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Amy Lynn Bowers
New Shop Items!
Posted April 21, 2011 by Amy Lynn Bowers
And it's mama's turn... lol!!

My sister added some new items to her etsy shop. It's the yellow Catcessities! banner ad you see on some of the pages. She added three sizes of kitty carrots... from about 2 inches up to about 12 inches! Lots of feathery and nippy fun! Some stuff has nip, some has bells, some has bells. She added some new string toys and bell balls too. Great prices for stuff your kitty will love!!
Today's Notes
Posted April 19, 2011 by Kittanna
For those who aren't friends with mama on FB, there was a sweet boycat thrown away where she works. He has a bad eye and needed attention!! Who would throw away a kitten in need! Looks young, maybe 10 months, otherwise appears healthy and OMGs! He's is SUPER friendly! A friend of mama's from work took him. He's getting a couple of different meds to help him get better and he's getting love. He wants to love on the dog, but she's not having it because he stole a treat from her... mol!! Mama REALLY wishes she could have brought him home as she wants an orangie boycat, but with the younger ones not fixed yet that would not have gone well. Even separating them, mama was worried he'd spray... plus he's seriously talkative too and would probably have hated being alone in a bedroom.

Mama's got this weekend off so, provided something is planned at her mama's, she gets to hunt eggs!! Doesn't matter how old she gets, she still enjoys doing the egg thing. Mama, her sister and sister-in-law will hide them for the kids, then the kids hide for them! ^..^

Mama's gotta work the next few days so we'll see y'all on the weekend!!
Blue Mousie
Posted April 17, 2011 by Harry
I'm a mousie afishieanado as some of you know. I'm like the great Raggie Picasso who had hundreds of mousies. I can't seem to hang onto them long enough to build a collection that size, but I keep trying.

Well yesterday Mama brought home a blue mousie with a feather where its tail should be! It looked like fun, but nothing special.

So this morning I took it for a test run and guess what??? When you throw it up in the air it chirps! This may be the best mousie EVER. I've been throwing it all over the house.

Molly thinks it's magic. lol She's been following me around watching, and is afraid to touch it.
My Point of View
Posted April 16, 2011 by Stinky
Hi all my dedicated followers...
It is so nice to finally be able to talk to you as ME!!
It would be very hard fur me to go all the way back to that awful dreaded day when, out of nowhere, that rotten car grazed my rear! But i knew if i was able to drag myself home that i would be okay.
Mom & Dad have not let me down. i now prefer to see my unfortunate accident as a "career move". If that never happened, i would still be my wild self, outside, alone, lonely and catfused.
i much prefer my life now.
i am a very happy Mancat albeit less Man and more Cat! i like my food...its my favorite time of the day and night. What luxury it is to be part of a circle of food bowls with my kids and sibs. We all eat with our heads touching and we know Mom likes this because she always smiles so we humor her! Whos kidding who? We do it because we all like to eat!
As time goes on i will write about the past but for now im just happy to be living in the moment.

Janeen DiRienzo
Napa~ nono A dog got loose on Highway 29 in Napa today, shutting down both North and South bound lanes for a short while. With all the officers and some of the drivers out of their cars trying to catch the pooch, it was already a funny sight to see. But Fido wasn't having any part of the humans, when all these cars were available, specifically the tires, for a little marking.
I laughed ... and laughed ... and laughed some more. Then I looked at the guy in the car next to me and he looked at me and we both started laughing again (being that this was all happening in the southbound lanes and not ours).
This pooch was intent on peeing on the back tires of every single car that was stopped over there, and there were at least 100 at this point. I don't know how far he got, we were waved on, but I'm sure he will be making the papers tonight. Hopefully in the Sports section.

*sometimes you just get lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.
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