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Arcade Games

6 Peaks Solitaire
Champion: Vicki McMinn with a high score of 1084255
Your Score: None
Average Rating: 5.00
Total Plays: 1112
A single player card game, the classic Tri Peaks with double the amount of cards and fifteen different layouts.

99 Bricks

Total Plays: 441
Build the highest tower! With 99 Bricks at your disposal, how high will your tower be?

B-Speed Typer II
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 193
Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.

B-Word Challenge
Champion: Cathy Audorff with a high score of 2550
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 297
Type the words that appear on screen as fast as you can to score points.


Total Plays: 393
Drop balls on the balance.
Every ball has a set weight so drop them wisely
Balls affect the balance according to their distance from the fulcrum.
Match three (or more! great bonus!) balls of the same color horizontally or vertically to make them disappear.
Let the balance hit the ground and it’s game over.
There are three rare powerups but their effects are unknown

Balls got color: colorful mouse avoider game
Champion: Mudge with a high score of 3892
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 243
Avoid the color balls, be healthy, collect healthy red crosses and life giving hearts, watch out for the tracking ball, it follows you like a missile. Score as much as you like. Help us improve Ballz got color with your suggestions.

Biff and Baff - Rolling

Total Plays: 289
Take Biff and Baff on a tour through 6 worlds with 5 levels each. Roll through all the levels. Collecting stars, keys, opening doors and finally rolling to the finish. Can you master it without falling down?

Blocks Filler
Champion: Rhianna Jameson with a high score of 12130
Your Score: None
Average Rating: 5.00
Total Plays: 584
Fill the empty spaces with blocks in this addicting and fun puzzle game!

Bloody Fun Day

Total Plays: 436
What would Death himself do if he were surrounded by ultra-cute critters? Kill them, of course! You play the reaper, who needs to kill red cuties in order to stay alive. Killing other cuties will help charge super powers that make it easier to get to the red cuties. How long can you survive before the dwindling cutie population stifles your life? You can’t help but have a bloody fun day in this addictive puzzler.

Bomboozle 2
Champion: Furmonster Mom with a high score of 292810
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 164
A sequel to the immensely popular Bomboozle, which has garnered over 50 million plays to date, Bomboozle 2 is a frantic step up on every level! Group like-coloured blobs together in threes or more for oodles of points, and use bombs to create carnage on a massive scale! Run out of possible moves though, and your Bomboozling time is over...
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