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Timothy Boisvert
And if I was famous, I wasnt sure I was strong enough to face that the rest of my life. IҒm a 26 year old female who was a porn star. I was asked to make different choices to be a star or more well known but chose a path to remain less known. In some ways porn is more accepted than its ever been. But in reality it wasnҒt my goal to be a star.

Im hoping that in some small way I can show a different side. I still cringe at the title of porn star since I wasnҒt a famous porn actress. What are some of the assumptions? But in other ways the media and the recent Hot Girl Wanted documentary paint a picture that isnt accurate since it only shows one side. In fact I shied away from any opportunity to be a star.

The main reason is I knew there would be a stigma attached to what I did that would follow me my entire life. TheyҒve been abused as young girls. I feel compelled to write this now because of all the negativity I see around about porn and the porn industry. They only do it for the money or come from poor families. They have low self esteem.

I can only really speak to my experience, my motivations and my background and even those around me. The girls are uneducated. Ive never taken hard drugs. Never been physically abused and I was not forced into the industry. If you cherished this article and you would like to acquire more data relating to atk hairy video kindly take a look at our internet site. As for me, I was a college graduate, I came from a wealthy family and I literally donҒt have to work if I dont want to.

That they are forced into the industry or doing things they donҒt want to do. That the girls are all on drugs. For others, money and recognition or some level of fame was a huge motivator. Some for the sexual experiences even though a lot of porn isnt like normal sex as I would learn.

We were all there because we wanted to do it for any of a number of reasons. For me the motivation wasnҒt just one thing. And I knew of nobody that was forced. The other girls I knew in the industry werent on drugs and I wasnҒt aware of any abuse.

But we all entered into the industry with our eyes wide open not forced. My motivations were that of a young girl of 22. I didnt know anyone that had STDҒs. With being involved in porn come accusations, assumptions and sometimes a hatred for it. This wasnt my experience but IҒm sure if you look around, you can find these scenarios. The attention and compliments about my looks and sexuality were a huge draw.

(Its much better now). I admit that my relationship with my father and his lack of compliments led me to feel a void. I had never had a one night stand or casual sex before and I wondered if I was missing anything. All of my sex before was part of a loving relationship with a boyfriend. But not having the unconditional love and admiration of your father is a huge factor in shaping a young girl and it shaped me and my sister.

He was never abusive by any means. But that wasnҒt enough. I didnt do it for the money although the feeling and empowerment of making money because of my sexuality was surprisingly fulfilling. And the last motivation for me was popularity on some level. So when I was approached by an older father figure who gave me compliments and painted a picture that being in porn videos could provide for me, it made me listen.

To be the interesting or sexy girl and be the one that guys wanted since I never thought guys thought about me in that way. Not that I wanted to have sex with a lot of guys, but I wanted them to want me. I was also driven by the potential sexual experiences. I wanted to feel wanted and wanted to be submissive and let go for a while and yes, I wanted to have crazy sex to see what it was like with guys who had a lot of experience.

I was never the sexy girl that guys wanted to have sex with. As a young girl, being wanted and fitting in is so important. Safe from STDҒs, being raped or worse. None of this would have mattered if I didnt feel safe. I never would have guessed because they were all so normal and the blended in perfectly with those that were accountants, students, hair stylists and computer programs in the group.

For me sex with guys who had a larger penis or sex with more than one guy and even having two guys inside of me at once were something I fantasized about at times but as a female, you canҒt admit it or be considered a slut. I was always the rich cute girl, the loner girl or quiet girl who had a cute body. I am a person that researches things and I had enough interest and intrigue to learn more about it.

It should also be noted that I didnt seek out the industry but instead was asked. My immediate reaction was not to go for it. It never even crossed my mind to pursue porn and had I not have been asked, I never would have done it. When I was asked I had all kinds of emotions and thoughts around it. I spoke to two girls that were porn actresses.

after my initial "hell no" response. I had fantasies that many girls probably think about but never expect or even want to fulfill. What to expect and what it takes to be good at it. They told me the good and bad things.

I met three of the guys. They were smart, articulate and supportive of whatever decision I made. I learned about STD testing in the industry and the true risks of that which are lower than those that have casual sex by a wide margin.

The other research I did was on safety on the set of porn shoots. And they showered me with praise and encouragement. I did almost 30 scenes having sex with about a dozen different guys and even experimented with a few females in those scenes. IҒm now 3+ years removed from being in scenes so I have 20/20 hindsight on things.

