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Jordan just added Whitey to favorite
 January 9, 2018 - Comment - Like  
Ali just added Whitey to favorite
 December 31, 2017 - Comment - Like  
Dale S Eggers
Thank you for being our Captain last week Whitey.
 January 3, 2016 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - January 4, 2016 
thank you Whitey for being such a pawsome Capt of the week
Chad  - January 4, 2016 
Thank you Whitey for being our captain last week. Im looking forward to being Captain this week, wez gonna pawty!!!!!!! I have Tate decorating the sail boat right now with pawty lights w00t
Tate  - January 4, 2016 
Congrats Chad on being our new Captain, looking forward to sailing with you, I just finished putting purrty lights all over the sail boat so it will be sparkly at nightime on the water!
Mac  - January 4, 2016 
Thank you Whitey!
Tate you did a great job decorating!
Tate  - January 5, 2016 
Thank you Mac, I figured the boat would look purrtier if I put lights all over it. Make it more of a pawty boat for us too w00t
Dale S Eggers
Concats to you WHITEY.
You are the new Captain of the Week.
The ship is yours!
 December 27, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Smokey Jay
Smokey Jay  - December 27, 2015 
Concats to Whitey have a great week.
Mac  - December 27, 2015 
Concatulations Whitey!
Tate  - December 28, 2015 
Congrats Whitey on being our new Captain, happy sailing into the new year!
Spice just added Whitey to favorite
 August 26, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Tate just added Whitey to favorite
 July 4, 2014 - Comment - Like  
meeko & rosie
thank-you happy you like our picture...peace, luv nd kitty purrs...
 January 30, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Whitey has updated their profile picture.
 January 19, 2014 - Comment - Like