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And the heat continues
Posted August 21, 2019 by Benjamin
Good evening

Another steamy couple of days we had and we had to stay inside. Mom doesn't allow us to go outside if it is over 84*.

We all find things to do in the house. The young boys play with each other while the rest of us older cats just rest or look out the window at the birds.

Mom goes to work tomorrow{her regular day} and then she's off on FRI. Mom said we can go outside on FRI cause it will be only 78 to 82*.

Well, I am off. I am gonna take me a much need nap and dream about my girl!

Mom worked like a dog
Posted August 19, 2019 by Kelsee
or should I says like a "CAT"? She cleaned everything today, even the windows, Mom usually cleans on Monday unless it is a holiday or she is sick.

it got to 83 today. It was breezy and sunny after a terrible storm passed through last night. it poured rain, lots of LOUD thunder and bright lightening strikes across the sky. We were hiding under mom's bed and Figaro was under the tub, he was in the litter box when the thunder started, so he dashed under the tub.

The was the first rain in about a month. It sprinkled a few times, but nothing to paw home about, mom was gonna water her flowers today, but after last nights rain, she did not need to.

I was outside for a while cause mom ran the floor monster, so we all went outside cause mom never takes it out there. We were all safe out there.

All of our toys are in the box though, not where we left them all scattered across the floor. Mom did not put them back where she found them, how rude of her! Now we have to take them all back out.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening.
Big Pawhuggz!!!
The waiting game!
Posted August 15, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon all!

Today was home with us all day. She goes to work tomorrow at 8:am.

We got to go outside in the sun, then it got real cloudy and we thought it was gonna rain cause it was supposed to, but the clouds went away and the sun came back up. It is really humid though, so I imagine the rain might still arrive sooner or later!

Mom has been waiting all day for 2 deliveries. Our chewy.com one came and now she is waiting for Amazon to come. She had a $5. coupon for catfood for Loki's birthday and she finally redeemed it and the food is supposed to arrive today, but it doesn't seem like it will...when mom tracks the order, it is still in the same location in hazel park, and the line never moves. Oh well. Mom will call amazon and complain if she does not get it.

I came back in the house and went under the bed. it is cool under there. Mom has a big fan in her bedroom window and under her bed is always the coolest place in the house except for the bathtub.

I hope you all have a pawsome afternoon!!!
Posted August 13, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon all!

I had me a nice day. Too bad for mom though, she had to see her human VET! he said mom is alright but her has a tummy virus. Eveytime her eats she doesn't feel well. It is hard for mom to eat an entire meal without her tummy hurtin.

When she came home we got to go back outside in our tent. Mom forgot her keys and had to push the screen out of her back door to open the big door which was not locked {mom locks the screen door with a padlock}, so she had to take the screen to the hardware store for a new one. 1-2 weeks and it will cost $26.00.

Then she found some old screen and taped it to the door over the big hole where the screen goes. She did not want to put the storm window back in cause it is still too hot for that. So we have a temporary screen til the new one is done.

Mom took us in for dinner and now we are all nappin. mom is bloggin and we are nappin...life is great...we get to sleep while our Secretary does all the hard work.

have a grate evening!
Our Poor Momma!
Posted August 10, 2019 by Loki1610
Good morning all!

Our poor momma got up to go to work, got dressed and rode her bike to work. ONLY to discover they are closed due to an illness in the family.

BUT, did anyone bother to call mom, NOPE!!!! She could have slept in and not bothered to even get dressed and go. She bets they called everyone else though!!!

So, mom decided she is going to go to Walmart today. cause they might want her Monday. Tuesday she has a DR appt. so she can't work that day.

us cats woke up with mom and helped her get off to work, then she came home, boy were we ever catfused. hey mom, why are you back so soon??? Does this mean we get to go outside and play???? Not on your life cause she is headed out.

me and Figgy chased each around the house anyway. That is always fun and we like seeing mom watch us as she gets a kick out of it. Only thing she doesn't like is when we jump on her tables and knock things to the floor.

I hope you all have a great day today. It is gonna be 83* and very pleasant. No humidity and a little breezy. The wind we had finally dies down.

have a super-duper day!!!

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