This happened through a group of new friends I was hanging out with and little did I know a few of them were in the porn industry. My entire decision process took a little over a week but it dominated my mind 24/7. And I watched some scenes that included many of the people I would be asked to perform with.

What I learned and breaking down or confirming some porn misconceptions:
Porn sex isnt like real sex - There were times the sex was just a job. Some of it is very real with incredible feelings and reactions. I have heard some people say that all porn is fake and I can assure you, they are only half right. (Not for me IҒve decided - I like guys) I made over $50,000 and had experiences that ranged from almost normal boyfriend type sex to simulated forced sex to rough sex, multiple penetration and a few fetish scenes (nylons and feet).

So I researched it. But there were also scenes where it was incredibly sexual and fulfilling. All porn guys have huge penises - Definitely not true but for some, um. I asked questions around what was expected of me and had someone look over the contracts. I did a few times but usually I was fully present and connected to the situation. You dont have to disconnect your emotions to have porn sex - I hear all the time that people in porn have disconnected sex.

Most of the guys were slightly above normal but not crazy big. I had real orgasms on several occasions but a lot of the scenes were more about capturing the elements the director wanted versus atk daily hairy having a fulfilling sexual experience. It made the sex better and the scene better.

Trusting someone to take control of your body and to take full advantage of you on camera takes a level of connection I learned. Without trust, I never could have submitted. And no, I am not ruined for normal size guys. To feel the raw desire a guy has for you and the primal actions he takes with you if you are open to it are indescribable. I had moments of complete and utter bliss.

But a few were bigger than I really thought possible or that I thought I could handle. Bottom line is size mostly doesnҒt matter and can be more of a negative. Even at times where I was asked to submit, that was its own connection. Rough sex the girls have isnҒt enjoyable - Yes I had some OMG moments.

Riding him or taking him inside of me and letting my feelings and desires come naturally. All girls regret being in porn later in life - Im sure some do. Yes I felt used but that isnҒt a bad thing. The question is do I regret it and I can honestly say no without hesitation. But I have met or spoken to enough girls that dont regret it.

There are times IҒve used my boyfriends for my sexual pleasure as well. It brought out primal feelings in me. Many of the guys I performed with I connected with them before or during the scene. Time will tell but I dont think I will. I had to calm myself or connect with my sexual desires and fantasies and 90% of the time it was incredibly erotic for me.

Are there challenges with having done it? But you mostly go into knowing this. In fact had I not done it I believe without hesitation that I would regret not doing it. But many businesses are like this where management makes profits from hard work of lower level employees.

My boyfriends have always enjoyed when I let myself completely go and become a sexual being and to me some of my scenes were the same with me on the receiving end. But I donҒt regret it. So is it really being taken advantage of? You are trading your body and innocence to make a little money and to make the producers a lot of money.

We are also told we can stop the scene at any time but its made pretty clear that if all possible you should stay with the scene. I want to make it clear. You are forced to do things you donҒt want to do or didnt agree to - I think this is partly true based on my experience and talking to others.

Usually this had to do with roughness or forced or controlled penetration. You are take advantage of - Yes this is sort of true. Or where things I didnҒt expect were done. I freely admit that in most cases the director (and actors) needed to have some creative freedom even if it was at the expense of me. I could have said no or stopped it at any time. Just a few other facts:
I am from the United States but performed in Russia so the experience could be completely different from porn in the US or other countries.

I have family from Russia so I was there for an extended visit when this happened the first time. I got more out of it than just the money and overall I cant say I was completely taken advantage of. It was after all what I signed up for and allowed to happen.

I looked younger so they played me off as a teenager. I was 22 when I started and 23 when I stopped and had recently graduated from college. My family doesnҒt know nor do most of my friends. Will I regret it when Im older?

Before filming we provide our hard limits and things we donҒt want to do. This was an isolated incident and I blame one person and not the industry. 1yld5Wz VBRU88
1FVcfQN 1FVcfQN<6 comments> If you have respectful questions, Im happy to answer them. There were times I should have or wanted to tap out.

Spanking and hair pulling wasnҒt always agreed to but in hindsight made the scene more popular and better for the audience. I stopped because I had fulfilled my needs and desires mostly and I had an incident that led me to want to leave. I just wanted to paint a little different picture than some of the negative stories or documentaries that have come out recently.

