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Posted January 11, 2015 by Pete

This is a blog that will follow the adventures of Pete and Neekah Boo as well as their families. Both Pete and Neekah Boo invite you all to share in the fun!
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Neekah Boo wrote at May 5, 2015
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Oh i love being with you Pete and your wonderful family! I love Whiskers too! I love going on the boat. I love watching Flowers learn to fly it's just wonderful. I'm the luckyest girl in the world! Thank you so much
Neekah Boo
Pete wrote at May 2, 2015
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After Breakfast, Pete, Bobby inky and Storm
set to the task of getting all of the boats on their trailer. Well, nearly all of the boats, Thundie and A Q Cherish had loaded their boat, the “First Dance” onto its trailer last night after talking with Pete.
Whiskers brought the Audi around and picked up Talley, Flower and Angel Lucy, They drove down to the airfield and while Flower signed the Cessna out and got the keys, Angel Lucy went into the hangar and towed the trainer out onto the tarmac.
Flower returned with the keys and his flight bag, He took out his checklist and began the thorough inspection of the aircraft. He climbed the small folding step ladder that gave him access to the fuel tanks in the wings and measured the level visually. He made a note of the amount of fuel in each tank. He would compare these measurements to what was indicated by the gauges in the cockpit. He began the cockpit checks.
The trip to Excalibur was only sixty miles by air, but almost twice that by road. The trip would take a couple of hours on the twisting mountain roads.
When the boats were all loaded on to their trailers and ready to tow, the family divided up to ride in the different vehicles. Angel Malachi was driving the Chevy Silverado that he had rented at Castlle Field. Ana and Mason Dixon, were programming their GPS. Mitch was driving Whiskers’ Audi and Towing “Fair Wind”. Thundie was driving his new 2015 Lexus LX 570 (A birthday present from A Q Cherish) towing “First Dance”, Bobby Inky and Storm were in their Frontier, pulling, their boat, Pete and Neekah Boo were in his suburban towing “Talley’s Toy”. Thomas was in the GMC Yukon, that he and Annabella had purchased and their pocket ship was behind. It was a real convoy. They stopped at the Community Center, and picked up Chloe, and the boy’s dates. They loaded up quickly and pulled out on to the road leading to the highway.
Pete led the way, and they made good time. The kids sang songs and played road games. Daisy, Tabitha and Liliana were playing “Pink Car”, a game in which various colored cars had different point values assigned, the winner was the first player to accumulate a hundred points, or the first player to spot and call a pink car. Tabitha was at seventy points, Daisy called, “Pink Car”!
Sure enough just turning onto the highway ahead of them was a pink Cadillac. Pete recognized as one of the cars awarded as prizes to successful sales people for some kind of makeup. He thought for a moment trying to recall the name, then it came to him, Mary Kay Cosmetics, that was it. Neekah Boo laughed in delight
Flower completed his checklist, and Angel Lucy asked him if he wanted her to ride with him.
He said, “I think Uncle Pete wants me to fly solo, so I guess I should go by myself, but I sure wouldn’t mind if you sprinkled just a little angel dust in the cabin.”
Lucy smiled and tossed a paw full of golden angel dust into the cockpit.
Flower straightened his hat, and climbed in to the cockpit. He buckled his seat belt, and started the engine he watched his gauges until they were all indicating proper temperatures and pressure. He contacted the tower and was cleared to taxi. He held short of the active runway and completed his engine runup. He requested takeoff clearance, and when it was granted, he turned on to the runway, gave the aircraft full throttle and climbed into the blue cloudless sky. He did the complete practice sequence, and the worked some more on power on stalls. The maneuver made him a little uneasy, and he wanted to do them enough that he felt at ease with the sudden pitching over and tendency to enter a spin. Gradually he became familiar with the feeling that the aircraft gave him just before the stall. Pete had cautioned him not to practice spins or spin recovery alone. Pete had said that even experienced pilots could get in trouble with flat spins and some instructors didn’t even teach spins or spin recovery any more, stressing avoidance instead. Pete said that he still taught them, because he believed that although purposely entering a spin was to be avoided, certain weather conditions, or avoidance maneuvers could put a pilot into a spin. Pete said, “The first time you’re in a spin, is not a good time to learn how to recover from one.”
As Flower approached the stall, he made sure to give the aircraft a little left rudder to counteract the engine torque that could cause the plane to snap right and enter a flat spin. As the aircraft shuddered on the edge of an aerodynamic stall, Flower shoved the yoke in, dropping the nose, gaining airspeed and recovering good control.
Flower had been watching his time carefully and headed back to the field. He knew that others had reserved the aircraft and didn’t want to be late returning to the field, thus making them wait.
He requested and was granted landing clearance and his landing was flawless. Angel Lucy, Whiskers and Talley had watched him from their table in the café. Angel Lucy said, “No one would ever know that he’s a student pilot from watching that landing. They don’t get any better than that one.”
Flower secured the aircraft, logged his flight time, and returned the keys to operations desk. When Jerry the operations clerk asked how it had gone, Flower told him, “It’s a great day for flying and it was wonderful!”
Talley, Whiskers and Lucy came out of the café to meet him and they walked outside. Lucy had them hold paws and in a flash they were at the Excalibur Docks. Whiskers called Pete on his phone and when Pete answered, Whiskers asked where they were.
Pete replied, “We’re three miles out of town, we should be there in five minutes.”
Whiskers could hear Flower’s sisters singing along with Neekah Boo, in the background. The wolves’ tour bus was already parked at the boat ramp and Whiskers led Flower Talley and Lucy over to greet Phillip, Victoria, Carlos and Jack.
Phillip looked dapper in his white slacks, white sweater and yachting cap. Hugs were exchanged and Phillip said, “It looks like a wonderful day for sailing. Edward was here earlier and he says the boats are reporting smooth sailing offshore.”
At that moment, Pete, Neekah Boo and the rest of the family arrived at the security gate and were promptly admitted.
As they positioned the trailers for launching Edward and a number of Excalibur kitties gathered to help, Phillip was impressed with the Pocketships. “When you said you were building boats, I never envisioned craft as trim as these. These boats are beautiful. Just look at that finish!”
Thomas smiled proudly and Pete said, Thomas is a master at finishing. Every square inch of the boats is a smooth as glass. Edward cast and appraising eye over the boats, their rigging and equipment. He said, It looks as though you could number master boat builder among you accomplishments, Pete.”
Pete thanked him and said, “Well these are kit boats and the kits are excellent! They’re a lot of fun, though. We’ve had them on the lake a number of times, and now we want to see how they handle the ocean. We’ll be going down to Florida and sailing the rivers and the Intracoastal Waterway. There are a couple of places in the ICW that I’d just as soon avoid, like Daytona, where there are no less than eight low bridges that have to be raised. They have restricted opening hours and very expensive marinas.”
Edward smiled, “I know about Daytona because one of our captains used to fish out of New Smyrna and he says that Daytona fish houses pay premiums for fish, because none of the fishing boats want to go in there.”
Pete said, “I can understand they don’t get through there before four PM, It can take till midnight to get out of that three mile stretch of the waterway.”
Bobby Inky and Storm were launching the boats. Thomas and Mitch were securing them at the dock. Flower and his sisters ran to join the rest of the family and help load supplies.
Tuna, Pixie and Luna had come with the boys and they ran over to greet their old friend Edward. He hugged all of them with real affection. “My goodness, look at how you’ve grown. You’re beautiful! Pixie and Luna introduced their dates, Storm and Inky, and Edward laughed, I know these guys, they brought us supplies when we were first getting started here. They kept us fed and healthy all through the winter. If it hadn’t been for you two being so determined to find your sweet mom, I’m pretty sure a lot of us wouldn’t have made it through the winter. You opened a wonderful doorway for all of us.”
Tuna smiled and hugged Edward. She said, “The Lord had a plan for us and he used my girls to bring it about.”
Edward walked out on the dock and Pete, said, Edward we have plenty of room, would you like to join us? We could use some expert local knowledge of the channels. Edward looked at the boats and at Pete and said, “I’d be pleased to join you, Pete!”
