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Posted January 11, 2015 by Pete

This is a blog that will follow the adventures of Pete and Neekah Boo as well as their families. Both Pete and Neekah Boo invite you all to share in the fun!
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Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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When The Angels, Flower and Ralph arrived in Parker Colorado it had warmed up 22 degrees. Flower rang the bel and stood back shivering in the wind. Mama Machelle opened the door and invited the four of them in. Ralph and Flower both hugged Mama Machelle around the knees. Angels Lucy and Sylvie hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She said, Neekah Boo is ready she just has to zip up her overnight bag. Flower said,” I can go up and carry it down for her.” He ran up the stairs and a moment later he and Neekah Boo, came down. Neekah Boo game her mm a head bonk and a kiss, telling her that she would be back tomorrow. Mama Machelle told her to be a good guest and not to tire herself out to much.
Flower said, “Don’t worry, the wheel chair is in the living room and we’ll put her in it as soon as we get there.”
Neekah Boo said, “I like zooming around in the wheelchair, Pete told me I could bring it back here, I think I might bring it this time. It’s really nice to be able to get around without hurting my leg.”
Angel Lucy and Sylvie both sprinkled Mama Machelle, with a pawful of healing Angel Dust. They hugged her a last time and then they vanished, arriving on the Porch at Chester’s house. His bags were packed waiting by the door. He hugged his mom and told he would call her tonight. He came out and greeted Neekah Boo and he asked how do we do this?
Angel Lucy told him We all hold paws and Sylvie and do a little folding of space. We just make Whiskers and Talley’s house be right next to your house, on a slightly different dimension then we just step lightly and we’re there. Imagine that I’ve drawn your house on one end of a long sheet of paper. Then I draw Talley’s house on the other end of it. They are a long ways apart, but if I fold the paper in the middle, I can make them touch. We don’t actually make them touch, but we come very close.
Chester tried to imagine the energy that it would take to fold physical space but then Lucy said, If you’re ready, we’ll go. Pete will think we got lost. For one moment Chester wondered if it would be possible to get lost folding space and then they were in the cozy living room of Whiskers and Talley’s house, which was now filled with happy kids. Timothy, Beatrice, Faith and Barb stood back amazed as Ralph, Flower and Neekah Boo appeared in a shimmer of angelic light. They came forward, toward Neekah Boo and Timothy said, “Miss Neekah Boo, my sisters and I picked these flowers for you in the green house.” He shyly handed her a beautiful Bouquet. “We thought these flowers were pretty, but they aren’t even close to being as pretty as you!”
Neekah Boo blushed and hugged the little rabbits. “Thank you, they are beautiful. It’s so wonderful to have fresh flowers in the winter. These Daisies and Carnations are lovely, and you’ve arranged them beautifully.”
The little rabbits smiled happily that Neekah Boo really liked their gift. Bumper and Lisa looked on approvingly.
Ralph moved the wheelchair up behind Neekah Boo and Flower helped seat her, then he covered her lap with one of Chloe’s beautiful, warm, soft quilts. He draped a soft shawl over her shoulders and asked what he could bring her to drink.
Before Neekah Boo could answer, the glass doors opened and a cold draft blew in. Pete rushed in and came to Neekah Boo. “Oh sweet Neekah Boo, I’m so happy you’re here! He hugged her gently and kissed her soft cheek. He stood tall and offered his paw to Chester. “I’m so glad you could join us, Chester! Did you enjoy the trip?”
Chester smiled. ”It was interesting, Pete. Angel Lucy was trying to explain a little bit about how it works.”
Pete said, “The long sheet of paper analogy?”
Chester said, “That’s the one. I sort of understand but what about all the space in between, doesn’t it seem that it would all get jumbled up?”
Pete nodded, “It’s an imperfect analogy, I think the process takes place on a quantum level. I kind of think they sort of slide everything between the two points to a different place for a moment outside of time.”
Chester shook his head, “Thinking about it kinds of makes your head hurt. If I hadn’t just done it I’d think it was science fiction. I’d like to think about it for a while and then talk with you some more.”
Pete nodded, “I’d like that, Chester.”
