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Posted April 23, 2011 by Molly
OK, my mommy Phoebe explained this to me. Big storms are called tomatoes, so that means you can attack them with salad forks!

She's very smart and figured this out when daddy Gimme said he was attacked by tomatoes one day when he lived in Florida.

She made sure he had a good supply of forks and then got some for herself. When I grew up she taught me how to fork-fight too!

Well last night a BIG tomato flew over our house. I was in the bathroom with Mama and Daddy protecting the whole furmily, and Phoebe was in her room guarding the back of the house. She would have let the rest of us in there if it had lasted very long, but it didn't.

We scared it off!! It went to the airport to try to leave town and from what I hear it made a real mess there. But our house was safe. So now we need to polish our war forks and keep them ready. There are more storms coming! glare
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