The boats were rigged and ready. When all of the supplies and kitties were aboard, and accounted for, all of captains started their boat’s small outboards to maneuver in the busy harbor. They cleared the docks and began raising sails; A K Malachi was first and had his boat heeled over and running fast. Ana was perched on the windward side providing some counter balance. The wind was moderate and they were making fifteen knots. Whiskers had invited Phillip to take the tiller, and he had done so with pleasure, He trimmed the sails to urge every knot of speed that he could get from the little boat.
As they approached the harbor entrance they could see that the waves were bigger in the ocean. As they entered the Atlantic, the boats began to pitch more vigorously. Water splashed and the wind brought spray into the cockpit. Neekah Boo laughed happily as they spray brushed her whiskers.
It felt as the boats were flying over the surface.
Edward exclaimed, “This is just marvelous. These boats are fantastic!”
Pete looked across the expanse of sea at the pocket ships flying before the wind. He went below to check the bilges and found them tight and dry. He used a private radio channel to call the other boats and recommend that they check their bilges as well. The reports came back that all of the boats were tight and dry. They ran a tacking course that took them twenty miles out into the Atlantic. As they turned to run North, Talley picked up the Brunton Marine Binoculars and looked at something between “Talley’s Toy” and “First Dance” “Oh!” she exclaimed, “It a school of Dolphin look!” She handed Whiskers the binoculars, and he smiled. He said, “They look like they’re racing with us!” Pete took a look and Radioed, Thundie, telling him about their Dolphin friends. In a moment Talley saw Ana raise binoculars. Word spread throughout the fleet, and the dolphins raced between the boats. Talley asked Edward, if he would reef the sails and slow them down.
He did so and Talley leaned over, putting her paw in the water. It was only a moment when a smiling Dolphin brought her head up out of the water, almost touching Talley with her nose. Talley said, “It’s so nice to meet you!”
The Dolphin let loose a stream of high pitched chatter and Talley nodded, "Thank you, we built these little boats ourselves. The only time we use the propellers is in tight places in the harbor. The wind gives us more than enough speed.”
Edward stared at Talley as she continued the conversation with the dolphin. In a moment Talley said, “Yes! That would be wonderful!”
The dolphin disappeared, only to return a moment later accompanied by two baby dolphins. Talley said, “They’re beautiful. Have you seen our babies on the other boats?”
The dolphin nodded vigorously, and then added a stream of high pitched chatter. Talley said, “Thank you but we brought food from land for our babies, It was wonderful meeting you!”
The dolphin waved a flipper and disappeared beneath the waves. Edward sat there with a look of disbelief on his face. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”
Neekah Boo face was a picture of enchanted delight!
Whiskers just smiled remembering the night in the Sea of Cortez, when Talley had met the grey whale.
Flower called on the radio, from “Fair Wind”, “Uncle Whiskers, we just met a Dolphin who said she knew aunt Talley, she showed her babies, and she’s going to all of our boats. She really likes our boats because they aren’t noisy like the big boats!”
“That’s wonderful Flower!” was all that Whiskers could think of to say.”
Pete looked at his watch. He was satisfied that the pocket ships were as seaworthy as he had hoped they would be, and the rest of the crews were satisfied as well. Angel Lucy too a turn at the helm as did Angel Sylvie aboard “Fair Wind”
As they sailed in through the Harbor inlet, Edward told Pete, “I have got t build one of these to teach the kids sailing!”
Pete told him, “I’ll see that you get a kit. You might ask Thomas to help you with the finish. He seems to have a special gift for it and he’s a perfectionist. I think his ultrasmooth finish adds at least a couple of knots to the speed.”
Edward said, “I don’t doubt it.”
As they tied up to the docks all of the family and guests were full of excited chatter. Robin, Booby’s date said, “It was magical. That dolphin was able to communicate with us by just think at us. She said Talley taught her how to do it.” She looked at Talley in wonder. “Are you a wizard Talley?”
Talley shook her head and laughed, “No, I just have closeness with all living creatures that allows me to understand them. Flower has it too, it’s not uncommon.”
They lowered the masts and covered the sails. They parked the trucks and trailered boats in the new Clowder’s Chowder parking lot and Edward saw to it that they had tables with a view of the harbor. The boats were coming in and unloading their catches. The sun was setting it was a great view.
The moment they had walked into the restaurant they smelled a mélange of wonderful aromas, Both Whiskers and Flower’s tummy rumbled loudly. A passing waitress laughed, and said well we know it smells good here. Whiskers and Flower both blushed.
Talley patted Whiskers, tummy and said my Whiskers tummy can detect good food at any distance. Flower is following in his footsteps. If we ever go into a restaurant, and Whskers’ tummy doesn’t growl, we’ll walk right out!”
The menus and water came, and then some wonderful loaves of dark bread with fresh churned creamy butter. When Callie tasted the bread she said, “Oh Maggie this is our recipe for molasses bread, Pete opened the menu, and he laughed and said, “Look at the names of the selections.”
A K Malachi said with a big smile, “I think I’ll order the Callie’s Crisp Calamari appetizer, The Clowder’s Chowder, and the St Pete’s Seafood Extravaganza.”
There were laughs all around the table as they discovered such dishes as Whitey’s Whitefish filets, Orangie’s Orange Roughy. Flower found, Flower’s Founder Filets.
As they decided what to order a waitress brought two large baskets oh Maggie’s Marvelous Cheddar Muffins. The restaurant was filling up and the room was full of happy chatter and laughter. At the very back of the menu was a section called about us, and it detailed how the Clowder had come to run the fish plant the boats and now the restaurant. When Pete read it he blushed, “They give us way too much credit here, what has made this a a success is their hard work.”
Thundie said, “I guess they don’t see it that way, keep reading!”
Pete did and he saw that the last paragraph stated that what had been done for them, had been done with the only obligation being that they pay the kindness forward. It said that ten percent of each diner’s bill is contributed to Excalibur Feline Welfare Trust which supports shelters and rescue groups for cats as well as other needy animals.”
The Clowder’s Chowder came. It was delicious with lots of clams, a creamy base and just the faintest hint of white wine.
The Lisa & Bumper Veggie salads came and they were cold, fresh and crisp, served with a creamy blue cheese house dressing. St. Pete Seafood Platter had several kinds of fish, Shrimp, crab cakes, Scallops, Clams, Stormy’s smoked Oysters, and Sweet potato fries. IIt took them nearly an hour to eat, their meal and then Edward brought a dessert menu, There were dozens of selections. Every kitty found a dessert bearing their name. There was even the wonderful, Phillips, Maple Walnut Chocolate layer cake. The menu stated that the cake was made with Wolves’ Den Maple sugar and maple syrup. They all ordered it and even though they were full, they couldn’t stop eating it.
Phillip finished his folded his napkin and said, “I’m proud to have my name on that dessert!”
Pete asked the waitress for the bill and she said, “K Pete, Edward said that this was on the house.”
Pete asked her to please get Edward. When he came to the table, he asked, “How was everything?”
Pete said, "It was wonderful Edward, but you have to give me a bill. First of all because the food and service were worth every penny of what it costs, second we intend to contribute our ten percent, the Excalibur Feline Welfare Trust. That was a great idea! Oh, there’s a third thing too, I need a bill, because our waitress fully deserves twenty five percent of our total bill. This is such a large party that she was unable to wait on any other tables, so what we leave is her night’s income.”
Edward said, “No problem at all, Pete, I’ll get you a bill, but you should know, that young lady asked to wait your table even though I told her it would be free meal for all of you. I said I’d give her seventy-five dollars which is about what our servers make in an evening. She said, she knows who you are, and she just wanted to do something to thank you and the family. She believes her mom wouldn’t have made it through the winter without the food, shelter and medical care that the family provided.”
Pete nodded, “Make that tip thirty percent, then” Pete took out his black AMEX card and said, “can you take care of this for me Phillip.”
Neekah Boo smiled. She was very proud of Pete.
The convoy of Pocke tships pulled out on the way home, Flower was riding with Pete, Whiskers Talley and the rabbits. He told Whiskers about his solo flight today, and explained that he was able to “feel” the beginning of the stall, he said that the simulators had a “stick shaker” but it wasn’t like the real thing.
