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Lori Eversole
Cativity Feeds Update

Happy 50th Birthday Lori!!! Hope you have a pawsome day and get super spoiled happybday
 March 11, 2015 - Comment - Like  
Mary F Bush
Hi Lori, I have a question (this is Mary). Should I also make a page for myself? I started this profile with my name, but then changed it to Bella. Things look great here, looking around. Smile
 April 27, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Bugsy  - April 28, 2014 
You are so welcome purrty girl.
Queen Missy of Missylandia
Queen Missy of Missylandia  - April 28, 2014 
Aww Bella Hello . So gooooooooood to seeeeeeeee you here :-D
Phantom  - April 28, 2014 
Bella!!!! YAY!!!!!!! So glad you are here! clap

I have one with my name but don't use that..the only one I use is Spice or Phantom! Happy Birthday to BElla
Bella Blue Bush
Bella Blue Bush  - April 28, 2014 
MISSY!! It is awesome to see you too!! How are the servants treating you? Like a Queen? They better be. Smile
Queen Missy of Missylandia
Queen Missy of Missylandia  - April 29, 2014 
Of course Bella! No question. laugh
Lori Eversole
Lori Eversole Thank you all for the birthday wishes for mom! We are going to give her lots of love and attention today.
Mood: bouncy
 March 11, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Spice  - March 12, 2014 
Thank you blushing I love them too wub
Kibbles  - March 12, 2014 
Happy Birthday Lori!
Has a great day!
Murray  - March 12, 2014 
Oh oh...belated birfday wishes frum us all in da Haycox house. We missed dis most momentous occasion 'cuz ar Mamacat isn't paying attention!! *frown*
Spice  - March 12, 2014 
Thank you Kibbles and Murray thumbup
Jasmine  - March 13, 2014 
Happy Belated Birthday Lori!!
I told mom you had a BDAY coming up. Our internet has been down since last Friday, mom is trying to catch up. Stoopid At&T modem box!! *hiss*
Mom & I wish you a very Happy Birthday ♥ ♥ ♥

Jasmine & Teresa
Dale S Eggers
Lori, why not put Phantom in "Sick Bay"?
Its a link in the Map of the ship and you can post updates and we can check in on how Phantom is doing...
 February 23, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Lori Eversole
Lori Eversole  - March 11, 2014 
Sorry, I didn't see this until today....Thank you for thinking of him.
Nibbler n Momma Yvonne
Nibbler n Momma Yvonne and Lori Eversole are now friends.
 January 20, 2014 - Comment - Like  
A Maggie
A Maggie  - January 22, 2014 
Lori, I am not from New York, I am from Florida how do I change that?
Dale S Eggers
Dale S Eggers  - March 4, 2014 
from your profile page, not your helm... the box where it says New York... hover over the upper right hand corner of the box and you will see an editing pencil.
Friday DB #170
Friday DB #170 and Lori Eversole are now friends.
 January 26, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Jasmine and Lori Eversole are now friends.
 January 25, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Lori Eversole
Lori Eversole Happy Friday all
Mood: giggly
 January 24, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Mac and Lori Eversole are now friends.
 January 22, 2014 - Comment - Like  
Brian Knox
Brian Knox and Lori Eversole are now friends.
 January 21, 2014 - Comment - Like