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Posted January 11, 2015 by Pete

This is a blog that will follow the adventures of Pete and Neekah Boo as well as their families. Both Pete and Neekah Boo invite you all to share in the fun!
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Pete wrote at March 17, 2015
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Still no sign of Harley, Dad is so very worried and very sad! We have been giving him extra snuggles trying to console him.

Whiskers and Talley loaded the kids Radio Flyer wagon with extra blankets, pillows and of course the picnic baskets prepared by Angel Maggie and Callie. Whitey and Orangie had prepared a variety of cheeses, breads and small sausages to go along with the lunch that was prepared for the boat ride.
Flower went into the pantry located a box of the chocolate maple cream cookies and asked Pearl, “Mom, may I put these in the picnic basket for the boat ride?”
Pearl smiled and said, “What a good idea, Flower. Of course you may.”
Flower tucked the box of cookies in with the supplies and asked Whiskers, “Uncle Whiskers would you like Ralph and I to take the wagon down to the boat?”
Whiskers said, “I think we’re all just about ready, hold on for a minute and we can all go down together. Neekah Boo was excited about going out in the boat and Pete was smiling as he tucked a lap robe around her legs, saying, “We can’t have you getting chilled sweetheart!”
Thomas and Mitch picked up their family’s day bags and were ready.
In the boat house, there were lots of willing hands to help load the boat, and in no time Pete and Whiskers had stowed the gear, passed out life jackets, and lowered the boat into the water. They ran the engine check list and Whiskers started the big turbo charged diesels. When his pressures and temperatures were good, he shifted into reverse and eased out of the boathouse.
A moment later he secured the boat at the head of the pier and began to help the family aboard. Flower tapped him on the arm and said, “You forgot this uncle Whiskers.”
Flower handed him his captain’s hat. Whiskers noticed that Flower was wearing an identical hat the said ‘First Mate’ on it.
He smiled and put the hat on. “Does everyone have their lifejacket fastened?” he asked.
When the affirmative was received he engaged the throttles and eased away from the dock. When they were clear he said, “Hold on everyone!” He pushed the throttles forward and the powerful engines propelled the boat forward with a tremendous surge. In moments they were on plane skimming across the surface of the flat calm lake. It was cold, but invigorating. Talley watched Whiskers as he expertly handled the boat and smiled at the look of happiness on his face. They made several laps around the lake. He had stopped off shore from Thundie and Q Cherish’s home and blew the boats horn. Thundie who was sitting on their deck, Waved and shouted a greeting!
Whiskers turned toward the far end of the lake, and idled into position, noting the land marks he had fixed in his mind last year. He asked Pete, “Drop anchor, if you please, Pete”
Pete dropped the kedge anchor and tied it off the boat swung on the wind and steadied.
Pete and Whiskers began passing out rods and reels with colorful fishing lures attached. When everyone had their gear, Pete said,” One at a time cast out. Make sure you don’t hook any one. “
