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Snow is gone!
Posted February 20, 2018 by George
​talk about a change in a week...today we got to 65*, but it was raining all day...Linda had her windows open so her cats could get some fresh air...weird weather and this rain will be lasting through Thursday....then it will get cold again.

My kitty roommate is something else...we have 2 boxes to use...1 for me and 1 for him, but he wants to wants to use both of them leaving me with none..how rude is that? Charlie has 2 so we don't have to share 1, but Woody doesn't understand that and thinks they are both his. Ummmm!!!

I am waiting for Spring so I can go back outside to play...I love the warm air, sunshine and grass and I miss being outdoors...I know the HT kitties feel the same way I do cause they told told me at MHL, but at least Kelsee hasn't tried to sneak back out.

Have a pawsome evening...time for my mid afternoon nap on the table by the window! I am watching the rain fall, it makes me sleepy!

Snoozing in the rain!
Posted February 19, 2018 by Kelsee
We had lots of rain today...wet wet wet...rain all day, mom had to go out to the store for a few things...especially milk as she was totally out of it, she went when the rain was light, but on her way home it came harder...mom also did laundry today...so I was jumping on the warm clothes...so cozy!X
Mom downloaded a new app on her Kindle Fire 10 called COLORFY, she colors on her Kindle...I will share a picture of one of her creations with you,,,she also colors with adult coloring books, gel pans and pencils...helps mom relax.

Sheba has been picking on all of us today...we are not too sure why, maybe the rain has her grumpy, but so far all of us have had to put her in her place...she even picks on Benny and he weighs 16 pounds and could squash her if he decided to sit on her...MOL!!!X

​We all got brushed today, that is always fun, and I got my nails clipped, Sheba will not allow mom to clip her nails, she tries to bite, so mom just leaves hers alone and the Vet will do hers.

I hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Having good days
Posted February 17, 2018 by LindasAngels
Today it is me ANGEL SHADOW!

I had a good week...me and some friends baked a lot of valentine's goodies for our big Angel Valentine's/Mardi Gras party/parade.

the Boys were busy helping out with the floats for the big parades...it was a lot of fun...we love holidays on the rainbow bridge.

My b/f, Angel Lucky got me a diamond necklace with a red dangling heart on it and some heart earrings and of course a box of catnip chocolates and some red roses...I sure am a lucky girl to have a great guy in my life.

Te weather has been great, we did have some snow and the kittens and young cats loved it, they were out having snowball fights and sledding down Sunshine Mountain and building snowmen....gotta love Winter!!!

Love you all!
Lil Sheba
The air is cold
Posted February 16, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Today it is rather cold out. Mom went out to cash her paycheck and picked up some food for herself...we don't need any yet, we still have a lot.

When she opened the door and the cold air came in, I ran and got under the blankets on moms bed where it is warmer.

The sun is trying to come out right now though, but it is awfully cloudy outside. I hope the sun makes it out cause it will warm things up a tad.

George came over for a visit...he wanted to check out mom's new carpet, she ordered a new room size 5x8 area rug for her computer room and it came today...mom gave her old one to George's dad for his floor....us kitties were scratching on it and some of the carpet had them snags on it that kept getting caught in moms vacuum when she took it out...Charlie likes it and he has no vacuum.

I {actually we} have a new box to play in...mom's Chewy order came today, so now we have a box until she throws it out...sometimes mom trips over it and says bad words no innocent kitty should hear.

Have a pawsome afternoon!​
Can you see me in the fog!
Posted February 15, 2018 by Kali
This week has been warmish..we are in the upper 30's to low 40's and right now it is foggy outside and raining.​...we had no sun today at all.

Mom went to work and said it was super slow again today, can you believe it, guess nobody wants to eat out right now...it's OK with mom to be a little slow, but she likes to keep busy or she will fall asleep on the job.X

mom will be home with us all day tomorrow, so I get to sit on her lap and get brushed and petted.....I love being petted and loved and I can sit with mom until pushy old Sheba decides she wants a turn.

I got to sleep with mom last night, and Kelsee was on the bed too, Sheba was sleeping on the couch for a change....Kelsee likes to be under the blankets, but I just sleep on top of them snuggled next to mom, and I snore, so mom thinks it's funny! She said it is like sleeping with her old b/f that used to snore.

I hope you have a great evening!

Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!wink
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