Those that do are mostly accepting I recently told my sister and she is supportive of me.
Pearline Main
My tummy grumbles so I head to the kitchen. I turn on some music as the sexy bluesy voice of Joss Stone plays throughout the apartment I slip into my little yoga shorts and a tank top. How often do I get a quiet house with no worries? It's like finding spark of attraction between ingredients. Finding the right partner within the dish is also a thrill.

As I shift through the kitchen on the hunt for my tangle of flavors this evening I reach for the wine. Long days and no time for yourself can be taxing. The notes hit my tastebuds with a rush of excitement. I'm gently swaying to the music singing along wildly out of key, not that the cat cares.

Cooking is a passion that I don't take lightly. I busy myself in the kitchen making some dinner. I lift the glass to my mouth and allow the liquid to pool on my tongue. It's unseasonably warm for November and I'm not planning on leaving the house.

You wonder will this merging be a tasteful explosion on your tongue or will this be a pizza delivery night. I am certainly feeling the wine right now. My body is warm and flush as I dance around the kitchen singing loudly. Joss is still belting it out over the speakers.

My skin grows hotter, yet fills with goosebumps. Suddenly I'm flooded with a memory. This is my night, no thinking, no obsessing, no pining! Dinner is ready so I grab the bar stool and have a seat. The notes of the salty clam mixed so perfectly with the cream I'm beyond surprised when the flash of spinach and garlic flavors fill my mouth.

I pour half a glass of the rich red I have on hand. An image of your lips fills my head. My dancing has taken a more sensual sway now that I have a full belly and a slight buzz. It's almost like a food reduced orgasm for my mouth. I all too quickly finish my dinner and pat myself on the back. I quickly curse myself for even wondering.

So warm and soft what are those lips doing now? My mind is taken back to your hands covering those hips in a grasp that was unbreakable. If you loved this post and you would like to obtain more information relating to porn hairy photos (leftlanedriver.com) kindly go to the site. Yep it's still flowin'. Your lips on my neck lightly peppering my skin with kisses. Another thought of those plump lips assaults my mind. Your words flood my ears. ", " I can't wait to taste more of you.

"You're so beautiful", "your skin is like velvet. The linguini with clam sauce I've created is a much needed treat. Dancing through the kitchen wine in hand I bump into the counter hitting my hip roughly. I take a deep breath and shake the thought out of my tipsy brain. The memories of our one night. Your hands on my hips daring anyone to try and move them.

Those lips are the first to haunt me yet again. I drop on to the couch glass in hand and close my eyes. This time they're on mine. Quickly taking another sip I know this night is just what I needed. Your hands come around and tangle in my hair at the base of my neck.

I've spent hours shaking these memories of you this evening. I blush as I realize this memory is making me wet. As my thoughts continue to drift my hands do as well. Using slight pressure to angle my head for a deeper kiss. My hand is slowly and softly striking my neck where your hands once laid.

I pinch a little harder on one and cry out softly. They move in rhythm with mine as your tongue coaxes my mouth open. My soft hands are under my tank top plumping my small breast and tweaking my tender nipples. My guard is down thanks to the burgundy goddess now flowing through my veins. I'm ready for the onslaught of visions.

The bass line hits so hard I can feel it in my sensitive center. Looking at my glass of wine I pop my feet up on the ottoman and raise my hips. I'm now bare from the waist down. Feeling bold today I immediately test my center. A release could be enough to free my mind from your hold. The music is still sensual and pumping through the speakers. I lick my fingertip clean and lick my lips.

I skip my tiny shorts over my hips and off my beautiful behind. A flashback of your face buried in this very place has me splaying my legs as wide as I can. A pinch here, a twist there. The crush of cool air hits my warm wet center and goosebumps fill my skin causing my already painfully hard nipple to get harder. My right hand is already strumming my hard clit.

I go back to my memories and continue manipulating my overly sensitive breasts. The feeling of the head of your hard cock rubbing on my clit has me needing more. Now engorged and feeling every slight touch I'm journey down my stomach. The hot sexy hairy women pain is so pleasurable I reach down and collect some of my juices and rub it onto my erect nipples.

I rub in s circular motion feeling the juices run down my ass. A thought of recording it for flutters through. I run my middle finger through my core and an delighted by the moistness that greets me, pulling my finger out I slowly tease my own lips with the juices I've encountered. Maybe this is what I need.

