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My Vet Visit
Posted May 11, 2011 by Murray2
I'm glad that's over. My itchy ears got really itchy so Mama took me to a new vet, Dr. Melissa.

First, she tricked me into coming out of the bedroom with Fancy Feast! She put me in the carrier and Allie told me it had been nice knowing me!!! Not funny, Allie!

Anymeow, there was a picture on the wall of Dr. Melissa holding a Maine Coon tabby like ME!

She was very nice and told me how sweet and big I am. I AM especially sweet - everyone says so. I only weigh 13 pounds,though, so wait until she meets Harry! MOL

She said there was some debris in my ears and a very mild yeast infection. So I got medicine for Mama to put in my ears. I hope it works because I'm tired of itchy ears.