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Tabby (Tabitha)
Wow, such a busy day! I was half-snoozing under the folding chair when it was time to leave, so Mommy had to pull me out of my nice, snug cave to put me in the stroller. Missy just looked at me, interested in what was happening, but Heimdall wanted to come with me! Mommy told him he'd have a turn in the stroller when we came back. He loves to ride around the house in it. Smile At the marsh right by our house, I saw a mama duck with two little baby ducklings! Nice! The mama was teaching them how to give themselves baths.

On the MAX train, a boy in a wheelchair got on with his nurse. It took a few minutes for the nurse to realize that I was a cat instead of a human baby, mol, but then she wanted to pet me. Mommy told her it was ok, and asked if the boy wanted to pet me as well. When the boy nodded, I got to sit on his lap. He was wearing this huge raincoat that covered his chair as well, kind of like a big, zippered bag, so the nurse unzipped it for him and then he could pet me. I wanted to snuggle in his coat! Smile Nice and warm! He loved me doing that!

At H., Mommy showed my friends in the office a flyer of my book, and they looked at the website for it. They love that I have a book now! They may even order it for the library there! If they do, I'll paw-sign the copy and Mommy will sign it, too. Then we went up to see my other friends.

D. rode up in the elevator with us, and was really glad to see me. Then, S. was waiting patiently in the lobby when we got off the elevator. She comes from another floor specifically to see me on my visiting days! She used to feed a feral cat when she had her own room, but can't anymore. I purred for her and Mommy talked with her about her previous cats. We went into the tv room to see T., and I sat on T.'s walker again. I wanted tummy rubs, so I rolled over, and fell off! I had thought that the walker bag was solid, but I rolled right through it! I landed on my paws, shook, and looked up at Mommy and T., wondering what happened! Mommy told me and made sure I was ok, then I jumped in my stroller and onto T.'s lap again. MOL! G. was very happy to see me, too, and she had a yummy treat for me. It's called a fig newton, and I ate a quarter of it! *licks lips happily* I ate it right out of her hand while she smiled at me! Totally made her day, as well as mine! In R.'s room, there were two loud monsters, one near R. and one near the other lady. I kept looking back and forth between them, then I started telling the closer one off for being so loud! I don't like those monsters. Mommy called them oxygen machines.

After visiting, we went to the pet store and they put the flyer for my book on their bulletin board. The owner was quite impressed that we wrote a children's book! Smile >^..^< When we got on the MAX to go home, there was a lady who is moving to Portland with her two cats and looking for housing that will allow pets. She loves the stroller idea, and loved petting me and talking with Mommy. Another lady on the bus talked with Mommy about therapy pets vs. service animals, and regulations for each, because her autistic son is going to college next fall and loves cats. She didn't know that cats could be service animals for autistic people, so Mommy told her to check out the Service Animal Registry of America page to find trainers and more information. They certify many different kinds of service animals, and also certify therapy pets even though we are not service animals.
Kat Brogan
Posted June 22, 2011 by Kat Brogan
He had another operation on his chest to close up the hole the First Surgeon left with a wire that holds the chest togeather outside on the skin. My MAMA N DADDY were mad. It took close to 1 year to get another Surgeon to operate on Daddy's Chest. His new Surgeon asked Daddy when he first saw this was who butchered him?
It did not even look like a chest it was a concave spot on his front. The muscles did not go over the Breast Plate it was just a small piece of skin then Bone.The scar wa over 1" wide and crooked. His nipples were to the side of his chest not in front but best of all Nothing could touch Daddy's chest otherwise he was in pain. MAMA could not even put her hand on it and touch Daddy and I could not even lean next to my Daddy like I wanted too. I do not even weigh 5# yet and I am 5 years old and a very small but long Kitty.MOLMOL
Daddy got a Attorney who is going to sue the Hospital and the Doctor who did the butchering and gave him the rare staph infection.
Now my Daddy look GREAT and feels GREAT and NO MORE INFECTION!!!!!! MAMA can touch Daddy's scar and it is healing beautifully
Spooky 2 (angel kitten)
My life story
Posted June 18, 2011 by Spooky 2 (angel kitten)
Tabby (Tabitha)
What, you mean it's my birthday again already???? Wow! Mommy says I'm 6 years old today. I don't feel like I'm 6 years old! Today, I'm going to sleep on top of the folded laundry on the dresser until Mommy gets up, then I'll watch for Tuxie & Leopard to come eat while I eat my breakfast. After napping a bit more, I'm going to play with Heimdall, Freya, Little Bit, and maybe our foster cat Missy if she wants to play. Then, I'll nap with Mommy when she takes her nap. After that, who knows what I'll do for the rest of the day? Probably more of the same. If it's nice weather, Mommy will take me out for a birthday stroll like she did yesterday. Well, yesterday was my visiting day, but I walked almost half a block y myself on the weay back! It was just such a nice day to walk and feel the sun on my fur! I'll write about my visit later on today.


Kali Kat
Hello Kitteh World
Posted June 14, 2011 by Kali Kat
I just landed on diz place. It looks brand spankin new. I hope lots of kittehs join.

I'm a busy feline, I have lots of adventures you can read about here


I'm also purry busy on FB, you can find me dere wif da same name as here or Lick mai page

So I hope diz new cathugger place gets hoppin cuz I gotz tons of kitteh furrends all over da internets and hope dey want to come here too!

So now I am gonna poke around and see if I can figure dis place out. Stop by and furend me and say hai. purrrrs
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