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Posted June 8, 2019 by George
we finally got 2 days in a row of sun with no rain. I can't believe it, We had one of the wettest May's on record. No rain is forecast til Monday afternoon. That is good, It was 79* today and tomorrow will be 82*. I was out on the back porch and Benny saw me and ran back inside, but the other 2 boys played with me and followed me all over the back yard.

Dad Charlie put a big table right next to the window so me and Woody can sit on it and watch outside. There was a blanket on the table for us to sleep on, but it needs to be washed cause someone upchucked on it...dad said as soon as it is clean he will put it back. Wasn't me, nope!

Dad ordered a pizza and it is here, so I have to go and get my pickings of pepperoni! See you next week!!!

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