Pete was interested in Flower’s critique, he had wondered if the students would be able to pick up on that deficiency of the simulators and adjust to actual flight. The answer was obviously yes, he decided to add a comment or two on that aspect of simulator training when he was instructing.
When they arrived home all of the kids had fallen asleep. They dropped the kids off and the girls put them to bed. They towed the boats down to the covered storage by the boat house and returned to the house. Maggie had made Coffee Tea and Juice.
It was a pleasant evening with friends, the end of a perfect day!
Last Update on May 2, 2015 by Pete
Neekah Boo wrote at April 29, 2015
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Silly spell check on phone. I'm sorry
Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo wrote at April 29, 2015
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Neekah Boo
Neekah Boo wrote at April 29, 2015
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My Sweet dear Pete I'm so so very sad to hears about Oushkin. Mommy saws on Facebook. She cried too. The flowers were lovely though thank you my sweet
Neekah Boo
Pete wrote at April 28, 2015
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Yesterday had been a day filled with sadness. The crossing of K Pushkin had been a hard blow to the CC family. The Chapel had been as full as at a Sunday service. The huge crowd was a testament to K Pushkin’s legacy of love and kindness. After prayers the family had returned home, still in a melancholy mood.
On Tuesday morning, It was Pete who called the family together and said, “I know how hard it is to put our sadness behind us, , but the last thing in the world, that our dear friend King Pushkin would ever want, would be to cause sadness in our community. Truly, his whole life was about sharing love and happiness. I think we need to focus on the good times that we had with him. Who wants to share a moment of joy that they shared with him?”
Whiskers said, “I was just thinking about the time he took Talley and me up in his hot air balloon. The Irish countryside was spread out below us like one of Chloe’s beautiful quilts. He even had champagne aboard, and some sparkling grape juice for those who would be flying later.”
Ms Murphy said, “I remember his wedding to Cassandra, It was their special day, but he made it special for all of us.”
They all had stories, and when they finished they all felt better, looking forward to the day when A K Pushkin could rejoin them as an angel!
Neekah Boo said that she needed to go home and spend some time with her mom, and Angels Lucy and Sylvie suggested something interesting. Lucy said, “We have the blue Robinson R-22 all ready for you. If you were to fly it home it would take you nearly thirty hours, what we’d like to suggest is that we transport it to your home. Your backyard is large enough, and you can legally operate from your yard. That way you can fly to Denver, climb into your Eclipse Jet and be here in a couple of hours. The helicopter will make it practical for you to come and go whenever you want.”
Neekah Boo laughed in delight, “Can you really transport the whole helicopter and us too?”
Sylvie nodded, “With no more difficulty than transporting our magic carpet!”
Neekah Boo said eagerly, “Let me call my mom and let her know we’ll be coming with the helicopter.”
Pete had talked with Mitch, inquiring about Flower’s class schedule for the day. Mitch had said that Flower and indeed all of the kids had completed their term finals two weeks ago, and that they were working on individual enrichment projects for the remaining three weeks of school. Hearing that, Pete said, “That’s perfect I have in mind an enrichment project that I think Flower will be particularly interested in.”
Mitch smiled, “His flying lessons?”
Pete nodded, “I’ll be at the school after lunch. Can you find me his flight bag and flight jacket?”
Mitch said, I’ll take care of it, Pete. Stop by my office when you get to the school. We’ll go get him together. I want to see his face when you tell him what you and he will be doing. I’ll bring my camera with a wide angle lens so I get all of his smile in the picture!”
Talley and Whiskers drove Angels Lucy and Sylvie and Neekah Boo & Pete over to the Airfield. The Robinson was already on the Helipad. It was gleaming in the mid-day, The metallic blue paint was polished to a high luster.
Neekah Boo smiled when she saw that stenciled on the right door was “Lt. Neekah Boo”. She said, “Won’t the sun and rain damage the finish if it just sits in my backyard?”
Sylvie said, “With your mom’s permission, we added something to your backyard. There is an elevated helipad in your yard now. It has a retractable dome that will close of the helicopter protecting it from the elements, and the space below it a small workshop and storage area for your papa.”
Pete hugged her and said, I’ll miss you sweet heart, come back soon.”
Neekah Boo kissed him and said, “I’ll be back before you know it!”
The angels and Neekah Boo climbed in and buckled up. Lucy said, “When you’re ready bring us to a hover at about 50 feet, we’ll take it from there.”
Neekah Boo ran her preflight checks, started up and waited for the gauges to show the proper temperatures and pressures. She called the tower and was cleared for takeoff and departure from the pattern. She told the controller, “Our departure will be Angel assisted, so don’t be concerned when we vanish.”
The controller laughed and replied, “Angel Lucy already gave us a heads up on that, but thanks for the info.”
Neekah Boo rolled in throttle and raised the collective. They began to ascend. At fifty feet she brought the craft to a steady hover.
Angels Lucy and Sylvie made an almost imperceptible gesture and the scene changed. Neekah Boo was hovering over her neighborhood. Directly below her was the clearly marked H of the high tech Helipad. She descended smoothly and shut down. As the blades wound down, her mama and papa ran out to greet her.
They climbed down from the helicopter and went down the steps from the helipad to the ground. Lucy handed Neekah Boo a small remote that looked like a garage door opener. Lucy showed her the button to push and when she did the dome began to close around the helicopter. Lucy told her, “The pad is heated, and air-conditioned, so your dad will be comfy if he’s working down there and the helicopter will be ready to fly whenever you need it.”
Neekah Boo ran to her mom and dad. Her dad said, “Your friends took care of all the paperwork for the pad. They got all of the neighbors to sign off on it, we just had to agree that in an emergency we would use the helicopter as an air ambulance or for search and rescue. Putting the work shop underneath was a stroke of genius. Those are some really smart cats!”
Neekah Boo’s mom said, “They even told me that the mall has a helipad we can use if we want to go shopping. No more traffic jams at Christmas time.”
Neekah Boo hugged her parents, so happy to see them pleased!
Angels Lucy and Sylvie helped Neekah Boo with her bags and in an instant returned to the family home three thousand miles away!
Whiskers and Talley had decided to go back up to the Royal Chapel to offer more prayers for Mom Ademair in her time of mourning. Pete walked over to the school. When He arrived Mitch looked up and said, “Hi Pete, he should be ready. They’re in the library studying.”
Mitch hadn’t been kidding; he had his Canon camera ready.
When they walked into the library, Pete spotted Flower and his sisters at a table, with a number of books on wolves and the environment spread out. They were working on another presentation; this one would be aimed at presenting the information to children.
Pete walked over and said, “Hi Flower, would you like to take me flying?”
The expression on Flower’s face was priceless, a mixture of joy, surprise and elation all at once. He stood up so fast his chair toppled behind him. His sisters made shushing sounds and Flower straightened his chair. He said, “I would so love to take you flying Uncle Pete!”
Mitch handed Flower his flight bag, and jacket. “I thought you might need these, son.”
Flower said, “Thanks, dad! Are you coming with us?”
Mitch said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll walk over to the airfield with you and watch you taking your lesson.”
Flower, Hugged Mitch and said, “I’d like that very much!”
As they walked to the field, Pete told Flower that they would do their lesson a little differently than he taught with his regular students. “You’ve followed along with this so many times, that I thought we would let you do the preflight, and I’ll just watch. It will be kind of like the third lesson, consider me a passenger unless you need my help.”
They walked down to the hangar and towed the trainer out to the tarmac, where Flower began his preflight inspection. He had his checklist and thoroughly examined every item of the ground inspection. He said, “Uncle Pete, we’re ready for our cockpit checks. Please climb in and buckle up.”
Once seated, and with the pilot’s seat adjusted all the way forward, Flower ran the cockpit checks. His paws flew over the controls and switches. He performed the preflight as thoroughly and quickly as Pete could have.
A small crowd had gathered behind the fence. Flower’s sister and the rest of the family were there all watching with pride.
Flower opened the vent window in the little trainer and called, “Clear Prop!”
He started the engine, adjusted the RPM and watched his gauges intently. He keyed his microphone, and called the tower, “Castle Tower, This is November one six three four Yankee, request permission to taxi to runway nine zero. “
The tower came back, “Three four Yankee you are cleared to taxi, Barometer is two niner point one zero. Wind is 89 degrees at ten knots.”
