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A pawsome September Day
Posted September 17, 2015 by Kali
Today was so pawsome. 77* and sunny sunny sunny, and a bit breezy, too! Not a cloud up there, so we can see all the birds and planes that fly overhead!

Mom went out on her bike to the craft store cause she needed elastic to fix some of the waistlines on her skirts...some of them are falling down off mom cause she lost so much weight, so she is putting new elastic in them.

She also got a Plastic Canvas booklet to make more things..it is a seasonal WELCOME kit that has WELCOME SUMMER, etc..for all the seasons and mom has to change them when the new seasons come....maybe she take a picture of it when it is all done, but she hasn't started it yet!

Have a pawsome evening!
Mom was gone most of the day!
Posted September 14, 2015 by Kelsee
Well, mom went to work this morning and came home at 1:30 and got ready to go to her Dr. appt for her last test...the hearing test....they didn't take mom in til 1 hour past her appt time as they were really backed up...mom's appt was 4:15, they finally called her back at 5:20...mom is tired..and she has to go back to the DR tomorrow to get the results of all the tests she had done...this one is at 10am and she hopes not to be there all day!

We got to spend a little time with mom between work and Dr.s though, but not much and she got home late to feed us, so we didn't get to eat out dinner after 6:30pm and we eat dinner at 5:30pm...I feel like giving that Dr ofice a piece of my kitty mind!

It was nice today, the sun was shining and we got to 76* and breezy... and it is supposed to be back in the 80's sometime later in the week!

Hope you all have a pawsome evening!
Lots of rain!
Posted September 3, 2015 by Kali
Hope you are doing well. We were hot today, we reached 86* and it was very humid, but then around 2pm, the rain came and we had thunder and high winds and lots of rain.

Mom did not want to be online or watch TV {we have DTV and no signal when it pours anyway}, so mom sat at the dining room table and did a few word search puzzles.

Then she had dinner and we went back outside when the rain stopped and mom fed MR Squirrel and his friend or maybe his mate some nuts, so we sat and watched them eat them.

Now we are getting more rain and thunder and we all high-tailed it up the stairs to the porch, all dry except for poor Jesse who caught in the downpour running through the rain for shelter.

We really needed some rain, we haven't had any for awhile now and now mom doesn't have to go outside later and water her garden of flowers.

Mom got stung by a bee this morning when she was pruning her Impatiens..taking off the dead petals..she did not see it and it got her right on the finger, but mom put "After Bite" right on it and put some triple anti-biotic ointment on it, so it didn't swell up.

Hope you have a dry pawsome evening!
Purrs & Pawhuggzthumbup
Our HOT has returned
Posted August 31, 2015 by Kelsee
Wow...were got to go outside today when mom got home from work. It is very hot out and we stayed in the shade. It is in the mid 80's with very high humidity. We WERE supposed to get some bad storms, but they moved over us, so we never got hit, all we got was thunder and it got dark out, but no rain.

Mom rode her bike today for the 1st time in 1 month. It was 1 month ago today that mom fell and hurt herself and spent 4 days at the Hospital and mom still has bumps and bruises on her head and her knee and she still can't hear from her left ear and it 'rings' all the time.

She rode up to the bank to cash her paycheck and deposit some of the money in her account and then stopped at Kroger for food. Mom said seeing as how she couldn't BBQ most of the Summer cause of being sick, she is taking every opportunity to BBQ now while the weather is still warm enough to do so...and of course she shared her steak with me and Jesse.

Mom is off tomorrow so we get to go outside earlier. But at 3:30 mom has to leave cause she has an appt for her MRI tomorrow and she hopes everything is cleared up now.

Mom watered her flowers tonight after we ate dinner and we all ran up the stairs and sat on the porch to watch and when she was through Jesse went down and drank from the puddle while Winston sat and watched the squirrel eat some crackers mom threw for him to enjoy!

Purrs & Pawhuggz!!
Mom's DR Appts!
Posted August 27, 2015 by Kali
I am so happy that we don't have to see the Vet as often as mom has to go to the Dr. Yikes: here are what mom is facing the next 2 weeks:

Tomorrow: 2:45---MRA to check the blood vessels in moms brain.
Tues. 9/1-- 5:15pm...MRI
WED. 9/9--2:30...EEG
9/10--Back to the Cardiologist
Mon. 9/14---4:15pm...AEP {it is a test that checks sound waves and electrical waves in the brain}
9/15--Back to the neurologist
10/5---she goes in for an Endoscopy!

Doesn't all of this sound quite exciting?? NOT!!! Glad it isn't me.

We were very cool today. Only got to 64* and cloudy all day...not windy, just breezy. Mom and her friend Sue went downtown and went on the Diamond Jacks River Tour...mom took some pics....it was kinda windy on the water though so mom took a jacket!

We got to go outside and watch mom water her garden when she got home...we stayed on the porch and Winston sat on the picnic table on the other side of the yard...when mom turned off the water, we came back downstairs.

It gets dark kinda early now, so our outside time is getting cut off at 8:30pm..we used to be out til 9:30 or 10pm....a sure sign that Autumn is coming.

Well, I certainly hope you had a nice day!
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