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MOL Mother's Day
Posted May 9, 2011 by Phoebe
I had a great Mother's Day. Molly came to the door and talked to me like she does every day and it was sunny and warm.

But the best part was Mama. We had a couple of adventures thanks to Harry. She came into my room in the afternoon to get something and Harry zoomed in. He's really fast and knows right where to go to get behind the armoire. So since Daddy was napping, Mama brought her iPad and sat on my loveseat until Harry came out so she could capture him and throw him back out. That worked and then she stayed with me while I took a nap on her tummy.

Last night Daddy came in to clean the litterbox, and ZOOM - Harry snuck in on him too! So Mama said she would lay on the loveseat until Harry came out again. She did and I climbed on her.

Harry came out and started exploring, so she let him do that for awhile since I was safe. Finally she put me between her and the back of the loveseat so she could grab him if the opportunity came up.

And it did! He got very close to her so she grabbed his tail to catch him and pulled him up on her. But the loveseat is squishy and she COULDN'T GET UP WITH HARRY ON HER!!! ROFMMTO! She was like a turtle on its back.

I was still wedged in my spot where she put me so she was trying to hold Harry, sit up and not squash me. Finally she had to put him on the floor and hold onto his front leg so she could sit up and throw him out the door!

That Harry is always good for a laugh!! We shoulda named him Bozo!