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Angel Kali
About to get "HEAT"
Posted July 16, 2015 by Angel Kali
We had a pawsome day. Mom was home with us all day! never left the house at all...only went out front to pull a few weeds.

We all spent the day outside, it was around 80*, so mom weeded her garden as well, and picked dead petals off her petunia's and pansies and removed dead marigolds from the pot.

We also BBQ'd tonight and mom shared with Jesse & Kelsee...the rest of us don't care for people food..Sheebs eats it, but tonight she didn't want any..she is not a big fan of pork. Mom had pork chops, beans and potatoes.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so of course it is clouding up outside and looks like it will start earlier then tomorrow..mom hopes it holds off until she gets to work so she can ride her bike!

Have a pawsome evening my friend!
Purrs, meows and pawhugs!!!
Not a bad day!
Posted July 13, 2015 by Kelsee
Happy Monday! We started out cloudy today, then it was partly sunny, then later in the day it sprinkled just a wee bit, but ow the sun is out and all the clouds are all gone! We are all out doors in the yard watching birds eat bread.

Mom is feeling much better today, she worked til 1pm, then came home and did laundry and cleaned out our boxes, now they are sparkling new and clean..we felt real bad for mom cause one of us had the runs{?} and it was a mess and poor mom had to smell that and wipe it all up and the worst part was some of it landed on the floor, but mom was brave and got it all cleaned out.

Wed mom goes to her Dr for the report about her colonoscopy and then the results of her blood-work, her appt is at 9:15am, so she hopes she won't be all day. She goes back to work on FRI.

Mom watered all her purrty flowers and Winston sat on the stairs watching while the rest of us stayed on the porch and watched...after she was done and put her hose away, we went back downstairs.

We got faster internet today! Mom got a letter from Xfinity and they told her how to boost up her modem for the faster speed..we went from 50mbps to 75mbps..so mom boosted her modem and they are right.,.it is faster, mom can tell the difference..web pages are loading quicker now!

I hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Posted July 6, 2015 by Kelsee
Wow, we have been listening to these firecrackers since July 1st and they are still throwing them off. Mom was sitting in the window on the 4th watching some of our neighbors throw off Fireworks..they were very pretty, I must say, but very loud. Mom tried to get some pictures with her new camera, but they came out all blurry and fuzzy!

We have been in a dry spell from the rain lately. This is the 3rd day in a row we are in the 80's and sunny and a mild breeze...very nice outside. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 85*.

Mom was trying to take pictures of Jesse today, but he would not co-operate, he saw mom with the camera and ran off in every direction possible to avoid her...she managed to get on of his backside but he had his head turned..mom just shakes her head.

We all got our dose of catnip today, and of course Sheebs had to try to steal all of it for herself..that girl is so greedy...mom gives us all our very own pile and she finishes hers and wants ours. Ummm!

Mom heard from her Landlord and it seems like his wife is back in the hospital in FLA for more surgery, so they had to postpone coming home now til August. Last mom heard she got stung on the eye by a Bee..but we are not sure if this is what the surgery is for or not..

Mom told him she NEEDS for him to get a roofer here ASAP before her bedroom ceiling falls...right now if he can send one soon, all it will need will be a coat of coat of paint to cover the water stain...he told mom to call him when she gets her new work schedule for next week and he will call and send one over....if he gets it fixed now, he will only pay for the roof repairs, but if he waits longer he will have to pay to have mom's ceiling repaired as well!

We had a wonderful 4th. Mom BBQ'd beans, burgers and hotdogs and made a fruit salad and got chips as well..of course me and Jesse both got our grilled burger to share..and Sheba had a few bites, but Win & Kali sniffed it and walked away..they do not know what they are missing!

The only down side is the firecrackers these people refuse to put away! They have been throwing them off since the 1st..Detroit needs a law that says "ONLY ON THE 4th up til MIDNIGHT"..none before or after or face jail time or getting a hefty fine.

We have a poor dog down the block from us that runs in frenzied circles and howls everytime someone throws off a firecracker and his owners just leave him outside and he goes to the door and paws at it and barks and whines...but nothing...poor Herc..that is his name..Hercules and he is part Shepherd and part Lab.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!
Angel Kali
we had a beautiful day!
Posted July 2, 2015 by Angel Kali
Today was a nice day. We made it to the low 80's with lots and lots of sunshine and a mild breeze. Very beautiful day...now if we could get more exactly like it!

Mom went to the hardware store today to buy Mulch {Brown} for her garden...boy does it ever make the yard look better and her flowers look very nice with the mulch around them...onl;y problem came when mom opened the bag and found it wet..she had to locate her garden gloves..she said "NO way am I sticking my hands in that crud"..we all laughed at mom..it was so funny.

It was on sale for $4.00 for a 56 pound bag...mom took her shopping cart with her cause mom can't lift 56 pounds much less carry it home.

Jesse is afraid to walk on it now..you should see it..he sticks his paw in and then steps back..then he does it again..he isn't quite sure what it is I guess.

Mom cleaned the yard later cause she had a trail of mulch from one end of the garden to the other end of the garden..she picked up what she cold and threw it in, the rest she watered away!

Mom isn't feeling well today. Her tummy has been acting up all day and she hasn't eaten anything cause she is afraid she will be sick...mom is going to see her DR next week and then go from there!

Oh boy..I hear treats and catnip coming..Gotta run!
Have a pawsome evening!
Angel Kali
No rain yet!
Posted June 18, 2015 by Angel Kali
Well, my day is going super so far! It was supposed to rain like crazy, but it never came at all..first they said it was coming at 1pm..nothing, then at 3pm, still nothing and here it is about 7pm and still no rain..oh well.

That was good though cause we got to be outside and even if it is a tad on the humid side, it is very breezy..not high winds, but breezier then a small breeze.

Mom and her friend went to lunch and mom forgot to lock her back door and found it open when she came home, but nothing was gone and nobody even bothered our place..all us kitties were in the yard watching the gate..so nobody came around.

Mom isn't usually that absent-minded, but today I guess she was in a hurry cause her friend was being impatient and blowing the horn off the car..so mom was rushed.

We all got brushed today and mom got a lot of fur off of me and Kelsee...that Kelsee loves being brushed and even when mom is done with her and doing one of us others..Kelsee will go over and want to be brushed more...she is funny.

Mom has been going around taking pictures of us with her new camera now...she got one of those Sony Cyber Shots and it is really nice...so mom is going crazy taking pictures.

I hope you have a super pawsome evening!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!
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