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Update on my family
Posted March 15, 2016 by Zeke
Well as mom knew angel I have been watching over her, working to help her feel better, sadly she isn't, she is depressed and just can't get over loosing me, I was her sweet sweet lap kitty, the kitty that was always with her, I was her love bug.

She has been working on our angel garden, she has stepping stones for all of us, metal cats and dogs, angel kitties, a butterfly for Tallulah, my stone has a heart with a paw print in the middle. Mom put solar lights in and at night they shine in our garden, it is outside of her bedroom bay window. It has helped Mom heal a little, but the loss is just too much for Mom. Mom is now on medication to help her, but she doesn't think it is helping her, she goes back to her nurse practitioner next month.

Just too many losses and illnesses since we moved to Arizona, it was suppose to be a happy time, time to be together and enjoy life, little did mom know just how much her life would change.

It is hard for mom to even let me come here, she just isn't into doing anything right now but maybe one day she will get better, me and Tallulah are helping her we know it is a long process to heal.

Well I am happy to be with my family in heaven, in Tallulah's butterfly garden....

Sending lost of hugs and love
Zekie Mom sweet sweet angel boyangel
I am an Angel
Posted March 15, 2016 by Zeke
As some of you already know I was very sick, my kidneys failed, I was at the vet for 9 days, they were trying to get my numbers down, they finally came down enough for mom & dad to bring me home.

I was home for a few weeks, when I started to go down hill, stopped eating and very weak, couldn't get up, mom had to carry me to the box, sometimes I didn't make it.

Sadly Mom knew she had to let me go to heaven so I would be well again. On November 5th of last year I made my journey to the bridge. As we all know it is always so hard on our Moms, Mom is really having a hard time, she has been so sad, crying and depressed, yes even today, I was moms lap kitty, sweet boy and loved to be with mom all the time, slept with her and we would spend Sundays together me sleeping and mom watching TV. I was the one that always accepted our new additions to the family, I was the friendly one and loved everyone.

Mom has been making an angel garden with all of us having a stepping stone, we have kitty angels, a butterfly near Tallulah's stone, even metal statues for kitties and dogs. My stone has a heart with a paw print in the middle...it is right outside moms bedroom window. At night the solar lights come on to light our angel garden up. It was a way for Mom to remember us and have a place to talk to us, to help her try to heal...

So much sadness and loss last year and it has affected mom big time, she thinks she will never get better and be happy again...there are days when mom just sits in her room and watches TV all day, cries because she misses me so much.

So I am her special angel boy!

Zekie Moms angel boyangel
Friendship is like a Rainbow
Posted February 18, 2014 by Zeke
With us all going through so much in the last few weeks we have realized that Friends and their friendship is what it is all about!

Friendship is like a rainbow
it is bright and full of color,
There is no end in sight when you're
with friends.

Friends will always be there
to help you,
It may not be the advice
they give,
but it is the support given
that really counts.

Money doesn't make a kitty rich,
what makes a kitty rich or poor are
the kind of kitties we call friends,
and with the Friends I have I think I
am very very rich indeed!

Thank you friends for your friendship, love and support yes this is what it is all about!

Huggie Bear