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Monday mania
Posted February 17, 2020 by Kelsee

Happy Monday everyone! The beginning of a new week. Mom slept in til 10:30 today. I was still sleeping on the couch when she got up and she came over and patted me and said "Good morning pretty girl". I mewed at her and went back to sleep.

Then mom picked up all our dishes while she was making breakfast for herself {french toast}. she is soaking them in hot water and also cleaning off our placemats. She cleaned our litter boxes, took out the trash, and is also doing laundry.

I am waiting for the clean laundry to come back upstairs so I can jump in it and get cozy on the pile of warm clothes. i love laundry day.

Mom cleaned the apt up, she swept, took out the floor monster and mopped. She still has to wash dishes. I told her I would help when she did them.

have a pawsome afternoon~
Lindas Angels
Having a nice weekend {A Shadow}
Posted February 16, 2020 by Lindas Angels
Good evening

This has been a pawsome weekend. Valentine's on FRI. On sat me and some friends went to lunch and went shopping. Came back home and sat on my porch enjoying some decent weather.

A few kittens and puppies came over and wanted me to play with them, so we played "star spinning" and "slid down the snow covered hill on the stretch of land out back.

I went to the Ice arena and practiced my MHL playing. Shooting pucks past the goalie. I have a game tonight and my team is doing really well. My team is called "Kitty Avalanche" and we use the Boston Bruins as our team. Figaro, Benny & Loki are also on my team.

it's starting to snow a little bit. Hopefully the little ones will remember how to make them snow angels I taught them how to make.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted February 14, 2020 by Loki1610

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends today. I sure hope you all have plans with loved ones. Me?? I am taking my lovely Tabatha out to dinner. After dinner we are playing mouse hockey. {I know a lot of you know we play}. Tabs doesn't play cause she isn't into rough and tumble sports, in fact she is a 'show cat'.

Today it is bitterly cold here in Hockeytown. Only 15* for a high, but we do have a lot of sunshine and blue skies, just cold cold cold. We are warming back up to the mid 30's by Monday.

Mom is so happy she didn't have to go out today. She doesn't work on FRI. tomorrow will be cold in the morning, but warming up to the mid 20's by the time she comes home{she usually gets a ride home}.

Me and Figs had a fantastic playtime this morning. We chased each other around the house and jumped on furniture and off it and around the table, we had fun. The other cats just look at us young guys like we are nuts. The next youngest is Ben and he is 11, he like to play and we play with him sometimes.

Snow all day
Posted February 13, 2020 by Kali

It's been snowing since mom got up to go to work today and it has not stopped yet. We just got about 1/2" though so it is not accumulating which makes mom happy.

It's getting colder though. we hit 34* today, but it is slowly dropping and right now it is 22* and by the time it drops overnight our low is gonna 8*. Very cold night. I am so happy I am an indoor kitty.

I came out to play today. I was in the dining room when mom came home. I was playing with some cool mice she got us from Dollar general. I like playing with them mice, but at night I sure enjoy playing with mom's feet under the blankets.

Stay warm everyone and have a great night.

The day matches me
Posted February 12, 2020 by Benjamin
Hi all my friends

Today is gray and gloomy. My fur is grey, even though it is considered "Blue". Weird, huh???? So the day matches my fur.

Mom said it isn't too cold out though. It is 35*, but no sun, no wind and no snow. Just a grey and gloomy day.

Mom had to go out to pick up a few things she needed. She went to a place called "Dollar General". She came home with really furry mice toys for us. Loki grabbed his and ran off and Figs chased his around the house. I left mine on the top of the kitty tree.

Mom gave us all 'nip' before she left and some treats, too. Told us to be good cats and she would be home soon. She was only gone for a few hours.

Well, time for our kitty naps. We all take naps in the early evening to be awake for dinner and then more playtime.

Have a great evening!
Meows & Purrz!~
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