Flower and Ralph helped the girls cast their lines out, and no sooner than Rosie’s lure had hit the water a large trout struck and began running with her line. She reeled hard and several time had the fish almost to the boat, when it would make another run. It took her nearly ten minutes to bring the big fish to the side of the boat where Whiskers reached out with the net and brought it aboard. He held it up, saying, “This is a big fish!
Pete took his camera out and Rosie held the fish up (With Whiskers helping her)
After the picture was taken, Rosie asked, “Can we put him back now?”
Whiskers asked, “Is that what you want to do?
Rosie nodded, “He was fun to catch, but now I want to let him go home to his family. We have lots of fish in the freezer, so we don’t need him.”
Thomas and Annabella beamed with pride at their little girl!
The kids and the girls, as usual, caught all of the fish, and all of them were released over the side after being weighed and photographed. Rosie’s trout at thirteen pounds was the biggest fish of the day. As they reeled the lines in and secured the gear, Pete raised the anchor and Whiskers started the engines. He turned the boat toward shore, an area of flat sandy beach that they liked to use as a picnic spot. Whiskers carefully eased the bow onto the soft sand and tossed a line ashore. He hopped out of the boat on to the sand and took the line up the beach where he tied it to a stout pine tree.
Talley and the girls laid out the picnic, while Pete, Whiskers, Thomas, and Mitch gathered wood to make a fire for the kids to use for roasting marshmallows.
It was a lovely picnic and in the shelter of the steep slope coming down to the beach it was comfortably warm and sunny. Pete helped Neekah Boo get settled on the blanket and prepared a plate of food for her.
She said, “Oh Pete, what a wonderful day this is. The air smells like perfume.”
He poured her a mug of warm tea and they began to eat. Whiskers had brought his ukulele and he began to play. His first song was Danny Boy, in honor of St Patrick’s Day, But the kids joined in when he began to play She’ll be comin round the mountain.
They sang, laughed and ate, If it weren’t for the worry that Pete felt, for his dad and Harley, the day would have been perfect. His dad had put up flyers in the neighborhood asking anyone who saw Harley to call him, but after two days he had received no calls.
As the sun began to move toward the horizon the air cooled and Mitch lit their fire, using the flint and striker that Thomas had given him. He laughed in satisfaction as the dry wood began to cast warmth all around the fire pit that he had made in the sand.
The kids roasted marshmallows and when Flower passed around the delicious Maple Chocolate Cookies, It was Tabitha who had the idea of topping one with a warm roasted marshmallow. Whiskers applauded her ingenuity and immediately prepared one of the gooey treats for Talley and himself. They sang more songs , with whiskers on the Uke and Mitch playing guitar, Songs like, Oh Susannah, On top of Spaghetti, This land is your land, The happy Wanderer, and many more. The one that made the kids laugh uncontrollably was Boa Constrictor;
To the tune of “John Brown’s Baby”, sort of.
I'm being eaten my a boa constrictor,
A boa constrictor, a boa constrictor
I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor
And I don't like it one bit
Oh no he’s up to my toe
Oh gee he's up to my knee
Oh my he's up to my thigh
Oh darn he's up to my arm
Oh heck he's up to my neck
Oh gee he's eaten mgffff!!