Flower pushed the throttle in and released the breaks he began to taxi, steering smoothly to the active runway. He held short and did his engine run up. Then he called the tower and requested takeoff clearance. It was granted and he visually checked the runway and turned onto it bring the throttle to full power. Flower steered down the center line calling his speeds softly, he said rotate, and ....... liftoff!” They climbed at best climb speed and seven hundred feet just crossing the end of the runway, he turned out of the pattern and continued climbing. He said, “This is way more fun than the simulator, Uncle Pete. Shall I take us to the practice area?”
Pete replied, “Yep take us to the practice area!”
As they crossed the newly planted fields, east of the airfield, Pete reached over and pulled the throttle back tom idle, and said, “Engine failure, where will you land?”
Flower nodded to the little grass strip that the crop dusters used and said, down on that that grass it’s a slight crosswind but I should be able to crab into it and kick it out just before I touchdown. “
Pete smiled, there were two ways of dealing with a crosswind, and though the crosswind was fairly light Flower had chosen the technique that would deal with the most serious cross winds.
Pete watched closely as Flower managed his airspeed and altitude, He crossed the fence at about twenty feet and still holding about fifteen degrees of crab angle and then as Pete began to be a little concerned; Flower kicked the crab angle out, Flared and settled to earth without the slightest bounce. The stall horn sounded the moment the main gear touched the grassy runway.
Pete had never been prouder of a student. He told Flower, “That was very nicely done, I couldn’t have done it better myself!”
Flower said, “Thanks, Uncle Pete. Shall we take off now?”
Pete nodded and Flower taxied to the end of the runway, turned around and took off. He climbed to five thousand feet, leveled off and Pete told him to begin the basic maneuver series. Flower did turns about a point, S curves along a road, Power off and power on stall recoveries. He did the complete series and all were done perfectly. The little skunk had flown so many simulator hours that he was an accomplished pilot. It was then that Pete made a decision. He carefully considered what he was about to do and was satisfied that it was the right thing. He said, “That was a great lesson, Flower take us back to the airfield.”
Flower smiled at the praise and turned the aircraft back west. He called for landing clearance and was told that he was cleared after jet traffic on final. Flower got a visual on the eclipse jet coming in and flew some s-curves to slow his approach, thus giving some time for the jet turbulence to dissipate before he approached the runway. Pete noted with satisfaction, Flowers decision to create a larger safety margin.
Flower touched down so smoothly that it was difficult to feel when the airplane quit flying and began to taxi along the runway. Flower taxied back to the tarmac and reached for the fuel cutoff, but Pete said, “don’t shut down. Just give me a minute to get my stuff.”
Flower was puzzled and then when Pete reached behind the seat grasping Flower’s log book, he began to get an inkling of what was happening. Pete signed off, authorizing Flower for solo flight training.
Pete told Flower, “I want you to take off, do three touch and goes, go out to the practice area and do the complete series of basic maneuvers, come back and land. You don’t need to do the engine out exercise. You’re going to notice that the aircraft is more responsive without my weight in it, so be prepared for it. Have a good Flight!”
Pete climbed out latched the door and walked over to the waiting crowd of family and friends. Whiskers was all smiles, “You’re soloing him?”
Pete said, “He’s ready. I couldn’t have flown a single one of his maneuvers better than he did. Honestly he’s ready to pass the flight exam right now, he just has to get his forty solo hours to be legal to take it.”
Pearl and Mitch both had tears in their eyes, Pearl said, “This is his dream, Pete, thank you.”
They watched as Flower was cleared, and taxied out. He waited for the runway to clear, and was granted takeoff clearance. A moment later he was airborne. Ralph said, “This is so cool! That’s my friend flying that airplane!”
Pete said to Mitch, “Remind me, we’ve got to set up a bank account for Flower. He’ll need and account for his Royal Squadron paychecks to be direct deposited into.”
Mitch said, he’s already got one Pete, he wanted to set one up to save a portion of his allowance, and the fees that he earns for the portrait commissions that he does. He’s a pretty responsible, little guy!”
Pete nodded. He really was a remarkable little guy!
It seemed like no time to Pete, when they heard the approaching trainer. Flower touched down and taxied back to the tarmac where he shut down and secured the aircraft. He was very serious and professional until he placed his flight bag on the ground and lathed the door. Then he jumped for joy and ran to his family, hugging his mom first and then everyone! Pete was last and after his hug, Pete was offered a paw. He shook with Flower. Flower said, “Uncle Pete, I can’t think of the right words to tell you how much that meant to me. You’re the best instructor in the world!”
Pete hugged him and said, “I hope so, because the best student in the world, deserves a pretty good instructor!”
There would be a celebration at home tonight.
Angel Maggie asked, Flower what would you like for dinner tonight?”
Flower said, without even having to think about it, “Your meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, Lisa’s salad, and Aunt Talley’s Apple Pie!”
Whiskers said, “That’s perfect, Flower!”
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When they arrived home, after hockey, the first thing that Talley did was put her flowers in a vase with water.
They were so very beautiful and arranged with such care that Talley, Raven and Murphy knew that Lisa had had a paw in the arrangements.
Ms. Murphy went to her room and came back with a lovely Swarovski Crystal vase that Smudge had given her. Raven’s vase, had been a gift from Charlie before he crossed the bridge. She treasured it and kept it on display in the family’s china cabinet. It was a Waterford Lismore Diamond design in a lovely Emerald shade. They placed their flowers on the mantle for all of the family to enjoy.
Lucy and Sylvie had placed their flower arrangements in silver vases and Lucy placed hers on the dining table while Sylvie put hers on the window sill in the kitchen for the chef’s to enjoy. Talley sniffed, “They make the whole room smell wonderful. Thank you Whiskers, and Lisa, thank you for doing this for Whiskers!”
Neekah Boo admired the flowers. “They’re so beautiful, I just love them and they do smell wonderful!”
Pete smiled, “Do you like them, Neekah Boo?”
“I love them, Pete!”
Pete went to the walk-in cooler and came back with a wonderful arrangement in a pink crystal vase. “These are for you sweetheart, and there’s another arrangement in the cooler for your mom.”
“Thank you, Sweet Pete.”
Talley said, “Who’s hungry? I know I am, and I suspect Whiskers is too. We only ate lightly at hockey!”
Callie went to the warming ovens and began setting trays of food on the buffet. There was rare roast beef, Mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh green beans with slivered almonds, a wonderful green salad and warm yeast rolls. Whiskers tummy rumbled and Flower laughed, “I think Uncle Whiskers is hungry. Uncle Whiskers, did you know that there is one of Aunt Talley’s Apple pies in the pantry?”
Whiskers said, “That makes this a perfect evening!”
Raven and Murphy brought plates and silver ware to the buffet and they began to fill plates. Pete served Neekah Boo first and then himself. The food was delicious and the company was grand, Talley explained that Captain Rascal had told her that VFP would be taking over the Calgary Flames in round two of the playoffs. “We have another chance. I hope we can make the most of it, but tonight I was so proud of our team. We gave everything we had, and I’m not ashamed of the way the game turned out!
Pete said, “I think it’s been a great weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed having Hedley stay with us. I knew from how quickly he developed his skills as a pilot, that he wouldn’t have any trouble learning to sail.”
Orangie said, I certainly enjoyed the weekend. It was so nice to spend some time with Hedley, just the two of us!”
Flower spoke up, “This was a great, weekend for me too. All the student pilots I’ve talked to have told me that the written test was the hardest part for them, and I’ve already passed, I can fly all of the simulators, and I don’t think it will take me very long to learn t fly the real thing. I can’t wait to be a real pilot.”
Pete ruffled the fur on Flower’s head and said, “Little Buddy, as soon as we get some decent weather, we’ll start your flight lessons. You’ll be a full member of the Royal Squadron before you know it. “
Flower said, “I guess I better start preparing my ground school lessons.”
Ralph chimed in, “I’m going to be the best student!”
It was growing late and the family began to say their goodnights and make their way up to bed.
