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Baby-Dot and Baby-Tuxie (angel kittens)
We've condensed our previous diary entries from the other site into one very long post on our family's bloggie, so those who want to read it can. It's here.
Foster Mommy put me into a box today and Foster Daddy took me out to the car. I thought they might be getting rid of me, taking me back to where they found me, but they said they were taking me to the doctor to see if I had any icky diseases or not. Then, if I was negative for diseases, I could start meeting the other cats in the household! I thought that sounded ok, so I crouched in the box (carrier) on Foster Mommy's lap and yelled at the cars. I liked seeing all the cars on the freeway.

At the vet, I did extremely well, not talking much and going right over to the vet. His name is Dr. Bob, and he loves kitties. He sat on the floor and let me come right up to him and sniff him! Wow! He checked me over, and I purred for him. Then the vet tech took me into the back and the vampires took some of my blood and shaved my tummy.

The good news is that I'm negative for diseases. The ok news is that I've not been spayed. The surprising news is that I'm about 2 1/2 years old! I'm just a petite cat! The vet gave me a tentative birthdate of Jan. 1, 2009. I'm 6.5 lbs, and about the same size as a year-old cat, but that's a pretty healthy weight for me.

I'm hanging out on a blankie in the living room, under the end table, now. I've met the other kitties here, and hissed at most of them. Tabby came a bit too close, so I swatted her, and then she backed off after going to Foster Mommy for reassurance. Freya keeps her distance, but I can tell she's curious about me. Heimdall isn't sure about me so isn't coming too close. The rest are taking their time investigating, which suits me just fine.
Tabby (Tabitha)
So sorry this note is a week late, but we've taken in a new foster kitten named Missy, so Mommy's been busy with the little one. Hey, I'm a torbie, too, so I finally made her type out my note!

Last Wednesday, when Mommy said it was visiting day I went to eat one more bite of food and then she put me in my stroller and away we went! One of the bus drivers laughed at my stroller, because he'd never seen a cat stroller before. I just looked at him and meowed!

At H., my friends who normally greet me before I start working weren't there, but I saw someone else I knew. Then, I went up in the elevator to do my rounds. P. was sitting by the fishtank, and giggled when I paid more attention to the fishies than to her. But they were interesting! Then I went over to see D. on the other side of the wall, and saw more fishies! A big, black one was waving its tail just out of reach, taunting me!

T. was sitting in a chair with her walker in front of her when I strolled up. She invited me onto her lap, so I hopped up, but then I noticed her walker. I walked on her lap to her knees, then jumped over to the seat on her walker and curled up. She loved it! She kept telling me how everyone loves me. <3 <3 <3

Some people were sleeping, and others were not there, so we didn't visit as much as I'd have liked to. We did see one new person, though. H. (the person, not the place) has a new hip replacement, so she was in bed with a bag of ice on her leg. She was sooo glad to see me! She lives on one of the other floors, but because of her surgery she was on our floor for recovering. I curled up inbetween her feet for a bit, then walked up and sat on her so she could pet me. Then back to her feet. Her daughter, C., came in for a visit after a while, and was glad to see me there! C. had seen "Tabby the Cat" on the schedule for the floor, and wondered what that could be! It was me! Even when H. gets better, she may still come down to see me on my visiting days. Purrrrrrrs!
Furmonster Mom
Random Flotsam
Posted May 19, 2011 by Furmonster Mom
A few months ago, we discovered that our tri-ped wonder dog, Babee, has canine Addison's Disease.

Thankfully, we caught it in time for treatment, which consists of hormone shot therapy every 24 days... for the rest of her life. blink

Today, we went in for her shot, and to discuss the option of giving the shots at home now that we know what her dosage should be. In the course of the discussion, Hubby mentioned that he noticed her licking her hind end a little more than usual. He was thinking it might be a side effect from the treatment (the "itchies").

Turns out, she has a UTI that is manifesting as a skin rash! eek

Poor puppy, if it ain't one thing, it's another. em0600
I have the noms today!
Posted May 16, 2011 by Chessie
But since I'm sleeping a lot and not leaving the upstairs. Mom is taking me to the vet again tomorrow. My appetite was not very good over the weekend so mom got worried and made me the first available appointment. But hopefully my pvc is improving since I'm eating and using the box.
Sigh.. anemia sucks.
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