Whiskers arrived at the House with K Winston and all of the Hockeytown Kitties, as well as Ana, her sisters and Angel K Malachi. Pete came over to shake paws and exchange hugs. When he had greeted the guests, He said, “I’m sorry the girls aren’t back yet they shouldn’t be much longer. Are the accommodations at the townhouse satisfactory?”
Kelsee laughed, “They’re perfect. There are little sticky notes all over the place. The one on the refrigerator says that everything in it is for us, and that if there’s anything we’d like that isn’t there we should call someone named Pearl, and she left her number.” There’s a listing of the TV channels by the remote and laptops for us to use. There are even instructions for the music system and the home theater all written out. I’d like to meet this Pearl she must be someone very special.”
Pete smiled, “She is very special, and you’ll get to meet her tonight. Mitch came in from outside and Pete introduced him to everyone, finishing with, “This Pearl’s fiancée and a very good friend. “
The sound of a car pulling into the drive caught their attention. Whiskers said, “That’s the Audi, Talley and the girls are back. I’m going to help them bring their purchases inside. Pete, Malachi, Chester, Winston and Jessie hurried after him to help as well.
When the girls were inside and their goods put away they exchanged hugs and lots of happy laughter. Callie said that it was a real pleasure to have the boys serving as Chefs, but she offered to help in any way that they might need. Whiskers told her to just relax and took drink orders. It was mostly hot tea and cocoa with a few requests for Irish coffee. Thomas came in and exclaimed, “It’s getting colder out there, but the snowmobiles are all gassed up and ready to go!”
Chester said, “Great, when can we go? Are there good trails?”
Mitch said, “We can go anytime, and the trails are great! I can lead and show you some great sights. “
They finished their warm drinks put their jackets on and went out to the snowmobiles. Each machine had two snowmobile suits laid out across the seats. Winston said, “I hope one of these is an extra-large!”
When they were all suited up they climbed on the powerful machines. Talley hugged Whiskers tight as she sat behind him. Ana rode behind Malachi, Pete got Neekah Boo comfortably situated behind him and Pearl and Mitch mounted up and they led a long procession out on to the trail. Chester revved the powerful engine and felt the surge of power. The HT kitties were very familiar with snow, and Jesse exclaimed, “We need one of these for mom. She’d be able to get to work in minutes.”
Ana said, “One of these, would be perfect for Janet!”
Their suits were well insulated but it was very cold. After two hours of exhilarating riding Mitch asked if they wanted to head back. It was pretty much unanimous; they were all ready for the fireplace and some warm drinks. Pete told Neekah Boo, that he needed to get back to the kitchen and start the appetizers.
They headed back, arriving at the house as ice pellets began to fall.
They put away the snowmobiles and stripped out of the bulky suits. Malachi told Ana, “How you can manage to look so beautiful in that snow suit, is just amazing.”
Pete and Whiskers felt the same way.
Chester patted the snowmobile fondly. “I hope we get to ride some more before we have to go back.”
Back in the house, Pete put his special shrimp in the seasoned boiling water and turned the heat off. He timed three minutes and poured the shrimp into a colander, drained them and rinsed them with cold water. He made shrimp cocktails for everyone. The party was beginning!
Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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After breakfast, Pete helped with clearing away the dishes, and then began organizing the preparation for tonight’s dinner party.
He started by going up to the kids playroom and asking Flower and Ralph to accompany angels Lucy and Sylvie to bring Neekah Boo to the house. He told them that they would be making another stop as well. They would be bringing Chester, the mayor of Catnip Island home as well. Chester was a friend and fellow pilot from Catster and Cathugger. The boys were pleased to have such an important mission, and they hurried to their rooms to change into their suits.
Next, Pete checked his menu. He had asked his dad to send some fresh shrimp from Florida. They had arrived by overnight Air Express. As he opened the cooler, he saw that his dad had outdone himself. They had been fresh caught yesterday. These were the kind of shrimp that Pete had enjoyed as a kitten. They were Atlantic White Shrimp. They were 5-10 count meaning that a pound consisted of 5 to 10 shrimp. These would be served as the first course, followed by baked French onion soup. He unpacked the shrimp and put them in the walk in cooler. Whiskers was scrubbing the baking potatoes, and Bumper and Lisa were in the greenhouse picking the salad greens and the fresh broccoli that would be served with the steaks. Yesterday afternoon Pete and Whiskers had seasoned prime Rib Eye steaks with a special rub and even now they were marinating in the cooler.
