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What a great day!
Posted April 8, 2020 by Benjamin

we had a pawsome day. Of course us cats had to stay inside, but mom got to go outside. With all the work crews here we can't go out cause there are open gates and open doors and mom doesn't want to to get in their way. Yes there are workers coming here.

It was 70*, sunny and lots of blue skies and breezy. Mom was changing batteries in some of her solar lights and then hanging more up. The squirrel that comes around here bit the wire in half on moms string of lights so she had to replace it.

Us kitties all sat at the back door meowing to go out, but mom said NO, sorry guys. This is the 1st Summer we are not able to go out since living here....NOT FAIR, but the new owner wants to spiff up the place.

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed Easter Sunday!!!

BIG Pawhuggz!!~
Rainy day
Posted April 7, 2020 by FIGARO
Good afternoon

Today we have a rainy day. It was even thundering and I saw lightening. It is only 49*. Tomorrow it is supposed to be dry and 66* with some sun, so mom will go outside on the back porch.

This morning I hopped in bed with mom and got under the blankets with her. i love snuggling next to her under the covers, but when she rolled over she also discovered I had my sparkle ball in bed with me..she called me a silly boy.

I had a bite of tuna for lunch today. Mom had a tuna sandwich and shared with me, Kelsee & Loki. She says she doesn't know why she bothers to eat cause she knows she will have to share, but she doesn't mind...she loves us.

Have a pawsome afternoon.
It's Holy Week
Posted April 6, 2020 by Kelsee

Mom said this is Holy Week. OK!!! Does that mean us cats have to go around the house and put holes in everything???

Mom is doing alright, how is yours??? She is bored but she does get outside and go for short walks, or make an errand run. pretty soon she will be able to go outside and get her back porch ready for Spring, she said she gonna wash it all down and put out the chairs, etc.

Us cats are well and fine. Just being normal ole cats. I helped and supervised mom today when she cleaned out our boxes and changed our water bowl, it is always fun helping mom....as soon as clean litter goes in, I get in and make it wet. Mom thinks I am funny,

We are all ready for our 'family' Easter. Mom got a small little pork tenderloin, and a small bag of mashed potatoes, some buns and a cake for dessert. She has some candy to satisfy her 'sweet tooth'.

Have a great week
Stay healthy & safe
It's the weekend
Posted April 3, 2020 by Loki1610

Today it is sunny, It was supposed to be 66* but we only made it to 53*. Mom was gonna go out on her bike but decided not to once she felt the air. It is still chilly.

I tried to go outside when mom went on the back porch to take some boxes out, but she told me "NO LOKI, Stay in the house". Why??? I want to visit with Mr Peanut. He's the squirrel that come and begs mom nicely for treats.{Mol} mom have him a handful of Rice Krispies.

We are all napping, but I am trying to play with Figs, but he growled at me and rolled over and went back to sleep. What's with that? Kelsee is sleeping and so is Ben...what a bunch of lazy cats.

Have a pawsome day and stay safe!
2 weeks of lockup for mom
Posted April 2, 2020 by Kali
Good afternoon

Well, it has been 2 weeks now that poor mom has been out of work and in quarantine. But we like or rather LOVE the idea she is home with us all day.

Mom is bored, but she is alright and at least she is NOT sick. She goes out about 2 times a month to the store for food and stuff. She orders all of our stuff online and it gets delivered.

Mom is getting her bike out tomorrow and going to our local{down the street} Kroger to get some things for Easter, she always shares with Charlie her neighbor across the hall.

Today it is 58* and sunny with a whole lot of blue skies. No rain in the forecast til next week. it's about time it warmed up some cause we sure like the sun.

I'm hoping to get out on the porch and lay in the sunshine myself. I love the sun.

Stay safe and healthy!
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