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Warm and wet
Posted October 11, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Today was a nice day weather wise. It got to 72*, but it was cloudy and humid. Then right when mom got home from work the rain came.

We did not see any sun today at all. All clouds and rain. After mom got home from work she had to go and pick up her new glasses, so she did that, but she had to walk instead of riding her bike.

There is a squirrel on our back porch and he is fun to watch. He has been sitting there and chattering at me for about an hour. I think he is calling mom to bring him treats...she took out some crackers and he took off with them one at a time, then is back waiting for more. Silly squirrel. Mom can't give him all her crackers, but she did say she would buy him some nuts and fruits when she goes to the store.

Figs also is sitting here with me watching the squirrel. We get a kick out of it. Chatter chatter chatter and then goes away and comes back.

Mom saw some houses decorated for Christmas already. Let's get Halloween out of the way 1st before decorating for Christmas. Lot's of houses are decked out already for Halloween.

Have a pawsome evening~
Nice day!
Posted October 9, 2019 by Benjamin
Good evening.

It was another nice day. We hit 67* and the sun was out all day. In the sun it was warm, but in the shade it was kinda cool.

I went outside and stretched out in the sun. It was great! I never go down in the yard unless mo is down there, I stay on the porch with mom like Kelsee does.

The squirrel was outside on the telephone pole chattering with Loki and Figaro. It was funny, they were sitting in the tent watching the squirrel and he was just chattering away at them. I wonder if the squirrel thinks they are other squirrels.

Our weather is gonna start changing over the weekend. Tomorrow will be another nice day and get to 67 with sun, but by FRI and Sat it will be windy and rainy and only in the 50's.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!
Happy Monday!
Posted October 7, 2019 by Kelsee
hello to all my friends!

Today was an alright day. At least we did get to go outside for awhile. We were out for a few hours this afternoon and mom even sat outside on her swing and glanced through some catalogs she got in the mail.

We all came in at dinner time. Kali jumped right on mom's bed and went to sleep. Me and the boys all had dinner and now we are all washing our faces while Kali take her nap!

Mom cleaned house today and got everything looking pretty and shiny again! I did not like that floor monster, so I hid, but then all the cats joined me under moms bed. MOL!

Mom is real happy again. FOX ended it's dispute with DISH, so now mom doesn't have to watch her FOX shows on her laptop anymore. She only watches 2 and they are "9-1-1" and "The Resident".

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!
Purrs n pawhuggz!
2 wet days
Posted October 3, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon

We had 2 wet and rainy days in a row. Now it is finally clearing up and the sun was peeking out of the clouds. Not too much sun, but we do see blue skies coming through.

Mom said we can't go out though cause the ground is wet and so is the tent! So be it, we shall stay inside and play.

Fig is playing with his carrot and Loki is watching him. I think he is gonna try to sneak up on Fig and take that carrot. Not sure but I can see it coming.

I like when mom plays with me. She brings the feather wand in the room and puts it on the floor and drags the feather around and I get to chase it. Mom knows I won't play around the other cats so she brings it in her room for only me to play.

Dinner time now. I hear cans being open. That can on;y mean my fursibs are gonna have dinner. I never eat canned food. I only eat dry. I never ate canned food. Mom says I don;'t know what I am missing, but I never cared for it.

Have a pawsome evening!
Purrz & Pawhuggz!
Miserable weather today
Posted October 2, 2019 by Benjamin
Good afternoon

We are having wet and chilly weather today. Mom closed all the windows and shut the back door and turned on the heat. It's only 62* outside but with the damp rain it seems colder.

Nonebody wanted to go outside today cause it is rainy. Mom was messing with Figs and asked him if he wanted to go out and play in his tent. She wasn't really gonna put him out in the rain.

Mom wanted to BBQ tonight, but not in the rain and being only 63* and then it might be cooler later. So she will cook her dinner in the house.

I am glad my dinner doesn't have to be cooked. Just open the can and it is ready to eat. Wonder what flavor we will get today.

Enjoy your day!
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