Nah, he wouldn't be interested in that, at least, not from me. My fingertips find my bare mound. I'm pinching and rubbing my swollen clit, but I've yet to breach that warm wet opening. Shaking negative thought I continue my self pleasure. Knowing if I enter it now I'll explode I decide I'm not ready for this to end just yet. I gently massage my juices into the tender area and remember the feeling of your finger in my tight hole.

I slowly pump my finger in and out of my ass and I can feel my pussy hairy pics galleries clenching tighter. The feeling is indescribable. Bum moaning loudly as I torture myself with thoughts of you. I tease the hole with removing the full finger and just poking through the tip. Unable to stop myself I sink one inside.

What I wouldn't give for you to know what I was going with you in my mind. Finding the plug I've had I insert it into my ass. I plunge the plug in and out of my ass and bring myself to the edge of a cliff I can't wait to jump off. I trace the juices dripping from my pussy down to my ass. I stop just before cumming.

I'm so wet right now your cock would slide into either hole with great ease. I need this to last a little longer. I remove the plug and gently strum my clit again. With that now in mind I grab the plug and roughly push it into my girls pics galleries ass. I'm immediately full and a gush of liquid pours from my center. Knowing I can't continue holding out I take a deep breath and picture you.

I run a finger around the outside of my drenched hole. I can smell my juices and the rangy flavor of me lingers on my tongue. My entire body is shaking from the release. The scent of my orgasm and pulsing I my clit forces me to plunge into both hole again causing yet another orgasm.

Between the large plug in my ass and the two fingers jammed into my pussy I cum hard all over my hands. " Before I can get to my feet you're in front of me, "baby that was so fucking hot! "No ma'am it was our pleasure to be your audience! As I plunge it in and out I si k two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. Gentle pressure applied and a slight flick causes a variety of sensations.

I make a sarcastic comment to the radio thanking the audience when I'm startled by your tough bass tone. Sitting on the ottoman watching this whole thing play out. Quickly dropping your jeans and underwear you plunge your rock hard clock into my molten center.

Within strokes I've soaked your cock and balls. As you fuck me into oblivion on my couch I chuckle to myself I wouldn't want this to end any other way. " Your sexy voice and your hands on me have more than readied me for more.
Back to Winter
Posted March 16, 2017 by Kali
.we never git that much snow here, just 2" is all. But a whole lot of our friends got a whole lot of it and some are buried in it!!!

It is too cold though. It did get awful cold for March, we have been only in the 20's with lows in the teens at night.

We are really looking forward to Spring arriving on Monday, but we know it is still cold out...mom said perhaps May will finally warm up.

Mom got a new dish drainer and we got a new box to play in...we love boxes...we told mom she can have her dish drainer, but we want the box it came in...we take turns jumping in and out of it and Kelsee slept in it last night...silly girl!!!

Today my sister Angel Shadow is celebrating her birthday on the rainbow bridge...she is 26 today...golly what an old girl she is!!! Hope she is having a fun party!!!

Stay warm and have a pawsome evening!
2" of snow for us!!!
Posted March 15, 2017 by Winston
We only 2" of snow where we live, and it snowed all day long. We really got lucky here!!! Most of the kitties we know got over 10" and some even got over 2 feet!

It's been really cold here though! Only in the 20's, but it is supposed to be back in the 40's by the weekend....Monday is the first day of Spring...where are the tulips, the trees and grass???

Mom has been staying in the house, all but Tuesday when she went grocery shopping, but she got a ride there and back...no buses, so she wasn't too cold!!

Us kitties are getting "Cabin fever" and we want to go out in the back yard and play with our buddy, "Mr Squirrel", he has been coming around all Winter looking for food, but mom doesn't go out and feed them in the cold!!! {our neighbor does though}

Mom bought us a bag of Premium Organic catnip and she opened it up and put it in a plastic jug, and she gave us the package it came in....I was rolling all over it, and that was so much fun!!! Mom threw it out and Kelsee took it out of the trash....so now mom is just letting us have it.

Have a pawsome day and keep warm!
Happy St. Patrick's day!!!
Snow is here!!!
Posted March 13, 2017 by Kelsee
We are getting lots of snow! Not too sure how much we are expecting though! It's been snowing all day since before 9am and now it is 5:30 pm and still coming down!!!

I was getting chin nuzzles from mom today...Meow..I do love my chin nuzzles and tummy rubs!!! I was sitting on mom's lap and she was rubbing my chin and I was purring away!!!

Stay warm and stay safe every kitty/family in the line of the snowstorms!
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