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My pawsome sunny day
Posted June 26, 2014 by Kali
I had a marvelous day today. I spent the afternoon outside in the sun. I was basking in it's warmth..laying on my back and allowing the sun to shine down on my belly...nothing better in the World.

We had a pawsome day..77*, sunny skies and a mild breeze..just a most perfect summer day! Tomorrow will be better as we get to 80* with lots of sun.

Mom is leaving us tomorrow though. She is going downtown to walk the River walk and take pictures, etc. her last time before she starts work and then she can go back later.

I hope your day was as pleasant as ours!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
Not the best day
Posted June 23, 2014 by Kelsee
Sheba is trying to make a run for it...she tried to go outside 2 times already, but mom caught her both times..we are not used to having the door shut cause we all come in and go out all day as we please..but now we can't..mom has to keep opening the door for us.

Today is overcast, humid, cloudy and rainy and 77*..not a very good day to go outside unless we lay on the porch, which we have been doing...supposed to be rainy all week.

Mom thought with all the snow we had over the Winter we wouldn't see much rain this Summer, but that was not right..we get lots of rain, so far it has been a very rainy Spring and 2 days of Summer.

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Kody Dream Boat #153
Howdy my friends,

It has been some time since we have visited you all, Mom has some time so she is letting me give you an update on me.

I am doing better especially now that we are all settled and we are finally used to our new house. Mom has me on homeopathic medication for my bladder to help me from getting blocked, also on new special diet that helps with the stress, we got it from my new vet.

Speaking of my new vet I like her so far, verdict is still out since we haven't gone to her too many times. Anyway I have new food it is dry, so Mom is giving me a very small amount like a little treat.

I am loving getting to look out back from my cat tree watching the birdies, I was watching lizards but they disappeared since the landscapers came to work on our yard. Now we have our yard done with 2 trees the birds come into the trees.

I love running around and sliding on the wooden floors, sleeping on Moms bed in the afternoon, getting on the island bothering Mom when she gets our food, meowing loudly at the garage door so I can go out and roll on the concrete, sniffing everything.

I especially love having Mom and Dad home with us now that they are retired. Mom is still trying to get used to being home all day with Dad...

We are having really hot days in the 100's and nights here in the 90's, we are so not used to this heat, Mom hasn't put up our enclosure yet she tells us it is too hot for us to be outside. But the good thing is we are all cool and happy inside.

Oh yeah I forgot, Mom got a new laptop, she hasn't made the change to it yet, it is a touch screen and now she has to learn everything all over, this laptop gets slow a lot of times and it is hard for her to do anything so she doesn't get on the computer much, she got a new phone and is learning how to use it...guess Mom is kinda catching up with the times...slowly!

regular_smile hugs
Kody the now desert kitty
My "RUDE" awakening
Posted June 19, 2014 by Kali
I sure had a "RUDE" awakening today..there I was all sprawled out on the floor sound asleep and mom scooped me up and took me outside and started to comb my fur...granted I was 'matty' and she wanted them gone, so she combed, pulled, cut and pulled more cut more and combed more...finally the brush and then I got my nails trimmed.

After that I got big hugs and a kiss on the head and she let me down. I hate grooming days..Oh to be a short-furred kitty like the rest...they are so lucky, they never get groomed..brushed out once in awhile cause they like it and they all get their nails trimmed.

It was an overcast day of 73* today. No rain and no storms today. Thank goodness. Cloudy and calm breezes...we laid on the back porch awhile and then wandered in and out most of the day.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrs =^..^=
Angel K.Malachi
Greetings All!
Posted June 12, 2014 by Angel K.Malachi
I realised that I hadn't added a new blog since I've become an Angel, I think, so I'm here to wish everyfur a very blessed night and sweet dreams.

Purrs & kitty kisses,
Angel K.Malachi
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