They insisted that Whiskers and Mitch play it several times and each time they laughed as hard as the previous time!
The light was growing dim and it was getting colder. Pete helped Neekah Bo back into the boat and wrapped her warmly. Whiskers and Mitch assisted the rest of the family, and Thomas took special care to be sure that the campfire was absolutely cold. He poured buckets of lake water on it and then covered it with damp sand. Pete standing on the bow used the paddle to push the boat off and into deeper water. Whiskers had seated Talley in the driver’s seat and she started the engines. In moments they were flying over the water.
Carefully idling up to the dock Talley positioned the boat so that the breeze would carry them in. Pete at the bow and Thomas at the stern put soft fenders over the side and tied lines to secure the boat. When everyone was ashore, Mitch and Thomas helped carry all of their gear up to the house while Pete, Whiskers and Flower returned the boat to the boat hose and raised it on the lift. They washed the hull down and took out the bilge plugs. Then they bid their friends adieu and made the trek up to the house. The kids were still singing about voracious boa constrictors and Neekah Boo was settled comfortably on the couch. Thomas said we just heard that the weather is staying warm, but that we have rain on the way tonight.”
Pete said, “Well, I guess it will help melt the snow. I’m happy as long as we don’t get any more snow. Lucy and Sylvie want to get started on the foundations for Mitch and Pearls new home and the snow makes it more complicated.
Callie and Maggie were gathering the ingredients for Corned Beef and Cabbage, Whitey and Orangie were making Irish Soda Bread, and Raven and Ms Murphy were boiling mounds of potatoes. It would be a wonderful Irish feast tonight when dinner time came. Tabitha and Daisy were squeezing greenhouse lemons to make fresh lemonade, which they would make green with food coloring.
Pete turned on the news and listened for a moment before switching to the new Cat Channel News. It seemed that Human news was always depressing, but the news from the cat community was hopeful and upbeat. Thomas said, “It seems to me that humans always find problems, whereas cats find solutions.”
Pete replied, don’t forget, Skunks, Raccoons, Wolves and rabbits and who knows what other animals find solutions. I’m afraid that the good humans are outnumbered by those who look for the bad in any situation and try to exploit it. “
Talley looked thoughtful, “I think that human news is dominated by negative people. For example whenever a boat sinks, and people are hurt or die, the story is always about the tragedy, never is it mentioned that heroic efforts by good humans, at the risk of their own lives, may have saved hundreds!”
Pete nodded, “You may be right, Talley. All of that negative reporting has to have a bad effect on the human spirit, don’t you think?”
The whole family was in agreement.
Neekah Boo wanted to nap before dinner and Pete helped her into her wheelchair. She motored down the hall to the elevator and took it up to the third floor. She went to her room and stretched out on her soft bed. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
The kids were doing their homework, Pete was reading the paper. Talley and Whiskers were checking the shelter cams and Mitch and Thomas were playing chess. It was a nice afternoon.
Dinner smelled wonderful! Whiskers Tummy rumbled!
Callie laughed.
There was a lot of love in the house!
Pete wrote at March 16, 2015
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After spending a wonderful day in the
Angel Tunnels visiting the religious shrines, Whiskers and Talley enjoyed a delicious lunch chatting with lovely Neekah Boo and K. Pete. Neekah Boo said, “I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but my back feels better after our trip to the holy shrines.”
Talley smiled and said, “I think the healing powers in the tunnels are very real, especially for those pure of heart, like you Neekah Boo. I’m not surprised at all that you feel better. The power of prayer in the heavenly shrines has a strong effect on those who believe. We’ll have to make it a point to take you there more often.”
Whiskers nodded as he was enjoying eating his delicious tuna and egg salad. He said, “I hope our prayers for Harley and his furiend are answered soon. On the way back home, I couldn’t help noticing how many birds are in the forest with the nice weather. Perhaps Harley and his furiend got distracted while they were hunting. I know if I was chasing a bird, I could easily become disoriented. But I’m sure Harley will be able to find his way back home, if that is indeed what happened.”
Neekah Boo nodded and said, “We have to keep praying for Harley and his girlfuriend. If we pray hard enough, they might even be able to feel us.”
K. Pete smiled and gave Neekah Boo a soft hug.

