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Lots & lots of rain
Posted April 14, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Good afternoon.

Talk about your water...wow, do we ever have lots of it today. It has been raining since before mom got up for work and she had to walk to work in it, but she got a ride home, so she was alright getting home.

It only got to the low 40's for a high and it was mostly calm, but right now the wind is picking up some and it is supposed to be a very wet and rainy weekend...wouldn't you know.

I want to go outside and help mom plant flowers and clean up our backyard, so we can go outside...really tired of cold and wind and rain. Rain rain go away, little Sheba wants to play!

The MHL playoffs are in gear, so far my team is ahead by one game, my team uses the NHL team Nashville Predators, so whatever they do. My b/f Jesse is on another team called VFP who is using the Tampa Bay Lightening.

Time for dinner. Mom opened a can of 9-Lives Super Supper for us. we each get 1/2 the can, but we leave a little bit for Benny, he doesn't ear very much for a big cat.

have a great weekend!

Kitty huggz!
Lil Sheba
Blowing snow!
Posted April 6, 2018 by Lil Sheba

Today it is windy and cold. Woke up to snow. But only less than an inch and it is kinda melted now. The wind is blowing some of it around, so most of it got blown away​...goodbye snow, don't come back.

I woke up with mom this morning. I was all snuggled under the blankets with her right next to her tummy. Then mom had to go get up cause she had to go potty, but she came back to bed for a short while.

We had a fire somewhere in the neighborhood this afternoon. About an hour ago, we heard loud sirens and woke me up. Kali jumped in the window to see what it was, they were racing down Alter Road. Mom figures if it was on her way to work, she will see the house that was on fire, but if it was on the other side of the busy street, then no. It was probably an empty house, around here empty building always get torched within 6 months of being empty...stupid arsonists, have nothing better to do than start fires.

Well, it is time for my beauty nap. I will chat with you all next week. Have a pawsome afternoon and stay warm and cozy!!!

Kitty kisses!!!{Sheebs}
Lil Sheba
Easter weekend
Posted March 30, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Hi friends

The weekend is finally here. Mom was home with us all day today. She had to wait at home for the FED-EX man cause we got a delivery today, not only do we get the contents of the box, but we also get the box. That's like 2 great gifts in one day.

It is another chilly day today. We are 37*, only supposed to be 40* and we didn't quite make it to that, but almost. The sun struggled to be seen though the clouds, it was out for maybe 5 minutes a few times today and tomorrow it is supposed to rain.

Mom made her Easter basket bowl today...she filled it with Jelly beans, kisses and cadbury cream eggs. She got a few peeps too, but she didn't open them.

We are waiting for Sunday so we can have some of that pork roast mom is making. Mom doesn't like ham very much and barely eats it...not even the lunch-meat ham. But I love ham and when our neighbor gave some to mom, she gave it to me and Kelsee and we ate it all up.

Hope you and your family have a Blessed Easter Sunday!!!
Lil Sheba
It's the weekend.
Posted March 16, 2018 by Lil Sheba

Happy Friday. Hope all of you are having a good day. It is another cold day here in Hockeytown USA. Even though Spring is coming on Tuesday, our weather guy said the cold will stick around for awhile.

I have a neat new habit, but mom doesn't like it very much. When I want to get under her covers with her at night, I paw her face until she wakes up and lifts the covers for me to get under, then I snuggle close to her...mom keeps saying "Sheba will you stop". How else will I get under the blanket if I don't let mom know I want to get under?

Me and Benny had a tiff today, but we usually have one on a daily basis. I wasn't even bothering him and he came over and paw-smacked me on the head, then ran, so i growled at him. Mom said he is getting back at me for always going after him.

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!

Lil Sheba
Got up early!
Posted March 9, 2018 by Lil Sheba
Today it is cold. Me and mom woke at 9am..mom was having a terrible tummy ache and couldn't get back to sleep, even with me cuddled next to her, she kept getting back up, so she decided to just stay up.

The wind is blowing and we have on and of snow flurries, nothing is sticking to the ground though. That is a good thing cause we have had too much snow already this Winter and are looking forward to a nice Spring.

I found a bug in the house and was playing with it...I killed it after I was done with it...mom said it looked like a baby waterbug, she knew it was not a roach bug, but it came from under the sink...so she thought water-bug....anyway, it made a delicious snack.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
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