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Feelers for another "Figaro"
Posted March 11, 2019 by Kelsee
Well, today mom went on Petfinder and she found a b/w male cat, 1 yo, and he is being neutered tomorrow, then when he is all rested up, the woman who runs the place is gonna call and have mom come and 'meet' him, fill out the paperwork and let her take him home,all on the same day. The place is called: www.fortunatefelineleague.com . The store they adopt from is Greenwood Pets & Plants {yeah they have a few outdoor plants} but a lot of pet supplies and cats. It is closer to us then the MAC.

The lady was talking to mom today and told her that the MAC is treating mom wrong and they should be honest and truthful with her about the situation instead of all the excuses they come up with. She said she would NEVER treat potential adoptive parents that way. The woman lives 3 blocks away from the MAC and said they have a bad rep for not following through. Mom wishes she KNEW that before she went there. Live & Learn!

We had a nice day today. it got to 43* and it is sunny. But it is very windy. Mom was outside for awhile taking out trash, and putting things away in her room, etc. The apt was cleaned and all 4 of the litter boxes got cleaned out, to and she washed all our dinner dishes, but now they have food in them again from dinner.\

Have a nice day!!!

Love my new home!
Posted March 8, 2019 by Loki1610
Good afternoon.

It is very nice to be here. I have fit in already. I sleep in mom's bed all night, and hang out in the living room on the tree. I don't hide anymore. This is a really nice house to live in.​ I couldn't ask for a better home.

Toys all over. They have boxes of toys, not just a few here and there, but lots. I guess being older cats most of these toys have been here for at least 15 years. kelsee told me this is at least the 3rd kitty tree they have had in her 15 years.

The only kitty that growls at me is Kali. Sometimes Kels will hiss, but we all get along better then mom imagined we would. She is very happy about that. I didn't have to be kept away from them for a number of days.

Looking forward to meeting more friends.

Purrs & Meows!
Posted March 7, 2019 by Kali
Good evening X

Well it looks like Figs will be home soon. The Vet clinic at the shelter called today and said he can come home as long as mom makes an appt with her vet for heartworm prevention.​ Or they can start him on it. They don't release animals unless they have the prevention for HW. Is this normal for shelters?

Today was cold, but not as cold as it has been. We are headed for a warm up, we will see upper 30's to low 40's next week and it will rain . It's been in the teens and windy and grey lately.

I can't wait for Spring. 14 days and counting and it will be here. Flowers blooming, birds coming back, the squirrel coming back. he's been here, but not for awhile now. I guess he's been eating elsewhere.

Our new brother, Loki sure is a pawful. He loves to run, play chase, carry toys around, leap, jump and pounce and anything else he can find to do. I growl at him. I don't want to play with him. He plays mostly with Benny and I bet once Figs is home, the 2 of them will be unstoppable..

Have a pawsome evening!

Mom the builder
Posted March 6, 2019 by Benjamin
Mom is getting to be quite the builder. Yesterday she put our new treew together and today she got a new bakers rack and assembled that. It sure looks nice in the kitchen. We have a small kitchen, so mom took the table out {she eats in the front room anyway} and put the rack in its place. Mom wishes she had a nice big kitchen.

It is rather cold here today. Only 18*, no sun and it is windy. Mom opened the back door to throw out the box the rack came in and the door blew out of her hands, and it is cold. Loki was in the kitchen and he ran back to the bedroom.

He is a wild guy. He runs and dashes and jumps everywhere. I get tired watching him run around. Sometimes I will play chase with him. I know he will have a blast with Figaro when he finally comes home.
Today he took several toys and carried them and put them all on the couch in mom's spot. Funny. Mom put them back on the floor so she could sit down. Now he is sleeping on moms bed.

Have a nice evening and stay warm.
I have a new used tree climber
Posted March 5, 2019 by George
Today the Ht kitties got their new kitty climber tree and Aunt Linda gave their old one to me to share with my brother.I never had a kitty tree before, so this is awesome. Now we have something to climb on too.

Aunt Linda spoke with the shelter today and Figaro is on his last few days of medication and eye drops. he will go in for a vet recheck on FRI and be ready to come home next TUESDAY. The shelter is closed on Monday's so she has to wait til Tuesday. They told Linda he is about 95% better and looking very bright eyed.

It sure is cold here today. It dropped down to 7 last night and right now it is only 14*, dropping to about 5* tonight, too. So cold. I will be so happy to see Spring pop up. The sun is shining, but it is still very cold and windy today.

I have not got to meet Loki yet. Linda is afraid I might fight with him. I don't know if I would or not, I fight with Benny, but he doesn't like me coming in his house.
Have a nice day!

Warm pawhuggz!!
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