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Friday DB #170
I sure am glad I finally decided to make time to come over here and learn stuff to do on mai pages

Cathugger is so pawsome and its not that difficult to navigate around and pretty up our pages either

Our furiends helps us when we have questions too!!

I really loves Cathugger and am having the time of mai life wif mai furiends at Hogwarts School of Magic over at the Blues Lounge wif alla mai furiends there!!

I'm so glad too that many of mai furiends from Catsterland came over here, we can hang out here and connect wif each other too!!
Storm Central
Posted July 7, 2014 by Kelsee
When we got up today, we helped mom clean her house. She did everything but wash dishes and she said she will do them tomorrow..now I would have done them, but I do not like getting my paws wet.

It was a nice day, although somewhat stormy, but it never rained hard or anything, but it was thundering pretty good for awhile....we did make it to 83*, but it is humid cause of the storms in the area.

Winston and Kali are outside, but the rest of us are inside with mom....Paulie is outside and we are afraid of him, but Kali and Win seem to be alright with him and I noted that he never really bothers them, but he chases Jesse, but then Jesse is running and maybe Paulie thinks it is a game of chase...Paulie is the pit that lives downstairs.

Hope you have the pawsomest evening ever!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Not a good day!
Posted July 3, 2014 by Kali
Well, today was a lousy day. It was cold and damp all day until late in the evening. Mom stayed in the house and so did all of us, but now Win is outside in the yard. We never got out of the 60's and it was cloudy and windy...now the sun is out and it is supposed to be a pawsome 4th tomorrow!

I hung out with mom on the couch or on her bed, but sometimes I slept on the table. I really sitting with mom cause she pets me a lot and complains I lose too much fur. MOL!!!!Sheba got mad at me today and I do not know why. I walked past her and she growled at me, but I growled back and then she smacked me and we starting hissing...mom just shook her head and said "Will you 2 diva's be good girls"...what do you suppose she meant by that???

Well, I hope you have a pawsome evening and a have a nice 4th tomorrow with your family. Mom will BBQ with her family and also have her best friend over sometime over the weekend.

Don't be too scared of them loud fire crackers..they do hurt our ears, don't they!?? Wish they would make them stop!

Purrs & Pawhuggz~~
Friday DB #170
It's been way too long since I been here at Cathugger!! I just stopped in an wow, do I ever miss this purrlace!! lotza mai furiends are here and I need to come on in and purrlay wif them and learn to do things on mai pages too!! I wants a photo album, go travelling wif mai furiends, have a pawsome looking page and play and have fun wif mai furiends!! Meowmy said I can do this now too!!

Oh I sure hope mai furiends can help me!!
What a crazy Day
Posted June 30, 2014 by Kelsee
Well, today was a circus around here for sure. Goodness, poor Winston was scared to death...he was outdoors in the yard...

that goofy neighbor who accuses mom of weird stuff, came out and screaming at her again saying she stole her makeup and mom doesn't even wear makeup, and then she poisoned her dog..mom would not mistreat any dog or pet....

So the guys downstairs came out and went off on her bug time...so she started accusing them of ripping her off..like a guy wants makeup...

The crazy lady did not know what to make of that, her neighbors all going off on her, she did not like it at all..so she ran inside and we haven't seen her since.

Mom had to go out and bring Winston inside..it is too hot out anyway for him to stay outside in the yard..it is 85* and really humid and it is supposed to rain later.

Mom is inside the house with all of us and watching TV and we are all sleeping after getting some Party Mix treats..yummy!!!

Hope you had a better day.
Huggs & Purrz
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