The Mexican roasted corn was next. Pete carefully pulled the husks back and stripped out the silk. He had prepared a mixture of mayonnaise, garlic slivers, queso cheese and lime juice. He liberally applied it to the perfect ears of corn and wrapped the husks back in place.
When they had put the last of the prepared food in the cooler, they cleaned and sanitized the counters and the rest the kitchen.
Next they both pitched in to peel and core ten pounds of apples, for Talley’s apple pies. The apples were a mix of Granny Smith and Honey Crisp. Talley joined them and began to slice the apples in her special way. When the apples were ready, she began melting butter, adding brown sugar, and cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of salt and a Tahitian vanilla bean to the big pot. She added the apples and let them simmer in the delicious glaze. She shooed the boys out of the kitchen to begin making the pie crusts. She was making six pies and needed lots of counter space to roll out the crusts.
Pete and Whiskers went into the living room. Whiskers added more logs to the fire, He asked Pete, “Where have Callie and the rest of our chefs gotten off to?
Pete said, “They went over to the Castle to discuss the menu for the Coronation, and then Raven and Murphy are taking them into town to the International Market to pick up the Philippine specialty items for the Coronation Flight. They had to order quite a lot of it from a specialty shop in New York. It’s supposed to arrive this morning. Then they’ll be picking Esmeralda up and bringing her back here.”
Pete looked outside. It was gray and overcast, but the temperature was above freezing for the first time in weeks. The thermometer actually read 33 degrees.
Whiskers asked, “What are you thinking, Pete?”
Pete said, “I’m thinking about using the outside wood fired grill to cook the steaks and the Mexican corn. I might even bake our potatoes out there. I can move two of the propane heaters over by the grill and make it pretty comfortable for us.”
Whiskers smiled, “That would be pretty nice, us guys could hang out there, have a few drinks and chat.”
Pete nodded. “Let’s move the heaters into place and see if we can make it comfortable enough.”
Pete’s phone rang. He answered and listened for a moment and then said, “Okay, we’ll be down to pick them up. “
He turned to Whiskers and said, K Winston just called in for landing clearance. He and Kelsee and the rest of their family should be landing in about fifteen minutes. We need to drive down to the field and pick them up.”
Whiskers said, “I can do that.”
Pete said, “Great stop by my townhouse and drop their luggage off on the way up, I’m letting them stay there.”
Thomas came in and asked if he could help with any thing
Pete smiled and told him that if he could go over to the equipment shed and make sure that all of the snowmobiles were in good order, it would help. “We’re planning on doing some snowmobiling this afternoon.”
Whiskers put his jacket on, went into the kitchen and kissed Talley.” I’ll be back soon, sweetheart.”
She kissed him back getting Flower on his nose. He went out and started the Audi, letting it warm up before he pulled out on the road down the mountain.
Pete loaded the wood grill, set the heaters in position and cleared the snow away from the area around the outdoor kitchen.
Talley decided that fresh baked yeast rolls would be a good addition to the menu and began making dough. When Pete came in she said, “Pete, if you’re going to cook outdoors, would you mind building a fire in the wood fired oven. I think the rolls would be wonderful if we bake them in it!”
Pete nodded, laughed and said, “Your wish is my command little sister.”
She laughed and said, “You’re in a wonderful mood. You do love a good party, especially if Neekah Boo is coming.”
Pete smiled, “I’m just happy that she’ll be here soon.”
At that moment angels Lucy and Sylvie materialized in the living room. Sylvie said, “We’re done with the shelter rounds, and we’re ready to get Neekah Boo. Are Flower and Ralph ready?”
They were. As soon as Pete called up the stairs the two little skunks came running down. They were groomed and dressed to the nines. Lucy and Sylvie took their paws and they were off to Colorado in a flash!
Pete wrote at February 25, 2015
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Well sweetie, CC went down during hockey, so we went over to the Castle for the board game party. You are so smart we did very well at the genius level trivial Pusuits and we had lots of fun playing clue! Thank you for a lovely evening.