Whiskers and Talley got up to clear the table so they could get started on prepping the Riva Custom Power Boat for its first ride of the year. The kids wouldn’t be home from school for another couple of hours. K. Pete thought it might be good idea if him and Neekah Boo relaxed in the living room for a while before the boat ride. He had a book of poetry he wanted to read to her while she relaxed. A huge grin came over Neekah Boo’s beautiful face. She said, “That sounds wonderful Pete. I did get a little bit tired after our lovely morning.”

Callie jumped up and said, “I’ll bring you and K. Pete some hot tea and cookies while you’re reading. Angel Maggie and I are going to fix some roast beef sandwiches to take on the boat. We have some Sweet Molasses Wheat Bread that Victoria baked and wanted us to try. Philip and the wolves are expanding the recipes made from their maple syrup factory.”
Angel Maggie nodded and said, “I’ll fix some veggie sandwiches too, for Bumper and his family.”
Whiskers chimed in, “Don’t forget the Kosher Dill Pickles.” Callie laughed and said, “I’ll even pack some of the chocolate maple candies the wolves were kind enough to share with us.”
K. Pete wheeled Neekah Boo into the living room making sure she had plenty of blankets on the couch to make her comfy. There were still burning embers in the fireplace, making the living room purrfect for relaxing.

Whiskers and Talley ran upstairs to put sweaters on, since the air was a bit chilly, even though the sun was shining. Walking back downstairs, they stopped to tell K. Pete and Neekah Boo they would be back soon. Whiskers paused when he saw Neekah Boo nestled in K. Pete’s arms as he read to her. It was a heartwarming sight. Talley saw it too, putting her paw up to her lips and saying, “Let’s not disturb them. We’ll be back soon enough.” Whiskers nodded, giving his beautiful wife a soft kiss as they tiptoed out the door.

The boathouse was a hubbub of activity. Serena and Valentina were cleaning up after lunch and Oliver was helping with the dusting, flying around easily from table to table. Whiskers and Talley could see the boat gleaming in the light from the big skylights. Whiskers thought to himself, soon the boathouse will be empty of happy families, once the shelter animals move to the community center. It was a sad thought. Sensing what her husband was thinking, Talley said, “I have a feeling the boathouse won’t remain empty for long. We’ll keep it maintained for future guests.” Whiskers smiled, happy in the fact they had been able to help so many animals.

Oliver flew down to greet his furiends. He said, “K. Pete said you might be taking the boat out for a ride on the lake. If you need any help, just holler.” Whiskers and Talley thanked their dear furiend.

Whiskers climbed up into the boat lift, holding out his paw for Talley. The two kitties raised the engine cover to expose the two big diesel engines. Together, they checked the fittings and cables and then went to the controls. Talley had a checklist of the switch settings that they followed carefully, moving from the front to the back of the boat. Whiskers reinserted the bilge plugs that had been removed when the boat was out of the water. Talley checked each item off their checklist and said, “We’ll need to put the boat in the water for the rest of the checks.”
Whiskers nodded and said, “Let’s make sure we have all the life jackets ready that we’ll be needing. Let’s go back to the house to get the food the girls are preparing. We’ll pack up the boat and have everything ready to go. Then we’ll just need to get the boat into the water and pull up by the dock to wait for our passengers.
Whiskers and Talley strolled back home, enjoying the sun on their fur. Talley said, “It might be a bit chilly on the lake. Let’s bring some extra blankets to keep everyone comfortable. I would hate to have Neekah Boo catch a cold while she visiting us.” Whiskers nodded, taking off his sweater and placing it over Talley’s delicate shoulders. “I wouldn’t want my sweetheart to catch cold either. I’m looking forward to our ride on the lake. Winter is finally over.” Whiskers and Talley were anxious to start another blessed day.

Sending you soft kisses and warm hugs, my darling Tallulah.

Sonnet VIII
If your eyes were not the color of the moon,
of a day full of clay, and work, and fire,
if even held-in you did not move in agile grace like the air,
if you were not an amber week,

not the yellow moment
when autumn climbs up through the vines;
if you were not that bread the fragrant moon
kneads, sprinkling its flour across the sky,

oh, my dearest, I would not love you so!
But when I hold you I hold everything that is--
sand, time, the tree of the rain,

everything is alive so that I can be alive:
without moving I can see it all:
in your life I see everything that lives.