Pete had just changed into his pajamas and was preparing for bed, when his phone chimed. He looked at it and saw that he had several messages. Clicking, he opened the first one and his heart sank. Their dear, dear friend, K Pushkin had crossed the bridge. Pete sat down, stunned. Tears came unbidden and though he knew that Pushkin was now young and healthy, he could escape the overwhelming sorrow that flooded into him.
There was a tap at his door and he went to open it. Whiskers stood in the doorway, tears streaming down his cheeks and they each new that the other had heard the sad news.
Whiskers could barely speak and he choked out, “You heard.”
Pete nodded, “I heard!”
Whiskers said, “I think we should wait until to share this with the family.”
Pete said, “I agree, but I’m pretty sure Talley will already know, and of course Angels Lucy and Sylvie would have known as soon as it happened. Whiskers nodded, They’ve already gone to welcome K Pushkin.”
Pete shook his head, “I just can’t believe it, I know he was sick, but he was such a powerful force for good, that I guess in my heart I expected him to go on forever.”
The two friends said goodnight and Pete stayed awake for a very long time, remembering his dear friend Pushkin.
By morning, the whole family knew that a bright and shining light, had left this world.
Neekah Boo, couldn’t stop crying, “I’m so sad for Mom Aedamair, I just can’t seem to believe that he left this world.”
Pete hugged her and said, “He’s right here with us, and he would want us to comfort his mom. We’ll see him again. You know that.”
She nodded and sniffed back tears. “Let’s go over to the chapel and pray for his mum. She must be heartbroken.”
Pete said, “I’ll bring the car around front, we’ll leave as soon as everyone is ready.”
As he walked out to the garage, he thought about how much friends meant in life and felt the sense of loss most keenly!
It was going to be a sad day and he began to consider how to help the children cope with this loss to the whole CC family.
Prayers, Faith and Love would see them through, though not without pain.
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Orangie was delighted when she saw the Pawty Animals last post of the Friday night playoff games! It read;
“Thanks for hosting Dean!
Mom is still watching the Penguin (TIMS)/ Rangers game still 1-1 in the third.

Lily, can Jakar hang with you on Pinto later?

Orangie. Can Hedley hang out with the furamily tonight?

She ran over to their table and told Hedley that the family would be delighted to have him visit for the weekend. She said, “If you’d like, we can launch “TBA” and you can do some sailing in your new Pocketship.”
Hedley’s eyes brightened, “That would be great do you think we can?”
Orangie smiled, I know we can. We can all do some sailing. Have you ever sailed before?”
Hedley shook his head, “No, but I’m a quick learner. If Whiskers can give me a quick lesson, I think I can learn.”
Orangie nodded, “I’m sure he and Pete will get you off to a good start. Come over here, Angels Lucy and Sylvie are ready to transport us home!”
Hedley asked, “Transport us home, as in vanish here and be there?”
Orangie laughed, and said, “That’s exactly how it works.”
Hedley prepared himself mentally for an adventure!
Angels Lucy and Sylvie told Hedley that he wouldn’t feel a thing, that was no need to be nervous and Orangie gripped his paw. The rest of the family joined paws and Lucy said, “Now.”
Hedley at first thought that nothing had happened. Then he realized that he was outside, He looked around and they were on the deck of Whiskers and Talley’s home. It was a beautiful evening, with moonlight reflecting on the surface of the lake. Talley and Whiskers’ friends were sitting on the deck having dinner. The little skunk, Flower ran over to hug his aunts and uncle. The rest of the kids joined in and Hedley had to smile, seeing how happy the kids were. Whiskers introduced Hedley, To the rest of the extended family. Orangie asked to have a seat and said that she would bring dinner out!
Hedley realized that he was famished. He asked her if he could help her and she said, “”Just relax and I’ll be right back.”
He sat down and the tall distinguished skunk, Thomas asked him if he’d like to try a maple nip ale. Having never tasted one he accepted the cold bottle and took a sip. It was amazing, there was a hint of maple sweetness and a light refreshing taste. He noticed that Thomas was drinking iced tomato juice.
Orangie came back with their dinners and Whiskers brought his ukulele out and began to play. The kids all sang along.
Pete had come back from talking with Neekah Boo and told Talley, that Neekah Boo would be spending tomorrow with her mom, celebrating their birthdays. He said, “I was thinking that we might celebrate Neekah Boo’s birthday with a belated party when she comes back. Talley immediately began to make plans. “We can decorate the house and prepare a romantic evening for the two of you! She’ll love it!”
Meanwhile Orangie and Hedley were having a romantic dinner of their own. After they finished, Hedley asked, “I was wondering, where is “TBA”? Do you think we could go look at it?”
Orangie replied, It’s still in the workshop. Let’s walk over there and you can see it.”
Orangie switched on the lights and there sat a completed Pocketship. Hedley looked at the gleaming black hull and the smooth lines of the little cruising yacht. He murmured, “It’s incredible! Look how smooth it is.”
Orangie said, “Thomas is a master at getting that smooth finish. He sanded and polished for hours, until it was perfect!”
Hedley walked over to the boat and ran a paw over the smooth finish. There was a little step ladder by the transom, and he climbed it into the cockpit. He said, “Come aboard, Orangie!” He admired the beautiful varnish work and then went down into the cabin. It was a pleasure for Orangie to see the broad smile as he noted each new feature. He stretched out on the bunk and looked around. “He said, a cat could live on this boat!”
Orangie said, “Cats will live aboard this boat when we go on our cruises this summer. We’ll have great adventures as we explore rivers, and make new friends.”
It was late when Hedley finally climbed down and helped Orangie get out of the boat. When they returned to the deck, the kids had gone to bed and the adults were enjoying a last toast. Pete poured Hedley and Orangie a snifter of fine old brandy and as he passed them their drinks asked, “So, what do you think of “TBA”, Hedley?”
Hedley shook his head, “Pete, I don’t know what to say. It’s perfect. Do you think we can get her in the water tomorrow?”
Pete said, “I’ve already talked with our friends, Bobby, Inky and Storm. They’ll bring a trailer up to the house in the morning and we should have her launched before breakfast!”
During the night rumbles of thunder awakened Pete several times and he was pleased that the lawn was getting a good watering. The timing couldn’t be better.
Just after dawn, Bobby and his brothers arrived with the trailer for the Pawty Animals boat. They backed the truck up to the workshop and got out; Storm dialed Pete’s cell phone. He answered on the first ring and said that he would be right down.
On his way down the hall he tapped lightly on the door to Hedley’s room and when Hedley came to the door, Pete told him that the boys had arrived to help launch the “TBA”. Hedley said he’d be right down. Pete told him to come over to the workshop when he was ready.
Pete and the boys had the boat rigged to lift from the cradles by the time that Hedley arrived. They raised the boat, moved the cradles and Storm backed the trailer under it. His positioning was perfect. They carefully lowered the boat on the trailer, and after a short trip to the boathouse launching ramp, “TBA” was rigged and floating free. The boys checked the boat over and showed Hedley the simple checklist to follow, before launching, after the boat was in the water and before raising the sails.
As they were finishing up, and preparing to go back up to the house, Orangie walked down the dock carrying a basket filled with a carafe of coffee, mugs, and some fresh baked blueberry muffins, she also had a split bottle of champagne wrapped in ribbons and tied with a bow. She handed it to Hedley and said, “Hedley when you guys finally decide on a real name for “TBA” you can christen her with this. The kids made this for you. The bottle is scored with a glass cutter and the ribbon wrapping will keep it from scratching the finish.”
Hedley looked at it carefully. It was a wonderful gift. He said, “When we christen her, I’d like to figure out a way that you, Lily and Katie can all swing the bottle at once.”
They climbed aboard the boat, poured coffee, and sat in the cabin, eating the delicious muffins. It was a good time. Hedley was delighted with the little cruiser. He folded the table up from the centerboard trunk and placed is cup and saucer on it. He reached up and turned on the master bower switch. He pressed play on the sound system and filled the cabin with light classical music. He checked the playlist and found some bluegrass music.
Pete said, “You can create your own playlists, but for now I think it’s time for breakfast. He invited the boys to join them, but Inky said, “Chloe is making pancakes, bacon and eggs for us this morning and then were taking her into town to do some shopping. Can we take a rain check?”