Pete wrote at February 25, 2015
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Wednesday Night Hockey
Pete and Whiskers arrive early and hold the doors
for the girls. They'll set up a table and lay out the banners and pennants for tonight's games. After the games they will be returning to the board games party at the castle, (271826) where king Buddy is hosting a fun evening. The girls decide they'd like to make a trip up to the snack bar.
Raven, Ms. Murphy, Talley and Angels Lucy and Sylvie all have games tonight. Angel Lucy has promised to bring Neekah Boo, from her Colorado home so that she can watch the games with Pete and the family.KCK will be playing the Los Angles Kings and VFP will be up against KA, Both are expected to be tough close games.
Pete is happy, because Neekah Boo is with him.
He wheels her to good seat on the backside of the table where she has an excellent view of the Ice. He asks her what she would like to drink and she asks him to bring her hot tea, He hurries up to the snack bar!
Pete wrote at February 22, 2015
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Pete came down for lunch with a contented smile on his face. Whiskers looked up from the book he was reading, on sailing and navigation, and said, “You look chipper, brother, what’s making you so happy this afternoon?”
Pete said, “I just got off the phone with Neekah Boo and she accepted our dinner invitation this evening. Has anyone seen Flower? Neekah Boo likes it so much when Flower comes with Angels Lucy and Sylvie to bring her here.”
Talley was in the kitchen preparing to put several apple pies into the oven. She said, “Flower and all of the kids are in the workshop with Mitch, Thomas, Annabella and Pearl. They’re all working on the boats.”
Pete thanked her and put his jacket on before walking out to the shop. His paws made crunching sounds in the snow. It was cold, but at least it was above freezing. The sky was a deep blue. The next storm wasn’t due until tomorrow. He opened the door to the shop and found the kids and their parents, cleaning tools and putting away supplies. Both Fair Wind and boat belonging to Thomas & Annabella gleamed in the light of the overhead fluorescent lights. Pete stood back and admired the sight. The hulls had just received their final coats and they were beautiful.
Pete said, “Wow, You guys have done an incredible job. The boats are just beautiful! They look fabulous! I think we’re going to attract a lot of attention when we take these beautiful little boats on the road this spring!”
Thomas smiled proudly. He hugged Annabella, and said, “Pete it has to be perfect, I’ll be carrying precious cargo!” His gaze included Annabella, Ralph and Rosie!”
Pete nodded, “That you will Thomas, very precious cargo indeed.” He turned and said, “Flower, would you do me a favor?”
Flower, always eager to be of help, “Said sure, Uncle Pete!”
Then Pete asked Flower if he would go with angel Lucy and Sylvie to bring Neekah Boo back to have dinner with them.
Flower beamed. He took pride in being the escort to the lovely Neekah Boo.
“Sure Uncle Pete, I’ll just finish cleaning up here and then I’ll shower and change.”
Pete smiled as Flower hurriedly dried his brushes and mat rollers.
Back in the house, Angel Maggie and Callie were preparing the seafood stock for tonight’s dinner. It smelled delicious. Pete walked in and looked in the big pot. He was surprised to see shrimp skins, fish bones, lobster shells and crab shells in the pot. Maggie laughed at the surprised expression on his face. She told him, “We boil the shells and the bones and get a lot of wonderful flavor from them. Then we strain the liquid and add our veggies. We don’t add the seafood to the simmering broth until the last ten minutes before serving.”
Angel Lucy was waiting for Flower when he came running downstairs. He was in dress slacks, a long sleeve dress shirt with a red and blue striped tie and a blazer. He had his long overcoat. Pete smiled, with his black fur brushed and his white forelock he was a handsome figure!
He and Angel Lucy waited only a moment before Angel Sylvie appeared. A moment later they vanished and were standing on the porch of Neekah Boo’s house. The snowstorm was in full force visibility was near zero. Flower knocked on the door. As he waited the wind whipped his long overcoat around his legs. He was getting chilled. He said to Lucy, “I don’t think we should bring Miss Neekah Boo out in this would it be okay for us to transport from inside?”
Angel Lucy nodded. Mom Machelle opened the door and said, “Oh my, come in out of the storm. They followed her inside and warmed themselves in front of her fire. She said, “I’ll go see if Sweet Neekah Boo is ready!”