~ Pablo Neruda
Pete wrote at March 16, 2015
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Pete had been up for a while, and decided to go down and get a cup of coffee. There was still no sound coming from Neekah Boo’s room to indicate that she was up, so he walked quietly down the hall and down the stairs.
Maggie and Callie already had coffee made and were slicing fruit and veggies. He wished them good morning and poured a mug full of hot coffee. He asked, “What’s for breakfast?”
Callie said, “Veggie and cheese omelets, bacon, toast and granola.”
Pete smiled; the girls were going healthy this morning. He noticed the blender on the counter and knew that Callie would be making power shakes as well.
His phone chimed as he was on the way out to pick up the newspaper. He stopped and answered it. It was his dad reporting that there was still no news of Harley and he could tell that his dad was very worried about their friend. Pete tried to comfort him but could tell that his dad was quite sad. They talked for a while and Pete told him that they continued to keep Harley in their prayers!
Pete picked up the paper, went inside and sat down at the table to drink his coffee and read.
It was a beautiful morning. The temperature was in the mid-sixties, the sky was blue and clear. There was a light breeze across the lake. Most of the ice had melted. Pete thought that it might be close to time to begin giving sailing lessons.
He heard the elevator descending and looked up. A moment later, Neekah Boo, looking beautiful as usual, rolled into the dining room. She greeted Maggie and Callie with a cheery “Good Morning” and rolled into the dining room. Pete stood up moved a chair aside to make room for her and gave her a good morning kiss. “How did you sleep?” he asked.
She smiled, and said, “I always sleep so well here. It looks beautiful outside, do you think we could we take a little stroll this morning, before breakfast. Maybe we could just go down to the lake and see if we see any fish?
Pete smiled, “Of course we could, Sweetheart. Would you like a cup of coffee to take with you?”
Neekah Boo said, Maybe a cup of tea, please?”
Pete asked her what kind and she asked for the peach tea that she had enjoyed on her last visit. Pete hurried into the kitchen, got an insulated travel mug from the cabinet and added a peach tea bag. He filled the mug with water from the tea kettle, and put the top on. He brought it back and put it in the cup holder on Neekah Boo’s motorized wheel chair. “Your tea will be steeped and ready to drink by the time we get down to the lake.”
The kids came downstairs as Pete and Neekah Boo were going out onto the deck and down the ramp t the walkway that led to the lake. Flower asked if he could come along. Neekah Boo told him that of course he could.
The air was scented with the smell of pines and flowers. The daffodils that Talley and Whiskers had planted were blooming and spring was everywhere.
They did see fish and they saw a momma duck with six little babies swimming along behind her. As the ducks swam under the boat house they watched Violet come out and toss food pellets down to the ducks. Neekah Boo laughed in delight as the ducks scrambled for the treats.
Oliver flew from the window at the top of the boathouse and descended to Pete’s shoulder wishing Neekah Boo, Pete and Flower a very good morning. Neekah Boo sipped her tea and chatted happily with the wise owl.
The smell of bacon was drifting on the air and Pete’s tummy pinched at him making him aware that he was hungry. He said, “I think breakfast must be ready, why don’t we head back up to the house?”
On the way back up they met Bumper, Lisa and the kids. The kids dressed for school scrambled up onto Neekah Boo’s lap and gave her little nose kisses. She laughed in delight and stroked their soft fur. They all came into a happy noisy house as the kids got their school bags and their lunches all arrayed by the front door, so as to be ready when Mitch and Thomas took them to school.
Breakfast was served and the conversation was filled with plans for the afternoon and evening. Talley suggested that they take Neekah Boo too the Shrines and said that she had spoken with Ange Lucy about helping Neekah Boo get her chair to top of the steep trail to the entrance to the tunnel.
Neekah Boo enthusiastically agreed and was full of questions about the Shrines and the rest of the ancient tunnels.
When breakfast was finished, they began to load Mitch’s Suburban and soon the kids and teachers were on their way!
Pete pitched in to clean the kitchen while Pearl, Talley, Raven and Ms. Murphy showed Neekah Boo the new house plans. Neekah Boo was fascinated with the designs and Pearl had begun working with Raven and Murphy on the furnishings. Neekah Boo made several suggestions and Pearl was delighted with them.
