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Queen Tallulah my angel in pink
My Mom and I want to share our story about butterflies.

The day I made my journey in 2010 after fighting a battle that I could not win, kitty breast cancer! Mom was very upset, but she had to go take care of a little dog, while walking her in an open area with large trees, the tears were flowing down Moms face, as she walked a most beautiful butterfly appeared, white with black, just like me, you see that was me, I returned to earth as this most beautiful butterfly. I fluttered around Mom round and round I went. Mom knew it was me, and she knew I was there to let her know that I was OK and I would always be with her no matter what. I didn't leave her no I didn't I stayed and flew around. Soon Mom had to leave, we said our good byes I flew away, but not far because I was there to watch over my Mom. She went back to the house and sat outside so the little dog could spend time in the backyard, all of a sudden the wind chimes were moving it was me yes me letting my Mom know once again I was there, she just couldn't see me, but she felt me and my butterfly kisses.

So now we are all about butterflies, I have a beautiful heaven butterfly garden, I send butterflies to kitty Moms, they have to believe and they will see...so when you see a butterfly one and all remember your angel kitties do send butterflies from heaven to you.

Butterfly Kisses
There’s one thing I know,
That I hold close to me
My dreams are drifting
Off and into heaven

I stand at the heavens earth window
The cool wind in my fur
And I remember the summer
You were here then

I sent butterfly kisses
Shining over you
My butterfly kisses mean so much to all
I promise that I
Shall never let go.
My butterfly kisses
I love you so.

The angel wings flutter on the rocks
The white twirling waves
You hold me so close
So I never stray

So close to the edge,
And I hold on tight
Knowing you’re my anchor
My anchor
On this warm summer night

I felt your butterfly kisses
Shining over me
My butterfly kisses mean so much to me
I promise that I
Shall never let go.
My butterfly kisses

Angel hugs and butterfly kisses
QT and Mom