In a moment, Neekah Boo followed her mom downstairs. She was limping. Angell Sylvie went to her side and said, “Little one, hold still. Sylvie put her paws on Neekah Boo’s back. There was a warm glow as healing energy flowed into Neekah Boo. Sylvie said that should feel some better, but you still have to rest. We’ll have you in a nice warm chair by the fireplace, and we’ll bring you your dinner. You and Pete can have your own romantic dinner by the fireplace.”
Neekah Boo smiled, her leg did hurt less and she was happy to be seeing Pete. She hugged her mama and said that she would be back tomorrow.
Flower took Neekah Boo’s overnight case from her mama, held Neekah Boo’s paw and said, “Auntie Angel Lucy, we’re ready!”
Angel Lucy took Neekah Boo’s other paw and Sylvie took Flower’s paw the formed a circle and slowly vanished before mom Machelle’s eyes.
They arrived in the living room. It was warm and cozy. The sky was blue and although, it was very cold, kids from the shelters were playing hockey on the lake. Some of their parents skated as well.
Pete gave Neekah Boo a soft gentle hug and seated her in his favorite recliner by the fire. He thanked Flower for being such an excellent escort, and Neekah Boo gave Flower a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She thanked him as well. He blushed and said he was always honored to be her escort!
Lisa, Bumper and the kids were joining them for dinner and the little rabbits were charmed by Neekah Boo’s beauty and charm. Neekah Boo invited Timothy, Beatrice, Barb and Faith up onto her lap and she stroked their soft fur gently. She smiled happily as the little bunnies fell asleep in her lap.
Theodore, Melba, Rocky and Violet came in and exchanged greetings all around. Pete filled Neekah Boo in on the news about the kids being invited to address the National Geographic foundation in New York, and how it could possibly result in a program to help reintroduce wolves to many former habitats.
Maggie and Callie were ready to add the prepared seafood into the savory broth, just before dinner. Orangie and Whitey were cutting thick slices of homemade bread, and Lisa and Pearl were making the big mixed salad. Talley’s apple pies were cooling and would be ready to serve by the time dessert was served. Whiskers sniffed the air and said to Mitch, “This is going to be a very special dinner!”
With dinner taken care of, the family set about enjoying the afternoon. Pete could tell that Neekah Boo was in some pain and he said, “How would it be if we borrowed Thomas’s wheel chair and went down to the lake front to watch the kids skating?”
A momentary frown crossed her face and then she said, “That might be fun Pete, but I don’t want to make you push me in the wheel chair. I’d feel like I was being a burden to you.”
Pete knelt down by her and said, “My precious Neekah Boo, you could never be a burden to me. When I’m with you, I feel as though I’m as young and strong as a kitten. You make my6 heart sing. Besides, we got Thomas a powered wheel chair. You can drive yourself!”
Neekah Boo laughed happily, “Let’s go watch the kids skating. “
Thomas brought the wheel chair down the hall and Neekah Boo settled into it. Thomas showed her the simple controls and she delighted in twirling around with the motorized chair. Pete got several soft quilts and covered Neekah Boo, so that despite the cold weather she would be as warm as warm could be. Flower asked Pearl if he and the other kids could skate for a while before dinner, and she said, if it was okay with Annabella it was fine with her. In the end the whole family went down to the lake to enjoy the fun.
Neekah Boo quickly mastered the controls on the wheel chair and led the family down to the lake. The Boat House families had set up a stand serving coffee, tea and hot chocolate. They had brought two of the big propane heaters out, and there was a party atmosphere along the lake front. Several of the toms were watching The Daytona 500 on tablets. Neekah Boo picked a spot and parked. The kids quickly joined the impromptu hockey games. Pete asked Neekah Boo, if she would like to go to hockey tonight! She said, that she would!
The kids played and laughed. Talley and Whiskers joined in with the ice dancing and Pete talked Neekah Boo into dancing with the wheelchair. He said, “This way, I won’t step on your paws.”
As the sun began to settle, The family returned to the house, to get ready for the games.
Angel Maggie said, “Now I don’t want you to spoil your appetites at hockey tonight, We’ll serve dinner as soon as we get home.”
Angels Lucy and Sylvie were ready and they gathered the family together. Neekah Boo sat in her wheel chair in the middle and in a flash they were at the MHL Arena!