When Angel Lucy arrived, they were ready to go to the Shrines. Lucy transported them to the entrance and Talley opened the huge rock doorway. Neekah Boo stared in awe at the smooth tunnel walls stretching off into the distance. Once the wheelchair was in position, Neekah Boo motored smoothly along the tunnels until they came to the massive golden door. Talley opened it and they fitted Neekah Boo with a breathing mask. They moved slowly allowing Neekah Boo to see everything, She stared upwards at the ever moving, ever changing light as angels flitted half-seen high above them. Neekah said in a low voice, “So many angels, do you know why they’re here?”
Pete said, “We don’t know, but we think maybe we’re seeing into heaven, maybe as if there’s a gathering place in heaven that we get a glimpse of from this place.”
Neekah Boo followed Talley as they entered the circular walkway with Shrines one after the other. She asked, “Why so many Shrines?”
Talley told her that it appeared there was a shrine for all of the religions that worshipped the Lord.
They reached the Christian Shrine and went in. When they were seated, Neekah Boo bowed her head and her first prayer, was a surprise. She spoke softly, “Oh Sweet Lord, please help Pete’s friend, Harley find his way safely back to his dad. I ask this in Jesus’ name.”
Pete squeezed her paw, “Thank you sweetheart!”
They all prayed for the headlining of Neekah Boo’s back and for her to thrive and be well in spirit and body. Then after a time they made their way out, and took the long way back to the castle, stopping at the gallery and the “new” library. Neekah Boo was amazed at the magnificent works of art and literature that had been created by their distant ancestors. Pete told her that it was likely that most of this had been created when humans were still living in trees.
She laughed at the thought of her mama living in a tree.
At the castle Angel Lucy transported Neekah Boo, in her chair up to the main level.
They were fortunate in meeting King Hami, who was quite happy to see Neekah Boo again. He said, “If it isn’t the prettiest lady I met at my coronation, how do you do, Neekah Boo.”
Neekah Boo blushed and thanked him for the compliment.
While the family chatted with King Hami, Pete walked over to the townhouse garage and took his bicycle up the hill to bring his Suburban back down to bring everyone home. It was nearly time for lunch so as soon as they were home Maggie and Callie prepared a nice Tuna and Egg Salad to be served on fresh greens.
Pete suggested that when the kids got home, it might be fun if Whiskers would take them out on the lake in his boat.
Whiskers agreed and he and Talley went down to the boat house to begin checking it over.
It was a wonderful day.
Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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After dinner the family and the guests retired to
the living room, while the kids went to the theater where Pete had cued up Peter Rabbit for the kids to watch. Bumper and Lisa were tempted to join the kids, but Pete told them that he would give them a copy of it to keep and show in their burrow whenever they wanted. Bumper had been enthralled by the DVD player and HD TV that Lucy had installed for them.
The kids were settled in their comfy theater seats and Flower started the movie.
In the living room, Pete and Whiskers served brandy and coffee. As a special treat Whiskers brought out Havana cigars for the guys, and tiny bottles of Channel number five for the girls.
Pete said, with the Coronation coming up on Monday, I just wanted you all to know that you're more than welcome to stay over until after the coronation. It should be quite a show, Winston, Kali, You'll be aboard the coronation flight to be in the Hairballz Escort. The whole round trip is nearly Thirty six hours. We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon. Lucy and Sylvie have been prepping the aircraft ad loading the limousines and Hairballz motorcycles since they finished dinner. twelve hours. So lets finish our brandy so we're in compliance with the twelve hour alcohol rule. Chester. we can transport you home after breakfast Or if you want to ride along to the Philippines and back you're more than welcome. Neekah Boo you can come too if you'd like. We have a crew rest area now with beds so you could get proper rest on the trip."
Chester said, "Wow that's tempting. Let me call my mom tonight and I'll let you know in the morning, if that's okay."
Pete said, "that's a good idea, Neekah Boo, why don't you call your mama and talk it over. I'd love to have you come along, but I'll certainly understand if you'd rather go home and transport in for the coronation on Monday afternoon."
Everyone was packed and ready to go, so after pleasant goodnights, they put the kids to bed and the guests went down to the town house where the found the beds turned down and Godiva Kitty Chocolates on their pillows.
Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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Whiskers slaps Angel K. Malachi playfully
on his back and says, “You and Princess Lady Anna look wonderful tonight! And I can see your new brother Mason is looking just as great. He must be very happy with his mew furever home.”