Pete smiled and said, “Anytime guys, you’re always welcome.”
They dropped the trailer in the equipment shed and headed down the mountain road. When Pete, Hedley and Orangie returned to the house, the kitchen was filled with little girls preparing breakfast. Pete smiled as they told him breakfast was a surprise, so if he wanted coffee or juice, he should ask and they would bring it to him. The kitchen was off limits to grown-ups.
Raven and Ms. Murphy were already seated at the table checking the sheltercams. Raven said, “It looks as though the opossums have emptied the outside food bins, we’ll need to get some more food out there to them. Other than that, it looks as though all of the shelters are empty.”
Breakfast was great, and Hedley, Whiskers and Orangie made plans for a morning sailing lesson. Pete reminded Whiskers, “We may get some more rain today, and it can get very gusty on the lake, I’d recommend that you teach Headley how to reef the sails first thing,”
Whiskers said, “I had planned to Pete, I think we’ll sail with just the Mainsail and the Foresail today, I think we’ll save the Spinnaker for another lesson.”
Pete nodded and looked at the sky outside, it was clear and warm with a light breeze.
Talley looked up and said, “I’ll be giving Flower his written test this morning, but I don’t expect it take long, I’d love to go sailing with you this afternoon.”
Hedley smiled and said, “That’s great Talley, we’d love to have you join us on “TBA” Maybe by this afternoon, I’ll be an experienced sailor.”
Talley asked Whiskers if he was ready and he said, “I’m ready, Aunt Talley!”
Pete said, “If you two, don’t mind dropping Mitch and me at the school on your way to the airfield, I’d like to set the Flight simulator up and calibrate it. Then he and I can see about setting up a celebration dinner at the community center!”
Talley got the Audi and waited at the front door. Flower, Mitch and Pete climbed in. Talley drove down the mountain road. She dropped Mitch and Pete at the School. Before walking away, Pete said. “When we finish up here we’ll walk over to the airfield and wait for you in the café.”
Talley pulled away and Flower rode quietly, deep in concentration.
Talley opened the door to the pilot briefing room and asked Flower to take a seat. She brought him the test booklet and told him that he had one hour. He could use his flight computer and the charts in the test packet. She asked him if he had any questions, and he said that he was ready to start.
She clicked her stopwatch and said, “Begin.”
Flower worked methodically, and quickly. He finished the test in twenty five minutes and then went back over every question, checking his math and making sure that he hadn’t missed anything. With fifteen minutes to spare, he said, “I’m done aunt Talley. I’m finished and I’ve checked my work.”
Talley smiled, “Why don’t you go out to the café and wait for Uncle Pete and Mitch, It won’t take me long to grade this, and I’ll come out and join you!”
After Pete had set up the flight simulator in the classroom, Mitch flew a couple of approaches and pronounced the system ready!
They walked over to the Flight Line Café in time to see Flower coming out looking confident. He ran to greet Pete and Mitch. Mitch picked him up and hugged him. He asked, How do you do, Flower?”
Flower said, “I think I did okay, I remember most of the questions from practice tests that I took online and the flight planning part was easy. It was just like when Uncle Pete plans a coronation flight.”
Mitch smiled, He didn’t know anyone who would think that planning a coronation flight was easy, but he had watched Pete plan many of them and it just seemed like a natural progression to the little skunk.
They sat down and ordered some drinks, iced tea for Pete and Mitch and chocolate milk for Flower.
A few minutes later Talley came to join them and she was smiling. She said, Congratulations Flower, You scored a hundred percent on you test. In addition, you answered the extra point question on International flight rules, for an extra point, so you are the first student ever to beat Your Uncle Pete’s record!”
Flower was speechless! Pete hugged him and pinned a set of instructor’s wings on his shirt.
Pete said, “There’ll be a celebration at the community hall tonight, we’ll be serving Chinese takeout! The community voted on their online bulletin board and that’s what they decided. Let’s get back to the house and share the good news with the rest of the family!”
Whiskers, Hedley and Talley had just come in to the dock, Neekah Boo had just arrived and the news of Flower passing his test was the catalyst that started a party that continued far into the night!
Hedley decided to stay over and go to hockey with the family on Sunday!
It was a very good time!
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It was a beautiful Saturday morning and there was a nice light breeze. Talley and Whiskers had finished breakfast and were going into town later to get some items for today’s cookout. Pete and Neekah Boo were going over the menu items for the outdoor grilling that Pete and Whiskers would be doing. Pete was in the pantry and from time to time Pete would call out an item and Neekah Boo would enter it on the list she was making on her tablet. When the list was complete, she would email it to Talley’s phone. Pete called out, “We need brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce.” Neekah entered those items and waited. Pete came out and checked his recipes, before saying. I think that’s it, sweetie. Neekah Boo quickly copied and pasted her list and sent it to Talley. The kids were going into town with Talley and Whiskers and they had their own lists of items that they wanted to purchase at the craft store. They were ready to go and when Whiskers told them it was time to go they all climbed into the Audi and buckled their seat belts. Whiskers opened the door for Talley and helped her in then ran around and climbed in himself.
Their first stop was at Esmeralda’s shop. It was the first time for Timothy and his sisters to visit Esmeralda’s shop and Flower told them that it was a wonderful place with all manner of fun antiques. Timothy and his sisters were fascinated, but remembered their manners and greeted Esmeralda politely when Talley introduced them. They shook her paw and said that they were very glad to make her acquaintance.
For her part, Esmeralda had never seen any babies as cute as the little bunnies. She asked them if they would like some carrot cake.
None of them had ever had carrot cake but they surely like carrots. Flower said, “Auntie Esmeralda is a great cook. We’ve had her cookies before and they’re delicious!”
Esmeralda had a young assistant now, a pretty little calico named Mitzi, who had been one of this winter’s shelter guests, and Esmeralda asked her to watch to stop unpacking a huge box of books and watch the shop for a bit.
Esmeralda served tea and cookies and the kids enjoyed them immensely. Esmeralda introduced Mitzi to Talley and Whiskers and she laughed happily, saying “I know Talley and K Whiskers already, they visited us often when we were living in the shelter.”
Talley asked, How are you enjoying, your new home, Mitzi?”
Mitzi said, “Oh Talley it’s beyond anything I ever expected in my life. I feel like a princess in a fairytale every time I come home.”
Whiskers smiled and said, “I’m so glad you like it. You couldn’t have found a better place to work than Esmeralda’s shop. This is our favorite place to buy gifts.”
The kids finished their tea and cookies and Timothy asked, “May we be excused to look around, We’ll be very careful.”
Esmeralda said, “Please, look around as much as you like, We just got some wonderful new handmade catnip mousies. They’re in the toy bin at the front of the shop.”
The kids hurried up to look at the toys. Talley and Whiskers invited Esmeralda to the cookout, and she accepted readily. She asked do you suppose it would be okay for Mitzi to come after she closes the shop.”
Talley said, “Of course, Esmeralda, how will she get home?”
Esmeralda said, “She usually rides a little motor scooter that Bobby helped her buy, but today he dropped her off and is picking her up.”
Talley walked over to where Mitzi was rearranging a display of scented candles and said, “Mitzi, were having a cookout at the house this afternoon and evening. Bobby and his brothers are coming I wonder if you would like to join us?”
Mitzi’s eyes grew wide, “Really? I’d love to come. I’ve heard so much about your beautiful home. I’d love to come and see it.”
Talley said, “We’ll be honored to have you!”
Talley and Whiskers finished their tea and told the kids it was time to go. Timothy brought the items they had selected to the cash register and carefully counted out the amount that was owed. The kids all received an allowance for the chores that they did and they saved their money. They had bought a few of the mousies, but they had also bought gifts of scented candles and small framed cards to give to their parents and aunties. Ralph, Rocky, Timothy and Flower had gone together to buy two sets of fly fishing flies, One for Uncle Pete and on for Uncle Whiskers. They were very careful to keep their purchases concealed from Whiskers so that they could surprise him and Pete.
They visited the market and stopped by the ice cream shop on the way home for treats for the kids.
