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Posted April 12, 2011 by Molly
Mama is really a disgrace. She had NO IDEA what day my birthday was!! Can you believe it? She went to that other site and looked it up. It's October 5!

It is my real birthday too, because the people my natural pawrents live with kept track. I was 4 months old when Phoebe and Gimme adopted me. Phoebe knows my birthday!

So Mama fixed all our birthdays on this site so they're accurate. She had Allie and Murray born in the wrong year! thumbdown

Anyway we're fixed now so I can celebrate when I turn 2. But I'm really liking being 1 so I'm not in a hurry.
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Crazy Dazy wrote at April 12, 2011
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Goodness Molly! Do you have a clueless mommy too?whistling
Crazy Dazy
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