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NO 80's for us
Posted August 4, 2020 by FIGARO

Today was a cool day for a change. Only got to 73* and it was cloudy all day and then it rained for about 20 minutes.

we did get to go outside for a little while though, and i enjoyed that. i really like to go outside on the back porch and be in the tent with brother Loki.

I even was even chasing a few flies that got inside it. That is fun. I enjoy chasing flies.

Then that rascally old squirrel came over and he was yelling at something then mom saw another squirrel, mom guesses they were arguing over the crackers she threw down. Silly guys..mom threw down 6 of them and there were 2 squirrels and birds, too.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!

I got wet!
Posted August 3, 2020 by Kelsee
Good evening!

Today started out to be a very nice day. the sun was shining and mom went out to pick up her prescription and came home and took us out on the back porch. It started getting cloudy, and mom knew rain was coming cause they said so on the news.

Started out nice and sprinkly, then the wind picked up a little, then the rain came harder, and the wind was blowing it on the porch so I ran back inside and mom had to bring the boys in out of the tent.

After the rain, it got real humid, but we were allowed to go back outside, now it is much cooler and the humidity has dropped.

I had a nice time outside. I enjoy laying on the porch in the sun{but not the rain} and letting my tummy get warm.

Hope you all had a nice day, too!
BIG rains came
Posted July 29, 2020 by Benjamin
Hi all

We had a nice day today. We got to go outside and play. Mom on her swing doing crossword puzzles, us cats being lazy in the sun.

BUT....later in the day, when mom decided to BBQ her dinner, it started sprinkling really light, then got a little heavier, thunder came and the rain came harder and it got windy...the boys in the tent were going nuts, they were meowing for mom to get them out cause they were getting wet...they made a mad dash to the door and went inside.

Then is stopped and cleared up, but we had to stay inside cause all of moms furniture was too went to sit on. We had dinner and took a nap.

Very nice afternoon!
Posted July 24, 2020 by Loki1610
Good evening

It was a great day today. Just 80*, no humidity and the sun was shining all day. We spent the day outdoors in our tent. That is always fun.

I have some news about our neighbor George. he is one very sick kitty. Today his dad took him to the Vet, he has diabetes, and has a Urinary tract infection. He has to be on insulin all the time now. he has to spend the night at the vetspital and can come home tomorrow. They wanted to be sure he was OK before sending him home. They have him on insulin at the vetspital as well and an IV as he was severely dehydrated as well.

If he didn't go to the Vet today chances are he would have passed away in a day or 2, he was that bad. He was not eating at all for over a week. It was very hard to find a vet that would take him on an emergency as they are all booked. Charlie was lucky to find 1.

Us HT cats are all well and healthy. Mom says we are as feisty as ever and getting into mischief {at least me and Figs}.

Have a pawsome evening!
Humid heat creeping back
Posted July 17, 2020 by Loki1610

Well, today is another one of them humid days. On;y 86*, but the humidity is 47% and we have a heat warning in effect all weekend.

We are in the house. Mom is sick with her tummy issues, we are all sleeping. Mom put a magic mesh over her back door so now the flies can't get in. I have nothing to chase now. I like chasing flies.

Me and Figaro chased each other this morning. That was fun. Then we had water and chased again, now we are sleeping....Figs was playing with his sparkle ball and lost it and mom had to rescue it for him.

Stay cool!
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