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Posted June 22, 2011 by Kat Brogan
He had another operation on his chest to close up the hole the First Surgeon left with a wire that holds the chest togeather outside on the skin. My MAMA N DADDY were mad. It took close to 1 year to get another Surgeon to operate on Daddy's Chest. His new Surgeon asked Daddy when he first saw this was who butchered him?
It did not even look like a chest it was a concave spot on his front. The muscles did not go over the Breast Plate it was just a small piece of skin then Bone.The scar wa over 1" wide and crooked. His nipples were to the side of his chest not in front but best of all Nothing could touch Daddy's chest otherwise he was in pain. MAMA could not even put her hand on it and touch Daddy and I could not even lean next to my Daddy like I wanted too. I do not even weigh 5# yet and I am 5 years old and a very small but long Kitty.MOLMOL
Daddy got a Attorney who is going to sue the Hospital and the Doctor who did the butchering and gave him the rare staph infection.
Now my Daddy look GREAT and feels GREAT and NO MORE INFECTION!!!!!! MAMA can touch Daddy's scar and it is healing beautifully
Kat Brogan
I am so stunned My best friend Mickael died. I did not even find out about it until today. I have been dreading to go into this one email box coz it had over 50,000 emails when Pat went into the Hospital last June. I have been working on getting rid of them but I still have 38,000 left of emails.I am so sad and crying today. Michael could keep my secrets and help me with discussions on what is best. He had a HEART of GOLD always helping out people. He had a live in Girlfriend who he was buying a diamond ring and asking again if he could marry her in Aug.once the ring was paid for. I am so upset. I am going to try to play some games and stop thinking about his death. OH GOD I WISH IT WERE ME!!!!!!sadcrying

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Michael Morgan, 54, Lenexa, KS, passed away April 19, 2011, at the VA Hospital in Kansas City, MO. A graveside service will be held at 2 p.m. on Friday, April 29, 2011, at Missouri State Veterans Cemetery, Higginsville, MO. Mr. Morgan was born October 20, 1956, in Ft. Hood, TX. He was an Army Veteran and an accomplished writer. He will be greatly missed by his partner, Lois Brand; his sisters, Carol Luper and Sherry Hall; and brothers, Edward Morgan, Jr., Robert Morgan, and David Morgan. (Arr.: Heartland Cremation, 816-313-1677.) Heartland Cremation & Burial Society. 6113 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, Missouri 64133, (816) 313-1677. 7700 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas 66202, 913-789-8998 Published in Kansas City Star on April 28, 2011 Follow this Obituary
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Read more: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/kansascity/obituary.aspx?n=michael-wayne-morgan&pid=150618236#ixzz1MQyvKgP8
Kat Brogan
I started to cry again!!
Posted May 6, 2011 by Kat Brogan
When I was looking at my Email I discovered I got a pressie. OH how I love Pressies! Not sure how to give them yet but that is something else to learn.
I got the Godess Bast. SHE is a beautiful cat. How PAWSOME I AM !!!!!! THANK U NEIL!!!!!!
Today I have been thinking about when Pat N I will get into our new Home. we have yet to finish hooking up the Bathroom and finishing the floor in the Hall and Bathroom. Pat just found out he has a rare infection that is eatting away at his Breast Bone. If it continues before he can get into surgery again than he will need a plastic Breast bone to protect his internal Organs. That scares me. His Chest Bone is not healed and will not heal with the infection in the bone. It will almost be 1 year since the Heart BYPASS. In Tn we have 1 year to sue a Doctor so Pat and I are looking for an Attorney to sue the Dr and the Hospital. The OR was not clean and neither was the Surgeons operation.Send us many PRAYERS and Good Karma that we find a GREAT Lawyer and Pat will heal.
Kat Brogan
Posted May 1, 2011 by Kat Brogan
MAMA KAT gets a Migraine from low pressure when it storms,rains,Hurricaines,or tornados.
Most of the day she sleeps and prays when she is awake if she does not see the BIG THRONE that is WHITE!!!!! OH does that hurt her Tummy too.
Today has not been a good day at all.
ONYX tip toes around softly listening to the waves and watching the sea gently rock the boat.
PEPPER N Mr BARNEY ,NUTMEG N REBEL and The Crew of ANGELS fly overhead sprinkling healing dust on MAMA hoping that the Headache will go away and she can play with them again.
SHADOW,BILLYBOY AND SNOWY have been told by COCO that they need to be real quiet and give lots of hugs and kisses to MAMA and not make MAMA mad so she has to yell at them.
COCO,MAMA's Service Dog, LAYS NEXT TO MAMA in case if MAMA needs anything she is there to help.MAMA is restless in her sleep and crys out in pain,COCO get nearer her MAMA and says PRAYERS that soon this Headache will go away.COCO knows MAMA likes to talk to people and when MAMA is like this then MAMA goes away and sleeps and trys to forget so her Head will not hurt as much.

Nite MAMA say The Crew. Sleep Tight and Do not let anyone bite you.
Kat Brogan
I am beginning to BELIEVE that no matter what people say about my weight or say things to hurt my feelings or to say anything to bring me down that " I AM BEAUTIFUL"THANKS to my Internet Friends that care and gives me pokes on FB which I lov to death.

I feel so SAFE and HAPPY HERE!!

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