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Dale Smith
test blog
Posted April 4, 2011 by Dale Smith
can you comment in blogs about this test blog?
Dale S Eggers
Blog too??
Posted April 4, 2011 by Dale S Eggers
Okay i see i too have a Blog!
i am the Webmaster!! Do i have time to write a blog??
We shall see.
Can you leave comments on my blog.
im checking that out...and its my site!! LOL
Mikey the Bunny
Just Sittin'
Posted April 3, 2011 by Mikey the Bunny
I bees just sittin on the couch tonight. I do this most everynight. I sit on one end of the couch. Loki sits on the love seat. Sometimes I jumps down and runs around - I luvs to run around Kiwi in a circle FUN!!
How comes you cats don't eat carrots??? They are so yummy!!
Ok gotta hop !!
Andrea Kenner
I just joined up!
Posted April 3, 2011 by Andrea Kenner
I know lots of my furriends are already here, but I don't know how to find them. Can somebody pleeze help me?

My Day
Posted April 3, 2011 by Harry
Miles encouraged me to try a blog. I'm kinda a live-in-the-moment cat, so I'll try to focus.


I love shiny things and this morning I found my red Christmas ornament that Mama tried to hide from me. It was in a box in the pantry and I got the lid off. I've been playing with it all night!!! Eeeeee!

Every morning Molly and me zoom around the house and up and down the cat tree a few times after breakfast.

Oh and I got professionally groomed a couple of months ago. When the dogs got cleaned up, Mama sent me out to the van too. I got my tummy shaved and some mats removed. I recommend it - I felt a lot better afterward!
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