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Thought I would start a blog on Cat litter where we can write reviews on all the cat litter that you have tried. Wish I could do some sort of statistics graph here on each product, but this will have to do.
So I will start with my experiences. We can also discuss the problems with clay vs. natural litters.
Some Clay does seem to work well, though the drawbacks are silica which can really cause problems for you and your cat's lungs. Though it seems to be a cheaper option. Wheat, or corn based is lighter, and better for lungs. Though there are concerns of aflatoxins that are in grain based products when mosisture is added. I have been trying to research this in depth about aflatoxins in grain based litter when moisture and heat are added. Then there is paper litter, silica beads litter, oh and some of us even have our cats use their own human toilet. I wonder if they flush too? mol!!
Here are my experiences thus far. (Yes I have tried all of these)

-Costco Clay litter was only 7.99$ for 40lbs
good odor control. Very dusty.

- Crystal Cat litter expensive, pretty good for odor control, but the beads would fly everywhere, finding them all over the house. Would not want my cats to ingest this if they licked themselves.

- Natures Miracle 10lbs not on sale is 14.99$ Wheat based, strong pine smell. Pee particles would not clump well. Though there is no dust at all. Is good if mixed with another natural brand.

-Swheat Scoop Mid range price natural wheat litter.
smell is a bit odd when it gets wet, it is not very dusty. If it sits too long it will stick to the bottom of pan like cement.

- Worlds Best natural corn based litter,quite expensive we paid 9.99$-13.99 for a 9lb bag its very minimal on dust, light weight, and good for odors. Can get tracked around. Cling on cats long fur. Clumps well.

-Petsmart brand Clay (Esquisi cat) affordable 11.99$ for 40lbs, very good on odor and good clumping.

-Arm and Hammer Double Duty Clay 9.99$ for 20lbs, so a little expensive. Great odor control, and good clumping, tracks around. Quite dusty.

-Arm and Hammer Essentials Corn, and Baking soda litter. 10.5 Lbs 14.99$ Has quite a strong perfumey smell to it, you can even smell it without opening the bag. It clumps ok, covers the smell, but then you get another sort of sweet awful smell. Dustless.

-Pestells Easy Clean Corn based litter (cheap) Bought at Zellars. $6.99 for 7lbs I just bought this one so I will let you know. Good price, lightweight, and dustless so far. No smell with this litter so far.

Also please feel free to add your experiences with cat litter Boxes. We just found some online (Walmart) but it is a USA site so not sure if we can order. They are nice wooden boxes to hide the actual litter box.
I sure like those potted fake tree ones that have the litter box hidden in them too.
Tabby (Tabitha)
Wow, today was so warm that I didn't need my extra coat! I had a snuggle blankie, though. On the first bus, I heard about a cat who went through a dryer and lived, and one that didn't. Please be careful that your pets don't get into your laundry as it's going into the washer or dryer! The first bus driver wasn't sure he could let me on the bus in my stroller, so he kept on calling his boss on the radio to make sure it was ok to have me riding in my zipped-up stroller. He'd never seen a stroller designed specifically for pets before. On the second bus, I heard all about a bird that lived at a nursing home. It would fetch slippers, put itself in "time out", and greet all the residents by name. Wow, that's one smart bird!

I met some new friends today, and one lady came down from her room on another floor specifically to visit with me! I sat on laps, made nests on beds, and got lots of pets, chin scritches, and tummy rubs. Yay! I was kind of sad, though, because a couple of my friends didn't want to visit with me today. Mommy and S. asked them if they'd like to see me, and they said, "No, not today." G. didn't know I was there to visit with her. She thought that S. was asking if I was her cat, rather than asking if she'd like me to visit. When we left, the receptionist thought that I might not be feeling well because I curled up in a fur circle in my stroller. Mommy tried to explain that visiting takes a lot out of me, but we don't think the receptionist quite got the idea. No, I wasn't sick, I was just very tired!

After we got off the last bus, I jumped out of the stroller and walked alongside Mommy, looking at the grass, road, sidewalk, marsh, and everything else around me. I walked a long way! Mommy took some good pictures of me, and the tip of my tail was wagging in excitement!
My old foe is back
Posted May 4, 2011 by Chessie
Mom took me in to the vet yesterday and bad news. I'm anemic again.
The doc says my red blood cells are low and not regenerating. So for now I'm back up to half a prednisolone every other day and I have to go back to the vets next month.
Mom has to watch me to make sure that I keep eating and if that happens we'll figure out the next steps.
Shadow (at our old house)
I've condensed my previous diary entries from the other site into one very long post on our family's bloggie, so those who want to read it can. It's here.
Trixi (angel woofie)
I've condensed my previous diary entries from the other site into one very long post on our family's bloggie, so those who want to read it can. It's here.
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