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Wendy Spiesman
Posted April 4, 2011 by Wendy Spiesman
For Roxy's Kittens

Precious new life
Suckling with abandon
Lil' furry sausages
Tags: Poems
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Delilah wrote at April 5, 2011
0 Votes
Snausages of fur, no strength.
Babies lean on mom.
Soon will learn to poo on own.

Kitty haiku!
Last Update on April 5, 2011 by Delilah
Tigger wrote at April 4, 2011
0 Votes
Why didn't I think of that? A poem about cooties?!?
Quinn C wrote at April 4, 2011
1 Vote
Dose cooties have been spotted on my side of the Rainbow Bridge! I am a very busy angel.
Quinn C
Wendy Spiesman wrote at April 4, 2011
3 Votes
Quinn C's Cooties

Cooties here, cooties there
Cooties, cooties EVERYWHERE!
Cooties swarming up the chair
Cooties rooting in my hair!
Cooties breeding in their lair,
Cooties dancing, it's not fair!
Cooties bold, with out a care,
Cooties watch with baleful stare.
Cooties you had best beware,
Cause I'M in charge so don't you DARE!
Wendy Spiesman