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Much warmer now
Posted October 19, 2020 by Kelsee
No, not our weather, in fact it is cold and damp today, rain and 51* is what we have.

Mom got a new mattress heating pad for her bed and does it ever get warm and makes her bed so cozy. The old one was old and wasn't heating up so good anymore. I sleep with mom anyway, but now we have a warmer bed for the colder nights.

Mom cleaned house today. I do admit it looks much better, but she put away all the boys toys and now they have to go and get them out again. I only play sometimes now, I mostly sleep the day away. I am old at 17.

Have a pawsome day and stay warm!
Wet, dreary day
Posted October 15, 2020 by Kali
Today poor mom had to walk to work cause it was raining this morning. She also walked home. I was happy to see her come home, she came into her bedroom to change her clothes and I jumped on the bed and wanted pets and head rubs.

It is gonna be a chilly weekend. They said we could see frost over the weekend as temps dip to the 30's at night and only low 50's for highs. As long as the white stuff stays away I am alright.

I can still sit in the window and watch the squirrels outside. They enjoy coming on our back porch and lookin in the window. I think they are looking for mom to give them some treats. Sometimes she has some to give them, but sometimes not.

Have a pawsome weenend!
Gloomy Day
Posted October 14, 2020 by Benjamin

Today we have a gloomy day. Rain and wind are moving in tonight and tomorrow. Mom has to go to work tomorrow and will need to have her raincoat and umbrella with her.

Mom said she is packing up our back porch next week. It is getting too cool for us to go outside and hang out on the porch. That and we are getting our porch rebuilt, so we have to stay off of it.

I got combed out yesterday, Even though I am a short-furred cat, I get mats...just tiny ones under my outer fur, but enough to comb out. I never get as bad as Kali.

I found a new fave toy to play with. It is a wedge of cheese filled with catnip. Mom got it at PSP and it is fun. I carry it around and meow at it, pounce on it and bat it around...what a fun toy. My birthday is the 25th, so I wonder what I will get.

Haver a pawsome afternoon!
6:00 am and I am up
Posted October 13, 2020 by FIGARO
meow everyone.

This morning at 6:00 I was awake and playing chase with Loki. Mom happened to wake up to use her human water bowl, and walked right into me while I was crouched in the hallway waiting for Loki to come. He came and I jumped on him....mom said "whoever you are in the middle of the hallway, move it"...silly mom!

I slept a long time and it was my time to get up and play. I woke up Loki and we had a blast. Mom found her coffee table all askew with stuff on the floor {wasn't us}.

I eventually went back to sleep and joined mom in her bed. Loki did too. We tired ourselves out playing chase at 6am. It is still dark outside, it used to be the start of daylight, but now it is still dark.

Mom went out today to get a few things done she needed to get done {went to Krogers} came home with 2 bags full of groceries.

I hope you all had a pawsome morning as well.
A beautiful Fall day!
Posted October 12, 2020 by Kelsee

Today it is a pretty Fall day. 68* and sunny with a small breeze. We are all inside cause there are men in our yard making all kinds of noise.

The Landlord is rebuilding the back porch which has been falling apart for years. Crooked and loose floorboards, the railing is loose{good thing no kids live here}. The steps are loose is places, so we really do need a new back porch.

Mom cleaned the apt again, and our boxes, place mats, bowls and then she took out that blasted big blue floor monster and cleaned the floors. We all ran in mom's room under the bed. I am on top of the bed as I can't hear it too good anyway.

Mom groomed Benny today. Can you believe he is a short furred kitty, but he had a few mats that mom combed out, he is like me and he just lays there and lets mom comb out the mats. I do 't get mats but I love being brushed.

Have a good day~
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