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The story of the four missing teeth...
Posted April 27, 2014 by Trey
I finkz the furst lesson of dis story iz 'never brag about sumpin yooz got 'cuz yoo'z could lose it!'

Okay, I'z allus been blessed wif beeootiful white shiny fangs. Even if I wuzn't yawnin' or meowin' loud, dey were right dere fur everbody to see...hangin' down over my chin in da mancatliest threatening way. I wuz allus so proud when someone would say 'Oh wot big teefs yoo have Trey!' I'd puff up my chest 'n swagger a little...

Well imagine how good I felt when one of dem started to grow! Getting longer. And longer. Whoo...I wuz gonna be super cat.
My Mama took a picture of me wif my toof 'n' ever one thot it was the most marvelous toof!!!

Until it fell out! Yup, just gone...one day dere, next day gone!!! Mama found it laying beside da bed 'n' I wuz down to only one fang!

Pride comes before da fall yoo see?

So Mama thot I'd better go 'n' have the doctor take a look at my mouf. She brushes my teefs pretty often but never noticed anyfing wrong.
But there wuz! OMG! I had gingivitis 'n' da doc was gonna have to take my other fang out plus THREE MORE teefz!!! Back ones!! 'N' she wuz gonna have to cut dem out!!!!

But I wuzn't scared...no, not me. I wuz a manly man cat 'n' wuz gonna take it on da chin...or wherever da teefs were still good.

Da problem came when I finded out I couldn't have my favorite crunchy food for 10 days. I had to have baby cat food...or old man catz food, which I isn't!! But yoo doo'z wot yoo needz to dooz. I'z eatin' lotz of saucy foodz 'n' hey! Dey'z pretty good too.

'N' I figure if I still want to be a vampire on Halloween I can rent sum fake fangz so it all turned out fur da good yoo see?
'N' best of all, it hazn't altered my handsum looks one little bit!
Anyway, I'z home now 'n' I'z eatin' sloppy stuff...fank goodness my tongue still wurks!

Da second lesson of diz story iz make sure yoo get yer vet to check yer mouf regularly so yoo don't lose teefs too!
signed: Trey
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