waiting for her to fill the bowl, so he grabbed at her hand. Mom thought it was pretty neat!

Hope you all have a nice evening!~

Chilly day
Posted June 13, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon!

We were supposed to have rain all day today. But we had none. It was cloudy all day and only made it to 63*. They did say the rain would come later and now we are supposed to be rainy again tomorrow. Supposed to rain all weekend, so it looks like there will be no outside for us anytime soon.

I am getting tired of my baby brothers all trying to chase me. I come out to the living room to be with my mom and they wanna chase me. I hide under the bed and wanna stay there.

Nothing new so i will say so long.
have a pawsome evening
2 nice days in a row
Posted June 12, 2019 by Benjamin
After 2 nice days in a row of temps in the 70's and lot of sunshine, it is gonna change later tonight and rain and all day tomorrow. Poor mom has to walk to work in it and back home in it.

i stayed in today. the girls and young boys all went outside, but I decided I wanted to stay in and relax in the house. No reason, just because.

Mom got her package from Walmart today. In it was a big bag of Purina One Cat food. She said we have to finish our other kibble before she opens it though.

Guess what mom went and did. yesterday she cleaned the floors and just when we thought the noisy monster was put away, she takes out a smaller version and fills it with water and soap and turned it on...talk about hiding. we were all back under the bed. The carpets were damp for awhile, but they are dry now. They do look better.

Hope your evening was quieter!

The great outdoors
Posted June 11, 2019 by FIGARO
​Hi all

We all got to go outside again today. We love it out there and stay out all day, come in for dinner and then go back out til mom calls us in, usually around 7-ish.
I chased bugs, and them fuzzy things all around. I caught and ate a fly. Took a nap with Loki in the kitty tent. Then we woke up and played some more. I watched birds and meowed at them, but mom said I can't have one.

She told me a story about how my big Angel brother Jesse used to catch birds and refuse to give them up and would growl at mom if she tried. What a silly cat, sure wish I could have met him.

Now we are inside and all taking a nap. We played hard today and a nap is what we need to refresh for our 2nd round of fun when mom goes to bed.

Have a pawsome week ahead!!

Lindas Angels
Rainbow Bridge happenings
Posted June 9, 2019 by Lindas Angels
A JESSE: Hi all. I am having fun these days. Now that my MHL team is through for the season I can relax. I do go to cheer on my fursibs who are still playing. Let's see, we have Boston vs St Louis....Boston is KA in Cat hockey and A Shadow is on that team along with Benny & Loki. The Blues is TCLAN in cat hockey and A Sheebs is playing along with George. I am cheering for Boston/KA!

A SHADOW: Yes I am still playing and hopefully my team will win. I have been planting a garden and some pretty flowers are already coming up. Today my b/f came over and mowed my grass and helped me pull weeds. Then we BBQ'd some ribs and catnip potatoes.

A SHEEBS: I am having fun, too. I went on a picnic today with some friends of mine. We had BBQ chicken, catnip crackers with cheese and we had pawberries with cream, we also had burgers, beans, catnip salad, hotdogs and lost of other stuff.\

A JINXIE: I am takin life easy right now. Just hanging with my girl and we went on a canoe ride today. That was fun, we also caught some fish I cooked for dinner along with mac & cheese. I know mac & cheese is a cold weather dish, but what can I say? I love it!

A WIN: I am busy on earth taking care of my friend Peppermint. I am sitting here with her making sure she is comfortable and doesn't need anything. I sprinkled Angel Dust on her 2 days in a row and she seems to be doing better. She ate dinner today.


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