Neekah Boo wrote at February 15, 2015
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I had such a wonderful time as I always do. I love my Amethyst necklace and earings. Sweet Pete how did you know they were my favorite? Are you a mind reader? I'm beginning to think so. I LOVE THEM . I had so much fun with what I consider my family not just my friends. Please tell Flowers how much i love him too. I had such a fantastic time the best Valentines Day Ever my Sweet Adorable Pete. Come here and give me a Hugand a ssnuggle . You are such a gentle man and a gentle heart you have. I couldn't have picked a better boy friend and best friend. Love you my Sweet Pete.
Neekah Boo
Pete wrote at February 14, 2015
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After Breakfast, Pete asked Flower if he would accompany Angels Sylvie and Lucy to bring Neekah Boo to the Valentine’s Day party.
Flower said that he would be happy to be Neekah Boo’s escort. Flower ran to tell his mom and sisters that Uncle Pete had asked him to help bring Miss Neekah Boo to the party.
Whiskers was helping Talley do some final decorations. Talley asked him to sign the stack of Valentine cards that she had addressed, He said, “I’ll be glad to, just let me find a pen.”
She smiled and said, “Oh, I think there might be one on the desk in the study.”
Whiskers hurried down the hall and into the study. The desk was clear except for a small box wrapped in red paper and tied with a pretty red silk bow, He glanced at it and started to look in the desk drawer for a pen, when the tag caught his eye. It said “to Whiskers from Talley”
He smiled, picked it up and walked back into the family room where Talley was busy with the girls setting the food on the buffet. He said, “I couldn’t find a pen, but I found this.”
Talley said, “Well open it, sweetheart.”
He removed the wrapping and found an ebony wood box, about six inches long and three inches wide. He opened it. It contained a 1930’s Mont Blanc fountain pen with 18k gold nib.
“Oh my, This is beautiful, Talley.” He walked over to the stack of cards opened one and signed it with a flourish. “Talley this writes wonderfully!”
Talley said, “You like it?”
“I think it’s wonderful!”
Talley said, “Well, since you seem to be quite fond of antique writing devices, I thought it might be a good gift.”
“Wherever did you find it?”
Esmeralda found it for me. She said that since you had a typewriter, perhaps this might be a nice addition to your writing equipment. There’s one more thing I’ll get it.”
She ran upstairs and was back in a moment. She had a black fedora. She handed it to him. “This belonged to Edward Murrow when he was a war correspondent in London. The card says that he couldn’t write without it. He called it his writing hat.”
Whiskers was impressed. The hat and the pen were perfect gifts. He kissed his beloved and said, “This is another perfect Valentine’s Day, Thank you sweetheart.” While they kissed the kids giggled.
Angel Lucy arrived and asked if Flower was ready t go with her and Sylvie to bring Neekah Boo to the parties. Flower came running downstairs. He was dressed in his formal Royal Squadron Uniform and was even wearing his small ceremonial sword. He asked Pearl, “How do I look, mama?”
Pearl smiled at him and said, “You look like a perfect gentleman.”
Flower told Pete, “Uncle Pete, we’ll be back as soon as we can, with Miss Neekah Boo. I’ll be a good escort for her.” Pete hugged him and said, I know you will buddy.
They were gone in a flurry of angel dust.
Pete joined Whiskers at the table and began sealing cards in envelopes as Whiskers finished signing them, He said, “I’m thinking that we might like to surprise Angel Maggie for her birthday tomorrow.”
Whiskers said “Talley and I were talking about that, We thought that since it’s so cold out, maybe we could do an indoor barbecue.”
Pete thought for a moment and said,” I think we can do something pretty close, using a little wood chip box in one of the ovens.”
Whiskers said, “And we can use the JennAire grill to grill some burgers. The kids can roast hot dogs in the fireplace.”
Pete smiled, “It might work. We might be able to keep Maggie out of the kitchen for a day. The kids tell me that they’re getting up really early tomorrow, to make Maggie breakfast and they’re going to serve it to her in bed.”
Whiskers laughed. “We might have to let Maggie know, so she doesn’t spoil their surprise.”
