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Not as warm!
Posted March 16, 2015 by Kelsee
Well, today is not what they said it was gonna be. It was supposed to SUNNY and 60*...but instead it is cloudy, cool and 53*..what happened?

We are still spending the day outside though. Mom has the back door open for us and we are enjoying being out. Mom was out with us cause she was cleaning the backyard up..picking up dead leaves and trash and just a little spring sweeping.

Mom will be home with us until FRI when she goes back to work again. Tomorrow she will go to Kmart and the rest of the week she will be home with us....we sure enjoy having mom home.

Louie came outside and he went straight to our back door and sat there staring at the new screen mom put up, he can't figure how out to get in now..MOL!!! Serves him right. He saw me coming toward him and ran back in his own house.

This year we have no dogs around here to scare us when we play outside. Maggie is a nice dog and she doesn't come anyway, she is always with her own mom in the car when she goes out...she is a mommies girl dog.

Well, AJ is coming to get us so we can go up to Angel Shadow's birthday party. Should be fun..she is 24 today!

Have a pawsome day!
Purrs & Pawhuggz~~~
Kelsee O'Kutie =^..^=
Not quite as warm
Posted March 12, 2015 by Kali
I am doing well today, nice and snug in my bed. It isn't quite as warm as it was yesterday, but the boys went outside anyway, while us girls decided to stay in with mom....yesterday was 55* and today is 48*, so a bit cooler, but the sun is shining brightly.

Mom just came home from going to the Store...we got more kitty food...yay!! Moms are the best! Of course we had to help her take it out of the bag, and she ended up dropping 4 cans on the floor cause of us..Oh Oh!!!

I begged for a treat and mom gave me 4 of them..we sure enjoy our treats, but Jesse would eat the entire bag if he could...he is a treat-hound!

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Kali O'Malley =^..^=
Warmer week ahead
Posted March 9, 2015 by Kelsee
Wow...is it ever nice here today. It is 43* and sunny, but the wind is rather chilly so it isn't as warm as it was yesterday, but still mom has our back door open and we are walking around the back porch.

I helped mom clean house today, I was chasing the dirt that was flying around...MOL, then we cleaned out our litter boxes, soaked them in hot water for awhile and put them in the sun to dry, so now they are fresh and clean...mom is waiting to see who will be the first to mess one up...MOL!

Tomorrow will be 50* and WED will be 52*, so mom is going to to go to a Craft Store and pick up a few things for our yard for the Spring..Joann's Fabrics and Crafts is having a 25% off sale now through Saturday, so mom is taking advantage of it.

Hope you are having a nice day and getting to watch some snow melt like we are. Have a fun afternoon!!!

Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Kelsee O'Cutie =^..^=
My New DO
Posted March 5, 2015 by Kali
Our weather today is back to frigid stuff. The past 2 days have been above freezing and some of the ice started to melt, but now everything is re-froze again, today it is 17* and going to 20*, but by next week it is supposed to be ABOVE 40*...whoooo-hoooo!!! Can't wait.

I got groomed yesterday and mom said I was a good girl, even though I growled and squirmed and hissed at her..I had a few tangles and she had to pull a little bit and it hurt my tender skin...OUCH!!!

But after she was done, she said I was beautiful and gave me some treats. I only get groomed like that 2 times a month, but I get brushed out every 2 days...I don't mind the brush, it doesn't hurt, but I hate that comb!

We finally got all the water back on here. It was a process, but it is all finished. The water-main break outside was done in a day, but then mom's neighbor lost water when her water meter froze and her water went out and she had no water for 3 weeks, so she was coming over here to get water and use the potty...the water meter company finally got over here and replaced her meter and checked all of the other ones while he was here....all is good!

I got me some tummy rubs today...oh, did that ever feel good. I was laying on my back and rolling around with a toy and mom came over and started rubbing my tummy..Oh I just loved that, I started purring and purring..then she stopped and so I followed her and told her to do it again!

We are all looking for our cozy spots so we can take our afternoon kitty naps now!! Time to curl up and snooze!

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
I was a bit naughty
Posted March 2, 2015 by Kelsee
Hope this day finds you well rested. We are having a pawsome day today. It is 32*, sunny and no wind, but a bit breezy, tomorrow it is supposed to start off snowing then as the temps get above freezing, it will be a rain/snow mix...UGH!!!

I was a naughty girl today...one of my fursibs had diarrhea in the litterbox and I had to go in a hurry..so instead of running to the other litterboxes mom has, I took a poo on the bathroom rug...there was no way I was gonna step in another cats mess...not me!! When mom came home from work, I showed her the litter box, so she dumped it, cleaned it and put in fresh litter...now to locate the one with the runs....not me!!!

Mom did not yell at me or anything, she just picked it up..she knew it was me cause she she saw me do it once before when the box was messy..I think I will go and hide my face in shame now!

I have having so much fun playing with my my Zany Cat toy...Jesse is afraid of it, Sheba plays with it sometimes, and Winston just watches it...but I love it..I chase it all over.

Have a fun afternoon
Purrs & Pawhuggz
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