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My little adventure
Posted March 27, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon.

I took me an adventure down the steps. Mom went down to get the mail and I followed her to the bottom of the stairs. I was sniffing the air at the bottom of the door and wanting to get out...I looked at mom and meowed and all she did was say "No Loki, it is dangerous out there". I guess she cold be right, we do live on a main street, but with everyone at home there is no traffic right now.

Figs came down to join me and he was no help either, so we both ran up and down the stairs a few times, then came back in the house to take a nap, all that running up and down made us tired.

Mom was cleaning and arranging things today, Now that she is home, she finds things to clean to keep her busy or she will go crazy. She does talk with her sister on the phone and instant messenger on FB.

In a few weeks or so mom said she is going out on the back porch to start cleaning up for the warmer weather. That sounds good to me, maybe I can go out and help clean up the mess.

Have a nice day
Stay safe!
Happy Thursday
Posted March 26, 2020 by Kali
Another day. It is 55* here but it is cloudy with rain moving in. Typical Spring weather.

I am lounging on mom's bed. The other cats are somewhere. Sometimes Loki or Figgy will jump on the bed and join me, but not right now.

it is noisy here. The landlord has workers here working on the building. Mom said they are 'non essential' so they should not be here. This building is all older people.

Lots pf people outside working on their property. Doing lawn-work, painting, etc. Mom saw a lady washing window's yesterday.

Mine and Kelsee's new food came today. Mom ordered us some Iam's Senior Plus for 11+ cats. But right now our other bag is still half full, but mom did not want to run out. We have a lot of kitty food here.

There is a squirrel sitting on outside on the railing. he keeps looking at the back door. I guess he figures mom will feed him and she would if she had something to give him. he is digging in the flower pot.

Have a nice afternoon and stay safe!

The sun is out
Posted March 25, 2020 by Benjamin
Good afternoon everyone

Today is a sunny mild day. We were supposed to get to 55* but we we never made it, Our high was just 48*. It is 44* now.

Mom took a walk. There were others out walking as well. She stopped at the store for a few things. A lot of places are closed in the strip mall down the street.

Mom hung her new wind-chimes outside on the back porch. Now when it get windy we can listen to them. Her old ones broke when it got real windy outside.

Loki wants to go outside to play. The sun is out, mom has the back door open, so he is crying at the back door to go outside and trying to climb the glass...silly boy.

I'm just pacing back and forth. Looking for something to play with. I found a catnip toy I like, so I will grab it and play.

have a nice evening
Twilight Zone
Posted March 24, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Mom said it feels like we live in the TWILIGHT ZONE. What is that? I never heard of it.

It is so quiet here mom can hear our purrs from across the room. No traffic, no one outside...I do see squirrels and birds though. I saw one man riding his bike.

Everything around here is closed except the Vet and the Car repair garage across the street. I guess if essential workers cars get broke down, they need them repaired.

The Mediterranean diner down the street is closed and they are not even doing carry out, curbside pickup or carryout...a big sign on the door says "CLOSED TIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO THE C-19 OUTBREAK"

Me and Loki have been playing today, we are playing chase and running mom's feet. It's too funny. We are also chasing mice and sparkle balls around the house. Mom has to fetch some for us as they are under furniture we can't reach.

Today we are celebrating Kelsee's 17th birthday. Mom has a coupon for a free toy for her, but it has to wait til mom goes to PSP. Toy? For her, she doesn't play with the ones we have. Oh meow!

Have a pawsome day and stay safe!

The Lokester!
More awful news
Posted March 23, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

AWFUL NEWS: The Mi Governor just said that as of midnight tonight all NON-ESSENTIAL businesses will be shut down and nobody can leave their house unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to do so and anyone over 70 should NOT venture out at all.

I am always confined to the house, so it doesn't bother me one bit. I go outside on he back porch is all. And when the weather gets better, mom can go outside too. They said you can still go out for walks, bike rides, etc, just to stay within 6ft away from people. I guess they understand people need fresh air and sunshine.

It is cold today, just 35* and windy and cloudy. Kinda on the rainy/flurries side. There was snow on the ground when we all got up this morning, but is all gone now.

Mom cleaned the place up today while we were all still sleeping. The floor monster woke me up and I hid under the bed as I always do.

Stay safe everyone!
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