The doorbell rang and Thundie and Cherish had arrived. Thundie had driven them over on his snowmobile. There were pawshakes and hugs. Talley couldn’t wait to show A Q Cherish he lovely necklace that Whiskers had given her.
While they were still greeting their dear friends from around the lake, Angels Lucy and Sylvie materialized with Neekah Boo and Flower.
Pete hurried over to give her a hug and a kiss. Then he produced a small box from his coat pocket and presented it to her. She opened and was delighted to find a lovely amethyst necklace and ear ring set. She hugged Pete and he beamed in happiness. Raven and Ms. Murphy offered all of the guests drinks. Ana and A Malachi arrived and the party grew. Pete got Neekah a glass of sparkling white grape juice. He was in heaven as his lovely Boo smiled and laughed happily, Flower charmed everyone in his formal dress uniform.
When Bumper and his family arrived every one could stop oohing and ahhing over the adorable rabbit family. Bumper told everyone how they had taken refuge in the kids snow fort and that it had saved them from freezing.
More shelter guests joined the party, and flower and Ralph announced that the buffet was open. Talley brought a tray in from the kitchen. It was filled with miniature apple pies in the shape of hearts. Whiskers saw them and his eyes lit up in delight. He hugged Talley and kissed her. “Oh sweetheart, how perfect for Valentine ’s Day!”
Pete sat by Neekah Boo, holding delicate paw and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. Thomas sat down by them and began to chat. Angel Maggie announced that more Swedish meatballs were being served (the first tray having been consumed in the first minutes of the party).
Mitch and Pearl passed out boxes chocolate maple candies for the guests to take home, telling each guest, “If you like these tell your friends they are made here in the forest by friends.”
The afternoon passed quickly and Angel Lucy said that it was probably time to go down to the Castle. Since the snow was very heavy, she suggested that everyone hold paws and they would transport to the castle with angel magic. It was quicker than the blink of an eye and they were in the grand hall!
Pete wrote at January 14, 2015
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Whiskers slipped quietly out of bed
to open
the balcony drapes to their suite. The sight of the superb blue and
turquoise lagoon and the amazing views were something he knew him and
Talley would miss. Whiskers quickly got back into bed with his precious
love, giving her a warm kiss as she awakened.

“Oh Talley, the
various legends attached to mythology gave the island of Raiatea an
atmosphere of mystery and magic to the sites we visited. Queen Kelsee
was right when she said this special place may be the highlight of our
vacation.” Talley nodded and mewed, “I was enthralled with the lagoons
brimming with plentiful fishes of all colors and the panorama of
mountains with breathtaking waterfalls mixed with the fertile valleys
rich with fruits and vegetables. Yes Whiskers, it is truly a sacred
paradise island.” Whiskers kissed his darling wife once more and said,
“I’m so happy we’ll have wonderful memories of our first wedding
anniversary sweetheart. We owe a world of thanks to your family for
putting this trip together.” Talley nodded and said, “The crew of the
Luz de Luna has been amazing too. We are truly blessed by those around

Whiskers held Talley in his arms a little while longer.
“I’m glad to see how well K. Pete seems to be doing. Even Neekah Boo
seems to have an extra spring in her step. I think this vacation has
been good for both of them,” Whiskers said. “Talley smiled and said,
“I’m sure just being together has been great medicine for my brother and
his lovely sweetheart. They do make a lovely couple.”

smiled and lifted his head up when he heard laughter and water
splashing outside. He said, “I know Flower and the kids are having the
time of their lives. I can just imagine the wonderful paintings and book
reports the kids will put together when we return home.” Talley said,
“Angel Maggie and Callie have been having a ball collecting new recipes
from the various islands and from the chefs on the ship. I have a
feeling our diets are going to be on hold, even after we get home.”
Whiskers laughed, patted his tummy and said, “My tummy has been in
paradise too with the exotic food, but I have to admit, I sure do miss
your apple pies.” Talley giggled as she got out bed and mewed, “Oh
Whiskers. I haven’t forgotten. My apple pie will be on the menu when we
get back home.” Whiskers tummy let out an audible growl right on cue. The two kitties in love broke out in uncontrollable laughter as they got up to start their day.

Whiskers and Talley greeted their family and friends who were already
enjoying their first cup of French roast coffee and vanilla bean hot
chocolate. Mornings smelled delicious on the poolside deck.

