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The great "almost" escape
Posted April 10, 2018 by George
Good afternoon

I cam to visit with my other family today. Mom Linda came home from work and she gave us some canned food cause we are out. Dad Charlie has to wait to get his SS check next week, so mom Linda makes sure we have food til then...it's good to have 2 families.

Mom Linda went downstairs to see her friend and I followed her down and almost ran outside, but she caught me and closed the door before I got out and told me I can't go outside and especially not in front.

She has to work everyday this month. She has to see if she can get a day off as she has things she has to get done that she can't do after work at 4pm.....so she will need a day off to do her running around.

Her co-worker{The other dishwasher} had a death in his family and they are from Albania and so he had to go there for the Funereal and he will be back on April 28th....mom started today.

Have a good evening!​
Lindas Angels
Our baseball game
Posted April 7, 2018 by Lindas Angels
Hi all

Well, cats vs dogs in baseball...the dogs beat us with a score of 6/2, of course they are bigger and have longer legs to run with, but it was all in fun...we are having a rematch next MON night.

Spring is here and our girls have been planting flowers and getting yards prepared for the warmer days ahead. We love it...us boys can go fishing while the girls do the shopping and gardening.

I {Jesse} have to buy a new grill this year...mine has a hole in it and my coals keep falling out the bottom. Now that is funny! Gotta buy one before food falls through it, too. Of course we all have them, but we take turns BBQing

My {Jesse} crossing anniversary is coming up on the 11th. {I passed away on 4/11/16} Wow, I can't believe I have been here for 2 years now. Time sure flies.

Have a pawsome evening! Time for dinner!

Purrs & Angel hugs!!!

Angel Jesse
Lil Sheba
Blowing snow!
Posted April 6, 2018 by Lil Sheba

Today it is windy and cold. Woke up to snow. But only less than an inch and it is kinda melted now. The wind is blowing some of it around, so most of it got blown away​...goodbye snow, don't come back.

I woke up with mom this morning. I was all snuggled under the blankets with her right next to her tummy. Then mom had to go get up cause she had to go potty, but she came back to bed for a short while.

We had a fire somewhere in the neighborhood this afternoon. About an hour ago, we heard loud sirens and woke me up. Kali jumped in the window to see what it was, they were racing down Alter Road. Mom figures if it was on her way to work, she will see the house that was on fire, but if it was on the other side of the busy street, then no. It was probably an empty house, around here empty building always get torched within 6 months of being empty...stupid arsonists, have nothing better to do than start fires.

Well, it is time for my beauty nap. I will chat with you all next week. Have a pawsome afternoon and stay warm and cozy!!!

Kitty kisses!!!{Sheebs}
More snow. Say WHAT???
Posted April 5, 2018 by Kali
Good afternoon

I missed mom all day today. I am used to her being home most of the week, but she does work sometimes. I always miss her when she is out working.

Today it is sunny out, but still on the windy side, but at least it is dry. We are due to get terrible weather tomorrow, The weather guy said 1-3" of snow could come. WHAT???? I want flowers, not snow.

I got groomed again. Mom brushed me out and told me how beautiful I am. I only had 1 mat she had to pull out, so that wasn't too bad. If I get groomed about once a week, it is really easy, but if mom doesn't do it all the time, then I get matty and growl when she tries getting them out.

We got a big box from Chewy today. Well, most of it was for Benny. He has a sensitive tummy, so mom buys him Science Diet for Sensitive tummy {the Vet recommended it} It is kinda pricey, but mom can get it for $4.00 cheaper at chewy....she got all of us a big jug of Party Mix treats.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Snow & Wind
Posted April 4, 2018 by Benjamin
Hi all---Today it is windy and we have snow?? this is Spring??? What a joke! The winds are blowing up to 40 mph, and we have had snow most of the day on and off. Not sticking to the ground though.

I had potato chips today. I am a snack cat. Every time mom eats snacks I have to have some, too. I like to lick them and eat a bit of them. I even like cake, not the frosting so much, but the cake itself.​
Mom got a package today, so we have a new box to sit in. It was just gel-pens and all natural floor cleaner that is 'pet-friendly' if we walk on it when it is still wet. Mom used to use Pine-Sol til she found it is was not safe for pets cause it contains phenol.
Hope you have a furtastic day.
Stay warm & dry!!!
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