Back at the house Pete had skimmed the pool and checked the water. Neekah Boo had changed into a fetching teal blue one piece swim suit and Pete helped her into the hot tub She sighed in pleasure as the warm hydrotherapy jets soothed her muscles. Pete made a note to see if Angels Lucy and Sylvie could arrange to install a hydro-spa for Neekah Boo at her home. He thought that it might be helpful for her. Once she was comfortably settled, He went inside filled a pitcher with cool lemonade and brought it out to her placing it on the edge of the hot tub.
She said, “You treat me like a princess, Pete. Thank you!”
Pete kissed the top of her head, “You are my princess Neekah Boo, and I cherish you more than I words to tell you. I need to be getting the grills ready so just relax, and enjoy yourself. If you need anything just call to me I’ll be right over there in the outdoor kitchen. When I get everything ready I’ll Join you for a while in the hot tub then we can swim in the pool.”
As Pete was filling the grill and preparing to light it, Raven and Ms. Murphy came out, Murphy pointed toward the dock and said, “Look we have company.”
Pete looked and saw “First Dance” approaching the dock. Q Cherish was at the helm and reefed the mainsail expertly, slowing the boat. Thundie placed the dock Bumpers and secured the boat. They climbed out and began coming up the long walkway toward the house. Thundie and Q Cherish were both carrying covered baskets. Thundie and Cherish arrived at the same time that Talley, Whiskers and the kids got home. Whiskers came out to help Pete set up the grills while Talley told Maggie and Callie that Esmeralda and Mitzi would be joining them.
Thundie and Q Cherish hugged, Whiskers and asked if there had been any word on Harley, Whiskers shook his head and said, but we’re not giving up hope. We keep Harley and his friend in our prayers and ask that the Lord will bring him home safely.
The kids came running out, and asked Pete if it would be okay if they played in the pool. Pete said, “Ask your moms & dads.”
Flower replied, “We already did Uncle Pete, Our moms said it was okay if you said so.”
Pete laughed. “It’s certainly okay with me. Do you want to turn on the current pump and kayak in the pool?”
Flower said we just want to swim right now we’re teaching Timothy, Beatrice, Barb and Faith how to swim and float. Pete looked around and saw that the little rabbits had their Floaties on. He said, “Just make sure that you keep an eye on them Flower I don’t imagine they’ve ever been swimming before.”
Flower nodded seriously, “We’ll look after them, Uncle Pete.”
Whiskers and Pete had the grills ready to go and Angel Maggie brought out a tray of fresh veggies and a delicious dip. Pete prepared a small plate of them and took it over to Neekah Boo. She was all smiles. Pete fed her a baby carrot dipped in Maggie’s excellent bleu cheese dip.
She said, “Yum, I never knew veggies could be so tasty!”
Pete said, “Well, sweetie don’t spoil your appetite, we’ll be grilling steaks, lobster tails, hamburgers and hotdogs. Maggie is making potato salad, and Green salad with lots of veggies. Raven and Murphy are making Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream and Talley is making Apple Pie. Whiskers is roasting sweet corn and Callie insisted on making her bacon flavored baked beans.”
Thundie had overheard and came over saying, “Cherish and brought fresh bread that she made this morning and imported cheeses.”
Pete licked his lips. “You’re making me hungry, Thundie. Would you like a cat beer? I have a cooler of beers and soft drinks chilling in the walk-in cooler. Would you mind going inside and bringing it out?”
Thundie said he would be glad to, Pete called after him, “Hey would you ask Raven to turn on the sound system and put on a playlist of upbeat music?”
Thundie shouted back, “Will do!”
The music began, with “On Top Of Spaghetti” , making the kids laugh. Pete smiled too.
Neekah Boo said that she thought she’d like to swim now, and Pete helped her from the hot tub to the pool. As he was preparing the steaks in their marinade, Thomas and Mitch came into the kitchen to gather a small basket of appetizers, explaining that they had decided to take Fair Wind out for a while. It would be Thomas and Annabella, Mitch and Pearl and Theodore and Melba. It would be the first time that Theodore had sailed with them and they thought he and Melba would enjoy it.
The happy sailors head down to the dock. Talley had found a number of novelty tunes and now Purple people eater was playing and the kids had picked it up quickly and were singing along as they splashed in the pool. Pete looked over and was pleased to see that the little bunnies were doing just fine swimming quite well.
Whiskers took over at the grill, putting in the corn, while Pete joined Neekah Boo in the pool. Talley had put on some music that could be danced to, and Pete and Neekah Boo found that the flotation of the water made it easier for Neekah Boo to dance. Pete held her close and was very, very happy. Talley looked out of the kitchen window and smiled at her brother and Neekah Boo.
Guests began arriving. First the Bell 421 landed on the lawn and Storm helped Phillip, Victoria, Carlos, Jack and Roberto down. Pixie, his date for the evening was last off. Then he handed down the baskets that the wolves had placed in the baggage area. They all proceeded into the house where Victoria proudly showed Maggie and Callie her latest creation, Maple pecan pralines.
To say they were delicious would be an understatement. They were heavenly.
Angels Lucy and Sylvie used that exact word when first tasting them. Who better than angels would know what heavenly truly was.
Bobby and Inky arrived accompanied by Mitzi and Luna.
Neekah Boo had gone upstairs to shower and dress for dinner. The kids reluctantly got out of the pool and went upstairs to get ready.
While Pete and Whiskers grilled the steaks and lobster tails, Raven and Ms Murphy set up the tables on the deck and lit the Chinese lanterns. It was too nice and evening to eat indoors.
The sailors arrived back just as the food was being set up on the outdoor buffet.
Pete poured sparkling grape juice for everyone and toasted the assembled company.
“To good friends, good food and good times. Dinner is served. Let’s say grace and begin.
Pete seated Neekah Boo, and Whiskers seated Talley, when everyone was in their places. Pete looked at Flower and said, “Please lead us in grace, Flower.”
Flower bowed his head, and began. “Lord Bless this food which you have provided, and Bless these friends who gather with us. Please, Lord also, Bless Harley and his friend and lead them safely home. Amen!
It was a very special evening with good food and good friends.
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Neekah Bo's 2nd Helicopter Lesson!

Talley was back downstairs in no time and Whiskers was waiting for her to kiss her goodbye before he went to the gym. They hugged and Talley kissed him again, and then said, I’LL see you at the airfield when Neekah Boo and I get back from her lesson. Will you be waiting at the helipad or at the hangar with the gliders?”
Whiskers said, Pete and I driving down together. We’ll prefight the sailplanes while you and Neekah Boo are flying.”
Talley nodded, “I thought I might demonstrate an autorotation or two for Neekah Boo at the end of the lesson. I haven’t done one since I checked Mallow out, I don’t want to get rusty. It’s a pretty important skill for chopper pilots.”
Whiskers agreed and said “Please be careful sweetheart!”
Neekah Boo was ready for her lesson; she had her log book and flight case and was wearing her flight jacket. She walked with only a slight limp. Talley smiled knowing that Neekah Boo hadn’t wanted to appear on the flight line in her wheel chair. Talley said meet me at the front steps, Neekah I’ll bring the Audi around front.
Neekah climbed into the passenger seat of the Audi and Talley drove down to the field and to the helicopter hangar. As they walked down the center aisle Neekah Boo looked with interest at the big Bell 421 Helicopters and the Sikorsky S-76s. She asked Talley, “ Are these big helicopters harder to fly?”
Talley thought for a moment, and then said, “Actually when they’re working properly, they’re easier to fly. They have a lot of computer features that the Robinson doesn’t have, like auto throttle, which adds power as you pull collective, and yaw dampeners that counter the rotor torque automatically, but you need to learn how to do these things in the Robinson so that if your flying one of the bigger helicopters and the automatic systems go down, you’ll be able to handle it.”
Neekah Boo nodded. “That makes sense, besides I like the little helicopters, they’re more my size!”
Talley showed Neekah how to install the tow wheels on the skids and the used the little electric tow cart to tow the Robinson R-22 out to the helipad. They removed the tow wheels from the skids and returned them and the cart to the hangar. When they returned to the helicopter, Neekah Boo began running the check lists. When she was done with the exterior, she climbed in and asked Talley to get in and buckle up.
