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Dratted furballs
Posted April 14, 2011 by Cow!Cat
Note to self: the best way to discipline an extremely furry housemate is not by nipping the tip of its tail. *gack hack gack pthhtoooey hack*
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My Turn!
Posted April 12, 2011 by Pewter
I get to be the blogger today! ^..^

Thanks to April, mama's now changed the backgrounds on all our pages. Yay! Only thing is, she going to have to make a purple background for her purple kitty!! She never realized that was a colour she'd never done one in. Hundreds of background tiles she's made and NONE are purple! I'm so left out.

Mama worked a whole FOUR DAYS this weekend! She never works that many in a row if she can help it. We didn't know what to make of her leaving again yesterday but we soldiered on and were waiting when she got home this morning.

Nothing else has gone on around here lately so my note gets to be the short one.
Settling In
Posted April 12, 2011 by Molly
Mama is really a disgrace. She had NO IDEA what day my birthday was!! Can you believe it? She went to that other site and looked it up. It's October 5!

It is my real birthday too, because the people my natural pawrents live with kept track. I was 4 months old when Phoebe and Gimme adopted me. Phoebe knows my birthday!

So Mama fixed all our birthdays on this site so they're accurate. She had Allie and Murray born in the wrong year! thumbdown

Anyway we're fixed now so I can celebrate when I turn 2. But I'm really liking being 1 so I'm not in a hurry.
Lady Moira Jane Derry
Posted April 12, 2011 by Lady Moira Jane Derry
Mama saw me crawling under the neighbor's fence today. The one the two loud goofy dogs live behind. The red-brown woofer is named Chip, and the amiable one-eyed goldy is named Sophie, and they make a ruckus whenever they see anything move, which is heaps of fun. I love laughing at them.

But now Mama's telling Daddy he should put something there to block the opening. Drat it all!
Jenny Allgeyer
Posted April 11, 2011 by Jenny Allgeyer
Ok, I'm new here. I have 3 cats--Ingen, Baby & Mr. Spot. Some of you past/present catster members may know us.

I know many people/kitties have left catster but I don't know why. Could someone please tell me? I was never active in the forums. I never quite understood how they worked (I am not real clear on this whole social networking thing).

Anyways, if you are interested in befriending us, we are open to making friends.
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