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Grey & Gloomy
Posted October 16, 2019 by Benjamin
Good afternoon!

What a dreary, damp, cold day it is today. only 48* and misty. Supposed to have on and off showers. We had rain and now it is just misty and grey.

I wanted to go out, but mom said, "Ben, it is cold and raining outside". OK! She said maybe in a day or 2 if it warms up some.

I snuggled up on the couch with her and she watched a movie called "The Exorcist". That little girl sure was ugly and very scary!

A lot of channels are showing "spook-a-thons" for Halloween. I think on FRI they are having a FRI 13th marathon on one of them.

Figaro is sitting in the window watching it rain. Now it is coming down again. Drop are hitting the window and he is pawing at them...silly boy.

Have a nice afternoon. I am gonna go take a nap~
Chillier days are here
Posted October 15, 2019 by FIGARO
Good afternoon!

Autumn is definitely here. It's only been in the 60's and real chilly at night. Last night we dropped to 37*, {burrr} all of us kitties were trying to share mom's bed with her. Most of us found a nice spot, but Ben got pushed off by Loki. Loki hates Ben...not too sure why, maybe it's cause he is older and a lot bigger and Loki is trying to show him even though he is small, he can be 'mighty'.

Mom went grocery shopping today and came home with a ton of bags, but nothing for us cause cat food is very expensive at that super market, so mom gets it at a cheaper store. She was gone for an hour.

Mom did all our pages for Halloween...well, she is still working on some. She also did her computers in the same theme. Her desktop has a haunted castle screensaver and it has spooky sounds too.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening.
Stay warm and cozy!
Chilly days, Cold nights
Posted October 14, 2019 by Kelsee
Hi everybody

Today was a windy and chilly day. Mom cleaned the house and then went to the store. meow, she sure got us a lot of food. Must have had a sale on it. We got Friskies, 9-Lives, Fancy feast and Sheba perfect portions.

Mom was outside watering her flowers. They are still doing pretty well considering they have not been watered since the cold snap. it hasn't dropped below 30 yet, so they are still living and growing new leaves and buds.

I got to cuddle under the warm blankie on mom's bed last night, she had the blankie on as it dropped to 40* last night and it was chilly. I like to lay under the blankie and next to mom.

She had 4 of her 5 kitties sleeping on her bed last night cause of the blankie being on. Only Ben was not on her bed. If he would have tried to come on, Loki would have chased him off anyway. Loki and Ben share no love whatsoever! All the rest of us gets along with each of the other cats. Loki just hates Ben.

Tomorrow mom is going grocery shopping for herself. I wonder if she plans to buy more cat food? She got a lot today, so I don't think so. I saw her list and did not see cat food on it. Lots of things for her though.

Have a pawsome evening

Stay warm!

Pawhuggz & kitty kisses!
Warm and wet
Posted October 11, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Today was a nice day weather wise. It got to 72*, but it was cloudy and humid. Then right when mom got home from work the rain came.

We did not see any sun today at all. All clouds and rain. After mom got home from work she had to go and pick up her new glasses, so she did that, but she had to walk instead of riding her bike.

There is a squirrel on our back porch and he is fun to watch. He has been sitting there and chattering at me for about an hour. I think he is calling mom to bring him treats...she took out some crackers and he took off with them one at a time, then is back waiting for more. Silly squirrel. Mom can't give him all her crackers, but she did say she would buy him some nuts and fruits when she goes to the store.

Figs also is sitting here with me watching the squirrel. We get a kick out of it. Chatter chatter chatter and then goes away and comes back.

Mom saw some houses decorated for Christmas already. Let's get Halloween out of the way 1st before decorating for Christmas. Lot's of houses are decked out already for Halloween.

Have a pawsome evening~
Nice day!
Posted October 9, 2019 by Benjamin
Good evening.

It was another nice day. We hit 67* and the sun was out all day. In the sun it was warm, but in the shade it was kinda cool.

I went outside and stretched out in the sun. It was great! I never go down in the yard unless mo is down there, I stay on the porch with mom like Kelsee does.

The squirrel was outside on the telephone pole chattering with Loki and Figaro. It was funny, they were sitting in the tent watching the squirrel and he was just chattering away at them. I wonder if the squirrel thinks they are other squirrels.

Our weather is gonna start changing over the weekend. Tomorrow will be another nice day and get to 67 with sun, but by FRI and Sat it will be windy and rainy and only in the 50's.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!
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