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Posted April 2, 2011 by Murray1 in My Life at the Bridge
I wrote a lot of my story before and I really don't think I'll move all of that. I may paw a book someday though.

Now I live at the Rainbow Bridge and many of my cat friends have joined me here like Calvin, Rocky Ann, Simba, Buddie and most recently Hazel Lucy. There are too many to mention.

We have some great times here while we're waiting for our humans to join us, but of course we're not in a hurry for that to happen. There was a full week of parties to welcome Miss Hazel Lucy and boy can that girl DANCE!

I was the first cat in my family and the only cat here from my family, so I share a house with my friend Zeus. He was my vet's Maine Coon cat, and we were good friends on earth. He came here around the same time I did.

My spouse is/was Miles, but he's still enjoying life and dating Jacob. I'm never sure about the marriage rules after you get to the Bridge,but they seem to be flexible. I don't want Miles to be lonely.
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