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A cooler day.
Posted May 24, 2021 by Kelsee

Today we had a cooler day from the past days. it was in the mid 80;s and near 90*. Yesterday we started at 86* and by 4 it dropped to 66* and we were in the 50's last night. Today was 74, but mostly sunny and breezy.

We got to go outside for awhile after mom cleaned the house, the boys in their playpen and me and Ben on the porch. I like to lay on the chair and nap and Benny lays under it.

Mom BBQ'd a steak and gave us a piece...it was so tender and juicy and good. She also had potatoes and corn, but we didn't get any of that stuff. We like gravy, but not potatoes.

Have a great week.
Spring is here!!!
Posted May 14, 2021 by Loki1610
Spring has finally Sprung! By Loki


it's about time, but Spring has finally arrived in MI. After weeks of chilly miserable days, today we hit the 70's with a mild breeze and lots of sun.

Mom worked today from noon to 4, then came home. We wanted to go outside, but mom was too tired to chase us down to put us in our pen, especially Figaro who gives mom a run for her money. he likes to come outside, but hates being in the pen. but we have to be in it or we will jump down. Once he is in it, he is fine, it's just getting him in it that is the problem.

We have 3 open windows today, it is very nice sitting in them and watching all the goings on outside. Especially the birds. We have a bird nest on the beam under the roof and they are dropping all their loose nesting materials all over the porch and mom keeps picking it up, but thy keep dropping it down. nest building must be hard when you keep dropping your sticks and stuff.

Mom is waiting for the pizza to arrive. She doesn't like to cook on days she works, so once a month she orders a pizza and other times she gets whatever she is in the mood for from the local restaurants.

Have a nice weekend!
The return of cold weather.
Posted April 14, 2021 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

Wow, we go from the 70's to the 40's/50's in 2 days. it was very warm last week and this week is chilly. Mom had to turn her heat back on.

I waned to go outside and lay on the porch, but it was chilly and windy so mom did not open the door for us. I know April can be a weird month.

Mom has been "Spring cleaning" a lot around here lately. On Monday she dusted and vacuumed and washed up all our boxes and bowls. Today she mopped the floors with her 'swiffer sweeper' and watered all her plants.

Mom went to Walmart yesterday and bought some flowers, but all they had out so far were Pansies, so she bought 2 4-packs of those in purple and yellow.

Have a meowvelous afternoon!

Angel Kali
Easter on RB
Posted April 9, 2021 by Angel Kali
Good afternoon

Our Easter was fun on the rainbow bridge. We had an egg hunt and 3 kitten and 2 puppies found a lot of eggs. We did not want to hurt anyone's feelins so we gave a prize to all of them.

Then we had a big Easter Parade and we all made floats and decorated them and joined in the fun, for the ones who did not wish to join cause they are shy, they wee lined in the streets watching. It was so much fun.

Several of us had big dinners and invited friends over to help us celebrate. I had my family over along with some of their mates who are here. Also several friends joined us.

I still have a lot of goodies left. I pass out to the kittens and puppies who love sweets. I must admit it is fun to see them eat their sweets and romp and have fun.

I did miss being with my family and having pork roast with gravy, but I had a nice time with Angels Winston, Sheba, Shadow, Jesse & Jinx.

Enjoy your week!
Winter's big return
Posted March 15, 2021 by Kelsee
Oh dear. Looks like the calendar is going backwards. We had some really nice days last week and were able to go outside in the sun on the back porch, but this week it is cold again. We are only gonna be in the 40's for 2 days and 20's at night.

Mom got her state income tax back today, so she ordered the boys a larger pen for the back porch. It is a zippered one and mom got a pad and a mat for the water bowl, too. She got it from CHEWY, so it should come in 2 days.

She is also gonna order us some cat food in cases {from Chewy} and get herself a new coffee table and a new dining set as well from Wayfair.

Had our dinner so now it is time for my early evening nap. Us old gals need our sleep you know. The boys prefer to play after dinner, but I sleep.

have a great week!
Happy St Patricks day
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