nose detected something scrumptious baking in the air. Callie smiled and
said, “Angel Maggie and I smelled it too when we came down. We asked
the chefs what it was and would they please share it with us.” Angel
Maggie said, “The wonderful aroma is a baked good called Viennoiseries
(French etymological sense: 'things of Vienna') They are made from a
yeast-leavened dough in a manner similar to bread, or from puff pastry,
but with added ingredients (particularly eggs, butter, milk, cream and
sugar) giving them a richer, sweeter character, approaching that of
pastry. And yes Whiskers, Callie and I are getting the recipe. The
breakfast buffet this morning has freshly baked viennoiseries, vanilla
bean yoghurts, homemade fruits jams and compotes and various fruits of
the island.”

Neekah Boo and K. Pete smiled. The two kitties had
already been to the buffet and were both enjoying the delicious pastry
with their coffees. Neekah Boo told her sweetheart that all the food on
their vacation was wonderful, but she absolutely loved breakfast on the
ship with all the unusual and delicious fresh fruits. Talley agreed with
Neekah Boo wholeheartedly.
Whiskers looked around for the kids,
hearing more laughter and water splashing. Whiskers and Talley walked
over to the pool deck railing, spying Flower and the kids in the
brilliant blue and green water in their snorkeling gear along with
Mitch, Pearl, Queen Kelsee, Snickers and their family. K. Winston waved
up at his friends and shouted, “Come on in and join us when you’re
ready! The water is crystal clear this morning.” Flower’s head was
bobbing out of the water as he waved to his Uncle Whiskers and Aunt
Talley. “ The little skunk was excited at seeing moray eels and
countless tropical fish. He yelled up, “I’m taking lots of pictures
Uncle Whiskers!” Whiskers and Talley waved at everyone, glad to see them
having a wonderful time so early in the morning. Whiskers shouted down,
“We’ll join you guys after breakfast.”

After filling their
plates with pastries and fruit, Whiskers and Talley sat down with K.
Pete, Neekah Boo, Raven and Ms. Murphy. Whiskers asked his brother, “Do
you know where we’re headed next?” K. Pete said, “I haven’t spoken to
Jacques this morning, but I do believe Bora Bora
might be our next destination.” Raven said, “Don’t forget we have
hockey tonight. Angel Lucy and Angel Sylvie will be ready to transport
those that want to go at 3 p.m. sharp.’
Whiskers smiled and said,
“Talley and I will be ready. I know we all did a lot more walking on the
island yesterday than we thought we would. My legs felt a little shaky
this morning.” K. Pete nodded and said, “I think Neekah Boo and I will
relax on the ship today. I don’t want my sweetheart to over exert
herself.” Neekah Boo smiled shyly and said, “I feel fine, but I think I
would like to rest up before our next adventure.”
After an
enjoyable meal, Whiskers and Talley decided to go back to their room to
change into their bathing suits and join the kids in the water. Whiskers
teased Talley and said, “I’m sure going to miss seeing you in a bathing
suit everyday. I’ve seen the way some of those Polynesian Toms look at
you when you walk by. I have to pinch myself every time, knowing that
you are my precious love.” Talley stopped to give her beloved husband a
deep kiss and mewed, “And you are mine.”

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs my darling Tallulah.
XXIX. "I think of thee!---My thoughts do twine and bud...”
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I think of thee!---my thoughts do twine and bud
About thee, as wild vines, about a tree,
Put out broad leaves, and soon there's nought to see
Except the straggling green which hides the wood.
Yet, O my palm-tree, be it understood
I will not have my thoughts instead of thee
Who art dearer, better! Rather, instantly
Renew thy presence; as a strong tree should,
Rustle thy boughs and set thy trunk all bare,
And let these bands of greenery which insphere thee
Drop heavily down,---burst, shattered, everywhere!
Because, in this deep joy to see and hear thee
And breathe within thy shadow a new air,
I do not think of thee---I am too near thee.
Neekah Boo wrote at January 14, 2015
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Ah what a beautiful and sad place all at once. But im so glad we all got to go and pay our respects. It was a beautiful day Sweet Pete. Thank you. Love Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo
Pete wrote at January 13, 2015
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