Talley secured her seat belt and told Neekah Boo she was ready. Neekah Boo ran the rest of the check list and started the engine. When the gauges had settled into the green arcs, she contacted the tower for clearance to take off from the helipad. When it was granted, She rolled in throttle and pulled in collective. She rose smoothly and then tilted forward gaining speed and altitude. As she exited the traffic pattern to the east, Talley told her to climb to five thousand feet and head for the practice area over the farm fields. Once there begin the standard series of basic maneuvers, including turns around a point, s turns along a road and ascent and descents.
Neekah Boo quickly fell into the routine. She remembered flying these same exercises in the Cessna trainer. Then Talley took the controls and demonstrated a high hover. Neekah watched and then Talley asked her to perform the maneuver. At 5000 feet Above Ground Level, Neekah found that it took almost 100% power to hold a hover in the little R-22. She handled the craft expertly and before she knew it the fuel tank was approaching half full and Talley said it was time to head back to the field.
Neekah Boo approached the field and Talley told her that there was a maneuver she wanted to demonstrate. Talley said that this was one of the most important things she would learn.
Talley leveled at one thousand feet and said, “This is what you do if you lose power. It’s called autorotation. We use the inertia of the rotor to slow and cushion the landing. Put your paws on the controls and follow me through. Feel what I’m doing.”
Talley rolled the throttle to idle and the little craft began to sink. Talley bottomed the collective and said, “watch the rotor RPM.” The rotor RPM began t increase as the speed of their descent windmilled the rotor blades. Neekah Boo felt her stomach lurch and watched wide-eyed as the altimeter unwound. They were falling fast, the altimeter read 300 feet, 200 feet, and then Talley began to pull collective. The rotor RPM began to slow, but so did their descent. Talley pulled the collective up all the way and the descent became gentle, ending with just a slight bump as the touched down!
Neekah Boo breathed a sigh of relief. She said, “Talley, that was kind was kind of scary!”
Talley took off and repeated the autorotation two more times. Neekah Boo asked, “Can I try it Talley?”
Talley said, “Are you sure?”preflighting the Tau
Neekah Boo said, “I’m sure, just watch that I’m doing it right.”
Neekah Boo took the craft back up and repeated the steps. As the craft plummeted towards earth, she found it hard not to pull to soon. She watched the rotor RPM climb toward the red zone and watched the altimeter, and then she began to pull. They touched down with a bump and Neekah Boo asked, “Was that okay”
Talley smiled, “They say that any landing you can walk away from is a good one, and that it’s even better if you can use the aircraft again. You did both. Yes that was very good, Neekah Boo.”
Neekah Boo smiled proudly.
Pete and Whiskers were at the Sailplane Hangar and they heard the R-22 returning, They had towed both Sailplanes out of the Hangar. Whiskers was pre-flighting the Taurus while Pete readied the Peregrine. When they heard the engine on the R-22 go silent they both stopped and looked up. Watching the helicopter plummet towards the earth was nerve racking. They both let out a breath of relief as the craft touched down safely. Then it took off again and yet again, did an autorotation maneuver. Both Pete and Whiskers watched apprehensively as the small craft performed the maneuver several more times. Pete worried about the impact of the firm landings on Neekah Boo’s fragile spine. He trusted his sister’s judgement, but he was perhaps a little overprotective of his precious Neekah Boo.
What he didn’t know was that, at her request, the last three autorotations had been performed by Neekah Boo. They took off again but instead of climbing to altitude, they moved at a slow even speed to the helipad, where they landed and shut down.
It was about fifteen minutes later that Talley and Neekah Boo walked around the corner of the hangar, laughing and talking animatedly. In the universal language of pilots bot Talley and Neekah Boo were making paw gestures describing various aircraft attitudes and maneuvers.
Neekah ran to Pete and jumped into his arms. “I learned to autorotate, today. It was scary at first but then I learned to gauge the distances and speeds and it was easy. It was kind of fun.”
Pete smiled, he would probably never describe the tricky maneuver of autorotation, as fun. Sure, it was a necessary skill, essential to know, but even a fraction of a second’s misjudgment could turn a landing into a crash!
They turned their attention to the sailplanes Pete said he would go over to the operations desk to arrange a tow plane for the Peregrine. The Taurus with its small retractable engine would be able to take off on its own power.
Talley and Whiskers familiarized Neekah Boo with the two aircraft until Pete returned with Storm, Inky and the Super Cub tow plane.
Talley and Whiskers would be taking the Taurus up, and Pete and Neekah Boo would be flying the Peregrine.
Talley and Whiskers took of first and then Pete signaled Inky to take up the slack in the tow rope. Storm held the wingtip level and ran along as the sailplane began to move across the grass. At a quick trot speed the big ailerons became effective and Pete could keep the aircraft level with the use of the control stick. They lifted off and climbed into the clear blue sky. At ten thousand feet they disconnected from the tow plane and soared free. Pete had explained the use of the audiovariometer, a device that sounded a tone in the headsets when rising air was encountered, and he steered toward the slopes of Mount Sylvestris. The tone began rising as they caught the updrafts. They spotted the Taurus a good two thousand feet above them and watched as Talley or Whiskers put the sleek sailplane into a dive, building speed, and then pulled into a loop. At the top of the loop, the aircraft rolled and continued flying 180 degrees from the direction it had been when it entered the dive.
Pete told Neekah Boo, That was called an Immelmann, it’s a maneuver that allows you to turn around without using lateral airspace. My dad told me once that he did a recon run on a very heavily defended bridge that spanned a deep canyon . The squadron had lost one aircraft to ground to air missile fire because they had tried to photograph the bridge from above. He and his backseater, Uncle Vic, had the idea of flying down the canyon just above the river and then pulling vertical to photograph the bridge supports. At the top of the vertical pull, he would roll and then dive back down to the river. And return home the way they had come, low and fast!
It almost worked. Even the North Vietnamese couldn’t fire their missiles downward, there were a lot of guys on the bridge with automatic weapons. When dad pulled vertical all of the guys on the bridge were firing at the belly of the RF-4C. One of them got lucky and hit the hydraulic selector valve located between the engines in the belly of the airctaft, and the F4 began losing the hydraulics that power the flight control system. Some Marine Aviators coming back from a strike, heard Uncle Vic's cal to the Forwad Air Controller. They were on their way to the old carrier the Shangri-La. They diverted and joined up with dad and Uncle Vic and looked the aircraft over. They said it was really bad, that Dad was leaking fuel, hydraulic fluid, and engine lubricant. One of them said, he couldn't believe they were still flying. Dad told him they were flying on fumes and prayers. Dad knew they weren’t going to make it back to DaNang, and had Uncle Vic contact search and rescue to give them their position. The Marines, who still had some ammunition and napalm to keep the bad guys away from dad and Uncle Vic, flew with dad and Uncle Vic until the controls began to fail completely and dad couldn’t control the aircraft anymore. They ejected, landed safely and the Marines covered them, firing at Viet Cong on the other side of a small canal. until the search and rescue helicopters arrived. The Marines Napalmed the bad guys while the rescue helicopters landed and picked dad and Uncle Vic up. Uncle Vic had managed to get some pictures of the bridge supports with his personal camera and had the presence of mind to stuff the film in his flight suit pocket before he ejected, so even though the film canister from the aircraft was lost, they had enough pictures and data to call the mission a success.”
Neekah Boo gasped, “that was really scary, Pete!”
Pete said, “It was but dad says you don’t get scared till it’s over.”
While Pete had been telling the old war story they had climbed to nearly twelve thousand feet and Pete turned the controls over to Neekah Boo, who soared with exhilaration. She felt totally free, like a graceful bird gliding silently in the clear blue sky. They joined up with Whiskers and Talley and took lots of photographs of each other.
After nearly an hour Pete turned back toward the field and Talley and Whiskers followed. Neekah Boo Landed the sailplane smoothly.
As they finished putting the aircraft away, Whiskers remarked that he was starving, but that he wanted to save room for tonight’s Friday Feast at the playoff games.
Pete called Angel Maggie at the house and learned that Grilled Cheese sandwiches with bacon, and Tomato Bisque was being served for lunch.
Whiskers rubbed his tummy and said, let’s go!

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