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Angel Kali
Not quite as hot!
Posted June 11, 2015 by Angel Kali
Wow..we were not that hot yet, but we did reach 90* yesterday after morning storms, and it was hot & humid, windy and sunny..we had wind gusts up to 50 -55 mph. Today, however, much better high of 78*, no wind, a few sprinkles and many clouds.

We like being outside better when it is not as humid...but when it is sunny and humid, we lay in the shade on the back porch and not in the sun.

I have a funny to share...mom was misting her flowers today and she did not see Winston laying under the chair, so when she misted the one above the chair, Win came out and shook off and meowed at mom...mom said "I am so sorry Win, didn't know you were there"..we crawled under the other chair and went back to sleep.

Mom just finished dinner and shared some of it..she had a Turkey Pot Pie, salad and a corn muffin, she kinda shared some of her turkey chunks with us, but she wanted some for herself, too!!

We got treats today when mom came home from Kroger...she always buys us a package of treats when she goes out, we like the Pawty Mix and Temptations the best, but we do not like Greenies....what treats do you like?

Hope you have a pawsome evening! {Looks like rain here}
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Sun, clouds, wind and rain
Posted June 8, 2015 by Kelsee
Wow..did we have a day! We woke up and it was sunny, then it clouded up, then it rained a lot, then it stopped, cleared up again..now the clouds are coming back, but the sun is still out.

Mom enjoyed a nice day off work today..she went to the park with her friend and had a picnic lunch down by the water and saw some guys fishing, but it didn't look like any of them was catching anything.

Us kitties..we stayed home and enjoyed hanging in the windows til mom got back and let us outside...it is a tad windy, and Jesse was chasing a piece of paper that was blowing around the yard...it was funny.

We got purromised that mom would stay home with us all day WED & THURS...she said she might have to make a cat food run {But we want her to do that}, but other then that, she will be at our beck & Call all day for 2 days. Can you even imagine?

Me & Winston got into a huge fight with Louie today. He was trying to get in our house again, and I was sitting right there at the door, so I smacked him good and growled at him...Win heard all the ruckus and came running to help me keep him away...Win chased him back inside his own house...both mom and Louie's mom came to see what was going on...Louie was screaming very loud. He knows better then to try to get past us...so why does he even try?

After that experience, both me and Winston took a nap..me by the back door, and Winston on the chair downstairs at the table.

Hope you had a better day!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
Smelly Smoke!!!
Posted June 1, 2015 by Kelsee
It is a tad on the chilly side outside today. We had a 24 hour rainfall which really cooled it off outside. We are gonna be cooler all week, but no rain.

Mom came home from work and cleaned our yard, but she did NOT have to water her flowers today...MOL!! She picked out weeds and threw those away, then all the flower petals that blew off the flowers during that wind we had.

We had lots of smoke around here last night. Seems like a lot of the neighbors thought it was one of their homes..a lot of them were outside walking around and looking for the source, but nobody saw anything, just all the smoke and we could smell it, too, but nobody heard or saw any fire trucks at all.

When mom went to work today, she noticed the side street she takes was blocked off, but she didn't see why, so she just went straight, and when she got to work they asked her if she saw the "Sunrise Saloon" had burned down?

On mom's way home, the street was still blocked off, but she saw the building and it was totally gutted..it took the bar, cleaners on the corner and all the stores in between on the entire block...Wow! They are investigating the cause of the fire and we won't know anything til then.

Me and Sheba got into a tussle today. I walked past her and she had the nerve to pawsmack me, so I snarled at her and she smacked me again, so I smacked her good and both of us were growling..mom yelled for both of us to 'stop it'...but mom, Sheba started it....

Hope you are having a good day!
Great weather
Posted May 18, 2015 by Kelsee
Well, we are having a pawsome week..well, so far anyway. Today was 80*, yesterday was 85*, but we had storms last night around 2:30am that woke mom up.

Mom said she was going shopping tomorrow to buy more flowers for her yard. The ones she planted look so nice and they are growing very nicely!

You should see her Clematis plant..it has about 9 blooms on it and about a dozen buds ready to open..it is looking so pretty and mom is so happy cause last year it didn't have blooms cause she planted in late Summer...the flowers are deep purple...mom planted a new one early May that is growing like crazy, too, and this one will have dark pink flowers when they bloom!

Mom got more hours at work...instead of 2 whole days and 1 half day, mom now works Mon, Wed & Fri from 9am til 1pm and all day Saturday and half day Sunday unless they are busy, then she stays.

That is good cause we need food and litter and now mom getting more hours means we can get food more often now. MOL!! And special treats from time to time!

Hope you have a nice evening!
Angel Kali
Posted May 14, 2015 by Angel Kali
Boy we had some excitement here today. We were outside playing in the sun and mom was getting ready to go to the bank when all of a sudden we heard a boom and smelled smoke, the transformer by the building blew up, we lost power for about 1 1/2 hours...a car hit a pole and damaged some DTE equipment...by the time mom came home from the bank, the power had been restored.

It was a nice day today..all sunny warm and mild and no wind. Almost got to 70*, but 68* was cool! We will take it cause the past 2 days were in the low 50's and cloudy and windy.

We are getting ready for Jesse's birthday tomorrow. The party starts at noon and runs all day til the last kitty gets tired and goes home...Kelsee posted an invite on the CMR.

Mom did not put my collar back on for the Summer...all the kitties have theirs on {well not Jesse yet} mom can't put his on over his stitches....I don;t have to wear mine cause it get tangled in my long fur and mom has to get the knots out and that hurts.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
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