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Posted March 15, 2016 by Zeke
Well as mom knew angel I have been watching over her, working to help her feel better, sadly she isn't, she is depressed and just can't get over loosing me, I was her sweet sweet lap kitty, the kitty that was always with her, I was her love bug.

She has been working on our angel garden, she has stepping stones for all of us, metal cats and dogs, angel kitties, a butterfly for Tallulah, my stone has a heart with a paw print in the middle. Mom put solar lights in and at night they shine in our garden, it is outside of her bedroom bay window. It has helped Mom heal a little, but the loss is just too much for Mom. Mom is now on medication to help her, but she doesn't think it is helping her, she goes back to her nurse practitioner next month.

Just too many losses and illnesses since we moved to Arizona, it was suppose to be a happy time, time to be together and enjoy life, little did mom know just how much her life would change.

It is hard for mom to even let me come here, she just isn't into doing anything right now but maybe one day she will get better, me and Tallulah are helping her we know it is a long process to heal.

Well I am happy to be with my family in heaven, in Tallulah's butterfly garden....

Sending lost of hugs and love
Zekie Mom sweet sweet angel boyangel
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Mac wrote at March 17, 2016
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It is so hard to lose a fur baby, especially one so loving and close to your heart. We're sending you lots of love and our best healing purrs.
Tate wrote at March 16, 2016
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Well said Kibbles yes Your momcat has a handsome gaurdian angel now and you will always be together in spirit and in your hearts.....angel
Kibbles wrote at March 16, 2016
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Me and My family are sending lots of purrs for your momcat.
It's never easy to loose someone you love...but with time ...you heal some. Just remember your loved ones are always near in your heart.
Remember all the good times and that helps you to get though the touch times.
Remember and enjoy the living...and be kind to yourself.
We sending lots of Love to you.