Mason hugged Whiskers and Talley and said, “I love my mew life and AK Malachi is the best brother ever!”
Whiskers winked at Mason and said, “I have to agree with you wholeheartedly my furiend. You are a lucky cat!
Sandy , Haley and Angels - don’t be shy! Eat up and enjoy dear furiends!"

Whiskers had written on a small piece of paper
with his Mont Blanc pen, a gift from Talley, a special prayer he wanted to say for grace tonight. Upmost on everyone’s mind was Mom Karen in a coma and her imminent departure from this world. Timmy, Tucker, Bella and Angel Suki were in their hearts and prayers too.

The family with all their dear furiends, joined paws and bowed their heads. Whiskers spoke with a deep voice, directly from his heart...

“Merciful God, our Savior, Lord, and Friend, we know that our lives have bounds and that our days are numbered. We know that, in your goodness, you have destined us all to return to your home of safekeeping and peace. No one knows the exact day or hour of our return to your incomparable love and care. But we know that nothing shall ever separate us from the great love that you have made ours in Christ Jesus our Lord. We understand that in this hour, in all the hours that yet follow, and in the life beyond our earthly sojourn, we shall be surrounded by a love that passes all human understanding.

Hear us, gracious God, in the name, and for the sake, of our Savior, who promised that all who believed in him would never know the sting of death but would feel the power of life eternally and in abundance. Accept this prayer for the sake of Christ and we shall be forever thankful. Amen.”

Callie broke the silence with, “We hope you brought your appetites tonight!” Everyone clapped their paws in anticipation!
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Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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Whiskers slaps Angel K. Malachi playfully
on his back and says, “You and Princess Lady Anna look wonderful tonight! And I can see your new brother Mason is looking just as great. He must be very happy with his mew furever home.”

Mason hugged Whiskers and Talley and said, “I love my mew life and AK Malachi is the best brother ever!”
Whiskers winked at Mason and said, “I have to agree with you wholeheartedly my furiend. You are a lucky cat!
Sandy , Haley and Angels - don’t be shy! Eat up and enjoy dear furiends!"
Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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Talley's eyes glistened with unshed tears as she
reflected on the beautiful prayer that Whiskers had offered as their grace, She looked around the table and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the good friends at the table, for the good food on the table, for the happiness on her brother Pete's face when Neekah Boo was near, and most of all for her beloved Whiskers.
Chester of Catnip Island wrote at February 28, 2015
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This is soooo Kool... you two are a marvelous couple... thanks for having me over.. meow...
Chester of Catnip Island
Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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They all said grace. The boys served the French
onion soup and the salads. as they were finishing the first two course, Pete went to the out door grill withy the big platter of seasoned steaks.
While he was gone Whiskers removed the soup and salad bowls from the table and Brought the warm rolls and butter back to the Table. Mitch brought the steamed Broccoli and the Baked potatoes. Thomas placed the platter of Mexican corn on the table.
Pete was back in ten minutes with the beautiful medium rare ribeye steaks. He took them to the Kitchen, plated them ad served them to the hungry kitties. The veggies were passed and they proceeded to enjoy the delicious meal and more good conversation!
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Pete wrote at February 28, 2015
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Pete fed Neekah Boo a plump Juicy Shrimp
She chewed delicately and a smile brightened her eyes, "Oh Pete, That's the best shrimp I've ever tasted! What did you do to them?"
Pete said, "Very little, that's the secret. You start with absolutely fresh, wild caught ocean shrimp and then cook them very lightly."
Neekah Boo said, "I could make my whole meal of these shrimp."
Pete looked around the table. All of the guests seemed to be enjoying the Shrimp. Chester sat by Angel Lucy and was discussing the magic of transport that the angels used. Lucy said, "There are some things that you learn when you become an angel that are next to impossible to understand as an earthly cat. Transport is one of those things. If I had to put it in earthly terms, the fold paper analogy is the best that I could do."
Chester asked, "Is it it traveling in quantum space?"
Angel Lucy looked surprised, "Yes it is Chester."
Chester asked "how far can it work? Could you say, go to the moon?"
Lucy said, To The stars other galaxies and other dimensions."
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