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Welcome to Cathugger!

We are a cat loving community and we are happy you have found us.

Cathugger takes place aboard our rescue ship, The Archangel, where many rescued cats allow us to live with them!

Cathugger was established and launched on April 1, 2011.
It is owned and run by Dale Eggers and Neil Corwin, a husband and wife team who began their lives with cats in 2000.

Together Dale and Neil have rescued and saved hundreds of cats and have no plans to stop any time soon!

So please have a look around our site.
You may stay as a Stowaway for free or upgrade your membership to First Mate ($25) or Admiral ($50) which goes solely to the vetting and feeding of the cats of the Archangel as well as keeping Cathugger running!

Enjoy your stay!

docksidedale & CaptainNeil