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Getting ready for Christmas
Posted December 14, 2019 by George
Good evening

me, my brother and dad Charlie are all getting ready for Christmas. Linda gave dad a few things she no longer uses, so he has those up and we have a small tree in the corner by the window I like to sleep under. It is on a table, but I sleep on the table under the tree.

Linda's place looks festive with all the lights and little decorations she has up. I saw it when I tried to visit Loki and Figaro, but Ben saw me and chased me away. he doesn't like me coming into his 'territory'.

It's not too cold this week. it will stay in the mid to upper 30's and 20's at night. Cloudy though and no sunshine. But I got to go outside on the back porch when dad took out the trash, and Woody my brother came too. we were not out long, just a few minutes.

have a pawsome evening!
This garland is fun
Posted December 13, 2019 by Loki1610

we are having fun with ts garland stuff. All pretty and silver and mom hangs it up and me and Figs drag it down and pull it around the house while the other one chases it...a new toy and we love it...mom picks it up and rehangs it and we take it down again...such fun.

Mom went to the store today and came home with stuff and put a few things in our stockings. She also had milk, cereal and drain opener for her...her potty was all clogged up and stopped flushing, so she bought some liquid plumber and used her plunger and got it working again....our potty's never get clogged up..I think our way is better.

of curse I bet mom's everywhere wish we had flushing potties so they wouldn't have to deal with taking our poopies out. Must not be a good experience for mom's..you think not, too??

Have a pawsome week~
Kitty kissies~
Blustery Day
Posted December 11, 2019 by Benjamin
Hello all

Burrrrr is the word of the day. It is mighty cold outside today. Only got to a high of 25* {that's a high?} when mom went to bring up the mail, the cold blast of air was buuuuurrrrrrrrr.

I am happy we are all inside where it is warm and cozy and mom has the heat on. I sure feel sorry for any strays outside in this weather.

Mom helps me out a lot. This morning she even helped Kali. You see Loki likes to hide when he knows me or Kali are in the bathroom using the litterbox or drinking water from the sink..he will ambush us and chase us...well, mom sees him laying there ready to pounce, so she helps get me and Kali out of the sink and carries us to safety.

I myself prefer to drink from fresh water from the faucet. The water in our fountain is alright, but I like colder water, Kali and Figaro do too. In the colder months mom leaves the water running just a little stream for us.

Well I have went on long enough...don't want to bore you.

Have a pleasant night and sleep tight.
I had a fun day!
Posted December 10, 2019 by FIGARO
Good evening friends:

Today was fun. I played with Loki and we chased each other around the house, then mom went to PSP and bought us our stuff for Christmas and she got me a new laser light cause I lost the 1st one we had. I batted it on the floor somewhere and mom searched and searched and never did find it...I don't know where it is either.

When she bought it home and put the batteries in it, she turned it on and I had more fun chasing that red dot everywhere. I never did catch it though, but it disappeared.

om has the entire apt decorated for the Holiday's. It looks very pretty and she told us we better be good cats and not knock anything off the shelves or anywhere else. NO FUN!!!! all the pretty garland and we can't tug at it!~ Ummmmmm.

have a peaceful evening!
Flashy in here
Posted December 9, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

This morning mom got up and she went out to the store with her friend and then when they got home, mom decorated the house for Christmas. It looks purrty like it always does with all the lights lit up and wreathes, and other tings, but NO tree. Not with Loki and Figs...it would be destroyed!

It was 51* here today, but it was rainy. Rained all day long. Dreary, no sunshine. It is supposed to be around 45 tomorrow and then another cold spell.

Mom had a terrible head cold and she keeps sneezing and coughing. poor mom, her nose is all red. looks like she put red colors on it. She doesn't work til Thursday, so she hopes to be better by then.

Have a wonderful week!
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